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Radhika Menon      [ 2016-05-09 ]
Due to disconnection of Bus No. 500 from Airoli and the frequency of 522 is not good, we commuters face problem during peak hours. It is requsted to start Bus No. 500 again or increase Bus No. 522
SAPANA SHASTRI      [ 2016-05-07 ]
Fahim Ansari      [ 2016-05-07 ]
Hi Sir, Please increase the frequency of 380. Many school girls and boys are suffering due to less frequency. Regards!
gurmukh singh saini      [ 2016-05-07 ]
hi, sir i would like to inform you that there is already a poor perfomance of 514 ltd. insted of stopinning it improve the frequency or u can divert 523 upto L&T which is last stop of 514
Mary Rocha      [ 2016-05-06 ]
Please introduce bus from andheri to ghodbunderroad kasarvadavli
Priya      [ 2016-05-04 ]
Please introduce bus from mulund to ghodbunderroad kasarvadavli
akshay bhoir      [ 2016-05-04 ]
why did the service for 374ltd stop from may 1 ... first u changed the route from via tilak nagar to via sion den now u stopped the bus service .... just need a revert for whats the actuall reason
vishal      [ 2016-05-03 ]
So slow service jara bhi time PR nahi
V C Poojary,Retd Manager of RB      [ 2016-05-03 ]
Sir, Please restart bus n.219 from Diamond to Santacruz Rly stn. and increase the frequency to 15 minutes gap after 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM. and in the morning 9 AM to 10.30 AM
Hemant Jadhav      [ 2016-05-02 ]
Kindly start a new bus from Malad west bus depo to airoli. because so much publice needs to travel from malad to airoli.
Dhruv Patel      [ 2016-05-02 ]
Please re-start following bus routes via Sukh Sagar, Chowpatty area - 122, 80L, 133, 31L, 32, 47, 107. These were some really wonderful and convenient routes. Not everyone staying in Sukh Sagar & Chowpatty are rich. Please be considerate towards people who do not have cars and cannot afford taxis.
jayshree      [ 2016-05-01 ]
Kindly start AC bus from Dahisar west (bridge) to Andheri E
Alpesh Bhandari      [ 2016-05-01 ]
Hello, There must b buses from thane to borivali which gaults at minimum stops. They must b consider as super fast express buses
T.S.Narayanan      [ 2016-04-30 ]
Pl. re-route 511 from M.P.Chowk to Nerul, Nerul, Navi Mumbai.. This 511 Ltd. Route is always less crowd. Suggestion to Start from Yogi Hill-Model Town-Bal Rajeshwar Mandhir-LBS Marg-Santoshi Mata Mandhir-Kamgar Hospital-Chhedda Petrol Pump (Via colony)-Pipe Line-Mulund Colony-Shastri Nagar-Amar Nagar-GGL Road-Bhandup Sonapur(LBS Marg)-and continue with the prevailing route till Nerul. This will benefit all commuters from Yogi Hill to Amar Nagar / Khindipada & eliminate autos totally. BEST is the one of the best transport Services than any other cities in India, well disciplined Inspectors who check every points & maintain discipline of Drivers,Conductors. Hats Off to BEST Management
arti dangi      [ 2016-04-29 ]
Kindly try to increase the route of Bus no. 2 till Seepz (andheri east) as it seems to be fully empty from vile parle east
ashok      [ 2016-04-28 ]
kindly start a/c bus from sanskruti, thakur complex, kandivali upto dadar and also upto kanjurmarg station
Harendra nishad      [ 2016-04-27 ]
Best bus Card
RR Singh      [ 2016-04-27 ]
(1) Arrangements may please be made to have direct bus connectivity from Kharghar - 36 to Elphiston. (2) If any indirect connectivity is already there, list of those buses may please be furnished. (3) If any private bus services for the above destination (to & fro) is already available, how to approach to the concerned, may please be indicated.
pranita      [ 2016-04-26 ]
Its a request from our end, kindly dont stop bus no. 500,, as its much convineint for us to travel from Airoli to Vikhroli directly.
Pranav Phadke      [ 2016-04-26 ]
Please start a high speed express route between thane to magathane depot.
Manali      [ 2016-04-24 ]
Kindly merge bus route no. 627 & 236 by establishing new bus route Somani Gram SRA to Mora Gaon. There will be huge response to this new bus route. BEST Administrative may consider this suggestion.
shweta kamath      [ 2016-04-23 ]
C-12 hault at kamaraj nagar both side up n down. Increase frequency of 229.
Pranit Kadam      [ 2016-04-21 ]
Kindly start a new bus service from Dahisar Bridge to Andheri Highway Via Borivali station West. A 4-5 years back bus number 449 has been closed on these route. Kindly start the same since there are many people on these route.
Pranit Kadam      [ 2016-04-21 ]
Kindly start a bus from Dahisar Bridge to Dindoshi via Dahisar / Borivali station west
Meena      [ 2016-04-21 ]
Please introduce a bus from Bamandaya pada, Marol Military Road, Andheri East to Andheri Station West.
swati      [ 2016-04-20 ]
the buses from iit market to shreyas are very limited and they also comes after half or one hour plz try to make it in 15 - 20 minutes... i get very late to my office
ms shsh      [ 2016-04-20 ]
pl continue and increase frequency of bus 444.
LILADHAR RANE      [ 2016-04-20 ]
Dear Sir, Is there any bus which route is from Viviana mall to Dindoshi depo
Rutuja      [ 2016-04-19 ]
There is need to increase frequency of Vashi to Badlapur buses lately. Now days many people are serving in Mahape MIDC area.in current scenario The number of peoples are more than the frequency of buses.Please consider gravity of matter and increase 5-6 buses.
