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Lalit Singh Bisht      [ 2015-08-18 ]
Very Good
Mrs.Dharmambal D      [ 2015-08-16 ]
For many years there is no bus except 27 from Kanjurmarg to Chembur.there are many buses to western side. Frequency also less.Pl. introduce a bus via Eastern Express from Ghandhi Nagar to Chembur faster also. Eastern Express Highway from Ghandhi Nagar .Many will apprciate. It will take less time to reach. I will be thankful if BEST introduces a Bus. I think you will consider my request. Hope better reply from BEST. Thanking you Mrs Dharmambal D Kanjurmarg Mumbai 400 078 kanjurmarg
Vilas      [ 2015-08-15 ]
Bus number 509 now ends at ghatkopar depot. if this bus can be extended till Santacruz depot via Express highway and then via Chembur Santacruz link road it can have good response as. there is SNDT university in Santacruz and will help students
N.Murlidhar      [ 2015-08-15 ]
The bus nos.12 and 59 ( pawar nagar & tulshidham) are having poor frequency. Request you to increase the frequency to at least 10 minutes. Thanks.
Rani Prakash      [ 2015-08-14 ]
Please start bus service from celebration club lokhandwala complex andheri west passing via good shepherd church , four bungalows andheri west. There are many residents who want to go everyday to church but unable to go as we have to commute by auto. Hope my request is considered and granted. Thanking you, Mrs.Rani Prakash.
Pallavi Gijbale      [ 2015-08-12 ]
70 rs is too high amount for full day pass…kindly rehanged with 50 Rs.
Harshad Mankame      [ 2015-08-11 ]
395 bus no very bad service they come on half hours. only that bus goes my road. please provide 15-15 minutes that bus should be come.
Rupam goel      [ 2015-08-10 ]
there r no buses from jogeshwari west station to bhavans college.
JUDITH LEWIS      [ 2015-08-10 ]
Sub : functioning of BEST Buses in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai This is with respect to subject matter particularly w.r.t C-55 bus which has stopped operating on Saturdays and the reason given is that there are less commuters using the bus on Saturday. It is very disheartening to hear this development on behalf of BEST Management. First and foremost BEST is not a profit-making organisation it is a public sector Govt. owned which is running on the taxes paid by not only salaried person by way of income tax but also the labour class by way of VAT, Excise etc.. so even if there is a single passenger the BEST has to run, over and above the passenger is also paying the bus fare which is almost double in a couple of 4 months. Instead of finding ways to stop the BEST buses from running and harass routine commuters BEST Management alongwith BEST Union should insist on dedicated lane to be used alongwith other emergency vehicle even the lane should be maintained separately at TOLL, if not throughout the day atleast during office hrs i.e. between 7.00 AM to 11.00 AM and between 5.00 PM to 7.00 PM. The old buses esp. AC with hardly 3-4 passengers occupying the seats, which is using a lot of expenses on maintenance should be scrapped. In the event of dedicated lanes, the BEST buses will ply in limited time hence there will be saving on fuel as well as the drivers and conductors will not be hassled because of the traffic. There is a likelihood that if the BEST buses provide speed of travelling alongwith comfort many who are using private vehicles will take BEST bus as a “BEST” option for travelling. In addition to above, we request the 1st C-55 bus to start by 8.00 AM and 2nd C-55 Bus to start atleast by 8.15 AM from Vashi depot, so that passengers who are mostly working at BKC can reach by 9.00 AM and 9.30 AM office hours respectively and additional two buses can be maintained by keeping a gap of half-n-hour. Even in the evening the buses if they ply between at BKC location between 5.15 PM to 7.00 PM by keeping a gap of half-an-hour most of the office staff will be benefitted and the no. of passengers travelling will also improve. We request BEST Management to pay attention to our request to resume the operation of BEST buses on Saturdays, run the buses during office hrs, request the govt for dedicated lane including at TOLLs. This will benefit not only the passengers but even the drivers, conductors, technicians, back-office staff since they will also, gain only if the BEST buses run on the roads and are not lying idle at the depot. This is not a big charter of demands we as passengers are only requesting the existing facilities to be maintained and BEST buses to be run efficiently and effectively. Thanking you, Yours Sincerely,
Paramanand S Naik      [ 2015-08-09 ]
The cost of ticket of ac bus 700 is very high comparing to o5her buses running borivali to thane buses are running empty but no 4eduction fare tmt is charging less and better service as well as buses. Total loss
murugesh      [ 2015-08-08 ]
Write English(123) also in bus name board
Pinky      [ 2015-08-07 ]
C-60 buses are not coming on time from last week.They are too late.Very disappointed from C-60 service.
