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yogesh konde      [ 2016-08-01 ]
०७:०४ची म्हाडा बस स्टॉप मुलुंड(पू) येथून सुटणारी सकाळची बस कधीच वेळेवर येत नाही.आणि कधी येत सुद्धा नाही कॅडबरी जंक्शनला(४८४ पवार नगर बस) कारण कळावे
Narendra Shah      [ 2016-08-01 ]
There are 3 or 4 Buses for Borivali Station (West) from our Mahavir Nagar Link Road area. But not a single bus is there for going to Malad (West) station. So please do the needful. Thanks.
Geetha Rao      [ 2016-08-01 ]
C-72 was moved from Anik Depot to Rani Laxmi depot without informing commuters. Big criwd used to board at EverardNagar between 8 30 to 10 30.We are highly inconvenienced due to this. No intimation has been put up at bus stop regarding discontinuation also. AS 72 which has started new has not been updated on your site
virall      [ 2016-07-29 ]
pl introduce more buses on 4 no. gate wadala. there are only 4 buses plying on this rd.we have to go al the way to king circle for the buses...pl make 63 direct to j m mehta marg like before pl introduce shuttle busses for matunga market frm wadala 4 no. gate.with a good frequency, it wil be a boon to wadala passengers
virall      [ 2016-07-29 ]
the bus stops at wadala 4 no. gate are so filthy(dirty) that u can barely stand at the bus stop. as we al kw malaria dengue tb etc are infectious diseases. there is a danger of catching such diseases standing at this filthy bus stop. no person can stand at this filthy bus stop 2)..make the bus stops presentable . the seat of the bus stop is very small . one can barely sit on it
virall      [ 2016-07-29 ]
conductors must be passenger friendly. they are very rude most of the times. passengers face a lot of problem for change from the conductors and we are at times even told to get down from the bus for not having change. all do not have passes so if possible introduce coupon system like railways.. passengers fall from the buses as the conductors just ring the bell even before we board the bus.
vinod l manik      [ 2016-07-28 ]
Sir frequency of. Route no 383 is not proper in morning 7am to 7.45am n also request you to provide bus stop at Chembur flyover tambe bridge of route no 381 481 430 it will be boom for pupil going to Chembur railway station
dilip      [ 2016-07-26 ]
This bus route is so bad there are buses from kurla and ghar ko par to andheri person coming from vashi gets stuck in bus for 2 hours for no good reason. ..
siddharth sanat das      [ 2016-07-22 ]
Conductors of Best do not manage to tell the passengers to go ahead those standing on the gate and blocking the passengers to board the buses in borivali west. Even the conductors are not bothered about passengers to board all the passengers at thebus stop. So the Best is incurring loses.
Sanjana      [ 2016-07-20 ]
The frequency of the bus AS 388 has been lessened from poisur to ghatkopar causing a lot of inconvenience as that is the only bus going to powai from there. Kindly increase the frequency as it was before
suresh sawant      [ 2016-07-19 ]
२७८ हि बस मालवणी अगर मधून सकाळी ६ .०० बस रद्द करु नका कारण शाळेचा सगळा वेळापत्रक बादाळून जातोय फार हाल होतात कृपा करुण रा करू नका
     [ 2016-07-18 ]
Please clean the bustop its a request. People are getting sick because of the garbage nd mosquitoes nd water leaking from the roof. No action is being taken by the department.
VINAY SHARMA      [ 2016-07-13 ]
sir please start extending ticket system like local train means if i want to go borivali and there is no bus for borivali then i can travel in any bus on same rout in defferent bus
VINAY SHARMA      [ 2016-07-13 ]
dear sir its become horrible to travel in best from bahar cinema (andheri highway) to pushpa park. there is only few buses to go boriwali but in evening Bus no. 348 & 40 going to only dindoshi depot or till bahar cinema. what about borivali pssanger sir i am understanding your problem but please if you cant arrange new bus then please at least proide extending ticket to passanger. means if i want to go to borivali i can pick dindoshi bus and then keep another bus from dindoshi
Binny Samuel      [ 2016-07-08 ]
Do u all really read the complaints.... Lokmanya nagar Bus stop and the people managing the location is pathetic..... TMT is not bothered about the people.... Please understand u all exist coz of out tax and ticket money.... do something about it
manjeet kaur sudan      [ 2016-07-07 ]
wud appreciate if a New Bus route is available to go to Ghatkopar station via airoli bridge.. Also wud appreciate and request to start a direct BEST route from Airoli Bus Depo via airoli bridge to go to dadar or V.T.
manohar mankar      [ 2016-07-06 ]
kalavathi rai      [ 2016-07-06 ]
u say take public transport,,daily i travel from babasahebaji park worlikar marg to shivaji park....there is no bus at frm 4.30 to 5pm,,,,finally i hve to cab it ....there r 2 buses 83/ 84 not 1 bus comes ....this too much pl check to the frequency of these buses....thank u
Fatema      [ 2016-07-06 ]
Pls start the direct bus from noor baug to princess street ,metro,dhobitalao as there is no bus runing at present
dr.sillpp      [ 2016-07-04 ]
zAS4 BUS STOP wrongly placed...useless..we all have to wait on the road.
suhasini katke      [ 2016-07-04 ]
I daily travel by c42 bus from s g barve marg to teen hath naka.i get the bus either @,8.15am or 8.30am. but today I was standing from 8.05 to 8.45am.there was no bus atleast for 40 mins.this is happening from last few daya.in offce time there are no buses we are suffering a lot bcz f this.i request hplz dnt change the initial scheduhle of c-42.also there s no bus shelter on s g barve marg stop.thanking you.suhasini
gurpreet kaur      [ 2016-06-30 ]
Kidly relese bus 355 ltd from trombay before 8.10 am.which reach on R.K studio till 8.10.so hardly we 3 to 4 people office reach on time .its a kindly requets.
