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How to find if you need to pay Toll at Naka ?

From 1st June, 2015 onwards many Toll Nakas in Maharashtra State started offering free transit to Private cars. To find if you need to pay the toll at the Toll Naka you can pay attention to these sign boards. Following toll naka has blue board which mentions Earnest Request to commuters. “As Per New Notification Implemented w.e.f. 01/06/2015 By Government of Maharashtra No Exemption Is Given At This Toll Plaza”

This means you need to pay the Toll Tax for Private car as mentioned on green board. Single journey Rs. 29 and Return Journey Rs. 43.50. This photo is taken at Kalwa/Mumbra Toll Plaza on Thane to Nashik Highway.

Mumbai chargable toll naka


Where the Exemption for Private car is applicable You’ll see 00 charge printed to Toll Rate Board. This means you can drive your car without paying any Toll Tax. This photo was taken on Kalyan Kon Gaon Toll Plaza which is free for private cars.

Mumbai  Toll naka Free Car