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Riz      [ 2015-04-23 ]
I earnestly request the BEST to increase the frequency of bus 338. People stand in the long queue sweating for almost about half an hour or more in afternoon. Moreover the bus stand is also in a worst condition. There is a great need for the number of 338 buses to be increased. Please consider this request and take prompt action.
pranay sawant      [ 2015-04-23 ]
Dear sir, please restart bus no 91 ltd this is very helpful for lower parel passanger and ext 80 ltd to varsova
Arun Kumar      [ 2015-04-22 ]
Conductor never charge a correct fare using electronic device they can easily identify who is localite and who is not and thus charge fare accordingly.
Sachin      [ 2015-04-20 ]
Hello BEST, This bus is not come on time specially in afternoon. we need to stand more then 1 hour after the bus will be reach. as per schedule bus time will be every 30 mins but its never happened. Its poor service of BEST Bus and reduce the customer as less frequancy.
Bhushan Chougule      [ 2015-04-20 ]
I cannot get Bus from Mankhurd to Chembur Camp at morning 5 AM. Kindly anyone can manage this.
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