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Manish tiwari      [ 2014-09-01 ]
Please start a bus from majas depot to kurla west via takshila- holy sprit hospital- midc OR majas depot- tolani college n from western express highway- vakola- kamani many people use the way of train. They first go to andheri sation thn via train go to the kurla please its request arrange it frequency if available in 30 minutes it also helpful
aaaa      [ 2014-09-01 ]
A new route 182 has been introduced from Bandra East bust station to Malad bus stn
narry tellis      [ 2014-09-01 ]
how much will be the best bus pass for 3 months from borivali station west to madh jetty
vinay      [ 2014-09-01 ]
Pls start bus from mira road to csi airport andheri ( e) .
Asha Bhatt      [ 2014-08-30 ]
Please start indicator in the bus just like in the trains, instead of TV.
sarabjit singh      [ 2014-08-30 ]
very less busses for going west dhaisar west
saraswathi      [ 2014-08-29 ]
please guide the bus routes or local train routed from kurla station to chandivali near powai vihar powai,mumbai
narendra bhatia      [ 2014-08-29 ]
on 28.8.14 at 3.45pm we were at the siddhivinayak bus stop in thane. the bus route c42 did not come at the stop but the driver took direct from highway.we reached rani laxmi chowk by rickshaw and encountered the driver he accepted bu such negligence should be looked into and the driver to be punished for negligence so that the passengers are not inconvienced.
sachin      [ 2014-08-28 ]
is there any bus that goes only on link road from dahisar west d mart to hypercity??
lalappa neela      [ 2014-08-28 ]
Please start a new route from malad west to infinity IT Park Malad East. I towuld be more better to have it from New Malad depot.
coleen dsouza      [ 2014-08-28 ]
this is to bring to your kind notice that the frequency route no.621 which goes from malad station to ushma nagar has deteriorated. Ever since the new route 620 has been introduced the depot leaves 620 buses one after the other. There are only 4 - 5 people who take this bus and yet the depot keeps leaving this bus more frequently and one after the ohter. Wit the result we office goers who have only one route to go to ushma nagar suffer especially during peak hours in the evening. My earnest request to you would be to see that route no.621 the frequency is increased to every 10 minutes alteast from 6:00 to 8:30 in the evening so as to benefit office goers especially women who have to waste so much of time in the evening. I come from BKC and it takes me only 25 minutes to reach from bandra to malad by train , but almost 1 hour to reach my residence from malad station owing to the bus route 621. Request you to kindly increse the number of 621 buses during the peak hours.
d k shinde      [ 2014-08-28 ]
One more bus to be introduced from Vrindavan Society to Andheri in morning and evening hours for the bublic going towards Andheri need not have to change the Buses at Marathon Chowk
NAGANATHAN      [ 2014-08-28 ]
Please arrange for bus route numbers in numeric letter along with marathi/hindi. (for example 380, 21, 92)It is easily to read for other language people. Thanks
DHANESH SHAH      [ 2014-08-27 ]
Bus No 27 and 382 may please be diverted through Ganesh Mandir, 90 feet Road, Ghatkopar East as only Bus No 399 available and Bus no 382 is most convenient to reach Maitri Park.
Manjeet Kaur Sudan      [ 2014-08-27 ]
Dear BEST, This is to request to please start new BEST bus route from Airoli bus station via airoli mulund bridge towards V.T., Mantralaya and request to extend Bur Route 520 upto Shivaji Park as earlier. Please take up this matter for urgent priority. Also request to start Regular or A.C. Bus or C type Express Bus from Airoli to Andheri Railway station (East) This will be very helpful to commuters wanting to ply from Airoli to these destinations. Kindly take up on urgent priority decision making to implement the same. Hope these requests will be considered soon. Many thanks,
prashant rane      [ 2014-08-27 ]
I want to know which ac bus go from goregaon highway to mulund or thane.
Sitaram Shetkar      [ 2014-08-27 ]
Plz send me the bus timing of bus 223 for, he stop korakendra.
Ashwini Mali      [ 2014-08-26 ]
Please tell me the bus no to go hiranandani estae patilpada from airoli sector3 or airoli bus depo
Rasik Parikh      [ 2014-08-26 ]
I feel sorry to see A461 with few passengers or empty sometimes. Why cancell a461 and increase 461 Ordinary which always found full? Use this AC Bus in Route A700 which is successful and packed? OR use these AC Bus at Nariman point or world center etc.
Shubhangi      [ 2014-08-26 ]
plz arrange bus frequency of 399 bus as we commuters are suffering a lot of problems in the evening everyday
vikrant V.dange      [ 2014-08-26 ]
letter sending you regarding 504ltd Old buses problem to handicape person i am regular passenger all the way from kharghar to matunga have problem back pain because your old buses previous was sent to your Ghatkopar depot please take action from your side i am send letter with signature from the passengers from jalvayu kharghar Please do needfull.Thanks
Jayesh Nair      [ 2014-08-25 ]
Please tell me which bus i can take from Wadala rly station for lower parel hdfc bank house Senapati.Bapat Marg
rakhi      [ 2014-08-25 ]
Is there any direct express bus from transport corp. Mira road to cities bank bkc.
