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Angeline Pamila      [ 2014-09-19 ]
Kindly increase the frequency of Bus No.181 from sion .
Sibu Darbar      [ 2014-09-19 ]
Pl. gude for bus nos from IIT main gate to BKC
Sunil B. Tardekar      [ 2014-09-19 ]
How to go or which bus go to Lower parel to Pune Vidya Bhavan, 236-A, Barrister Nath Pai Nagar. Ghatkoper (east)
rahul rai      [ 2014-09-18 ]
Are borivalisathi kiti bus kelet miraroad sathi extra bus chalu kara
VINAYAK      [ 2014-09-18 ]
     [ 2014-09-18 ]
Best should discontinue their ac bus service as soon as possible. Its always better to have bullock cart ride than BEST ac bus ride.
Shashank      [ 2014-09-18 ]
ANy bus - AC bus from malad to worli. or connecting. Please help with information
GANESH KADAM      [ 2014-09-18 ]
605/606 ya busesna khup gardi asun sakalchya welela bus usheera yetat tewha kaamas janaryana wilamb hoto taseh kahi wela darwazabaherGanesh kadam prawashi nailajane latkat astat tari thodkat sangne mhanje yababincha best prashasan kinwa Rajkiy pudhri laksh detil kaay ?
TAUFIK ANSARI      [ 2014-09-17 ]
Sayed      [ 2014-09-17 ]
Please confirm bus which come from Dadar East from Hinda Mata
shubhada sawant      [ 2014-09-17 ]
please start bus from parsipanchayat to seepz.
girija jayaraman      [ 2014-09-17 ]
i want to know bus timings erom chandivali to vidyavihar 323 best bus
Siddhi Pawar      [ 2014-09-16 ]
C-60 Bus at 7.40am not coming on time daily it is late by 10 to 15 mins its makes us very late Every day it comes by 7.52 or 55 Please do something Its makes us very late.
Neha      [ 2014-09-16 ]
Pls increase frequency of 492 bus. Also can you pls start ac bus 492. Thanks.
sagar      [ 2014-09-16 ]
mululnd st. to mira road bus no c-61, last bus at night timing is 9.15pm. please add one or more bus after this last bus or upto 10pm.
Milind Parkar      [ 2014-09-15 ]
There are a number of people staying at Thane (E)/ Mulund (E)who travel to Goregaon/ Malad for service/ jobs. I would recommend to start a bus service through the eastern express H.way from Thane to Borivali.
kalpesh      [ 2014-09-15 ]
Plz 718 ki quantity badha doo Bohot bheed rehti hai aur adhe ghante baad aati hai
Sameer Mohapatra      [ 2014-09-15 ]
On morning and Evening can extend C71 from BKC like 448. 505 and may more.
diksha shirke      [ 2014-09-14 ]
i want no that 706 time table plss help me soon
Deepika      [ 2014-09-14 ]
Can you please provide the ladies special buses timings? from powai to marol dept
Hares      [ 2014-09-13 ]
Bus Route No. 718 ltd Time shedule is not proper in evening bus shedule is after 1 hours after each bus, need frequency after every 10 minutes
Hares      [ 2014-09-13 ]
Bus Route No. 718 Time shed
Sunil      [ 2014-09-13 ]
Increase frequency of 226
David Megeri      [ 2014-09-13 ]
Timings of 706 bus morning from silver park mira road evening from marol depot andheri I am working near marol depot
rahul singh      [ 2014-09-13 ]
please increase the frequency of bus no. 168 for LBS college, Reay Road as they never come on time. They are 45 to 50 mins always late. We guys are suffering a lot due governments inefficiency. thank you.
chetana      [ 2014-09-12 ]
please start renewal of bus passes at Malad depot (chincholi) & introduce new bus from depot to probhodhan thakre depot,charkop
shailesh warik      [ 2014-09-11 ]
how to trivel in vikhroli west depo to oshiwara police station in best bus
Chandra Gopal      [ 2014-09-11 ]
Pls extend the route of C-42 to Mantralaya as it is convenient to get down in between so as to not catch another bus from Sion
abhishek      [ 2014-09-11 ]
Pls start bus from vashi to ghatkopar via airoli.. Very helpful it will be. Since no bus in this route is available.
