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Raju Kamble      [ 2012-03-02 ]
Pl start the bus no.332 from jarimari to Andheri stn (E)
saji      [ 2012-03-02 ]
i stay in vashi and work at phenoix mills ,lower parel.there is not a single bus plying between these two point & this route is a high density route for business.
Lalji Kumaria      [ 2012-02-10 ]
There is no bus service from chikoo wadi link road borivali west to magathane depot eastern express highway via rm bhattad marg, kalpana chawla chowk and west to east flyover. A new service will be highly appreciated. Lalji Kumaria, Chief Engineer, Merchant Navy
Asha      [ 2012-02-10 ]
Many of the BEST buses including 495 dont have proper number plates, most of the times the bus numbers are written in chalks which makes it difficult for us to read the bus numbers at night. The bus numbers should be properly illuminated and proper information of the destination should be written. 495 still shows as Gawanpada where as it goes upto Mulund east fire brigade via Neelam Nagar.I write this on behalf of everybody including many senior citizens who crib about this situation but dont know where to get help from.Would be very grateful if this problem is soved on an urgent basis. Thank you.
Vrushali      [ 2012-02-10 ]
kindly start more buses which travels between amar mahal, chembur and andheri as lot of public from chembur have offices in andheri and bus would be convinent for them
Adrian      [ 2012-02-08 ]
Impersisve brain power at work! Great answer!
Vivek Krishnan      [ 2011-08-16 ]
Pl. Start the bus number 488 from borivali Stn (West) & 388 from Poisar. As their is no single bus to ghatkopar from Borivali, Kandivli, Malad. We find it very difficult to change two buses.
naresh jetrhi      [ 2011-08-15 ]
please start a bus from chembur colony to shivajinagar via panjrapole and dukes.
niranjan      [ 2011-08-15 ]
vasant colony
pore      [ 2011-08-15 ]
wanted to know bus stop and the bus number from mahim magnet mall area to mulund nirmal lifestyle area. Thank you
PAWAN CHHABRIA      [ 2011-08-14 ]
Pls start new bus rout from Borivali West to Vashi or CBD it will Halp the Westen side residance. From west Side no bus rout of New Mumbai. It will Good gift for west side residance
Vijayan      [ 2011-08-14 ]
Pls advise BEST bus nos that are starting from Borivali(E) or Dahisar Bus Depot and go upto or via Sakinaka,Andheri(E).
Sachin      [ 2011-02-14 ]
pl. start the frequecy for buses nahur rly. (E) station to Airoli becz mulund buses frequecy are lot of but fare are high so we request to you pl start th nahur rly. (E) station to Airoli buses so every one to happy and normal fare charge requried i,e 4 to 5 rupees.....middle man request.....
st      [ 2011-02-14 ]
iwant to go for hindmata market from fort area which bus number is availabke for direct to hindmata market dadar east pls help me out
poonam      [ 2011-02-14 ]
Please start a bus from vikhroli to andheri west station. there is no bus to andheri west station
Taufique m kate      [ 2011-02-13 ]
Kindly do somethng to increase the frequency of 384 bandra to ghatkopar
Rahul Punde      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Require any bus root from Ghodbunder road (Anand Nagar) to Mulund station
aditi raghav      [ 2011-02-12 ]
i want to know which all buses go to worli near passport office
p s nagarajan      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Nerul is the largest residential node in Navi Mumbai. Pl have a service between Kurla Terminus and Nerul. Tjhis can take care of other big nodes: Vashi-Sanpada-Juinagar too. thanks
ravi gupta      [ 2011-02-12 ]
please start a bus service from mankhurd or vashi to cst
Wilma.O.Fernandes      [ 2011-02-11 ]
I wish to thank BEST for the C2 bus from Ghatkopar Depot East to Colaba. I have a suggestion, you may drop postal colony stop and take cheddha nagar stop whereby 2C will get more passengers.
Devrishi SIngh      [ 2011-02-11 ]
The A/C's buses now have their full window glass covered with advertisements .This not only spoils the overall look of the bus but also eliminates the possibility for people to understand that whether the bus is fully crowded & whether they should go ahead & take the bus or not. I understand that it serves the purpose of blocking the sunlight but sunfilms can be used for that purpose,which would not only prevent sunlight & ensure better cooling but also help in creating good visibility for both the passengers to enjoy outside view and for the general public outside.
sweety      [ 2011-02-10 ]
please start 208 bus starting from borivali stn (w) to Dahisar Anand Nagar as there is lots of inconvinience caused to passangers of Anana nagar because of change in its bus route
casino_royale8888@yahoo.com      [ 2011-02-09 ]
Can we ask for any specific timings of the best buses..?
