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Chandra Mouli Srivastava      [ 2018-06-16 ]
Driver to be trained in comfortable operation of the bus without jerks and shocks. Bus look should be improved. Privatise non economical routes. Driver should stop bus for Sr citizen on showing hand.
Anonymous      [ 2018-06-14 ]
Please Increase the Frequency of Buses Going to Millenium business Park Mahape. . Frequency is in half hour . Only 004 and 011 Bus no go to Mahape circle not even MBP . From MBP to Kalwa Only 004 Bus Is available .Plz Plz do the Needful
bhavin      [ 2018-06-14 ]
Please started c 373 bandra reclamation to mulund depot
Nilofer shaikh      [ 2018-06-12 ]
Please increase the frequency of the bus 478. Also there are.no buses from time slot between 8.32pm to 9.12pm. Also the buses are never on time. Many a times there aretwo buses back to back. Please check on this so as to regularise the bus timings. Thanks.
MONTHU VALERIAN D SOUZA      [ 2018-06-09 ]
increase the frequency of Bus Morning & Evening times (8 to 10 am and 6 to 8 Pm
Pradeep Mohanty      [ 2018-06-07 ]
I want to commute daily from Seawoods rly station to Thane Rly Station for job.What are local train and bus timings
Pradnya tambe      [ 2018-06-06 ]
Buses not come in proper time, always 20-25min late
majid      [ 2018-06-06 ]
Sir plz start Ac bus services from bandra east depo to mira road station
SKG      [ 2018-06-06 ]
Bus NO. 58,57 any one should go from bridge of Teen Hath Naka. Instead of under the bridge. As it takes aroung 15 to 20 mins to pass the signal.
SHEELA      [ 2018-06-05 ]
Frequency of bus no 522/523/ very poor .Timing chart shows every 20minutes. Both reach same time at bus stand ,can tht timing be staggered. 500 route is not available ,please add this route
CR Jaswal      [ 2018-06-04 ]
What is the frequency of route no. 022?
vinay kumar sharma      [ 2018-06-01 ]
Sir i want start once again 353 BEST bus from walada depo to tagore nagare no.5
savitha      [ 2018-05-30 ]
need to see bus from railway stations to a specific place bandra west to vijaya bank dr ambedkar road
Mateen      [ 2018-05-29 ]
I am waiting for 4 no bus to go dadar with my grandmother from along time but still there is no bus
sandeep      [ 2018-05-29 ]
We 10 commuters are daily travelling by best 62 bus from Sitladevi temple to Anjanabai Magar. Currently 62 best bus takes left at bkc mtnl stop & go towards Kurla. As advised by bus driver & conductor during morning time around 8.30am to 10.30 am, no one get down at Kapadia nagar bus stop. Hence on behalf of 10 commuters our request is, can 62 best bus will follow routes of best number 310 while going to Kurla atleast during morning office hours between 8.30 am to 9.30am, Instead of taking left at bkc mtnl bus stop travel straight towards Anjanabai Magar bus stop. These will help 10 to 15 commuters travelling at offices nearby Anjanabai Magar bus stop to reach office (Equinox business park) at schedule time instead of taking 10 minutes walk from bkc mtnl stop.
Rohan      [ 2018-05-28 ]
Will nmmt 23 bus will arrive till 6:50 at Ulwe node
Rajendran      [ 2018-05-27 ]
Bus number from jnpt township to vashi bus depot
Ry,      [ 2018-05-27 ]
Kya kohi bus hai kya dombivli se kalyan kai lal choki tak
C.P.Chhipa      [ 2018-05-27 ]
bandra terminus to baign wadi Best Bus no
Rohan      [ 2018-05-26 ]
I am waiting from 1hours for bus no. 210
Aditi      [ 2018-05-26 ]
I need to find a route for a bus from near Powai lake till B.D. Patil Marg, HPCL, and I need to reach there by 8 am. Which bus should I avail?