suchit      [ 2014-09-10 ]
How to go times square stop from kurla station bus depot
mahendra dave      [ 2014-09-10 ]
It is now a month, 245 is extended upto kanderpada, via borivli stn. why no updates on site?
narendra telang      [ 2014-09-09 ]
473 bandra to mahul bus evenging always late 3/4 time complaint bus depot but best managment no any action this issue
ASHOK S JADHAV      [ 2014-09-09 ]
The General Manager, BEST( BUS SERVICE) COLABA. MUMBAI. Re:: ROOT NO..154 AT BYCULLA STN. NEHRE CENTRE & BACK. Dear Sir, We are facing lots of problems for getting the Bus No.154 the only one from Byculla Station to Nehre Centre, Lots of passengers had written letters/ sent E-mails to the concerned authorities. Sir, Personally if you visit at Byculla Station in the Morning 9.30 am or evening 5.30 pm at Lotus Cinema/ Poonam chamber Bus stop. you will find such a long queues Once your team had came and there was little bit improvement only for 2-3 days ? Again it is as usual. as we faced before . We would like to suggest you the few things : The Ring Root Bus Root should be as under: 1. Bus No. 154 (A) : Byculla Station – Mahalaxmi Station – Left Turn to Race Course Road – Right Turn at Haji Ali Junction – Shivsagar Estate – Worli Naka – Right Turn E. Moses Road, - Mahalaxmi Station Left Turn – Byculla. 2. Bus No.154 (B) : Byculla - Saat Rasta – Mahalaxmi – Right Turn E. Moses Road,- Worli Naka to Nehru Planaterium – Hali Ali – Left Turn Race Course Road,- Mahalaxmi Right Turn – Saat Rasta - Byculla Station. The above root will save the people to cross the road. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, ASHOK S. JADHAV S.G..MODAK, B.T. CHAVAN , P.R. GURAV NEHRU CENTRE, WORLI,MUMBAI -18. AND ON BEHALF OF PASSENGERS AT BYCULLA STATION.
ASHOK S JADHAV      [ 2014-09-09 ]
This has reference to my letter dtd below. BEST had not reply nor arranged/increased Bus no.154 services. 30.11.2007 The General Manager, BEST( BUS SERVICE) COLABA. MUMBAI. SUB: IRREGULAR BUSES OF BUS NO.153 AT BYCULLA STN. AND AT POONAM CHAMBERS,WORLI. Dear Sir, Since last 2-3 years we facing lots of problems for getting the Bus No.153 at Byculla Station (West).Lots of passengers had written letters/ sent E-mails to the concerned authorities. Sir, Personally if you visit at Byculla Sation in the Morning 9.30 am and evening 5.30 pm at Lotus Cinema/ Poonam chamber Bus stop. you will find such a big queues of 8 to 10 buses crowd people are standing in queue waiting for only one bus 153 ??? (because no any other buses are going to Byculla station,) Same thing you will find in the evening at Poonam chambers (offices area) such a big queues of 8 to 10 buses crowd people are standing in queue waiting for only one bus 153 ??? (because no any other buses are going to Byculla station,) Once your team had came and there was little bit improvement only for 2-3 days ? Again it is as usual. as we faced before ? Bus till there is no improvement fronm your side. ? We have to depend on only one bus i.e. Bus No.153 from Byculla Station for going to Lotus Cinema, Poonam Chambers, Worli, There is no any other bus going to this place from Byculla. We would like to suggest you the few things : If you send the Bases from Tardeo Bus Depo.To Hali ali,Nehru Planetorium,(Offices Area),Worli Naka, Famous Studia, Mahalaxmi Station, Saat Rasta, BIT Chalws, Byculla Statiion To then Ray Road,Bus No. 168, 63, or Bhendi Bazar, etc.or any other Buses you can divert via Byculla stations. Please you can take a help of Trafic Police Controller to make the trafic smooth during pick hours (morn.from 9 am to 12 pm & Even. 5 pm to 8 pm at the (153 Bus Route). so there there will be no problem of held up the buses in the Signals in this route. (Whenever we asked the TC there answer is Buses are held up in Trafic Jaam) ? So you should depute/install the Trafic Control Booth at some of the point/chowk so that trafic can go smoothly without held up the BEST BUSES IN TRAFIC JAAM. Yours faithfully, (ASHOK S. JADHAV) NEHRU CENTRE, WORLI,MUMBAI -18.
