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SNRao      [ 2013-02-03 ]
installation of coupan machines on the platfarms would help the passengers.
D M Ghaisas      [ 2013-02-02 ]
Pl. start Panvel Karjat trains & Khopoli to Thane via Panvel trains.
Satish      [ 2013-02-01 ]
Request you to start slow local train To & from Badlapur to Thane station. Also need to extend some down train towards Ambernath till Badlapur. In new time table, most karjat/Badlapur trains has been moved to fast. So it is very difficult to get down in staion like Kalyan, Dombivali as well as Thane.
mansi joshi      [ 2013-02-01 ]
Sir /Madam, I am staying at Bhadnup. Pls check local train timetable. On slow track there is no train to CST between 9:18 to 9:26 in the morning (8 mints gap), and on fast track between 9:06 to 9:30 (24 mints gap). U can imagine the rush at peak hrs at Bhandup Station, which is most populated and crowded station. I would like to request that please add 1 extra local between 9:18 to 9:26 am at Slow track & between 9:06 to 9:31 at Fast track towards CST OR Give one Bhandup-CST local between 9:15 to 9:30 am. Hope u will get survey and do the needful.
Mary Baul      [ 2013-01-31 ]
Please extend Ladies Special from Kalyan to Ambernath as in recent years the crowd of ladies are gone up
Aliasger      [ 2013-01-31 ]
Shailesh Pandey      [ 2013-01-29 ]
Hi, I am looking for website Railway/Private who can provide the information about the Railway service like Mega Blocks, Late running etc. by mail or by Mobile Number.
Clarence J Roberts      [ 2013-01-29 ]
Can you please install a Coupon Validating Machine at the Dadar end of CST station as we all have to walk the entire platform to punch the coupons. Even a stamp pad and date stamp will do to start with, please.
bharat rambhia      [ 2013-01-29 ]
the fast trains to borivali should stop from bandra to jogeshwari. it should not stop at Andheri. bcos there are many trains from churchgate to andheri. and also virar trains getting stop at Andheri. so borivali train if doesnt stop at Andheri, then it will not have any harm to Andheri pessangers.
Ransome Ambosta      [ 2013-01-28 ]
Pls take some strict action against passengers who travel in groups & create nusiance & reserve seats for their friends.
Vasudeo V Rawool      [ 2013-01-27 ]
Sir, who allowed to howkers to sale verious materials on the FOB at Nalasopara station. Pl take strict action against SM.
JANHAVI JITENDRA KUTE      [ 2013-01-27 ]
Shrikant Bhosle      [ 2013-01-24 ]
Please take some strict action against railway rules violated by any passenger like hanging on door, track corssing, travelling on the roof of the train etc to avoid accident in future.
GMS      [ 2013-01-24 ]
Due to increased commuters, fast locals for CST need to be halted at bhandup between 10.30 am to 12pm.few existing passing by local trains may be stopped.at present there is no fast local after 10.15 am available at bhandup.
S R Yadav      [ 2013-01-24 ]
Please pay some attention towards kalyan railway station. Besides so much ticket counter atleat one hour is required in the que to get the train ticket. Even to purchese coupons or recharge smart cards you will have to stand in the ques for atleast an hour. None of the ACVM Machine is working on the station. Even for season pass there is no relief and forget about the mail/ Express train tickets
sangeeta      [ 2013-01-23 ]
if trains is karjat then plz try that it should not halt at dombivali becoz from thane it is very difficult to get in
AKHTAR      [ 2013-01-22 ]
how will get kopar station to bhiwandi local train time table rout kindly advice thanks
K Sreekumaran      [ 2013-01-19 ]
Pl start loal trains from Kalyan to Panvel
rohit      [ 2013-01-19 ]
Today 13Jan 2013 the trains from panvel to mankhurd were stopped due to some tech issue, wirehead collapsed near mankhurd early in morning 5AM. locals are available til mankhurd and down locals are running slow and limited.
dhanram      [ 2013-01-17 ]
plz send me the details how to go from mombai CST to vakola santacruz
ganesh      [ 2013-01-15 ]
kopar to virar time tebale
A.A.DAS Bhandup east      [ 2013-01-15 ]
RAILWAY MUST CHARGE HAVY FINE ON THOSE ADVERTISER WHO ARE sticking lables of their prducts,job apportunites,tutions,classes.Manntra Tantra,health.medicines and other various things.Advertiser should be traced through their Mobile Numbers.Must be fined with minimum Rs.25000/-for 1st instance then after double the fine amount..LEGAL OPINION must be taken by railway authoritis as these people are sticking their advertisement on tickets widows.timetable,railway fairbord.STOP THIS THING URGENTLY. railway police should also be held resposibled for shabby ticket windows.
rajendra      [ 2013-01-15 ]
i want to book the ticket for toy train running between neral to matheran .the date of travel is 25th jan 2013
A.A.DAS      [ 2013-01-15 ]
Hawkers and beggers should not be entertained by the passengers..Railway Police are doing nothing.All Hawkers selling on FOB are managing railway police and railway staff..Corruption must be stoped by railway authorities.Station Manager must be held reposible for all these illegal activities. Police must protect railway staff on the station. .Passengers are also responsible for all these things as they are buying items from hawkers and entertaing beggers.Police are silent specters WHY? reson is wllknown.
ASHOK      [ 2013-01-14 ]
Pl stop hawkars in and around stn area with iron hand & punish RPF with suspension if do not follow it.
Sudhir Mistry      [ 2013-01-14 ]
It is most essential and urgently required to provide COUPON VALIDATING MACHINES in the both subways of DAHISAR RLY STN, Commuters have to punch the coupons at tkt windows and run for the train thru either subway which is away from the Tkt windows.
DFH      [ 2013-01-13 ]
there is a need for fast trains for CST halting at bhandup between 11 to 12 in morning.existing services may be given halt
     [ 2013-01-13 ]
do we get local railway pass on Sunday at ghatkoper
Anil Purswani      [ 2013-01-13 ]
There is no train from Kasara towards Mumbai between 6.16 and 8.15 in the evening pls arrange a local
Mukesh Sharma      [ 2013-01-11 ]
I am a common man who strives to survive in this country like any other Indian citizen. I regularly travel through ‘trains’ on a daily basis as it’s one of easiest and economical way of travelling for a layman. I truly believe in the Railway service and consider the value of a railway employee due to their high input to run railway smoothly. Therefore, I would like to share an awful experience I came across from a ticket counter employee working at Dombivli (West) ticket counter on 08th January 2013 at around 14:45. I had to board the ‘Doronto express’ at 17:15 from CST or VT station to Kolkata and hence left bit early from home in Dombivli. As expected, the queue was exceptionally long due to limited number of counters functioning at that moment. (There were 2 counters open and one ATVM machine managed by a railway employee at the Dombivli West counter). I had stood in the middle queue and as soon my queue was about to mature, ticket counter employee suddenly closed the counter. Since people had no option, they moved to another queue. I assume that employee had just finished his shift and was getting ready to close his cashiering. As he was busy counting cash, I knocked on the glass panel to get his attention to enquire why he closed the counter all of a sudden without any notification. Again considering the humongous crowd craving for tickets, the counter should not be closed at all. The person (it was a lady) should have taken over the counter and the earlier ticket employee could have counted the cash on a separate desk. On enquiring him couple of times for closing the counter without any notification, he got really upset. On failing to get the response, I asked him for his name and he refused to do so and asked me to enquire his name somewhere else. Since I was adamant to get his name, he got furious and started abusing and yelling at me. In order not to create a scene, I had to join another queue. I had spent around half an hour just to get a ticket for a local train from Dombivli station to CST. I had two luggages as I was going to travel to Kolkata. I don’t think this kind of atrocious behaviour is acceptable in any service industry, especially from a Railway staff. Just because he is the one who will issue me a ticket to travel, have the right to treat people like this. It was really an embarrassing situation for me to get treated like that. No one from the office stood and stopped him for treating someone like this. On the contrary, when I had to join another queue out of exasperation, I found him enjoying a conversation with his colleague at the next counter. I am afraid I couldn’t manage to get his name but I am sure the Railway department can easily figure it out from the Dombivli station manager. I just want him to understand that he is there to provide a service and shouldn’t create a negative publicity towards the Indian Railway. I believe he should be given some customer service training so that he can treat people at the counter with some respect. If possible please also make all the counters to function during peak hours to avoid the long queue. I sincerely believe that the Railway department will take some action against my complaint to create a better atmosphere at the railway station. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Mukesh Sharma (An Indian citizen)
karan      [ 2013-01-11 ]
Sir, believe me, If you guys will not help us for EXTENSION of trains and if there will be so crowd in the trains, One day parents will lose their kids and the entire Railways and our Government (Unlucky people to have this kind of Govt.) will be reposible for that. There is no space in trains even to hang outside when the train starts and the frequency is worst. After that every now and then there is a problems in Navi Mumbai trains. SO WHY THERE IS A MEGA BLOCK ON SUNDAYS. I will request all the people to take strict action against this and co-operate and gather together to get the JUSTICE.
Jayesh      [ 2013-01-11 ]
Please updated fare list sabhi railway station ke coupon counter ke pas chipkaye
sandeep b parmar      [ 2013-01-08 ]
plz start more trains between panvel-bhiwandi-vasai.
Khalid Wasim Siddiqui      [ 2012-11-06 ]
Please take some strict action against railway rules violated by any passenger like track corssing, travelling on the roof of the train etc to avoid accident in future.
smita sharad karle      [ 2012-11-05 ]
i am requesting that if any local halt in mulund then same local do not staop at dombivali as all the mulund crowd is standing in the door and nobody should get up in dombivali in the ups traind towards CST.
MAQ      [ 2012-11-05 ]
dear Sir kindly start new train from panvel to kurla kurla have alaready space at bside of plat form No., 8 now a days this vacan place is heaven for drug addict Railway Should think & consider our request this is beneficial for all. who travel up to kurla - thanks
Niraj Rambhia      [ 2012-11-04 ]
Dear sir, None of the coupon machines or stamp pad working in ghatkopar ticket window. sir request you to make improvement for the same
Jayesh      [ 2012-11-01 ]
Please start fast or slow train from Karajt to Lonawala between 6.00am to 7pm., On daily basis So it will easy to pune -mumbail...........
kpinjani      [ 2012-11-01 ]
No slow Trains for Ambernath/Badlapur/Karjat/Khopoli line between 17:00 to 19:56. Almost 3 hrs gap. Start atleast 3 slow trains for this line during these hours.
abc      [ 2012-11-01 ]
jagdish choudhary      [ 2012-11-01 ]
dear sir i like mumbai train facilities and i thanku to all the mumbai railway system operater and wish u happy diwali
harshada panat      [ 2012-10-31 ]
Please start fast or slow train from badlapur to Cst between 6.20pm to 7pm., also between 2.00pm and 4pm, and between 9.30am to 10.00 am
Farida Madraswala      [ 2012-10-31 ]
Request to start - kalyani / Dombivali slow locals from vt more during 6.30to 7.30 as there is lots of crowds for kalwa-mumbra- diva as teh frequency is less a gap of 15-20 mins and to divert thane trains to dombivili. There are 3 thane locals together and after a long gap long distance slow trains hence the trains are packed too much. Kindly do the needful ans start dombivali n kalyan slow locals between 6.30 to 7.30 being ofice hours n tussle for ladies.
