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Angela A      [ 2016-03-11 ]
As 91 Ltd. has stopped completely and only 37 is plying from Kurla to J.M. Mehta it is getting too difficult and the frequency of 37 is very bad. At times after waiting for an hour then there are 3 bus back to back.Pl start 91 or else a new bus from Kurla to Haji Ali atleast.
Mrs. Jayashree Hattangadi      [ 2016-03-10 ]
Kindly start Bus no 384 from Bandra depot as before as we in Khar, Santacruz etc are handicapped severely due to lack of convenient connecting bus to Vile Parle east where many colleges are located.Also please increase the frequency of this bus.
m k kundekar      [ 2016-03-10 ]
Please aloow bus pass to students full year because best not going loss it is profitable
mangesh .kundekar      [ 2016-03-10 ]
Please start a bus route from vashi to bandra via ghatkoper, powai,sakinaka&andheri commuting from the same have a lot of issues
Vijay      [ 2016-03-10 ]
Please Start BKC bus from CHembur/Deonar/Mahul Road
PRAVEEN KUMAR      [ 2016-03-09 ]
If the BEST is unable to compete, then pls. privatise and stay in competition. To run BEST organisation in present management is futile.
Eman Choudhury      [ 2016-03-09 ]
plz start bus services from Bimbisar Nagar, jogeswari East to Mithibai College as students are facing problems
Shabina Khan      [ 2016-03-08 ]
Please start bus service for Mahalaxmi Race Course to Byculla Railway station as there is no Such Services currently available. People working around Race course have to all the way walk down till Mahalaxmi station to find a commute. Plz
YUSUF      [ 2016-03-05 ]
Plz. Start a new route bus for Acharya College students who travel from Tilak Nagar, Pestom Sagar. There is NO Bus only. So start bus from cheeta camp to Tilak Nagar via Acharya College covering maximum college.
Mary Dias      [ 2016-03-04 ]
Bus Nos.80,28,255,355 and 56 all come one after another in span of one min and if you miss them all then you have to wait at the bus stop for 30 mins to get them. They can come at gap of 5 mins each.
Mary Dias      [ 2016-03-04 ]
From Juhu Beach we have 2 buses going to andheri and further but no bus going from juhu beach to Juhu Royal to Parle S.V.Road and further.
Avinash      [ 2016-03-03 ]
Please put more buses on the Sion Ghodbunder Route
Madhu shetty      [ 2016-03-03 ]
Please start a bus service from chandivali to Andheri west
mangesh kundekar      [ 2016-03-02 ]
plz kindly start bus from ghansoli to versova
Vidya akhave      [ 2016-03-02 ]
pls. start a/c bus from thane east station to nariman point
Dr.Sunil      [ 2016-03-02 ]
Kindly improve frequency of the bus route no.492 both ways and extend the journey till Andheri east.
babaso vidruk      [ 2016-03-01 ]
Mala borivali to Bandar pass kiti the sagi shakal ka
Monish      [ 2016-03-01 ]
Please increase the frequencies of the marolor seepz buses at kanjur bus stop or if its possible start double Decker bus for Marol or seepz just for peak hours bcoz the number of peoples are more than the frequency of buses
Rijo      [ 2016-02-29 ]
Pls start a express bus from teen haath naka to bandra via bhandup ,powai plssssssss
Shreekant Diwan      [ 2016-02-27 ]
Everest world Thane to Dadar bus service was abrubtly stopped within a week. This bus service should be started. We even request for a bus from Everest world Thane to BKC.
lissy      [ 2016-02-27 ]
which bus is going from BARC to Bandra terminusbus no
Anna      [ 2016-02-25 ]
Pl improve frequency of 399 Ltd during 5.30 pm to 6.30pm. From Hindustan Company stop...there are no buses in the time gap 6 pm to 6.40pm. Around 6.30pm to 6.40pm sometimes 3 buses come back to back...instead please schedule it such that these buses reach Hindustan Company in intervals of 15 mins or so..past 4 weeks I have to wait nearly 40 to 45 minutes to get a bus! Kindly look into this at the earliest! Thanks!
Tanisha Agarwal      [ 2016-02-25 ]
Please start a bus route from Oberoi splendor, Jogeshwari East to mithibai college, Vile Parle West as students commuting from the same have a lot of issues
Sion trombay rode lal dongar shiv shakte galli chambuer mumubai no-71
kamini kore (24/02/2016      [ 2016-02-24 ]
plz kindly start bus from vashi railway station navi mumbai to vashi sector 8
P S Sundaram      [ 2016-02-20 ]
Bus No.492 is running between Zeep to Hiranandani Estate, Thane. Earlier it was going upto Wagbill. Now the destination board is showing "Garden Court". No one will understand where this place is. I request BEST to change the destination name as Hiranandani Estate, Thane. This will help people to know where this bus goes. Thanks
kumar      [ 2016-02-16 ]
in 409 best bus can i get down sahar arrival gate of airport t1me taken from mulund to airport
ashwin bhatia      [ 2016-02-16 ]
please reduce bus fare for last 2km journey from rs 10 to 8 bus is runing allmost vacant & loosing business reducing fair bus will able to fight with ricksha compitation
Ajay      [ 2016-02-10 ]
Please Extend bus no 18 till kharkopar Railway station
punit      [ 2016-02-06 ]
plz begin a circular bus from kalna market to carter road and band stand to cover schools and colleges in that area
Ashwin Sachala      [ 2016-02-05 ]
Kindly start bus service from ghatkopar vallabh baug lane to santacruze. Previously there was 507. but now this is stopped. so pleas start new bus with same route
KK      [ 2016-02-03 ]
Route of bus no. 125 should be extended to Hiranandani estate, this is the only ac bus connected Andheri and Thane and there are more no. of people for goardbunder road on this bus than people travelling to Thane station. Please consider.
