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SUSHIL      [ 2015-07-02 ]
pinto      [ 2015-06-30 ]
please start bus from kurla via kalina to bandra via mahim urgent need people to go hospital church thanks also half rate to age from 60 yeas like bangalore
S. Fernandes      [ 2015-06-30 ]
Now that BEST Buses are allowed to ply on the Andheri Kurla Road under W.Express Highway METRO Station, request that Bus Route No.181 turn on the W.E.Highway and stop at DARPAN CINEMA BUS STOP whilst going from Andheri to Antop Hill instead of taking the Chakala back road.
dcosta      [ 2015-06-29 ]
pl extend the 499 route upto ghstkopar station west or east as very difficult to get autos from depot to station
umesh bhandary      [ 2015-06-27 ]
plea se start new ex bus from indrlok laxmipark to kurla st via bkc
Rupesh      [ 2015-06-25 ]
Start New Bus form Kalyan Station to Andheri MIDC Maraol Depot Or Andheri Station East
atharva      [ 2015-06-25 ]
please start a AC route from borivli to bandra .....with stops in all localities along sv road
Ratna Edwin      [ 2015-06-23 ]
I am a senior citizen age 66 and I travel everyday from Bhakti Palace to Mith Chowky The seats for senior citizens are always occupied. Young girls are very angry and do not want to give the seat. Can you please help..... Ratna
RUPALI K NAGWEKAR      [ 2015-06-23 ]
savita singh      [ 2015-06-22 ]
Please increase the frequency of 202 as there r so many colleges on this route and please write via sv road as little confusion for commuters thanks and please make it ac
     [ 2015-06-22 ]
pl start bus service from ghodbunder road thane to sion
Mrs.Valsamma Thomas      [ 2015-06-22 ]
Thanks for the bus service started from Khandeswar to Panvel. Really it is great thing done for those who are travelling after Khanda Colony. One request is that please make gap uniformily. It is very difficult for the people staying aftrer kantacolony. Except this bus, we have no other alternatives. Please help us. If improve your bus service and instruct the Driver & Conductor in a proper way, you can earn more. God Bless You.
rohan malgaonkar      [ 2015-06-21 ]
extend 368ltd till mulund check naka or start a dadar-thane bus route.
krishna      [ 2015-06-21 ]
pl start buses from Damunagar bus depot in kandivili east to Bandra and Dadar and Andheri stations on western exp highway.
Rajeev Kumar      [ 2015-06-20 ]
Bus no 393 should be extended to seepz Bus depot,MIDC Andheri (E)
umesh bhandary      [ 2015-06-19 ]
pleacs extened bus 712 and 720 to laxmipark to indralok to bhainder e neraly thouden people get benifit
Ruta D      [ 2015-06-17 ]
Pl start addl buses during 1.30 to 1.45 fr Portugese Church Dadar to Lower parel as frequency of buses very less and many students from schools in that area find difficult to stand with heavy bags.Pl look into the matter. Thnx
Monica Daga      [ 2015-06-17 ]
Please start bus service between 06:00-06:30am slot, from Worli Naka towards Khar-S.V.Road so children can reach school before 07:00am. Non of the buses come in that period. Bus no.83,84,33 all start after 06:50 from Colaba. Pls look into the matter at the earliest. Thanks from a concern Mom.
Ruta D      [ 2015-06-16 ]
Please increase bus frequency for route Byculla to Dadar Portugese Church during school hrs 7.15 a.m.to 7.30 a.m. And fr Dadar to Byculla fr 1.15 to 1.45 p.m.as many students wait with heavy bags at busstops.
richard dias      [ 2015-06-16 ]
It is noticed that bus 362 takes left turn towards Natraj Cinema on reaching Chembur Station. Instead if this bus takes right turn towards Subhash nagar and again right turn to enter Subhash and proceed towards Ambedkar Udyan, It would help many people in the nearby area to reach Kura without any trouble. As this will not increase the distance in anyway, it would help the BEST to earn from this route which otherwise become empty at Chembur Railway station.