Natarajan R      [ 2016-06-28 ]
Sir What sin the people of govandi(ghatkopar mankhurd link road) have done that BEST has discontinued 502 Ltd. bus which was going to Wadala . Is there any hope of restoring the services directly to masala via Ghatkopar mankhurd link road ?f
pavitra bose      [ 2016-06-27 ]
Any plans to start AC bus from Malvani Depot to Kurla via aarey, sakinaka, asalpha kamani-kurla
Mercy      [ 2016-06-27 ]
Please start bus from Dharavi T-Junction to Malad (W) Railway Station.
vikrant dange      [ 2016-06-23 ]
504ltd there is old buses,we required new buses there problem for handicap person such me to travel 504Ltd Matunga to Jalvayu bus stop , please arrange to send new buses , if fare more and old buses ,
Vittala C poojary      [ 2016-06-23 ]
This bus going from Bkc to Santacruz railway station has been hitting to several branches of some of trees at the mouth if service Road, one side there us a water main pipe. Two vehicles could pass on opposite direction. This Road is parallel to highway three Roads cut each other of which one is coming from pipeline. Please arrange to cut the tree branches for avoiding passengers being hit by the tree branches, besides damage to the busses. Further, near Allahahabad bank cease of vehicles overtake one another four to five lines, there is a Traffic jam the bus halts ten minutes everyday. Temporary divider should be placed so that only one vehicle from either direction should pass through. Please take up matter with traffic polite. Thanks.
shashi      [ 2016-06-22 ]
Please start bus from ghatkopar to BKC ..direct
Seetha iyer      [ 2016-06-21 ]
The road work between Hair on nagar and Thanekar Wadi has already been completed. When will bus 495 resume service up to Thane east station? A senior citizen like me who has to frequently go to Mulund East, its really difficult and inconvenient. Please resume the service at the earliest.. Thanks
ARCHANA      [ 2016-06-19 ]
Why bus route 493 lts is closed? it was the only bus from balkum to chembur
Santrupti Chavan      [ 2016-06-16 ]
Respected Sir, Start Bus from Nerul to Vashi sect-6 in the morning time 6.10 AM for school student at vashi. We are school students, many of us suffering for regular in time attending schools.
Himanshu Pandey      [ 2016-06-15 ]
nice best trasporata
Vipul Pithadia      [ 2016-06-13 ]
Bus stop no:254 opp. Andheri station west,Root:Andheri station West to Veera Desai Road,Problem:We daily commuters facing direct unbearable sun heat due to less frequency of bus,some are facing serious health issue like dehydration for waiting long time.Suggestion:Request to put sun resistance frame on stop to reduce direct contect of rays on bus stop. Thanks
pratap karmokar      [ 2016-06-09 ]
AS700 almost goes empty for both up and down routes since the price Rs 120 is too high compared to TMT bus 65 (Rs 75) and NMMT bus (Rs 80) BEST should reconsider the pricing to make the bus traveller friendly and profit for the BEST
Chandras kotian      [ 2016-06-08 ]
Can you check the possibility of starting bus services from mulund east or west to the patni it park where all the IT company have recently moved,the sez area or gigaplex
Jyoti Dagia      [ 2016-06-08 ]
Please start buses from Mira road to Powai. It is very difficult for working class to commute on that route as there is no direct bus.
Senthil Kumaran      [ 2016-05-30 ]
Sir , Please start buses which connects airport with nearest railway stations , main bus stops. outside people who visit mumbai are suffering a lot with autos and cars
IRFAN KHAN      [ 2016-05-30 ]
Dear Sir/Madam, I am little surprised to see Double Decker servises on route no 124 has been reduced to 10buses instead of 20. reason ??? unknown or may be traffic of bandra stn to BKC diamond market has been increased. as i have seen all 124 double Decker is running on route no BKC 1. that means one way you care BKC public & other way you left WORLI TO COLABA public. its so crowded even in double decker how could one can travel in single decker MUTP buses. Please its a request to restart DD at worli depot or buy new busses to cater BKC public. hope you understand feeling of my worli to colaba people.
Chandrashekhar      [ 2016-05-30 ]
From Acharya Diamond Garden, there is no bus to BKC - either income-tax or RBI stop. These days the route and service is essential particularly considering financial updating of the public. thanks and regards to authorities for their consideration.
yusuf      [ 2016-05-28 ]
please start bus 242/268 via veera desai
Bharat      [ 2016-05-27 ]
Best Bus services are the best & reliable one. Their services are good.
Swapneel V. Bhore      [ 2016-05-26 ]
Is bus route 507 ltd from Seawoods sector 48 to Santacruz, or is it changed now?
Ankur      [ 2016-05-26 ]
Please provide AC bus from borivali station
ABDUL GHANI SOFIA, SENIOR CITI      [ 2016-05-26 ]
Sirs, Kindly start a new route from Simla House, Nepean Road to Mantraya or nariman point. There is already Bus 156 from simla house to byculla station west
Henry Pillai      [ 2016-05-25 ]
Please start Bus from Bamandaya Pada (Andheri East) to BKC (Bank of India)
K.Sivaketharam      [ 2016-05-25 ]
Kindly start express service from pawarnagar to wadala depot via kurla everard nagar soon for benefit for benefit of vasantvihar residents
Umesh Bhandary      [ 2016-05-22 ]
Please 712ltd bus divert from laxmi Park to Indralok
Nikita      [ 2016-05-22 ]
Pls start direct BEST service from Lower Parel to Andheri.
satish      [ 2016-05-19 ]
Sir May i request you to pls. start Bus from Goregoan Bus depot to Marol Bus depot viya seepz

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