Amit sharma      [ 2018-05-24 ]
Pls assist forac bus service for kharghar ove camp to bhandup west
Milind      [ 2018-05-20 ]
I am waiting from last 1 hrs for bus no.469
Deepak      [ 2018-05-19 ]
From MAJAS DEPOT I have to go to Kharghar afternoon. Pl advise time table to and fro of AC Bus
Laxmi Aditya Bheda      [ 2018-05-17 ]
Ac Bus either from Nepeansea road or peddar road taking me to jai coach lane in Goregaon East off the highway. Pls urgently let me know..
Veena      [ 2018-05-15 ]
I would like to take an AC bus from Bandra to Hiranandani Estate tomorrow morning, kindly let me have the options and the schedule
Veena      [ 2018-05-15 ]
Would like to know the timings of AC bus from bandra Stn/BKC to Thane for tomorrow
Prashant s. Jadhav      [ 2018-05-14 ]
I have time table of 42
Namita Nare      [ 2018-05-14 ]
M S Rawat      [ 2018-05-13 ]
Sir, i like to have monthly pass from borivli to char banglow. Kindly help me know the monthly charge and can use any bus to char banglow and back. Regards
Asif      [ 2018-05-09 ]
Verry nice bus
Shravan kumar singh      [ 2018-05-09 ]
Hiranadani Estate patlipada to thane relwey station bus list
Swati mishra      [ 2018-05-05 ]
Very chip and disgusting chii itni kharab service hai best bus ki Mai 2 hours se 491l ka wait kr rhi hu bt Abhi tak he bhi bus nhi hai yeha or kisi se pucho toh sab ek he and de rhe hai mujhe nhi pta Mai khud wait kr rha hu ya kr rhi hu
calvin Hobbies      [ 2018-05-04 ]
This really a great app, i was always reluctant to take BEST bus because of unfamiliarity with the routes. go4mumbai has solved the problem. I hope to see the app version in playstore
RISHI JOSHI      [ 2018-05-03 ]
I am waiting bus number 130 more than one & half hrs bus stop Rbi (fort).
Sakharam Narayan Bandekar      [ 2018-05-02 ]
Bus no. 70 and 74 are could not run on this route. PLEASE GIVE ME THE answer
Mini R      [ 2018-05-01 ]
Best bus route. Introduce more please. I almost got relieved from rail crowd after C71 was introduced including special seats for ladies. Hatsoff to BEST. May BEST prosper
thanuselvan      [ 2018-05-01 ]
Good system for new peaple
Vaseem Mulla      [ 2018-04-29 ]
Pls start more frequency of Bus no 57 from viviana thane to miraroad after 9m to 10.30 to Mira road.Also bus no 58 from Majiwada naka.
Vishal Pandey      [ 2018-04-28 ]
Rahul kadam      [ 2018-04-28 ]
firdaus      [ 2018-04-28 ]
please start bus no 236 again from andheri to ram mandir stn you will get more commuters as the route was excellent but discontinued.
Tejal shah      [ 2018-04-28 ]
Bus for kashimira to new panvel khandeswar police station
Venkatesh gullapelli      [ 2018-04-27 ]
Hii sir, I know that how to get bus pass in TMT ya other
Pradeep Bhatia      [ 2018-04-27 ]
Which AC bus from Borivali rly Station goes to Csdburys crossing, Thane snd its frequency. Kindly let me know.
Fiona Lawrence      [ 2018-04-26 ]
Please start Bus service from Worli Depot to Airoli East or Airoli Naka or Reliable Tech Park Airoli.
Shahzaman      [ 2018-04-24 ]
Very nice
Daya birajdar      [ 2018-04-22 ]
I like to travel by best bus
RAM DHIRWANI      [ 2018-04-22 ]
Dear Sir iam retired gov employee i have visit for regular health check at CENTRAL GOV HEALRH SCHEME for Doctor.please suggest bus no.and route from Hari Om Nagar to PNT COLONY MULUND WEST Thamks & Regards
Vinit      [ 2018-04-21 ]
54 and 53 bus stop in kharghar most conducter and t.t not werring the batch id. Why it is not compasliy

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