ASHOK S JADHAV      [ 2014-09-09 ]
At Byculla station West there was a BEST Monthly pass sell counter. Now they have stop selling monthly pass they shifted somewhere ??? I/We would be very grateful if kindly re-0pen the above said BEST SEASON TICKET COUNTER to avoid inconveniant to the passenger. Becasue at Byculla there is more 2 lakhs passengers are travelling and depending on BEST BUS and it is very convenient to all the passenger to purchase SEASON BUS PASS at St.Gadge Maharaj Chowk (7 Rasta )/ Byculla STATION ONLY to save passengers valuable time. And also look into the matter to arrange addtional Bus No.154 (As it is very few Bases are ruiing at Byculla compare to 2 lakhs passenger are depends on BEST BUS at Byculla . We here by request the Maharashtra Times authority kindly take action on the above. Thanks Ashok Jadhav, and All the Passenger at Buculla Station (W) jadhavashok29@yahoo.com
     [ 2014-09-09 ]
As 2 never stops at Vile parle subway
P S Sundaram      [ 2014-09-09 ]
Your bus route 492 is running between Zeep to Wagbill or Hiranandani Estate. But sometime the destination is showing "Garden Court" this confuse everyone & passenger do not know where this place. Garden Court is only the bus stop name. It is suggested that destination board should be either Wagbil or Hiranandani Estate only.
Dharmesh Parekh      [ 2014-09-07 ]
pl. suggest bus from Borivali stn east to kandivali stn east
Kavita Pal      [ 2014-09-06 ]
Please increase the frequency of Bus No. 493 . As it is the only bus which covers Thane area and comes Trombay. As people residing faraway from railway station, this is the only bus which is convenient for them. If required i can give written application. Please suggest where is it to be submitted.
virendra yadav [06-09-2014      [ 2014-09-06 ]
i want apmc market vashi bus plan what time table and how much buses from apmc vashi to andheri chakala, and andheri chakala to apmc vashi ,
Ganesh      [ 2014-09-06 ]
Dear Sir plz provide bus number from andheri west to andheri west shashtri nagar lokhandwala
prasad      [ 2014-09-06 ]
plz guide for bus routes from seepz to ghatkoper vallabh bagh
Advita Vitta      [ 2014-09-05 ]
There is a bus from nerul bus depo 507.please increase the frequency of the bus in morning from 7 am to 7:45 am as lot of people commute near kurla. Now there is bus at 7:10 after dat another bus at 7:38 which always gets cancelled and after dat at 8.please ensure the bus at 7:38 or increase frequency
ashok      [ 2014-09-05 ]
i need to go from chatrapati shivaji railway station to Capgemini office at godrej it park vikhroli. please send me the bus numbers.
Chandan Dongre      [ 2014-09-05 ]
Bus not available from ghasoligaon or siddheshwar gharonda to thane station this is very important route for best now ghasoli is well developed & high population area before starting this route nmmt, best must start this route
Sanjay dubey      [ 2014-09-05 ]
Dear all, atleast 1 AC bus Start foum Sakinaka to Mulund. Via Bhandup West Lbs marg.
Rosaria Hoi      [ 2014-09-05 ]
Can the website update the frequency and timings of the busses. This will help a lot.
Nikita      [ 2014-09-05 ]
Please increase the frequency of Bus No. 37 and 91 in morning as none of these buses comes between 8.15 to 9.00 am at kherwadi junction bandra east and than directly 37 comes after 9.00am which is very crowded.
vikas      [ 2014-09-05 ]
491 best bus, i regret to inform you any single bus did not come around 8: 00 to 9:00 am please provide a bus around this time . and I hope you will accept my request
Ramesh Deshmukh      [ 2014-09-04 ]
Why are you not shoawing bus numbers passing by SCLR road to western side so that public will come to know better.

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