Evelyn Sardinha      [ 2016-01-28 ]
The 08.40 am 395 bus has been stopped for quite some time and the next 395 bus which is scheduled for 08.40 is very often late and comes to the stop only at 9 a.m.. Please try and keep a 395 bus from bamandaya pada around 8.30 as it will help commuters who have to reach work at 09.30 a.m.. The 395 bus has become much smaller and is very inconvenient fo seat passengers. Please send a bigger bus. The Marol Maroshi bus stop halts 395 bus but unfortunately not 35 bus. This becomes inconvenient for passengers who wish to go to airport. Having both buses halt at the same stop will help passengers. . Please make these changes as it will help commuters reach in office on time.
habeeb      [ 2016-01-23 ]
JARIMARI to santacruz (e) jarimari to vilepae jarimari to juhu beach we want bus for these routes above
sarika      [ 2016-01-19 ]
Please increase the frequency of 545 bus at the evening time. As this is very long route bus it will get crowded very fast. Kindly noticed this issue, At evening 545 buses are always one behind one that to after 45 minutes. Instead of these they can keep 20 minutes time slot in every bus. It is more convenient to public also. Kindly consider this issue on very high priority.
P K Jain      [ 2016-01-18 ]
Andheri to Teen Haat Naka bus be extended at least to cadbary junction.
Tarlochan singh      [ 2016-01-13 ]
Kindly start buses from mulund colony to.Eastern express highway towards sion and dadar
mamta Rajani      [ 2016-01-12 ]
Humble request for increasing C-44 and 409 in morning
joseph      [ 2016-01-11 ]
The kdmt or best mus connect bus link from Mulund to kalyan or Borivali -ghodbunder -kalyan No option from kalyan of bus for.mumbai
A Kadir      [ 2016-01-11 ]
Plz Change the route of bus no.374 from kapadia nagar to chembur mono rail via ltt. Thanks
Hetal shah      [ 2016-01-09 ]
Please increase C44 bus
Vidhi Kumar      [ 2016-01-08 ]
Please increase the frequency of Bus no 77 as sometimes we have to wait for the bus for long periods of time in the evening.
Kashyap Javeri      [ 2016-01-08 ]
This is for BEST buses running in Borivali East There are total 42 buses leaving or passing near Borivali East station. Apart from BEST buses there is also a state transport (ST) bus depot on MG Road which connects station to National Highway 8. The ST buses plus BEST buses create massive traffic jams on MG Road everyday. While the railways have expanded Borivali Station from Platform number 1-6A on north side, and platform number 7 and 8 to extreme south, there has not been much change in the BEST buses route which continue to ply from north end of the station. Most of the trains for Borivali from Churchgate now come on Platform number 7 and 8. People have to walk through whole platforms (and longer if trains come on platform 8) to catch a bus. It would be great if some of the buses which go to places across NH8 like Rawalpada, Kajupada, Nancy colony, Hanuman Tekdi etc to take off from Southern End of the station i.e. Datta Pada. Currently people have to walk through platform 8,7 and 1 to reach the bus stop which also creates lot of evacuation problems on these platforms. If the buses take off from the Dattapada, it will not only solve problem of heavy traffic on MG Road, it will also help general public as they will not have to walk long distances to catch a bus
ratnasinh      [ 2016-01-05 ]
P S Sundaram      [ 2016-01-05 ]
As suggested earlier Bus No.491 should go via Hiranandani Estate & Vijay Nagari (Waghbill road) to Ghodbundar road. This will facilitate many people staying in these areas.
Amit      [ 2015-12-30 ]
Please increase the frequency of 603 from Bhandup to Amrut Nagar at evening time. During evening time we have to wait more than 1/2 hour and sometimes even 1 hours in Asha & Usha Estate for this bus.
Aarti      [ 2015-12-29 ]
Please start additional bus from Hindustan Company stop to Ghatkopar Glass factory.
PRAMOD CHAYAL      [ 2015-12-26 ]
Please ex-tented the bus route from Jalvayu Kharghar Via Sector 20-19 Via Ramsheth Thakur school , Reliance Fresh , daily bazaar and go further from Shilp Chouck on normal route.
Dilip S. kadam      [ 2015-12-20 ]
Extend the frequency of route No.440 (Borivali to Wadala)
Lawrence      [ 2015-12-18 ]
Please increase the frequency of 459 from malvani to mulund at evening time. During evening time we have to wait more than 1 hour and sometimes even 2 hours in malvani for this bus.

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