sushant pawar      [ 2012-10-31 ]
please stop the crowd in mumbra station from boarding in to handicap coaches it makes a lot of trouble to the disable people travelling in the coach when they are stopped to board in the handicap coach this normal people abuse them and go ahead please look upon this matter
AVINASH CHALKE      [ 2012-10-31 ]
AJIT      [ 2012-10-30 ]
कुर्ला वरून पनवेल करिता लोकल गाड्या सोडल्या गेल्या पाहिजेत. हार्बर लाईन मार्गावर प्रचंड लोकसंख्या वाढल्यामुळे मुख्त मानखुर्द, गोवंडी परिसरात म्हाडाच्या नवीन वसाहती झालेय आहेत. तसेच लल्लुभाई परिसरातील वसाहती ह्या लोकसंख्या वाढीची कारणे आहे. मात्र त्या तुलनेत लोकल गाड्या ची संख्या वाढली नाही. सकाळच्या वेळेत मानखुर्द कडून छत्रपती शिवाजी टर्मिनस कडे जाणाऱ्या काही लोकल मानखुर्द वरून सोडल्या जातात त्या पुरेश्या नाहीत, त्या लोकल वाढवण्याची गरज आहे. मात्र छत्रपती शिवाजी टर्मिनसवरून पनवेल कढे जाणाऱ्या लोकल भरमसाट भरून येतात. त्यामुळे कुर्ला स्टेशनवर कोणत्यावेळी प्रचंड गर्दी असते. त्यामुळे एक-दोन दिवसाआड हार्बर मार्गावर अपघात होताच असतात. पुढील प्रश्नावर माझ्या मते खालील उपयोजना करता येतील. १. कुर्ला स्टेशन वरील प्लाटफॉर्म क्रमांक ८ तर्चेच ९ वरून वाशी, पनवेल करिता लोकल सोडता येतील. प्लाटफॉर्म क्रमांक ८ व ९ चा सध्या कोणताही वापर होत नाही. त्यामुळे तेथे गर्दुले, भिकारी यांनी अतिक्रमण केले आहे. त्यामुळे त्या प्लाटफॉर्मवरून संध्याकाळी अर्ध्या - अर्ध्या तासाने लोकल सोडून बरीच गर्दी कमी होवू शकते. (कारण CST वरून काही लोकल अंधेरी व बांद्रा कडे सोडल्या जातात. व काही लोकल वाशी व पनवेल करता त्यामुळे ज्या वेळेत अंधेरी कडे लोकल सोडल्या जातात. तो वेळ कुर्ल्या वरून लोकल सोडण्याकरता वापरू शकतो) २. हार्बर लाईन मार्गावर १२ डब्याच्या गाड्या सुरु करणे. (कारण ठाणे - पनवेल, CST - कल्याण तसेच पश्चिम मार्गावर सुद्धा १२ डब्याच्या गाड्या सुरु होवून खूप वेळ झाला आहे. तसेच तिथे तर १५ डब्याच्या गाड्या सुरु झाल्या आहेत.) AJIT daule2414@gmail.com
Manoj Jain      [ 2012-10-30 ]
Please start fast train from CST so pepole go home on time and next day they come with fresh mind
abdul kadar      [ 2012-10-29 ]
Kindly requesting to Mr. Jain, General Manager to bring back old train time table. From Mumbra to CST in morning there is 15 min gap and people are suffering. Earlier 8.55 semi-fast train do not have hault at KURLA from the time when time table have been change we are suffering bcoz people catch fast train to get down from kurla to dadar
shamim      [ 2012-10-26 ]
the local trains are the lifeline of the mumbaikars. I would suggest you to please start trains from mumbra during peak time. u may do so because there are sufficient gap between 2 trains. but i think the management will wake up when population in mumbra will increase 4 time more than today. jago management jago.
Adi      [ 2012-10-26 ]
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Ambadas narayankar      [ 2012-10-23 ]
Diwa junction mails indicator not show&RAILWAYFOODSTALL Not available please start .
MARK SAMUEL B.      [ 2012-10-23 ]
urgently start fast trains from kandivli to churchgate during morning 6:00 am and 6:15 am as lacs of commuters want to reach churchgate offices by 7:00am. Most urgent action needed.
Chhatrapal      [ 2012-10-23 ]
Please make an Android application, so we can easily access this wonderful site on mobile phone
Jyoti Waghmare      [ 2012-10-22 ]
Ask central Railway to start ladies special in peak hours from VT to Karjat or make any other slow tarin from thane to karjat or khopili between 6 pm to 7 pm. we are find difficult to get in at that time from thane. all dombivli & kalyan people are blocking passage in ladies.
Arjun      [ 2012-10-22 ]
plz increase the compartment in the harbour line
P.K.DATE      [ 2012-10-21 ]
Please start one goregaon local inbetween 7.30AM to 8.00AM
Vijay      [ 2012-10-20 ]
Please start the train from khopoli to CST between 6 pm to 7 pm because after 5.55 pm local next local will be at 8.08 pm which is vast gap in pick time.
shailesh      [ 2012-10-19 ]
Need to plan new route from rabale to Borivali as so many people travel to corporate office near rabela and ghansoli, koparkherana. This will help to reduce traffic in on Road by private bus.
Shatish Chandra Sati      [ 2012-10-19 ]
We are the regular commuters of Train No S16 traveling from Badlapur to Ghatkopar Station. Most of the people are traveling & Getting Down at Ghatkopar since last ten years. All people have their office buses and other mode of travel linked to the timing of the said train from Ghatkopar Station. Due to reschedule & removing of the Ghatkopar halt of the train from 15 Oct 2012 commuters are facing problems. Request reconsider your decision for removing of Ghatkopar Halt.
Farhan Ansari      [ 2012-10-19 ]
kindly requesting to C.R PRO to adjust one fast train down at byculla stn. at morning 7:02 am Badlapur to 7:45 am as there is no train availbale to thane from 7:36 to 7:57 am.
Shrikrishna Sahasrabudhe      [ 2012-10-18 ]
It seems that the local train times are not updated in above details. Yesterday I could see at Ambarnath, indicater was showing 19.04 for Kalyan from P F No.3. The said train was let, hence indicater on P F Nol 3 was changed as 19.09 for C S T. Similarly the indicater on P F No.2 was showing 19.13 for C S T. Pl ensure that train timings are correct at both the places. ( at stations as well as in above information)
kulkarni ashok narayan      [ 2012-10-18 ]
Please introduce a 12 coach local train starting from Kurla to Ambarnath between 1900 hrs to 1930 hrs.
Leena Pillai      [ 2012-10-17 ]
As per the new railway timetable there are no trains from Vikhroli to ambernath between 10.30pm to 11.00pm. Please can we ahve teh Baldlapur fast to halt at Vikhroli or extend one of teh Kayan train to Ambernath during this time. Thank you
chetna      [ 2012-10-17 ]
please increase no of cars for first class ladies as its very difficult to travel in so much crowd daily. as there is a huge crowd travelling from Ambernath to CST Side
shukla r s      [ 2012-10-17 ]
plz strt train from mumbai central to nasik rd via borivli vasai
commuters of 8.24 am train      [ 2012-10-17 ]
Dt: 18.10.2012 Please make the 8.24 train Mulund Halt which earlier was mulund halt but now had been changed & halts at Bhandup. because of this many commuters are suffering & the crowd in other long distance trains is increased. This is a humble request from the commuters travelling in 8.26 am (now 8.24am) train starting from Ambernath.
pooja kambli      [ 2012-10-16 ]
please do announcement for every fast train. please mention station where the train halts. Announcer did not announcing regularty.
dharini yuvraj phadke      [ 2012-10-15 ]
Cost of first class passed are rising like anything. why dont you increase compartment for ladies first class in central railway as college students, railway staff everyone takes benefit of the same.
natarajan b.s.      [ 2011-08-16 ]
from dombivili morning 8.14 train ti cst all seat are occupied as reserved coaches by bags and those who are not travelling in the same train,the seat are reserved for their friends and who come earlier have to stand and deprived of the seat although they get in earlier.in all coaches 50 per cent of the seats are occupied like this unnecessary situation araied. who solved this ?
ankit parekh      [ 2011-08-14 ]
kindly requesting to c.r. authority to increase fast local in pick hours
Mayank      [ 2011-02-14 ]
When we are viewing train details from station A to B for timing between 4PM and 5PM. Please include links in that very page for viewing details between the same same two stations for timing "3PM to 4PM" as well as "5PM to 6PM"
Lalitkumar      [ 2011-02-14 ]
Please start train from Vasai Rd to Nasik Rd
V Radhakrishnan      [ 2011-02-13 ]
can you please provide the FIRST Class ticket charges for 1) CST to BELAPUR 2) BELAPUR TO ANDHERI Please help Thanks. Vrk/- Chennai.
B,P. Patil,Gundle      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Kind request to increase frequency between Kopar & boisar/ Dahanu
B,P. Patil,Gundle      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Kind request to increase frequency between Kopar & boisar/ Dahanu
Aziz m.shaikh      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Kindly start some fast locals on harbour line
pradeep      [ 2011-02-12 ]
atleast 1 train should leave every half hour to low down rush upto dadar for people travelling for western railway upto vasai
Vinod Singh      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Venu      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Extend Thane-Nerul bound locals till Panvel so that passengers travelling till Panvel can travel in same train
Dinesh Ramchandra Khandvi      [ 2011-02-12 ]
please increase train
Sanjay Kumar Saxena      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Pls introduce more trains between Vashi and Thane. Even during peak time, trains are havings gaps of 27 minutes.
shaggy      [ 2011-02-12 ]
please do not make the locals to run out side virar because all its been for mumbai only let the other cities spend for their peoples.......
Faizulla Z Kazi      [ 2011-02-11 ]
Increase the frequency fo local train on slow track from dombivali to thane from 7:30 am to 10:30 am towards CST Mumbai as there is a huge crowed on Diva, Mumbra & Kalwa staion.
Mragendra Kumar Verma      [ 2011-02-11 ]
Kindly increase frequecny of trains between Andheri and Panvel.In the evening there is hardly any trains between 5pm -7pm towards Panvel
SARAVANAN      [ 2011-02-11 ]
thanks for the tips and map,its very usefull for those who coming new to mumbai for roaming.thnk you for all tips containing in this site. Rgds Saravanan
Harshu      [ 2011-02-11 ]
Really, this site is very helpful to all those who, travel by train Daily. Thanks to Railway service provider.
sunny khairnar      [ 2011-02-10 ]
ur site is very good i am daily use ur site thanks www.go4 mumbai.com
Avi      [ 2011-02-10 ]
train should be increased, in harbour line from vashi to thane or els from nerul of anywer. should incress the train.
Kaustubh Tikam      [ 2011-02-09 ]
Please increase frequency of DN & UP locals on Panvel/Diva/Vasai/Boisar sector during morning & evening.
VISHWANATH DAKWE      [ 2011-02-09 ]
Their being no bus from Lower Parel to Siddhivinayak Tample. Pl look into the matter.
shekhar      [ 2011-02-09 ]
why wont u add season ticket informtion on it
Ravindra Sawant      [ 2011-02-08 ]
Install indicators at Bhandup's all FOBs and Ticket Office. Perhaps this is the only station in Mumbai suburb where no indicators are installed causing grear inconvenience to the lakhs of commuters.
HUSAIN N POONAWALA      [ 2011-02-08 ]
best site for railway information
Nikhil      [ 2011-02-08 ]
please run fast trains from dombivli at rush hours to Mumbai CST
Harshad Kadia      [ 2011-02-08 ]
thank you
lalit jain      [ 2011-02-07 ]
to stop fast train at bhandup between (11am to4pm)there is no fast train halt at up and down section at reservation center there is no enquiry counter there is no indicator at booking window and at foot over bridge
puja singh      [ 2011-02-07 ]
Please increase trains from panvel to Andheri more.
Shyam Ahuja      [ 2011-02-07 ]
Dear Sir, I feel trains are very less compared to density of the population. CR is introducing trains every time but since 1 or years it has not introduced new trains but no. of passengers has increased a lot even in First Class also. Regards Shyam
kishore chache      [ 2011-02-06 ]
Pls increas UP & DN train from Diva/Vasai/Boisar mornig & evening peak hours.