Tashi      [ 2014-08-25 ]
Are there any buses from bandra talao to mumbai university, kalina?
rakhi      [ 2014-08-25 ]
Is there any direct express bus from transport corp. Mira road to cities bank bkc.
ketan nanoskar      [ 2014-08-25 ]
please new bus start new mhada colney vinoba bhavenagger kurla west. or 631 masrani estate go ahead to vinba bhave nager new mhada colney
greeshma      [ 2014-08-25 ]
please provide more bus or increase the frequency of the bus 700 in the evening from Borivali
Reena Dethe      [ 2014-08-25 ]
Plz tel me the no of bus which will go to bhandup west near asian paints from vshi or koperkhairane .navi mumbai
lokesh shetty      [ 2014-08-24 ]
sir 21aug 2014 bus no 339 the time is 10 30 am at taloni naka in the bus i have lost 15000 . i complin anderi (e) deppo also. they told this normal at 339.so take some action to robbers.thank you
Darshanesh Naringrekar      [ 2014-08-24 ]
New Bus Has started From Dadar East to j.j hospital plz add that route bus no. 217
ahk      [ 2014-08-23 ]
Plz tell me th bus route number from peri cross road to asha parekh hospital santacruz.
massi coelho      [ 2014-08-23 ]
please, please, please start a bus route from hanuman road stop to bandra west.... there will definitely be a lot of traffic thank you in anticipation
Bhagwan sakhrani      [ 2014-08-22 ]
Requesting new bus service for the route: Byculla to J Mehta road Via Mahalaxmi station , Racecourse.
Bhagwan sakhrani      [ 2014-08-22 ]
Requesting new bus service for the route: Byculla to J Mehta road Via Mahalaxmi station , Racecourse.
anand tiwari      [ 2014-08-21 ]
please sugest me the shortest route from kandivali charkop to thane or mulund checknaka because i reside in thane west
sanjay      [ 2014-08-21 ]
pls start the bus hindustan naka to Vashi
Ravindra Kharade      [ 2014-08-21 ]
6 EXP bus frequency should be increased also its departure time table should be made available on the net. This will be used to plan and start the journey and train or other option for travel can be avoided
Vicky jain      [ 2014-08-21 ]
bus no. 216 is always late and people keep waiting at the ambedkar road
Dipti patil      [ 2014-08-20 ]
There is no direct bus between hindmata and shree ram mill (worli). Please start new bus between these two stop.
prateek      [ 2014-08-18 ]
please start borivali west bus from kalamboli navin mumbai
CEDRIC I DSOUZA      [ 2014-08-16 ]
Vikhroli (E)Railway Station BEST Bus Depot.Only 2 routes are in operation ie: Kanamwar Nagar 1 & 2. What a big place is blocked ? Improve on more AC/NON AC routes, instead of wasting this depot place..This could result in extra earnings for the BEST.
Mahesh Kulkarni      [ 2014-08-16 ]
Very limited bus routes for Nadkarni Park. No route from Mahim West. Please start.
Jnana Palai      [ 2014-08-14 ]
Please start air conditioned bus from aareymarket/unit no 6 to gandhinagr,vikhroli west
Suhas Baji      [ 2014-08-14 ]
There is virtually no Bus from Vileparle/Santacruze west (Especially for cooper hospital) to Mulund & for that matter Thane. different BEST routes to & fro Thane is already hit. But I request authority to start above stated route (Thane Cadbury to Santacruze depot via Mulund East, Gandhi Nagar,Kanjurmarg, Powai,western express highway via JVLR, Andheri west, Irla, cooper hsp, Vilparle stn (W), santacruze depot This will not only helpfukl for patiants but also student pursuing study in Mithibai college, Bhagubai polytechnic, NMIMS college etc Regards Suhas Baji 9428332606
sushma      [ 2014-08-13 ]
What is the timing of Bus No. 487 from Brahmand to ghatkopar at around 4 to 6 pm
sushma Korgaonkar      [ 2014-08-13 ]
Time schedule of BEST from Dhokali Naka to Nitin company
Hemant gopal Mahulkar      [ 2014-08-13 ]
Dear Sir Increase frequency of Bus No.663 Mahul Village to Trombay Between 6.00pm to 10.00pm.& 15 mnts interval. Regards Hemant
deena sampat      [ 2014-08-13 ]
pls extend bus route no AS2 upto backbay, A 70 was running upto mantralaya was discontinued wef nov 2013, when asked but AS 2 , said connecting bus upto backbay is started i.e AS7. but now it is also disnontinued, hence pls extend AS 2 upto backbay.
Vidhata Datkhile      [ 2014-08-12 ]
Increase frequency of 303 bus in the morning i.e.8.30 to 9.30.
Keval Gandhi      [ 2014-08-12 ]
Please increase the frequency of 204 in morning and evening as the frequency of the bus is half an hour and always over crowded.

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