L.K.RAJAKUMARAN      [ 2016-04-17 ]
Rohan Malgaonkar      [ 2016-04-15 ]
please extend 368LTD TO Mulund Check Naka ,instead of mulund depot.
Tahera      [ 2016-04-15 ]
hi , this is a request please continue bus no.135 from st.marys school, as there is no bus from grant road to st.marys schhol, kids from our area find it difficult to travel there as in that area most schools are there
Meera      [ 2016-04-15 ]
What happens to buses on public holidays? Does BEST think that every office is given an off for occasion such as Ram Navami? I waited an hour for buses 533, 444 and 359. Not a single bus came between 5.15 pm and 6.15 pm. Finally I boarded 424. I will have to alight at gokhale bridge and walk down to andheri west Pathetic and hopeless BEST service.
Santosh      [ 2016-04-14 ]
Dear Sir/Madam Ref: Bus No.337, AGARKAR CHOWK to CHH.SHIVAJI INT. AIRPORT (SAHAR) Sub: Everyday Delay in Time This to inform you that we had made a telephonic compliant telephone no.022 26831640 at Agarkar chowk everyday for bus no.337 having rout from AGARKAR CHOWK to CHH.SHIVAJI INT. AIRPORT(SAHAR) The above bus no.337, dos not come on time then we have to make telephonic call to your bus executive at your bus depot department saying bus has not been departed from the depot for more than half an hour every day bus come after the call time 10.30am to 11.00am. Dated 13.04.2016 Bus time 10.38 am but arrived at 11.02 am Bus No.MH-0I-AP-0437, 1642M Driver B. No.6158 Thanking you Your faithfully Santosh
Ajay Gupta      [ 2016-04-14 ]
Start Buses for Navi Mumbai / Central / Western Suberb via Anik Agar Rout. Because that Route is free from traffic Jam. It is fastest route & service provider from BEST to passengers.
Poonam      [ 2016-04-14 ]
Kindly start bus no.277 stop at bhavishya n idhi bhavan stop
Minoo Bhesania      [ 2016-04-11 ]
I presume bus route no 414 has been discontinued, It is the only route which has connectivity from majas to dadar, request to restart or have alternate buses on this route, Would appreciate A/C busses on this route.
SAURABH OJHA      [ 2016-04-09 ]
please start updating timings also of buses on site and start early morning services of buses please.
ADI PANCHAL      [ 2016-04-09 ]
Its is requested to B.E.ST undertaking Mumbai to increase the number of a Volvo buses as NMMT is doing so.Introduce new buses in your fleet as early as possible in order to make traveling easy and smooth.TRY TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF LOCAL AC BUSES IT IS A HUMBLE REQUEST TO BEST UNDERTAKING.
parimal r shah      [ 2016-04-07 ]
requried bus from mulund cheknaka bust to borivali east vaia godbunder road tinhat naka picup over somany trafic get in office leave hours
Padmanabh Ranchhoddas Merchant      [ 2016-04-07 ]
Bishwa      [ 2016-04-05 ]
Kindly Start AC bus service in C60 bus route. There are many office goers in this route and please increase the frequency.
Prashant Chavan      [ 2016-04-04 ]
Required bus from thane to santacruz
PAVANESH      [ 2016-04-03 ]
     [ 2016-03-30 ]
Suahil Dubey      [ 2016-03-29 ]
Please increase frequency of bus 494 Ltd Kharigaon to Ghatkopar. Also inclidw more buses leaving from kharogaon to thane and Andheri.
Daya singh Dhariwal      [ 2016-03-26 ]
I travel daily by c-53 the bus is very late some times we have to wait for 1 hour or some times more than that and this is the only bus from kalamboli as i am from kalamboli i get only c-53 that too is late frequency is very low the frequency of c-53 should be increased
Prasad      [ 2016-03-22 ]
Why not u hire lady conductor for ladies spcial buses.its good for best service
Jagdish      [ 2016-03-19 ]
This is for BEST buses running in Borivali East There are total 42 buses leaving or passing near Borivali East station. Apart from BEST buses there is also a state transport (ST) bus depot on MG Road which connects station to National Highway 8. The ST buses plus BEST buses create massive traffic jams on MG Road everyday. While the railways have expanded Borivali Station from Platform number 1-6A on north side, and platform number 7 and 8 to extreme south, there has not been much change in the BEST buses route which continue to ply from north end of the station. Most of the trains for Borivali from Churchgate now come on Platform number 7 and 8. People have to walk through whole platforms (and longer if trains come on platform 8) to catch a bus. It would be great if some of the buses which go to places across NH8 like Rawalpada, Kajupada, Nancy colony, Hanuman Tekdi etc to take off from Southern End of the station i.e. Datta Pada. Currently people have to walk through platform 8,7 and 1 to reach the bus stop which also creates lot of evacuation problems on these platforms. If the buses take off from the Dattapada, it will not only solve problem of heavy traffic on MG Road, it will also help general public as they will not have to walk long distances to catch a bus
SHAMITA      [ 2016-03-17 ]
Please increase the frequency of 134 Bus from Mazagaon to Mantralaya in the morning between 8.15-8.45. If the bus of 8.30 is missed the next bus is around 9.05 - 9.10. Please increase the frequency in the evening too from 5.30-6.00 pm. Also please increase the frequency of bus no.121 in the evenings from Mantralaya. The frequency is very bad. If the bus of 5.35 is missed, the next bus comes only around 6.00 -6.10pm. Would really apprciate if the frequencies of both these buses are increased.

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