MOHAN TEKCHANDANI      [ 2011-02-05 ]
Please inform through your this page that with efforts of Shahad Passengers" Association, Train to Haridwar from LTT, Bi-weekly is started from 31-01-2011.
Shashi Jaju      [ 2011-02-05 ]
tHE Best Site ever...............
BINU BABU      [ 2011-02-05 ]
something do against spit in the local trains..
shriniwas s.parkar      [ 2011-02-05 ]
separate window for pass,cvv cupans ,
Baljeet      [ 2011-02-05 ]
Need one more search box for all Train . e.g. if any one wish to go from Kalyan to Juinagar and don't know the interchange station . So This is the problem.
ARUN TIWARI      [ 2011-02-05 ]
Is there any train available from CST to Borivali
nikhil rai      [ 2011-02-04 ]
site is very fruitful mainly for new 1's in mumbai, otherwise it i'll bit confusing for them.
haresh      [ 2011-02-04 ]
plz start titwala thane shuttle every half hour in morning upto 11 and thane titwala in evening.7 to 10. thanks
Lakshman patil      [ 2011-02-04 ]
Please give the timetable of diwa to virar, on your site.
Milind Kale      [ 2011-02-03 ]
will u pl. update latest timetable for local trains which will run between Churchgate to Dahanu ?
GANESH TAKALE      [ 2011-02-03 ]
please provide local train from bandra to borivali dosent need fast or slom but time between 5.45 to 7.45 ,most useful tht train for santarcruz to goregao people (hmble request)
Pratima Shenoy      [ 2011-02-03 ]
There should be increase in number of fast trains from Thane and all of them should halt at Mulund.
parvez.s.khan      [ 2011-02-03 ]
very very gud site..........thankx go4mumbai
prasad      [ 2011-02-03 ]
very usefui
Nitin      [ 2011-02-03 ]
Suburban trains should depart from junction stations at the right time, i.e not before the departure time since many commuters try to catch up the concurrent trains at junctions
prashant joshi      [ 2011-02-02 ]
plz.... increase frequency of down and up locals on diva - vasai - boisar.
prasad      [ 2011-02-02 ]
Rlwys should increase the frequency of these trains so as to be more commuters friendly
srinivas      [ 2011-02-01 ]
atleast should be morning 7am to 10am and evening 6pm to 9pm every 30minet need train that ruote very usefull for passengers
mangesh maratkar      [ 2011-02-01 ]
For Trasfer TA Bill Settement i want authentic Goods trains Rates from Railway. What is the procedure?
srinivas      [ 2011-02-01 ]
please increase frequency of up & down locals on DIVA/ VASAI/PANWEL sector morning 7am to 10am and evening 6pm to 9pm should be need evry 30 minets very usefull to passengers
Lakshmi      [ 2011-02-01 ]
This website is very useful. Could you also please pass on this info the the authorities? The frequency for Direct trains from Thane to Panvel has to be increased now with more people moving towards Navi Mumbai.
Shivkumar      [ 2011-02-01 ]
It is interesting to get data on time.
nitish      [ 2011-01-31 ]
pls increase the frequency of trains on harbour line andheri route
poonam      [ 2011-01-31 ]
there should be fast trains on harbour line from panvel to cst.
Vijay Kesaria      [ 2011-01-31 ]
Please increase frequency of DN & UP locals on Diva/Vasai/Boisar sector during morning & evening peak hours.
shaikh saifuddin      [ 2011-01-31 ]
atleast there should be 05 to 07 trains in morning and same at evening also from both the sides before the airport comes in panvel
shaikh saifuddin      [ 2011-01-31 ]
atleast there should be 05 to 07 trains in morning and same at evening also from both the sides before the airport comes in panvel
niks      [ 2011-01-30 ]
this site is very useful...
NARENDRA      [ 2011-01-30 ]
Srinivas      [ 2011-01-29 ]
Sir, i m reqsting 2 u all BL, A, S, TL & AN fast trains frm CST dont Stop in Mulund or Thane bcos there are a somany trains for Thane then also thane people r traveling in A TL BL or S train & creating prblem .
Rakesh      [ 2011-01-29 ]
Should improve the frequency on sunday's
Jay      [ 2011-01-28 ]
Itz a really nice website providing perfect railway timingzz,greatzzzzzz
Harsha Pardeshi      [ 2011-01-28 ]
kindly increase the first class compartment in central railway, its impossible to stand for 2 to 3 hrs continuously, inspite of paying so much for first class ticket.
Navin Dabhi      [ 2011-01-28 ]
Can we use coupon book for Virar to Kopar Road
Ranjit      [ 2011-01-28 ]
There should be trains on this route every other 1 hour, Thanks to the new connections.
Surya Mani      [ 2011-01-28 ]
hi this is good site for provide all information . very nice i m happy after view this site and I will Try to make this type of website for Patna.
Chaitanya Kulkarni      [ 2011-01-27 ]
Thanks for all this information, But I want to suggest one more thing, please, provide the fare chart of local trains of all class.
Mohammed Salim Ansari      [ 2011-01-27 ]
harbar line local is very slow and late servie plz start fast local betwen andheri to mumbai_cst train stop andheri to bandra to wadala to masjid and cst
nikhil      [ 2011-01-27 ]
pis start train indicator in koparkhirane, thurbe, other st. in hurber line.
tulsidas      [ 2011-01-27 ]
this route is very convenient to all. please increase trains to this route, at least there should be frequency of train after one hour.
shubhangi      [ 2011-01-26 ]
This site is really very helpful.It would be better if the season ticket rates were also mentioned. thank you
prathap nair      [ 2011-01-26 ]
Very helpful site for the public. thanks
Savita      [ 2011-01-26 ]
Hi, Can ypu please increase the frequecny of train from Ambernath to CST, as there is no train after 8.34am Karjat. there is another tarin which starts from Ambernath at 8.51. There is no train between 8.34 to 8.51, please schedule one train. Thanks, this may help all commuters.
R V Malshe      [ 2011-01-25 ]
Heavy rush in the morning on platform No 1 and No 2 at kandivali and may other stations. It is very difficult for ladies, girls and aged people to walk on platforms. We should mark platforms marking for ares to walk , to stand so that people can walk comfortably.
kishore kamat      [ 2011-01-24 ]
to the point info with the least nos of clicks. good job
PIYUSH PATEL      [ 2011-01-24 ]
ganesh      [ 2011-01-23 ]
this site is good but we want sunday mega blocks up date in our mobile
V K Murthy      [ 2011-01-23 ]
I am a resident of Dvl and I have to reach office at 8.15am. Since there are no fast train during that time I find it very difficult. I take a slow train and I have to leave my house atleast half an hour early Kindly provide fast trains which reach CST by 8am & 8.10. Thank you
Ms Iyer      [ 2011-01-23 ]
Fast trains reaching cst from 7.50 to 815am. There are no fast trains during this time.
Mahesh Kr singh      [ 2011-01-23 ]
Required must thane to vashi last train after 0000hrs because I leave my job 2305hrs so, per day miss my train.
LESLIE DSOUZA      [ 2011-01-23 ]
N. B. Parab.      [ 2011-01-22 ]
Sir You are doing best things/informative service for us. I would thankful if you update westernrailway timetable thanks regards
Deepak Shirke      [ 2011-01-21 ]
Hi This website is provide very useful information.please always update information. Thanks Best Regards, Deepak Shirke.
kiran      [ 2011-01-21 ]
hi this is good site for provide all information. very nice I m happy view this site
naveed ansari      [ 2011-01-21 ]
can u please upload the new 2011 railway timing from kopar to dhanu and panvel
kiran      [ 2011-01-21 ]
hi this is good site for provide all information. very nice I m happy view this site
rajkumar mahadik      [ 2011-01-21 ]
Please updated kopar to vasai road time tabel
Shrirang      [ 2011-01-20 ]
Its a very well organised website giving people each & every information.I like to see it .
mohammed iqbal irfani      [ 2011-01-20 ]
I noticed that the gap between the train and platforms are very wide and many chances to fell on the track. I suggest that the railway should maintain at least six inches only. Further the edge of all the platform should not be sleeping, this will avoid falling on the platform while getting down the train.
Pooja bajaj      [ 2011-01-20 ]
i need railway pass ka cost.. from ambernath to andheri- quarterly
Jagdish Nadar      [ 2011-01-20 ]
Please include Karjat to Panvel shetle service
shrinivas      [ 2011-01-20 ]
On Sunday Megabuck massage Can Please indication on digital clock before one day
c d bhanushali      [ 2011-01-19 ]
pl inform on this site and thru press, when and where the time tables can be available. I have tried and failed to get them. The book stalls even avoided to give any reply when asked for the time table. You may increase the price but make them available.
Manjula      [ 2011-01-19 ]
Better if extra lady's first class compartments are added
S Jain      [ 2011-01-19 ]
Dombivli to Vashi Train via Koper Khairane should be started.
aparna s      [ 2011-01-18 ]
this route is very convenient to all. please increase trains to this route, at least there should be frequency of train after one hour.
Savita      [ 2011-01-18 ]
can the smart card provide facilty for using extenion tickets, as it currently does not give this facility. This will thus save the travellers money.
BHARATBHUSHAN. D. VAITY      [ 2011-01-18 ]
I came to know that Go Mumbai Smart Card are no more in use.Is it true?.
umesh      [ 2011-01-17 ]
hi this is good site for provide all information . very nice i m happy after view this site
amit      [ 2011-01-17 ]
Raiway shoud start charging heavy fine to these nuisance sticker which is sticked every where in compatment . And also need to put the notice for the same then only these people will understand
CHETAN PAREKH      [ 2011-01-16 ]
i need of this time table, from where i can get it?
MANOJ      [ 2011-01-16 ]
why the new local trains not added by central railway i really dont know every day trains are late and every day fast trains are running like slow trains what's the meaning we dont know what we had achived till so far if other country which with india comparing every time can solve this problem with in few days where india can takes several years and years so on.. what is progress we are talking and goverment is annoucing for future projects like project will complete by 2020 and mumbai will be so on like this but what about today. the mega block is another problem the mumbaite suffering for lat ten years till not completed 5th and 6th line was completed in 2000 but even in 2011 till pending weeverytime making if local trains added by indian railways what the exsiting trains just double it with proper time management i am sure we can save crores of petrol and diesel we can save! and this way we can achive our progress but who cares1 and who heard the public opinion this ismain problem and also announcement of trains is like puzzle when normal public wants guides of loal trains particularlly in semi fast which stop the trains will stop and which not is not guided by local trains but only tape records as routine work as annonced by local trains this is the most cry of mumbaites but again who cares.
john      [ 2011-01-16 ]
central railway should starts fast trains in early in the morning from kalyan. There are no fast tarins, the one is their but one comes from karjat.It is very difficult for the passenger to board the tarin.So central Railway should starts fast tarins as early as posible..................Thanks you
lavesh      [ 2011-01-15 ]
How can I get information about the mega blocks in the city ?
pinky g      [ 2011-01-14 ]
At vikroli most of pepole leave office at 10 pm can u halt khapoli train at vikroli instead of bhandup bcoz all people are changing train fr vkr to bhdp
Kevin Nandu      [ 2011-01-14 ]
i want the railway booking site, where all the mail bookings are done
nilesh.s.laddha      [ 2011-01-14 ]
in one word.. Impressive
Ritu Nawani      [ 2011-01-14 ]
imran      [ 2011-01-12 ]
please increase the no of train between9to10.every day some body is falling from train. There is no other source of travellin .please do the needfull.