Veena Sawant      [ 2011-02-08 ]
Sir, Request you to please start some buses from Borivili East to West (Kandivili, Malad, Goregaon, etc) directly Hope we will have these services shortly. Thanking you,
monika      [ 2011-02-08 ]
hii can i knw which bus goes from mumbai CST to firuz-ara,opp mantralaya ,maharshi karve road plz tell
A Arokiya vincent      [ 2011-02-07 ]
i am the student of swamy narayan guru college at chembur the bus services of 380 on this road is very poor. waiting after long time rarely it comes could you please increase the bus service or its frequency
subhash patankar      [ 2011-02-06 ]
Please corret 494 Ltd . changed route from 3 Hat Naka Thane to Bhandup via LBS Marg.
rakesh      [ 2011-02-06 ]
Plz.send NMMT bus no.58 time table
Subhash Patankar      [ 2011-02-05 ]
Start 496 ltd A/C Bus from Thane. Can go upto Santacruz Depot via Vle-- Parle East.
RS      [ 2011-02-05 ]
Please staret and express bus from Chembur to Juhu. Thanks.
Hitesh      [ 2011-02-05 ]
Please increase the frequency of bus no. 69 Because there is only one bus to go directly from nagpada to opera house.
Subhash Patankar      [ 2011-02-05 ]
Note 493 Ltd Change in Route. It terminates at Anushaktinagar Instead od Sion Laxmi Chowk. Add New Route 484 Ltd.
Rahul Desai      [ 2011-02-05 ]
B.E.S.T should start bus service from Bandra station to Airoli bus depot (airoli station W).
Rino      [ 2011-02-04 ]
The site is amazing and extremely helpful. We are extremely grateful to you guys. Just I was checking Route No.440Ltd, but it seems to be wrong. it doesn't have those many stops as it plies over the fly overs...
Sameer Joshi      [ 2011-02-04 ]
Many of the newly built bus stops are not completed.One for example..just outside of Mulund Bus depot the Floor of the bus stop is not done.One bus stop near Jain Mandir just before Bhandup Police Chowky on LBS marg is not used yet a bus stop is there.IT is unnecessary expense in some places where only one bus route is there and yet a bus stop is put.When i say bus stop i mean the newly constructed bus stops with seating arrangement.Why this unnecessary expense when BEST shows aloss?Advertisement on bus stops could bring in income.THe next thing is that,the TV's in the bus is not taken care and here too unnecesary expense.Is there a department that takes care and has follow-up of these things?
MUKESSH M CHATURVEDI      [ 2011-02-04 ]
People travelling from Dahisar / Borivali to Vidyavihar mainnly has no easy root available. It is almost minimum 3 hour journey. Going by train / bus it self is very painful. Please start a bus from the either place preferably from Dahisar.
B.S.P.Rao      [ 2011-02-03 ]
There used to be a route from Charkop Bus Stn, upto Priyadarshini Chrmbur which was convenient to go to Vashi. Is it possible to divert the present route no 79 via sion to Dadar which will be a great link between west and east?
Rajani      [ 2011-02-03 ]
Plz Start the buses towards dahisar via chandivali from bhandup station (east)
Smita Shrivastava      [ 2011-02-03 ]
Please Increase 700 bus frm boriwali to thane in evening thnaks
N.Saikrishnan      [ 2011-02-02 ]
Route 495 is one of the most regularly irregular service. Try this around 9 am in the morning. 50% of the times, it comes and is absent rest of the times. The crew would be having their chai in Gawanpada and the service would commence around 9.30 am. Will someone check it from the management side?
R. J. Palkar      [ 2011-02-02 ]
Please start a bus route from R.C.F.Colony (Shrikrishna Society) to Teen Hat Naka Thane.
harshika modi      [ 2011-02-01 ]
plz start bus from R.C.F chembur to babulnath. there is no bus from there & it is very difficult to change 3 bus & rich there.... Kindly do needful.....
jamna      [ 2011-02-01 ]
plz increse the bus 349 frm kurla station to santosh nagar in evening and night as people r using nmmt bus in absent of BEST bus which is loss for you thanks
Virat      [ 2011-02-01 ]
Bus From Borivali Railway Station to Millenium bussiness park Mhape
nikhil      [ 2011-01-31 ]
please restart the route no 445 frm bhandup east which is closed due to metro works in andheri. and also divert the route of route no 525 from bhandup east instead of going from eastern express highway.
Sean      [ 2011-01-31 ]
Super Site I must say. Just ensure that new routes are updated as well. Great stuff guys..keep it up.
raviraj      [ 2011-01-30 ]
plz increse the bus 505 frm bandra to cbd belapur in evening and night as people r using nmmt bus in absent of BEST bus which is loss for you thanks
balchandra rao      [ 2011-01-30 ]
bus service from kurla/lokmanya tilak terminus rly stn should be started to dadar/andheri/goregaon/borivili so that the passengers can easily go to their destination. At present there is only one bus service is available to worli which does not serve the public and have to depend on taxi and auto.Our best service is one of the best in India and people from different cities arrive at kurla terminus and find that no bus service is available at present.kindly look into the matter.thanking you sir.
Virendra Ramadhar Vishwakarma      [ 2011-01-30 ]
Rut n.700Ltd Borivali(E)to Thane (E)is very busy morning and evening time .but bus late comming and not stop Dahisar chek naka ,Kashimira&Varsowa briz so some person runing behind bus so very danger.

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