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How to find if you need to pay Toll at Naka ?

From 1st June, 2015 onwards many Toll Nakas in Maharashtra State started offering free transit to Private cars. To find if you need to pay the toll at the Toll Naka you can pay attention to these sign boards. Following toll naka has blue board which mentions Earnest Request to commuters. “As Per New Notification Implemented w.e.f. 01/06/2015 By Government of Maharashtra No Exemption Is Given At This Toll Plaza”

This means you need to pay the Toll Tax for Private car as mentioned on green board. Single journey Rs. 29 and Return Journey Rs. 43.50. This photo is taken at Kalwa/Mumbra Toll Plaza on Thane to Nashik Highway.

Mumbai chargable toll naka


Where the Exemption for Private car is applicable You’ll see 00 charge printed to Toll Rate Board. This means you can drive your car without paying any Toll Tax. This photo was taken on Kalyan Kon Gaon Toll Plaza which is free for private cars.

Mumbai  Toll naka Free Car

Toll Tax stopped on 12 nakas & exempted at 53 for LMVs

toll plaza, Naka at kalwa

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis announced scrapping of 12 toll plazas in the state with effective from 1st June, 2015. He also announced 53 other Toll Plazas where LMV and ST Buses will be exempted.

Five entry point Tolls in Mumbai will remain operational and there is no change to that.

It is known from sources that Dahisar, Thane, Mulund, Airoli and Vashi Toll Plazas bring about 4000 crores revenue to the Government.

Decision to close these Toll Plazas will increase the burden by 500 crores to the Government.

12 Toll Plazas/Nakas which will completely stop by 31-May-2015

  1. Toll naka at Wadwal on Alibaug-Pen-Khopoli Road
  2. Toll naka at Shikrapur on Wadgaon-Chakan-Shikrapur (state highway 55)
  3. Toll naka at Mohod on Mohod-Kurul-Kamti-Mundrup (state highway 13)
  4. Toll naka at Bhandara dongar on Wadgaon-Chakan_Shikrapur (state highway 55)
  5. Toll naka at Kusdab on Tembhurni-Kurdewadi-Barshi-Latur Road (stat e highway 77)
  6. Toll naka at Akole on Ahmednagar-Karmala-Tembhurni Road (state highway 141)
  7. Toll naka at Dhakambe on Nashik-Wani Road (state highway 17)
  8. Toll naka at Nanduri on Nashik-Wani Road (state highway 17)
  9. Toll naka at Shraptshrangi Gadh (checknaka) on Nashik-Wani Road (state highway 17)
  10. Toll naka near Tapi bridge on Bhusawal-Yawal-Faijpur Road
  11. Rawaltekdi toll naka​
  12. Tadali toll naka on railway over bridge at Chandrapur  (MSRDC road)

Other Toll Nakas where Light Motor Vehicles (LMV) or State Transport (ST) Buses won’t have to pay toll tax

  1. Toll naka at Kasheli- Bhivandi
  2. Toll naka at Maladi on Chinchoti-Kaman road
  3. Toll naka at Waghate on Monorwada Road in Bhiwandi
  4. Toll naka at Kawad on Manor Wada in Bhiwandi
  5. Toll naka at Shilapur on Nashik-Aurangabad road
  6. Toll naka on Shilapur Railway overbridge
  7. Toll naka at Shendi on Ahmednagar-Wadala-Aurangabad Road
  8. Toll naka on Limbe between Wadala and Valuj
  9. Toll naka at Khadakphata between Wadala and Valuj
  10. Toll naka at Dehre on Ahmrednagar Kopargaon highway
  11. Toll naka at Mhasane phata on Pune-Ahmednagar road
  12. Toll naka at Bhabadbari on Prakasha-Satana road
  13. Toll naka at Taharbad on Prakasha-Satana road
  14. Toll naka at Dugeron on Chandwad-Manmad road
  15. Toll naka at Panewadi on Chandwad-Manmad road
  16. Toll naka at Yesgaon on Malegaon-Kopergaon road
  17. Toll naka at Ladgaon on Aurangabad-Jalna Road
  18. Toll naka at Nagewadi on Aurangabad-Jalna road
  19. Toll naka at Barbada on Nanded-Narsi Road
  20. Toll naka at Khanapur on Narsi-Delgur Road
  21. Toll naka at Pimpriphata on Jalna-Watur Road
  22. Toll naka at Malkapur in Buldana
  23. ​Toll naka on Aarambha in Jam Varera
  24. Toll naka at Nanduri on Chandrapur-Bamni road
  25. Toll naka at Visapur on Chandrapur-Bamni road​


To know the operational Toll Plazas in Mumbai and Toll Tax and Monthly Pass details