Shaheena      [ 2011-01-12 ]
I want to matheran on friday.I want to have information on train availability going to neral in afternoon or evening time
ashok      [ 2011-01-11 ]
how to get free sms for local rail
kaileshmachhi      [ 2011-01-11 ]
hi its nice
Sandesh nanaware      [ 2011-01-11 ]
This is best side its really helping 4 travals persons who is a doing a job in marketing department. Good Owesome site
roney      [ 2011-01-11 ]
For the ATVM ticket system there should be an easy procedure for getting tickets. The map should not be there as the people who dont know the route properly are just searching for the station. Instead there should be an alphabetical order for the search of stations like A, B,....Z This will enable the people to search faster and there will be an increase in the usage of ATVM system
dharmendra      [ 2011-01-11 ]
I have seen 1) in 1st class there r many people either without tkt or with 2nd class tkt. 2) no checking is on most stations 3) most people carry heavy goods have not paid for luggauge. 5) beggers / enouch/ vendors are neuisance to public. When so many things r seen by ordinary traveler, what railway is doing for these? Why railway oFficials are blind on it? ReQuest reply : regards
jitu      [ 2011-01-10 ]
kindly let me knw the details of the plat form of respective local....
rakesh      [ 2011-01-10 ]
how can i go to cbd belapur from kalyan early morning
Kunal Vishwakamra      [ 2011-01-09 ]
go4mumbai. really rocks,really appreciate the efforts shown by team. wish you all the best and hope the timetable are really updated... :)
dinesh      [ 2011-01-09 ]
I saw this web side,it is very useful for Mumbai people. Now on wards i will use this site , whey i am traveling through local. one thing I want to suggest that , keep platform indicator in train on door so new people know the platform side.
Dinesh Khedkar      [ 2011-01-09 ]
A good initiative and an extremely useful site, You can get in tocuh with me for ideas to further enhance the site. Would be very happy to contribute.
Hitesh Sonavane      [ 2011-01-08 ]
How should \i apply for Pass,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
CHAITNAYA      [ 2011-01-08 ]
sunny koli      [ 2011-01-07 ]
please provide mahalaxmi, hajiali. siddivinayak temples train route map.
AMOL      [ 2011-01-07 ]
Why railway does not refund deposit money on SMART card Rs 100. when it expire. or it should be renewed also after expire.
lata shenoy      [ 2011-01-06 ]
lata shenoy      [ 2011-01-06 ]
sandeep      [ 2011-01-06 ]
i am sandeep, i daily have to up-down from Kalyan to Mantralay,Mumbai, Could you kindly tell me which will be better and cheaper way to go to Mantralay via Churchgate or via CST?
Pankaj Mangilal Oswal      [ 2011-01-06 ]
Time table not avaiable at Karjat Railway Station
Venugopal      [ 2011-01-06 ]
Really an Amazing site for a layman to understand the Local Trains Timetable and fares. Best Wishes to develop the same in a more fruitful manner.
Ransome      [ 2011-01-05 ]
The stickers pasted on local trains needs to be removed & the culprit to be punished through levying fines in cash/Cheque. I am willing to volunteer for the same. pls feel free to contact
M M Mohnot      [ 2011-01-05 ]
I am very happy to see this site particularly Bus Route. My suggestion is that bus route of AC Buses are not covered. Now a days number of AC buses have been introduced in Mumbai. If this site provide AC Bus routes also it will very good value addition to this site. Further Navi Mumbai NMMTC Bus routes for AC & Non AC buses can also be updated on this site then it will be complete otherwise it is not complete. Thanks
p N patil      [ 2011-01-04 ]
verigod srvce
alliswel      [ 2011-01-02 ]
how get mumbai local train time table on mobile cental&western
DEEPAK PAWAR      [ 2011-01-01 ]
i came to know that while trvlng from BELAPUR to THANE via NERUL diffrant fare and via SANPADA diffrant fare and u can not trvl with same tkt ? is it valid ?
Suraj L Mishra      [ 2011-01-01 ]
Great Site very help full
Welwisher69      [ 2010-12-31 ]
Local Trains must be cleaned on daily basis
Mohammed Rafique      [ 2010-12-31 ]
we need 2011 latest time table thane to vashi railyway
milind g. gogate      [ 2010-12-31 ]
please add data giving fares for central to western railway stations and vise versa.
TSKHAN      [ 2010-12-31 ]
amrutlal parmar      [ 2010-12-31 ]
i m very happy to see site with all information which i look and thanks for the same with happy new year of 2011
shakil shaikh      [ 2010-12-29 ]
ur site is really uniqe and awsome can u suggest most valuable site of timetable for mail expres shatabdiexpress leaving from cst dr ltt
Fatima Shaikh      [ 2010-12-28 ]
While it is very heartening to know that number of to and fro trains have been introduced from Wadala to Panvel,Belapur, Vashi it is very disheartening to know that since last 8 years Wadala - Bandra/Andheri has been given step motherly tretment. The situation is status Quo for last 8 years. Most shameful. which please note
P.D. Tatkare      [ 2010-12-27 ]
It will better, if CR authorities think about starting shuttle services between Panvel to Kurla or Wadala as unique balm on the wounds of Harbour line commuters please.
LAL CHAND SAINI      [ 2010-12-27 ]
Dear All, I'm interested to make a smart card. pls. advise.
VANDANA BATHE      [ 2010-12-27 ]
ANKUSH PISAL      [ 2010-12-26 ]
Amit Baid      [ 2010-12-25 ]
Which is the best route and time taken from Belapur CBD to Mumbai Central
bimlesh kumar      [ 2010-12-24 ]
good service
SHAH NITIN J      [ 2010-12-23 ]
plz stratrt train beetwin thane vashi kurla & panvel vashi kurla
dinesh gosavi      [ 2010-12-23 ]
plz increas frquency of andheri trains from nerul
Sunil      [ 2010-12-21 ]
is the local train time table available on Mobile, for quick / instant reference when we are at near to station and in hurry.
Mahesh Wairkar      [ 2010-12-21 ]
Please increase last train timing after 11.30 vashi to thane because more people are working 2nd shift in MIDC area and NEw Mumbai
senthilkumar      [ 2010-12-20 ]
pls increase frequency of traine between kasara to Mumbai CST. Otherwise Asangaon train to be extended to kasara. pls needful
Nehate C E      [ 2010-12-18 ]
plz increase the train between Dadar to karjat/ Kasara/ Kalyan.at 08.00am to9.30am and 5.00pm to 8.00pm
Amit      [ 2010-12-18 ]
Can you provide me the soft copy of the full timetable of the mumbai local central line, like the timetable book with the complete details. Thanks
Dr.D.G.Thakker      [ 2010-12-18 ]
Sir, There was a plan "TRAVEL AS YOU LIKE" with travel coupons of 1 day, 3 days & 5 days.Does it still exist? If so. from where one can buy the coupons? Pl give full details. Thanks. Dr.D.G.Thakker
vanita      [ 2010-12-17 ]
To, Central Railway(Local) This is our request you to increase frequency between Up and Down local from Badlapur To Mumbai CST/Dadar.If we miss one train we have to wait 25 to 30 minutes.For travelling towards thane,mumbai people of Badlapur is100% depand on local train.Take it matter seriously and do the needfull.
Satheesh Chandroth      [ 2010-12-16 ]
Your website is very helpul to Mumbai commuters. In the Train Time Table selection, you may make the time slots dynamic instead of hourly slots to enable us to search the trains within a particular time period instead of hourly pattern.
Ajay Kotwal      [ 2010-12-16 ]
We need to increase the frequency bet Dahanu and Panvel. It is going to be a big advantage to all commuters.
Mrs. Jadhav      [ 2010-12-15 ]
Why are train time tables not available at railway stations. I have been checking with the railway station vendors everyday and get the same reply, abhi tak aaya nahi hain. Can the railways pls look into this.
Mihir shah      [ 2010-12-15 ]
Please increase the frequency of trains Between Vashi - thane , Panvel - Thane in the evening rush hours
santosh      [ 2010-12-15 ]
sir, The good webside, but kindly update the fare from vashi to CST is 10 RS.
Shankar sanap      [ 2010-12-15 ]
Kindly start sms ticket for local train.
vinod      [ 2010-12-15 ]
pls start the double dekar train
Abhi      [ 2010-12-14 ]
Please add one train from Badlapur between 6.23 Karjat local & 6.58 Badlapur local.
Nitin      [ 2010-12-13 ]
19:55 Ambernath(A) DOWN is a SLOW Train, it is shown as FAST Train in the Site. Please correct it. This site is good overall. I visit it many times.
Rohit      [ 2010-12-12 ]
I would like to suggest to Mumbai local train dept,please either announce or sticks the MAP in Which side Plateform will come alon with Station name.It would be very much conveniyant for all passenger.
Sunil K      [ 2010-12-03 ]
Excellent time table. Hats of to Go 4 Mumbai.
Arif Ibrahim      [ 2010-12-02 ]
We are enable to board train from 8am to 10 am from Mumbra Station. Some second class people also come in 1st class compartment. And no TC to check thier ticket & pass at Mumbra to Ghatkopar. I understand it not possible to check ticket in the but but nobody abvailable at platform also. And this encrourge second class people to board in first class compartment.
Hrishikesh      [ 2010-12-01 ]
Increase the last train timing for 1) Nerul to Thane (Currently 23:00) 2) Vashi to Nerul (Currently 23:10) Which is very early as compared to central & harbour. Please increase the timing upto 23:30 atleast.
Jayesh dongare      [ 2010-12-01 ]
Its humble request to you. Plz start more train between koper-vasai atleast 10pm. Thanks.
PRAVIN JAIN      [ 2010-12-01 ]
excellent website. all information at one place. for train time table information, there is no world to explain superb qualitiy. thanks for making available this website for people those who leave in mumbai and those who comes from outside of mumbai.
shan      [ 2010-11-30 ]
Dt: 30/11/2010 we are at panvel station the Indicator was on the station was platform no: 2 was of Thane (9:56 PM) and on platform no:3 was of CST (9:52 PM) . As the train came on platform no: 2 it was of thane local we we boarded that train and the train left from the platform after some time we come to know that the train was of CST. we release that there was no announcement on the panvel st wether the train is of CST or Thane. (Mumbai Railways authorities should know if these things happens in there personal life ) ?????
Vasai      [ 2010-11-29 ]
Increase the Vasai Road Western Railway Mumbai Surban Local Trains from Vasai Road to Andheri, Bandra, Dadar & Churchgate. Also Vasai Road Local Trains from Churchgate, Dadar, Bandra & Andheri to Vasai Road.
Chirag      [ 2010-11-27 ]
I like ur service. I want mail express train detail.
sweekar patil      [ 2010-11-26 ]
want the smart card on line
N. T. Bhatia      [ 2010-11-26 ]
Sir, I stay in Badlapur and daily we r facing local trains problem between 7.30am to 7.54 (gap of half an hour) no local train. After that 8.12am BL to 8.30am Karjet train is there for CST. AT 8.30am to 8.55am only one local from Karjet is there. In these gaps can'nt GM, Central Railway provide us local trains so that we can reach office early. Please look the matter personally at the earliest. Secondly, there are no Ticket Checking staff are available even in full day for checking tickets and passes. This will hamper Indian Railways business as well as Development. Totally Nation's great loss. Point to be noted and an urgent action is needed. Thanx
shantaram kadam      [ 2010-11-25 ]
This is very good site, It really helped me to plan my travel....... Thank you for such a good facility... One suggestion from my side .....May be it is to optimistic If possibel can anybody book local ticket online Thank you shantaram
asmat pawle      [ 2010-11-25 ]
there is very huge rush on this rout and I request to increase the frequency of the trains as this shall make more profit to rly and a good service to public
ASMAT PAWLE      [ 2010-11-25 ]
there is heavy rush at diva vasai roue vai Bhiwandi and frequency is very few. Pl run a train at 1 hr interval, rly will get more revenue and public shall be served a lot. Pl take it seriously.