CHETAN ASHOK RABADE      [ 2015-08-07 ]
request you to please increase frequency of 525 normal bus or else please start bus from koperkhairane to goregaon
chinkics      [ 2015-08-06 ]
i lost my purse in the bus i want cctv footage
Nikhil k      [ 2015-08-06 ]
374ltd has the worst frequency its been 3 hrs and still there is no sign of the bus ,if this post helping ans it is not falling on deaf ears then I request to increase its frequency
poonam pawar      [ 2015-08-06 ]
please start the bus from ghansoli to dindoshi
Sheela      [ 2015-08-05 ]
Everyday more than 5000 people are travelling towards Nariman Point by train. please arrange buses (more freqency during peak hours) plying on Eastern Express Highway - Godrej Vikhroli - through the Eastern Freeway to Nariman Point. Many people would use your bus facility in this route. Please introduc e this bus route immediately. Thanks alot.
N. Wats      [ 2015-08-05 ]
Please allow buses to go upto Bandra East station from BKC. Not fair to users of public transpot. Rickshaws and pvt. buses go right up to station while we have to climb up to skywalk and then walk to station. Not fair to us bus users.
Rukhsar khan      [ 2015-08-05 ]
Plzzz give people bus from worli to pawai . There no buses for pawai from planetarium. Humble requestfl
ROHAN MALGAONKAR      [ 2015-08-05 ]
khan afreen      [ 2015-08-04 ]
380 provide very very bad service they come on one-one hours. only that bus goes my road. please provide 15-15 minutes that bus should be come.
Simmi      [ 2015-08-02 ]
There is only one direct bus from evershine nagar to bhavans college. Pls increase its frequency and add some more buses in this route.
milind Mhatre      [ 2015-08-02 ]
Please increase bus frequency for route all Mumbai
arun vachakal      [ 2015-08-01 ]
bus no.78 as there is only one bus from lower parel( shivalaya) to shivaji park as there are so many schools on this route around 500 students are travelling daily on this route if you increase frequency of this bus at 6.30am, 12noon, 5.45pm it will become very helpful for students on this route.
Kapil      [ 2015-08-01 ]
There are no buses from Kharghar to Lower Parel area, please introduce and Kharghar to Bandra and CST. Thank you
DILIP ZAVERI      [ 2015-07-29 ]
r c subramanian      [ 2015-07-28 ]
There is no direct bus from ANTOPHILL to SANTACRUZ
sunny dethe      [ 2015-07-27 ]
Give more buses from mulund west station to vaishali Nagar
Jose A. K.      [ 2015-07-25 ]
Presently there is only 1 Bus going to Bandra East 303 Via Nahur Road Jain Temple and then Link Road via LBS Marg. Its frequency is officially 30 minitues but arrives after 45 minitues. As result, office goers are finding to reach their offices in time and hence I earnestly request you to either increase its frequency to 15 Minites gap or otherwise add in this route 1 or 2 buses with different destinations via above routes so that many will have very relief not only that productvity will increase for the nation. Thank you. very
Lohit      [ 2015-07-25 ]
I like this bus 79
Umesh Anant Chavan      [ 2015-07-23 ]
Please do not change the bus route of 485. This is the only BUS going to L&T / LOCAL OFFICE. No other bus is there for this route. Pl. do not change the current route of 485.
Umesh Anant Chavan      [ 2015-07-23 ]
I stay at Goregaon (W) M.G.Road. Pl. start Bus route from Goregaon Depot to Ghatkopar thru L&T + Local Office.
Vijay h vazirani      [ 2015-07-22 ]
The eastern freeway should have a bus service operating from the nearest depot at either end on a Shuttle basis with feeder routes from the nearest railway, metro and monorail stations
Ilyas Goval      [ 2015-07-20 ]
I stay at pydhonie and there is no BEST bus which goes to Charni Road from my Place.. My Son has joined Hinduja College at Charni Road and it will be difficult for him to commute dialy
keshav gupta      [ 2015-07-19 ]
Pl start bus from Hiranandani Estate, Patlipada to Mumbai South, back bay depot in morning
NSD      [ 2015-07-17 ]
NSD      [ 2015-07-17 ]
To Earn Maximum without overlaping Routes, PLease Divert Route 458Ltd via Seepz Bus Station, Sumer House, Marwah Industrial Road, Chandivali Village Road, Shetty School, Kingston SEZ, D-Mart & Gateway PLaza.