sree      [ 2015-06-15 ]
URGENT-pl need bus from VASHI to AIRPORT T1 & T2. now no bus FROM VASHI , Navi mumbai
Sagar Ghodake      [ 2015-06-14 ]
Best bus service
Prakash      [ 2015-06-13 ]
Introduce bus express/ ordinary service from Gorai to BKC with 15 minutes frequency
VIDYA      [ 2015-06-12 ]
Avinash Mishra      [ 2015-06-12 ]
Bus No. 427 are not running on time even if it is standing at bus stand. Mostly noticed at ghatkopar station (Bust time 9:50 AM)
omkar      [ 2015-06-12 ]
Please increase 180 route to wadala station w
Gurunath      [ 2015-06-11 ]
A direct bus from sppez to versova link road should be there.
rahul.j.      [ 2015-06-11 ]
evening 5.20 bus is cancelled many times, causnig stress on 5.50 bus. kindly do not do this.
shweta      [ 2015-06-11 ]
dear best team please increase the bus frequency between majiwada thane and ghatkopar deapo
U. S. RAO      [ 2015-06-09 ]
Buses starts from Bramhand towards Teenhatnaka does not halt at Azadnagar stop on Godbunder Road. AC 700 simply plying on G. B. Rd. better to stop the servic
PVL      [ 2015-06-08 ]
Please increase the frequency of 491LTd or start more buses from Kasar vadavali to SEEPZ as many people need to goto industires for work there,.
Nomesh      [ 2015-06-07 ]
Increase Frequence of 225 and please start AC version of the same. Popular route but too low frequency of bus.
Bhupendra Sampat      [ 2015-06-02 ]
Bus route no.246 which is similar ad route no.244, only taking turn in charkop sector no.2, instead of that it should run from Borivali Bus syn to Chatkop village via Poisar Depot, Borsapada, Charkop Market, Shayadri n take right turn to go to Chatkop village n from there it will come back via Chatkop Police Stn, Charkop Market, Mahavir Nagar extn, Borsapada, Poisat Depot n come back to Borivali Bus Stop via S.V.Road. I hope if you will run on above route maximum passenger BEST will get. Pl try on it. Regards, BDS
Pritpal Singh      [ 2015-06-02 ]
A suggestion to extent bus no 509 to either Kamalboli or Kharghar instead of terminating to APMC Market or introduce a new route from Mulund to Kamalboli/Kharghar bypassing Vashi & Koper Khairane.
RITESH      [ 2015-06-02 ]
DEAR BEST TEAM, Please increase the frequency of like 701 & 703 Buses from Kandivali(east) / Borivali (E) to Borivali (E) station & to Thakur Village.
Manish jain      [ 2015-06-01 ]
please start the bus from diva east................
Aniket      [ 2015-06-01 ]
Dear B.E.S.T increase the frequency of 485 and 498 atleast on the peek timing.
S M Arondekar.      [ 2015-05-31 ]
Please increase last bus timing of Bus route no 461 till 11.30p.m.& bus 461 AS till10.30
dipak jakhere      [ 2015-05-29 ]
bharti kadhi honar ahe conductor ani driver
tulsa chandanshive      [ 2015-05-28 ]
Dear best, Please start c-52 bus from vadala to kalamboli...
Mohd. Aslam      [ 2015-05-26 ]
there is no direct bus from wagle depot to majiwada .. please strat bus from wagle depot to majida direct bus
swapnil hande      [ 2015-05-26 ]
best is word no. 1 services mumbai in india
ab      [ 2015-05-25 ]
Please restore route no. 502 ltd to Dadar - Nerul Sec 48
Kerman      [ 2015-05-25 ]
Please start AC bus service from Kanjus Marg WEST , LBS Marg to Senapti Bapat Marg Lower Parel. There are no buses presently on this route. Office goers have great difficulty on this stretch. Please revert with positive action taken in this matter.
Reshma      [ 2015-05-24 ]
Please reduce some fares of Best buses common man cant afford
kiran      [ 2015-05-21 ]
Pls start bus from bhandup east to dindoshi depot No bus to borvali from bhandup east
Parshuram      [ 2015-05-21 ]
Increase the frequency of buses on route 255 (ltd)
Varsha Saxena      [ 2015-05-19 ]
Please increase the frequency of Best Bus #392, or start new buses from Tolani to Powai Hiranandani. There are very less buses in this route.
Ramesh Suthar      [ 2015-05-18 ]
Dear Best, Please Start Bus From Shivaji Nagar To Pathanvadi (Malad) Or WE Highway.
ADITYA      [ 2015-05-15 ]
It is a request to the bandra depot authority that more buses should be introduces in the Bandra depot and if possible the depot should be bigger

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