Mahalakshmi      [ 2010-11-23 ]
Hi, I really appreciate the services of this website. Many times I have found it very helpful. Simple and accurate information. Keep up the good work. Please start such a facility on mobile also i.e. looking up trains between stations and time. Thanks
GANESH SHANBHAG      [ 2010-11-21 ]
Kindly update the Rules for Cupons and Smart Card Is that they can be used for extention .Kindly suggest
pintoo      [ 2010-11-21 ]
Sticker nuisance in local trains can be reduced/avoided by getting their tel/mob nos blocked trough competent authority. The railways can save the money spent on removing the nuisance stickers'
Amit      [ 2010-11-19 ]
Can I get the softcopy of the latest timetable(full like the Timetable Book) from any website?
Atharva kadegaonkar      [ 2010-11-19 ]
Please start 15 bogies Train on Central railway and there should be atleast 1 fast local from Every station in a hour.
Sudhir Menon      [ 2010-11-18 ]
Please start Double fast trains from Kalyan towards CST which will halt at Vikhroli Station from 7:15 a.m to 8:30 a.m. Atleast alternate trains please.........!
Manjit Singh Bimbh      [ 2010-11-17 ]
yes there is time table available at CST Stn on mail line stn I want to know that when it is going to happen in harbor line for fast trains
Keshav      [ 2010-11-16 ]
This is an excellent site with all the useful information. But pls check on the train fare which is not been updated. e.g. Koparkhairane to Thane fare is Rs.8 where as the details show the same as Rs.6
Shilpa      [ 2010-11-16 ]
Bus No. 703 whch strts frm samta nagar kandivli irritates passengers alot, firstly 4-5 bus will come and halt toghter on depo and make people keep guessing whch one would go. Logically they shd follow some frequency but because of thakur college students they dnt and crowd assembles there waiting for bus and wen it leave two to three 703 goes toghther. Yesterday person incharge on depo strated agruing wth driver and everyone had to wait for arnd 45mins
shuba ragulan      [ 2010-11-15 ]
please make an i phone application so that the youth who live on the fast lane find it easier. thanks
satyan      [ 2010-11-15 ]
unauthorised advertisements by individuals and small venders, builders, etc should be sternly dealt with. their identity should be established and punished severely so they do not do it second time. TCs should be empowered to off-load passengers seen keeping their feet on seats.
sachin jagtap      [ 2010-11-15 ]
online recharge smart card facility need to provided on this site so that no more ques will be there for local passengers
Sushil      [ 2010-11-15 ]
Why there is no local from Bhayader to Churchgate which reach Bhayander at 10.30...normally office timing...
manish chhabria      [ 2010-11-15 ]
plz start fast train from ambarnath or titwala to mumbai cst between 10 to 11pm at night.
AShok Dubey      [ 2010-11-14 ]
Dear Central Railway Manager (officer) this my suggetion pls start allowing the family person to travel in 1st class on holiday/Sunday with the fare 50% of 1st class existing fare,i observe that on sunday 1st class compartment is vaccant this one of revenue and public facility.and one more thing i would like to share pls start train from thane to Karjat Kasara to minimise rush in peak hrs. Thank & Regard Ashok Dubey 9320095544
Arvind      [ 2010-11-12 ]
pls. do somthing for those passengers who stands on gate and does not allow other passenger to get down at ghatkopar st. they hv only word "one-side"
Kishor V. Salgaonkar      [ 2010-11-12 ]
I am catching train from shahad I found that from last 10 years there in no train berween 8.25am to 9.00 in the peak hours. and 10.00 am to 10.35 am, kindly start faste train between these time as it is peak hours and there is to much rush at this time
Abhijeet Jadhav      [ 2010-11-12 ]
I want to know the fare from Curry Road to Nerul (vai Kurla) and Nerul to Dombivali (vai Thane)
sangeeta      [ 2010-11-11 ]
Please tel me time of morning and evening kopar to bhiwandi and bhiwandi to kopar
rahul tiwari      [ 2010-11-11 ]
its well known now that everybody is moving to new bombay for residence. in such condition number of trains and bogies are not sufficient to accomodate such croud. request CR to increase trains and bogies on cst-panvel route.
Santosh M      [ 2010-11-10 ]
Request you to provide the time table of trains from Kopar to Vasai.
Rushikesh morye      [ 2010-11-05 ]
sir, vikhroli station is the only station which do not had footover brige so in vikhroli station have many problem of railway line crossing from east area to west side beacause of no foot over brige. Many peapole and school child from tagore nagare , station road, kannamwar nagar and godrej side are fear to cross this rail line beacause of acsident. I requset you to put an action and construct a foot over brige. Thank you!
Vijay R Shrawage      [ 2010-11-04 ]
Central Local time table is not available anywhere. Is it possible to download it from some sites? Vijay
ANURAG      [ 2010-11-04 ]
It will be an added jewel in this website if atleast mobile version shows the fare from one point to other atleast for local trains. yes it will be very good if it is for Best(indicate amount of passes applicable)
Abhishek Patil      [ 2010-11-04 ]
Request you to please add more double fast trains from CST after 8.00 PM
aakash      [ 2010-11-04 ]
The work of DC to AC conversion is completed between Karjat to Kalyan main line.We expect more local from Central Railway between Badlapur/Karjat to CST Mumbai/Dadar and vice versa as early.
Haresh bk      [ 2010-11-03 ]
There are the gangs of pickpockets between kalyan and ambernath.targeting mainly tourist family for neral matheran section in morning karjat khopoli locals.concerned authority wake up
Nisha Patil      [ 2010-11-01 ]
Hi, I Have lost my Pass in transit & want to get a new one issued pl. update with the process for the same,
Rushikesh morye      [ 2010-11-01 ]
Danger, mainy peaple are injured - Dear sir/madum, ghatkopar pool (to thane) is very dangerious for walking mainly East side. we are sliping on it.
Rushikesh sadanand morye      [ 2010-10-31 ]
Ban on gutkha - please, i request you sir
Birendra Gosain      [ 2010-10-31 ]
my suggestion is while searching for train. the search criteria should also contain train timing for the whole day instead of timings from\to particular period. i think if the timing are provided for the whole day it will become much easier for people to reach there destination
Vishnuprasad      [ 2010-10-29 ]
Please start double fast trains from dombivli to cst or dadar in the peak hours.
sarvesh      [ 2010-10-29 ]
Amazing work guys...useful would be an understatement..i have a request.....can we have the monthly and quarterly pass rates for both the classes. Thanx !
shubham lutade      [ 2010-10-29 ]
good facility
farooq khan      [ 2010-10-28 ]
it is a nice site for railway timing.
deepak      [ 2010-10-27 ]
nice site but make time table for mobile phones as application
Manoj Narvekar      [ 2010-10-27 ]
This is a very help full site for mumbaikars. Keep it up
rajeev karunakar      [ 2010-10-26 ]
considering that the maximum population reside in the suburbs there has to be a train connected from borivli-bhayander-bhiwandi-thane-vashi.this will reduce lot of travelling time.hope the bade babus look into the matter and do something positive about it instead of offering excuses.
DEEPA      [ 2010-10-25 ]
There are no train frm dadar for kasara route in between 615- 6.34 please start atleast one fast train in between because at 6.25 time one mail manmad express is departing frm dadar so the next train which is kasara was very crowded plese do something for that
Hitesh D. Shah      [ 2010-10-25 ]
Please Start issuing extention ticket on ATVM
vinit bhayani      [ 2010-10-25 ]
increse train from dadar to virar as 60 % commuter catch train frm dadar as its a centre point between 6 to 9
N. Raman      [ 2010-10-24 ]
Yesterday, i.e. 23.10.2010, I happened to travel to Panvel via Thane from Bhandup. I was charged Rs.15 one way. I had travelled earlier via Kurla and the fare was Rs.15. The fare from Thane to Panvel is 9 and fare Bhandup to Thane is 4 - So the total should have been or the actual fare should have been Rs.13. The unfair practice of charging 15 should stop as it amounts to over charging. Fare from Kurla to Panvel is 9 and from Bhandup to Kurla is 6, and the total fare comes to 15. The fare displayed in Panvel Rly Stn. is Rs.14 only. CR should rectify the anomaly immediately.
pramilla      [ 2010-10-23 ]
Please add some more train between 9.34 till 9-53 there are only 2 trains between this time. and leaves before time...
Manzack      [ 2010-10-22 ]
In the morning going towards the CST there is a huge rush in the loacal the people are not able stand properly . Railway department should look into and also need to take action..................
Ram      [ 2010-10-22 ]
Please also provide diva to vasai time table. In future we will happy if train run between Kalyan to Andheri
MANGESH SAHASRABUDHE      [ 2010-10-21 ]
Excellent site BL9 is given a halt at Mulund Time is 9:39AM Halt was not there previously Pl reconfirm before doing changes
Mehul Rathod      [ 2010-10-21 ]
Pls start more Morning and Evening Services from Vasai to Diva. Also Let the Train from Vsai start early by 6: 40 so that it can reach Kopar by 7:35. PLs start Evening Train from Diva @ 6:30... that will be much convenient for all
C.Bhimsena Rao      [ 2010-10-20 ]
It is difficult to get New Local Time Table. No response from Railway Stall Vendors. Will C.Rly please response.
ashu      [ 2010-10-20 ]
the connectivity between Andheri-Vashi-Andheri is very bad.....firstly ther 1st train from Vashi station is at 5pm...so many trains for CST..after every 2 mins....then even if the person thinks of changing from Wadala...at station its even worse...at 2 platforms there are trains for CST and rest 2 platforms for Vashi and Panvel...or Belapur and Panvel....and 1 trains for andheri every 45 mins....who has designed this horrible time-table ???? can someone get this changed??? can there be better service for Andheri line as well....wots there in CST that a train is going there every 2 mins.
Rajan      [ 2010-10-19 ]
I want to get a monthly pass for best bus service.Kindly give me the details from where can I get it between Malad and Marol and what are the charges.What documents do u need for the same and do u need photos.Also let me know if the pass is valid for all types of buses.
arjun      [ 2010-10-16 ]
pls add 1 more train to thane to vashi at 12:10 am last local late night.
s vicky      [ 2010-10-16 ]
rly is a public mode of transport therefore loud noise of mobile songs, bhajans should not be allowed in the trains. Is it not an offence ? if yes then let rly put an instructions in every compartment for not to do this and disturb the pax.
Anil      [ 2010-10-16 ]
if you can add information about mega blocks carried out on weekends on CR/WR would be best ..... any way great work!!!!!!!!!!
Mritunjay      [ 2010-10-15 ]
It is very good site. It will better if you provide Pass Fare also. Please . Thank You
Vasudevan Nair VT      [ 2010-10-15 ]
HARYY      [ 2010-10-14 ]
Lydia Miranda      [ 2010-10-14 ]
Pleasa make the Borivali slow to a 12 car
Shubham mohite      [ 2010-10-13 ]
The mumbai central railway should be make an special compartment for STUDENT'S only. Because boarding in train sometimes the instrument that (polytechnic)students carry it was broken by crowd.as i think there are 60% students who travelled by train.this is my humble reqest to the mumbai railway
Ranjini Menon      [ 2010-10-11 ]
There are no trains from borivili to Panvel. Why dont you extend the andheri train till borivli as it can also be useful for people travelling from Dahisar, Mira Road, Bhyander etc.