NSD      [ 2015-07-17 ]
PLease introduce Routes: 436 Juhu Bus Stn/Hiranandani Bus Stn via Dr.Cooper Hospital, IrLa Masjid, New India Quarters, Jumbo Darshan, Regency, Chakala Cigarette Factory, Sahar Cargo Complex, Sahar Airport, Marol Naka, Marol Maroshi Bus Stn, Vijay Nagar, Marwah Industries Rd, Chandivali Village Rd, Shetty Vidyalaya, Kingston SEZ, D-Mart to Hiranandani Bus Stn. With Buses every 25mins from Juhu Bus Station between 7am & 6pm. 439 Juhu Beach/Hiranandani Bus Stn via Juhu Hotel, Mithibai College, Santacruz Depot, via 339 upto JVLR, via JVLR to Gateway Plaza; Bayer House, D-Mart, Kingston SEZ, Shetty Vidyalaya to Hiranandani Bus Stn, with buses every 18mins from 7am to 8:30pm from Juhu Beach. 438 Khar Station West/Hiranandani Bus Stn via 220 upto Linking Rd; 201 upto Santacruz Depot; 225 upto the JVLR Junction; JVLR, & via 392/427 upto Hiranandani Bus Stn with buses every 25mins from 8am to 8:30pm from Khar Station West. 437 Worli Village/Hiranandani Bus Stn via 392 to Chandivali Village Junction; Marwah Industries Rd, Vijay Nagar, Marol Maroshi Bus Stn, Marol Naka, Sahar Airport, Sahar Cargo Complex, Chakala Cigarette Factory, Santacruz Airport, Vakola Police Station, Vakola, Kalina, Vidhyanagari, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Kala Nagar, Mahim Causeway, via 83 upto Babasaheb Worlikar Chowk & 56 upto Worli Village, with buses every 25mins between 6am & 9pm from Hiranandani Bus Stn.
iman bam      [ 2015-07-16 ]
could any bus available way of Mumbai central worli ..to kandevli thakur village
vijay      [ 2015-07-13 ]
Please start the bus on time whose frequency is less It wastes a lot of time of a person just waiting for the buses at bus stop because this other transportation are increasing prices like anything as they provide service on time Because of your negligence commuters has been Please improve ur service
Rohit shetty      [ 2015-07-11 ]
BEST should launch a lottery system which will help them to attract more customers.
geeta thakker      [ 2015-07-09 ]
Dear Best we have a new bus station at Hiranandani powai. please start buses to go to vile parle for colleges via jvlr. and please please have a loo for staff at the bus station. it is sad to see your staff relieving themselves on the walls.
bhavya jasani      [ 2015-07-09 ]
Route of bus no 499 was very irresponsible . thy dropped us nr teen haath naka saying bus is delayed so wont go till vrindavan. being new here we couldnt find our way to my destination. this is very careless from BEST services
MH Sayed      [ 2015-07-08 ]
The 1st bus stop of rout No. 249 and 251 at Andheri (W) Bus Depot are connected to each other but having separate access/queues. As both buses run on the same destination with little different route, most of passengers are common. The passengers have to run from one queue to another for whichever bus arrives first and at times this leads to stampede. It is suggested/requested to make common the stop/queue of both the buses in the interest of travellers.
mahesh kamath      [ 2015-07-08 ]
Please start bus from malad/kandivali link road via four bunglow to BKC
YUSUF G. MULLA      [ 2015-07-08 ]
Students Travelling from Tilak Nagar, Pestom Sagar, Ghatkopar have no BEST bus which can drop them to Acharya College, Chembur. So start a new bus
rohan malgaonkar      [ 2015-07-07 ]
instead of sion extend C-42 till shivaji park, dadar-west.
CA nishita narendra shah      [ 2015-07-06 ]
Please start a bus from chembur link road to bkc so that travelling become easy there are many offices in bkc
Rajeev Kumar      [ 2015-07-04 ]
Bus No:334 route should be extended to LTT Railway Station or 393 should be extended to Seepz Bus Station
Vidhata Datkhile      [ 2015-07-02 ]
Please increase the frequency on morning of 303 Bus as there r so many colleges on this route. In the morning from 9.00 am to 9.45 am no 303 bus avails due to 303 bus stuck in traffic. We hoped that BEST Department make some solution on it...

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