Lakshya      [ 2010-10-11 ]
Bus Timings, if also mentioned would be much helpful like - 1st Bus to the Last bus in a any routes. Similar to the TRAIN time Table. Reagrds.
chivadunga      [ 2010-10-11 ]
please avail the the facility of online top up for go mumbai smart card.
sandeep      [ 2010-10-10 ]
keep stations clean & donot delay the harbour line trains
dipti      [ 2010-10-06 ]
it has to be refill after 6 month otherwise your card deposit lost and you cant refill afer 6 month
Rohinton Havewalla      [ 2010-09-29 ]
Great compilation, congatulations. 1 sugggestion, pls introduce Dahnu, vasai to bhivandi panvel route also, it would be very useful.
Amit      [ 2010-09-26 ]
Is it possible to get the complete softcopy of the timetable for central line in the format found in the Timetable books available at Stations.
Mayur koppal      [ 2010-09-22 ]
Instead of spending money on printing passes we can have the same technology as smartcard where in we save paper,printing cost ,printing errors.Just we have to recharge as we pay for smart card but it will all details os coustomer for TC thay should have checking machines connected to internet.
Jayesh Patil      [ 2010-09-21 ]
There is no Service Desk Avialable for Refiling of "GO MUMBAI CARD " ....Please Suggest
Anand Karalkar      [ 2010-09-20 ]
Very pleased to find this useful website
Bijendra sinha      [ 2010-09-18 ]
The site is really helpful. I would like to use it as a medium to tel the authorities about the irregular services of Bus route no.181. I hv seen through time-table that it is in evry 15 mnts from Antop hil to Seepz,but often is the case of not folowing the same.Smetimes it gets mre than 30 mnts. And in returning aftr 5.30 pm in d eve, it is hardly seen. Snce it is time most ofce employees return frm ofce; if anythng cn be done to imprve the frequency of the same, it wil be in best interest of commuters.
Pritesh      [ 2010-09-17 ]
Can u suggest me how to go Lonavala from CST, TRAIN fare.
Maqboolali Merchant      [ 2010-09-16 ]
Hi, Very good website. Thanx for providing all details in a simple manner. If you can add outstation trains also it will be very helpful
Tushar      [ 2010-09-13 ]
Very useful site
Shrikant Tijare      [ 2010-09-12 ]
This is a very useful website.We get lot of information at one place.One suggestion, if you could add local train fares for all lines and all class.great work.keep it up !!!
MANOJ TRIVEDI      [ 2010-09-10 ]
You have mentioned that local time table is available on station stalls. I have been enquiring for the same since last one month at Kalyan Thane ,dombivli and dadar station. But could not get till date due to non availability. Can you tell on which station it is available so that I can ask somebody to get the same for me.
Rishabh Gupta      [ 2010-09-05 ]
It is an excellent site and also helpful for tourists
Chetan jain      [ 2010-09-03 ]
really good site!!
PARAG GR      [ 2010-09-01 ]
Hi.. your trains timetable is good. i m max. time travel in railway and ur web side is useful to me.
Puja      [ 2010-08-30 ]
Please start more trains on Vasai Diva route so that office goers have more flexibility.Or push it to make a 9 hour gap between the morning and evening trains as most of the office these days have a 81/2 hour schedule.
M Tripathi      [ 2010-08-29 ]
There are very few trains at Shahad Station towards CST in the morning. From 6 - 8 1st is at 6.24,then 6.42 and another at 7.20 and 7.42, so there are very few trains.Frequency should be made more.
Bharat Bhavsar      [ 2010-08-27 ]
Please tell the location where local time table will be available. I tried to buy it from Kalyan Jn to Dadar Jn but it was unavailable,
jainendra dubey      [ 2010-08-24 ]
Hi, I want to go to jaslok hospital from Vashi,preference is by AC bus pls guide me in this regard
Hemant      [ 2010-08-24 ]
Hi, I really suggest a local/shuttle train sholud be started from Kalyan to Panvel during office hours via Diva. It will reduce 1 hr long journey which is taken by getting down at Thane and then catching another train for Panvel via Nerul.It will be very helpful for people who are working at Mahape/Taloje/Panvel Industrial Areas.
Kiran Y Bodas      [ 2010-08-24 ]
You have mentioned that local time table is available on station stalls. I have been enquiring for the same since last one month at Kalyan Thane & Kalwe station. But could not get till date due to non availability. Can you tell on which station it is available so that I can ask somebody to get the same for me.
PRADEEP S CHOUDHARI      [ 2010-08-23 ]
kindly let me know on which stall the local time table book is avialable at cst or make it on avialable on net so that one can print it
Anil D'Souza      [ 2010-08-23 ]
Sticker nuisance in local trains can be reduced/avoided by getting their tel/mob nos blocked trough competent authority. The railways can save the money spent on removing the nuisance stickers'
GURURAJ VAIDYA      [ 2010-08-22 ]
Excellent information on your website. One suggestion, also add the Railway fares season ticket passes monthly & quarterly for the benefit of all users.
mahesh mane      [ 2010-08-19 ]
plz tell me where can i get this timetable. i am staying at kalyan and tried hard to purchase it at railway stall but they told that time table is out of stock and were offering me some other timetable like 'rail duniya' which is not official.
Cassell      [ 2010-08-18 ]
we need more frequency of 263 in the mornings . bus comes after every 20 mins n tht too small bus . der r so many 442 vackent buses every 5 mins . plz do so immeaditly
sudesh Phalkde      [ 2010-08-18 ]
good work! just make awareness of this site in comman people. it is very useful to all.
Pushkar      [ 2010-08-17 ]
Need a fast train from thane to kalyan between 8.35am(Badlapur) and 9.01am(Ambernath)...no fast train for nearly 30min
dinesh lund      [ 2010-08-16 ]
site is very nice, easy to understable. I want the application for my nokia mobile
Dhanya Vikiamshi      [ 2010-08-15 ]
i am very thankful to this website that i have got the timetable from it. one more request is form us is if it is possible the pries of the pass is also should be hear
kailash choudhary      [ 2010-08-13 ]
Dear sir, Pls introduce some train from shahad to cst or dadar during 9.26 am to 9.59 am there is no train in that time period thanks
Prasad Keni      [ 2010-08-13 ]
Please develop a similar type of website for mobile users also... This site is simply great... I feel most of the users will be using this facility when they are on the go, so they can simply use their mobile gprs to get a quick view of the available trains for their destination... Thanks for the available info, and it will be highly appreciated if u develop a similar kind of service for mobile viewers also...
Mahafreed      [ 2010-08-10 ]
http://tinyurl.com/2wfamre your site featured in this article I wrote
monika      [ 2010-08-09 ]
there is no option to search ladies special trains please give the more filter to make appropriate search thanks
anand kothare      [ 2010-08-03 ]
i think u can also add tourist places near mumbai which will be useful for all those who want to go on tour near mumbai.
Nitin Mittal      [ 2010-07-31 ]
This website is very usefull for all MUMBAI citizens. Its really very Impressive.
tanuja      [ 2010-07-27 ]
i am daily travelling by andheri -panvel train.just i want the ladies compartment should increase as we found that in middle & last only 2compartments available , even in initial i.e both the sides of train starting & ending + middle should have ladies compartmnet - As sometimes ladies are missing the train because they have to run till the middle compartment at the time of train leaving andheri station to panvel.even trin frequencey is very less.so pls. do the needful.
lalit singh      [ 2010-07-25 ]
this is very useful site , its help to me daily for going anywhere on right time by train , without wasting time for waiting train
SANJAY KENY      [ 2010-07-23 ]
very good site for rly.timetable . especially online timetable of locals,very very thanx...
Tushar.Dhanwani      [ 2010-07-20 ]
I think it is useless to say these things to increase facilities like increase trains or frequency and start new trains from new routes it takes lot of time. As per my knowledge their are many routes to be developed like linking all the side western, central & harbour from start station till ends of stations as it will take more 5 to 10 years might be more than that. About Mail trains it has improved a lot but lot to be done
Hemant      [ 2010-07-20 ]
Need many trains to Badlapur in morning and from Badlapur to Thane in evening since many Engineering colleges are located there.Students suffer lot of time loss.
nimesh gupta      [ 2010-07-19 ]
Very useful and informative...
nilesh d patil      [ 2010-07-18 ]
very informative....useful. exellent work guys.
Ms iyer      [ 2010-07-17 ]
I would request you to add some more fast trains from 1pm to 3pm towards CST. The train which starts from KYN is at 1pm and then there is one only after a gap of 1and half hour. There are some of my friends who share this view as if we miss that train we have to take a slow local which takes 30 to 40mts more and we are late for our duty. Hope some remedy is there for us. shortly. Thanks a lot.
SUNIL AVHAD      [ 2010-07-13 ]
thanks for details, very usefull site.
vijay namdar      [ 2010-07-13 ]
hi guys you doing fab job... you need to update one more thing to this site that from boriwali to cst one train is there
Kalpesh bhosale      [ 2010-07-12 ]
This is very nice site , i have ever seen. It gives me quick result about , my 2 destination. With its ticket , time & many imp things. Many good wishes from me for this site. NICE WORK
kshitij jaiswal      [ 2010-07-09 ]
smartcard is 1 thing i like because other busses like nmmt and kdmt dont supply smartcard and its a very best thing for a person like me who travells 8 to 9 times from 1 destination to other its very hard to take the ticket handle it and when T.C. asks the ticket then where's the ticket thats why smartcard is the BEST THING FOR ME
Pratik      [ 2010-07-07 ]
This is a very helpful site & should be promoted in a better way to help our society & create awareness for our fellow people.
mahendra      [ 2010-07-07 ]
Again railway increase maximum local for kalyan /thane/dombivli but not more increase for badlapur/karjat.So requested to increase local for Badlapur/Karjat.
rakesh      [ 2010-07-07 ]
It s an very good site Ihave tried for Local train Its good so comprehensive
Akshay Mahapadi      [ 2010-07-06 ]
I asked for the new railway time-table at all stalls at Thane station. But it was not avilable with them. Where will i get it?
Sunil      [ 2010-07-06 ]
Thanx,go4mumbai 4 this site.
vikram      [ 2010-07-03 ]
nice work very nice make mobile facility
Barhate Raju      [ 2010-07-02 ]
Recent comments should be shown on top
sneha      [ 2010-07-02 ]
hi, it is very Nice, Impressed & really Very Useful site, pls. also mention the 1 month pass fair & 3 month pass fair for 1st and 2nd class. Then it will be perfect.
RASHMI      [ 2010-07-01 ]
Anjali Rajula      [ 2010-07-01 ]
I stay at Parel and work at Kanjurgmarg. I leave around 6.00 - 6.05 pm. By the time I reach station, 6.08 pm CST train is gone. Then comes Dadar train at 6.17 pm and CST fast train at 6.21 pm. Both of them are useless for people who want to get down at Parel, Khari Road, ext. After a gap of 16-20 mins we get a CST slow train. Many people complain about this. There should be one CST slow train between Dadar & CST Fast train so that we don't waste our time at Station which we can spend with our children at home. Please do needful
Enoch      [ 2010-07-01 ]
i think they should run more trains btw kalyan and ambernath,,,,,at present u get train betwn these two place with a gap of half an hour
Swapnil      [ 2010-07-01 ]
thank you for giving perfect info of GO card ! it help me lot..
jai sahu      [ 2010-06-30 ]
fantastic website thanksss
R.K.Kurup      [ 2010-06-29 ]
If the local train starting from Vahi/Panvel or CBD belapur to Dadar via Thane will reduce the rush in Kurla or Thane
Murli Viswanathan(Bangalore)      [ 2010-06-29 ]
Very nice and useful &user friendly & I am impressed personally.
Amey Sawant      [ 2010-06-28 ]
Nice Site......very helpful for all the Mumbaikars
omprakash chaurasia      [ 2010-06-27 ]
sharad      [ 2010-06-25 ]
Plz, think about the Kalyan to Vashi Loacal Train. It will save time , Money, Energy of the people travelling from Karjat, Badlapur & Ambernath
S      [ 2010-06-25 ]
Karjat local is everyday fully crowded. I think DOMBIVALI and AMBERNATH halt should be removed for all karjat locals so that karjat people can travel with peace.
ajayshah      [ 2010-06-23 ]
mumbai's ready recknor when ever we need.Fantastic information ready made available
Rasik Nakum      [ 2010-06-23 ]
Please start a train from vashi to andheri.
Priyanka      [ 2010-06-23 ]
plz start more fast trains from Dader station and also every hour there should be ladies train.as ladies boogies are small
bhanumurthy peri      [ 2010-06-23 ]
I am hearing of all trains will be converted to 12 compartments since I was young, now I am senior citizen till date no implementation took place, atleast after my demise can I see the change from heaven or hell.
Anilkumar D Phatak      [ 2010-06-23 ]
From King Circle @ 8.23 am there is a train which comes from Andheri for CST. Always this train is late by 5 to 10 mins., Request if another train is introuduced from Bandra as this we definetly help the commuter to reach there destination in time. Request Railway authority to please look into the matter and resolve the problem. Expecting your response at the earliest.
shiv      [ 2010-06-23 ]
for catching the train time should entry one side in the door.and for one side should exit.this rule is become very inpartent.in mumbai local train.
amruta lode      [ 2010-06-21 ]
please provide additional first class ladies compartment in central railway.
Siddharth      [ 2010-06-19 ]
Awsome website... excellant work done, i got appropriate information regarding train time table for locals - for which i surfed many sites but did not find results as good as here.
Rajiv Ash      [ 2010-06-19 ]
It's a very wonderful site
shashikant      [ 2010-06-15 ]
Is this go-pass valid for western railway also?
shashikant      [ 2010-06-15 ]
Is there an atvm at bandra east?
Amit Dabadghao      [ 2010-06-14 ]
Kindly let me know whether the Railway pass from Thane to Matunga via Sanpada Kurla can be obtained?
PARAS      [ 2010-06-14 ]
Jitendra Chogle      [ 2010-06-13 ]
Very very nice site. Information is very accurate, site is fast responsive I have bookmarked on my mobile. Thank you very much for great site.
YOGESH SURYAWANSHI      [ 2010-06-12 ]
Pleas increase ticket windows at KALYAN station each and every time rush there.
sujata a. naik, Dombivli      [ 2010-06-11 ]
Pls keep the halts of 8.32am kalyan-cst mumbai as before. i.e. instead of mulund halt pls do it as Bhandup. Because Mulund people have many locals to get in i.e. from thane & beyond thane. But, from 8.30am to 10 am bhandup people have only 2 fast locals halting at Bhandup. Also, this is train gets crowded between Dombivli to Kalwa and due to Mulund halt, it is getting crowded more & more. Kalwa people can't get in the train due to mulund crowd. It results in arguments on regular basis. Kindly look in to the matter immediately & do the needful.
kamal pandya      [ 2010-06-11 ]
kindly start one more round from vasai to diva after 21.00 hrs, becasuse last train strat at 19.00, after that no tain is avilable to go to dombivali with family. so kindly do the needful thanks kamal pandya
prasanna      [ 2010-06-10 ]
its ironical the dombivili - vasai local at 537 starts frm kalyan shed and from platform 7 but just passes kalyan staion which is a major junction and starts instead frm dombivili..can railways please explain the same?
Vishal      [ 2010-06-10 ]
Pratik      [ 2010-06-10 ]
Awesome website!!! Thanks a ton!!
Nilesh      [ 2010-06-10 ]
Please keep all CVMs at all stations in good working condition ; else remove cupon system from ticketing.
Bhagwan Harchandani      [ 2010-06-10 ]
there is no train from Vithalwadi to Mulund from 17;39 to 19;24 please stop any inbetween trains at Mulund
MAYUR soni      [ 2010-06-09 ]
thanks for this facility
Sandesh      [ 2010-06-09 ]
Finally we have a clean and very much user friendly website for local train time table and other utilities.....Gr8 work indeed..
TUSHAR SINGHAL      [ 2010-06-09 ]
please increase trains on Diva Vasai rout in morning, have good rush on that rout.
Arpita Phanse      [ 2010-06-08 ]
This site is very much helpful. As now-a-days we don't travel by train. So obviously we don't have the time table with us. When I searched in google, i found this site, which is uncomplicated and must appreciate the efforts put through. Thank you very much
praveen kumar mishra      [ 2010-06-08 ]
there should be a special compartment reservered for senior citizen man/woman above 60 years like handicapped
Mahesh C      [ 2010-06-08 ]
Excellent website so helpful for the people.
Viren      [ 2010-06-07 ]
Appreciate your efforts.in designing this site. It was much needed. Thanks a ton!!
Prashant Mane      [ 2010-06-06 ]
Pleas increase ticket windows at kurla station each and every time rush there.
Ranjit Kuwade      [ 2010-06-06 ]
trains ki fare list hoti to aur achha hota wo bhi station to station naki kilometer to kilometer
satpal      [ 2010-06-05 ]
gr8 site. I use it while travelling to know when i will reach work or home. Thanks a lot for making my life easier
Santosh shetty      [ 2010-06-05 ]
great . good for outside mumbai traveller
nandini      [ 2010-06-04 ]
Dis is an excellent site that gives d information about a working of indian railway.
Jayant A. Joglekar      [ 2010-06-04 ]
If Thane Vashi trains are extended upto Kurla, then commuters will have a choice for going to Kurla. Also it will reduce the pressure at Kurla Station. It will be convenient for the commuters as well as collage students between Vashi to Kurla,
Arshad      [ 2010-06-03 ]
Please depute more Ticket checker from Thane towards Kalyan or vise versa. So many 2nd class ticket holder travels in Ist class. Please make a team for create awareness of clean city Mumbai and also those who spit in Railways Station, that team have right to take legal action against him. Team should collect fine from those not obey the rule of Railways and use this money for develop the Clean City Team.
PARAG NAIK      [ 2010-06-02 ]
Greatest RAILWAY LINE in the world is the MUMBAI railway line Very thankful to all for providing this efficient and convenient website
Ajay Mishra      [ 2010-06-02 ]
Dear Sir, I hve bus gomumbai pass for subaran, i also travel in train also, i do not know to top up my gomumbai card which i can use for train also. Please help
Jayanti Shetty      [ 2010-06-02 ]
Thakurli Railway Platform does not have any roof overhead. It is very difficult standing in sun and rain round the year and it is very sympathic to know that this station is neglected for the last 30 years without any improvement.
PANKAJ SONAWANE      [ 2010-06-02 ]
thanks a lot very helpful site once again thank u
Hemang Mehta      [ 2010-06-02 ]
Mumbai Locals are usually very heavily crowded. I feel the rush will move to roadways more which will ultimately jam the traffic system in the Mumbai City. So, some great ideas should be implemented by the governing bodies to make this easy.
sasi e      [ 2010-06-01 ]
Iam surprised to find that revised time table of Central Railway Thane -Vashi-Panvel section from 29th May 2010 is not at all suitable to passengers of Vashi and Sanpada belts. We are working in the offices at Vashi and the morning revised time table is not at all suitable to us. The peak hour train from Thane to Vashi now is at 8.44 A.M . Next train to Vashi is at 9.08 A.M. i.e after 24 minutes.! How ever we found that you have introduced train to Nerul at 8.58 A.M. followed by 9.00 A.M. train to Panvel and 9.14 A..M ladies special to Panvel. We donot understand the logic of running 3 trains continuously to Panvel side! We request you to change the 8.58 Nerul train to run to Vashi, so that we office goers at Sanpada and Vashi sections are taken care of by the railways. Hope you will do the needful and reduce our hardships. Anticipating a favourable reply from you. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, SASI.E
Gaurav Mang      [ 2010-05-29 ]
Hi, Please have working and new fans in First Class Compartment.What is the Use of First Class and why we are paying such high fare
Pankaj      [ 2010-05-29 ]
Dear All, We cant buy the extension ticket from Smart Card , so plz look into it .
P.D.KULKARNI      [ 2010-05-28 ]
very good and user freindly.thanks to the one who made this.
Madhura Sawant      [ 2010-05-27 ]
It is really useful 4 every one who travels every day. thanks to Mumbai Railway. pl add column for Panvel to Thane trains that is only missing here. else is really nice.
Abbas      [ 2010-05-27 ]
A fast train from Virar to Thane....very much required!!!
SAGAR DUBLE      [ 2010-05-27 ]
This is very useful site for me as it gives all info about train timings of all the suburbun lines. its very useful for me when i was late from my office.
Rajeev Pradhan      [ 2010-05-21 ]
Really awsome. Mumbai has become still small and fast.
nazneen sayyed      [ 2010-05-21 ]
i am staying in nashik ,but because of this web site i find my self more comfort to go to bombay,and pick any local train,by reaching at right time to station.thank you so much.
rohit patel      [ 2010-05-20 ]
I think you should wash the local train regularly. As in the train there is lot of scraps thrown by some useless person. The train should also be washed from out side , so as to maintain it good looking.
Tushar S. Mithbawkar      [ 2010-05-20 ]
Can i get the fare list of local trains from all stations to all possible destinations and routes.
namita s. mhadnka      [ 2010-05-20 ]
This is excellent site for mumbai railway time table. i got each and every details from this site. i m so much satisfied because i get all information about the local train. Thank you
Kavitha      [ 2010-05-19 ]
Hi we our family came to mumbai recently.. planning to see city... so do we have any special pass for 1 week ,for local trains and buses so that we can save our pockets , as we r group of 10members... can any one give some suggestion
Rakshit Ghadigaonkar      [ 2010-05-19 ]
Just wanted to share my experience I had while buying Go Card. I went to Thane Station-East to buy Go Card. I saw the stall which was locked. Assuming That it must be a lunch time, I waited. I waited for 1 hour and still there was no sign of the person. I enquired at a police help desk about the Go card shop and she informed me that it was open but dont know as to why its closed. i went to West side and approached a lady who was manning the smart card window. I told her what had happen. She consulted her supervisor and informed me to buy the go card at some other staion. Hurray what a solution. The incident happen on Tuesday between 12noon and 1pm.
nisith      [ 2010-05-17 ]
This is really a excellent way of communication.I have some query in this regard.1>Can we renue the card or recharge the card thru' Internet banking.What is the process for registration?
Suman Pal      [ 2010-05-17 ]
Great website! A mobile app to access this info would be even better!
SOURAV ROY      [ 2010-05-15 ]
swapnil lahu mahajan      [ 2010-05-13 ]
i am swapnil,i am so happy with this site bcoz i get exact local train shedule in this site.
Mahendra Kushwah      [ 2010-05-12 ]
There is Much amount deducted when you take ticket from ATVM machines. Last Time I renew my pass from CST to Kalyan(Ist calss) of fare Rs.770 but my card get deducted Rs. 809. So please beware of this,
Sagir Shaikh      [ 2010-05-11 ]
Its Great Website,I am very happy we know everthing from this website, it is good
Shrikant A Deshmukh      [ 2010-05-10 ]
Very good
Mohammed Ali      [ 2010-05-10 ]
Railway should not allow people to eat Gutkha in Train.
amirali ghadia      [ 2010-05-08 ]
kindly let me konw the detail of fist class pass for 4 days .. is there any scheme as such
dr.narkar      [ 2010-05-07 ]
i am at indore .but i am happy to see thesite.thanks
Rajesh Gupta      [ 2010-05-06 ]
I want to travel from Panvel to Thane & Panvel to Kurla in same pass. Is it possible.
nemish mehta      [ 2010-05-06 ]
thanks very much it helped me to find my train time.
jayant mendjoge      [ 2010-05-03 ]
Connecting Trains coming from CST, Wadala ,for vashi Thane sector , should come on platform no 2 so that people do not have to take subway and they can board thane train from the same platform.
     [ 2010-05-03 ]
Sub: Inconivence &monatry loss caused to the passangers due to introduction of UTS 1. Before introduction of UTS, TWO/THREE ROUTE SEASON TICKETS were issued for any pair of station e.g. CSTM to Bandra/Kurla, CSTM/CCG to Bandra/Kurla etc. but now these tickets are not issued by the booking clerks on the ground that UTS has no such tickets. 2. By introduction of UTS why passengers are deprived by their legitimate privilege/comfort by paying proper fare. Is there any provision to issue such two/tree route season tickets.
Arvind      [ 2010-04-30 ]
Been searching for local suburban train fares and charts for such a long time, till I found this site. Nice format, makes it so easy to search and practically all info I need was within the search. Keep up the good work.
sachin bhosale      [ 2010-04-27 ]
please provide time table of thane - nerul
prabhakar soni      [ 2010-04-25 ]
i am very happy to found this valuable website.thanks a lot
mangesh mane      [ 2010-04-25 ]
please give me detail imformation of panvel-shirdi local.via karjat
vilas kirve      [ 2010-04-24 ]
please give me all details of ashiyad bus as551 from nerul to majas depot. stops or route and fare for all stops
NATARAJAN      [ 2010-04-24 ]
pls extend train services to PANVall the existing trainsEL from THANE NERUL.
Ravindra J Gavde      [ 2010-04-24 ]
I checked trains for Thana-Vashi. I am satisfied.
bipin negi      [ 2010-04-24 ]
please increase frequency of the buses from kharghar to vashi. and even the quality of buses and send here the new buses here . please make a note of it
nitin n patil      [ 2010-04-24 ]
german train not start in harbour line
Damodar      [ 2010-04-23 ]
its so so nice site.. thankxx 4 that. . .
Mrs.Nilam kamble      [ 2010-04-22 ]
i am just newly married & now come from kandivali to mankhurd. i think on this railway line is very rush but after looking i think it is better than western line. after gotting tis website i got exact time-table of central line & now i am going to job in ghatkopar exact on the time. THANKS
Amit      [ 2010-04-22 ]
I commute very rarely by local trains so initially I found this card to be very exciting as I hought that this would help me skip the queue. Latel to my horror, I found out that most of the machines installed in stations don't work. It works only in important stations lie vashi, CST and chembur. What it means that if you are travelling from Chembur to Kharghar, and you have punched the card at chembur, the system will deduct the maximum fare of Rs. 20 where as the actual fare is Rs. 8. This is because there is no mechanism at kharghar station to check that you have ended your journey there. Add to that, the system will deduct another Rs. 6 the next time you try to punch the card. This is for keeping the last transaction open for too long. The call centre (number given at the back of the card) never picks up the phone. No doubt, it was a great idea to launch this kind of service, but it didnot have the backing of IT and/or operations to take it to successful implementation.
Amin Khoja      [ 2010-04-21 ]
Thanks for giving so nice schedules and outlines. keep it up. it is a good service to civil society.
s fernandes      [ 2010-04-19 ]
i bought a go-mumbai smart card, and dont find the go-mumbai validating machines working at cst or vashi or andheri - i brought it to the notice of the go-mumbai sales girl at cst as well as the consumer aid operator - to no avail - i would expect a re-embursement of the e-purse if service is not functional!!!
faraz momin      [ 2010-04-18 ]
ilive in mumbra in thane iam very much pleased of this website because it give lot of information about train timing in mumbai.mumbai locals are the best in world
Jyotikumar Kantilal Jani      [ 2010-04-18 ]
During pick hours at borivali 9.25am,9.37am,9.49am Trains should go direct to Andheri. No Stop at kandivali.Malad,Goregam&Jogeswari. Is it possible!
GS      [ 2010-04-17 ]
I like this site & always prefer to check the timetable. one suggestion is there if u could do... pls mention monthly & qtrly pass fares for 1st class as well as 2nd class, thanks.
anil      [ 2010-04-17 ]
pls. resheedul of Harbar Train every 5 mins. & pls strat daily 2 trains for mumbai to Sai Nagar shirdi
Ravindra Sawant      [ 2010-04-16 ]
Central Railway should extent all Kurla locals to Thane and beyond during evening and morning peak hours.
nirav patel      [ 2010-04-15 ]
nice mumbai re... m dalily user from warli
Husain      [ 2010-04-14 ]
please increase the train between Mumbai CST and Andheri At present the difference between two train is about 30 minutes
romil mandhanya      [ 2010-04-13 ]
this is very good site for local train time table.
Husain      [ 2010-04-13 ]
Respected authority please increase the number of train between CST and Andheri, the gap of time between two train is about 30 minutes with thanks Husain Zakir
PANKAJ      [ 2010-04-12 ]
Rajesh Uchil      [ 2010-04-12 ]
Please start trains from Kppar around 7am or 8 am nad around 12 pm. It will be convinient for all passenger to travel and will be will not have to wait a long time between 515 am and 10 am and also between 10am and 2 pm.
ABAN DHAYGUDE      [ 2010-04-11 ]
Plz increase the no of train between Kopar to Vasai road.
B Pravin      [ 2010-04-11 ]
Can it be possible to recharge the ATVM card from internet?
moncy      [ 2010-04-10 ]
pls increase trains from badlapur (ANEW RESIDENTIAL HUB FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS) BECAUSE RAILWAY IS Always for lower to middle category
PRAKASH KARNANI      [ 2010-04-09 ]
Patel k k      [ 2010-04-08 ]
Dear friend you are doing great job , one more milestone on u r name by adding western railway time table thank's yaar
SUSHIL TIWARI      [ 2010-04-07 ]
sir,koi Bandra se Virara ke liye bhj start kijiye na asrequst,sham ke time bole to 6pm se 7pm ke bich tak.
Kapil Chakre      [ 2010-04-07 ]
Jasmine Barretto      [ 2010-04-07 ]
Today I removed the pass for 1 month from Vile Parle to John Bakers and they gave me the pass without checking with me whether I need the pass for Vile Parle west or east and when I told them to change the same from vile parle east to vile parle west they informed me that it cannot be done, system does not show Vile Parle West. I even suggested them to give me a pass for the destination between Ashoka hall/Pawan hans, they said that it cannot be done even though the system shows it . I need an immediate and serious response on this or else I will be forced to take this further. Please look into this very seriously and let me know the status what needs to be done, to change the route of the bus pass or to pay back the money which is paid to remove the pass amounting to Rs.326/-
Vishal      [ 2010-04-07 ]
There is a need of 24*7 toll free call center for passengers convenience Or the 139 should be made available @ local call rates
Samarendra      [ 2010-04-06 ]
Please add some more trainn from Belapur to CST in the moprning time
Parvez Khan      [ 2010-04-06 ]
Start platform No. 3 at Wadala once again. It causes lot of inconvenience to passengers coming from Bandra or Andheri
vlkrishnan      [ 2010-04-06 ]
Very very useful website for mumbaites. Keep it up.
sanjay kumar      [ 2010-04-05 ]
09:01 fast local from Thane to Panvel does not stop at Juinagar, this station is a important junction for people working in the MIDC area as well as the D Y Patil University students. I request the Railway authorities to consider my request.
Pratik Morey      [ 2010-04-05 ]
Hi Friends thanks for developing this site as it is benificial for every one. Thanks a lot for this. Bye and Dest of Luck
shankar gaikwad      [ 2010-04-03 ]
Request u to please help with central railway timetable. Looking journey from ATGOAN tokALYAN hr Thanx
shital Mody      [ 2010-04-03 ]
D website is very helpful
nitin      [ 2010-04-02 ]
gr8 work, this is very helpful to me to mange my daly schedule
DEEPAK chaurasia      [ 2010-04-01 ]
Give cleaning contracts to private contracters and take appropriate action if not done for railway station
ashit prabhakar      [ 2010-04-01 ]
Pls start a AC bus service from Tardeo Depot (Navjivan Society) to HCC Park - LBS Marg, Vikhroli West from 7am onwards & return bus from HCC Park to Tardeo Depot in the evenings
manish      [ 2010-04-01 ]
it would be better if the timings are mentioned as AM and PM so one can have better understanding
Mohit Bora      [ 2010-04-01 ]
I m a student completed my 12th .. And as m giving ALL INDIA PRE-MEDICAL ENTRANCE TEST , I got mumbai as my exam centre... I Have never been here before, and m helpful to this site as it guided me about the timingr of the train, which will take me directly to my exam centre... Thanks a lot...
Princy Mathew      [ 2010-03-31 ]
Request for more frequency of train either from harbour to andheri or from wadala to andheri. b/w 9.00 to 10.00(during peak office hours) we have only 2 trains till andheri. 9.18 and 9.44 a.m. please increase the no.of trains or extend the existing 9.33 bandra local to andheri.
Santhosh      [ 2010-03-31 ]
Can we hope any direct local train from Kalyan to VAshi?????
Fatima Shaikh      [ 2010-03-29 ]
The interval between two trains from Wadala to Andheri/Bandra should be reduced from the present 15 minst to 7-10 mins also the coaches can eb incresed from 9 to 12 to cater to growing demand
Nirmal Mehta      [ 2010-03-29 ]
please increase the frequency of trains between andheri and cst(harbour) as there is lot of time gap of 10 to 12 minutes between two trains.
Chetan Singh      [ 2010-03-26 ]
I leave in Nilje.please increase trains between panvel to kopar. at time night 8.30pm.
pradip k.more      [ 2010-03-23 ]
plz increase the train between kalyan to mumbai cst.at 06.50am to 07.10am.because Share market time has been change.
kiran      [ 2010-03-23 ]
wanted to know which ever fast trains stop in vikroli which starts from kalyan ya dombvli
ms murthy      [ 2010-03-22 ]
the time table is very valuable and very apt. kindly increase the trains from thane to panvel stopping at all stns. The recent timings for fast thane to panvel is not there.
ashish kamble      [ 2010-03-20 ]
i enjoyd the convenience of geting to knw my train timing best suited for me ,so i leave home accrdngly. Thanks! Wish same service for the most inconvenient best services as now the best dnt even have the bus stp chart shwng which bus goes where this has led me takng wrng buses many time and conductor taking 3rs for mistake! It sucks
prangya      [ 2010-03-18 ]
Kinldy provide me train communication details from Goregaon to Mazgaon
Sheeba      [ 2010-03-18 ]
Please provide me the time table of local train 1. Kalyan to CST Station 2. Dadar to Vasai 3. Thane to Panvel.
Amit      [ 2010-03-17 ]
its wonderful site but the drop down filter of time sholud eb added in advanced search. Please incorporate thi changes it makes more effective
Mahesh Marathe      [ 2010-03-17 ]
Its help us while in traveling so its too good service started by you keep it up like this.......
Salim      [ 2010-03-16 ]
Really valluable information is here on the website.
prashant chaudhary      [ 2010-03-13 ]
I am using this site very much on my mobile, Thanks to you. please add panwel thane root as well
mahen      [ 2010-03-12 ]
request to central railway that to increase frequency between badlapur local to CST and from CST to badlapur
Rohit Mann      [ 2010-03-12 ]
As per my consern Advance search option should be add in this site.Suppose if passenger doernot know about the Line Track,in this situation he/she select option source and destination and Result will be display in terms of Route and place to cach the Train.
Ravindra Adchule      [ 2010-03-12 ]
It's very good site to know the time table. Pls give train fair & monthly pass fair.
Mehjabeen Kazi      [ 2010-03-10 ]
Please release andheri train alternate to every Belapur / Vashi / Panvel train as the gap between two trains is 20 minutes or so.
vivek      [ 2010-03-10 ]
i can happy to know time table. thanks......
Santosh K.Tajane      [ 2010-03-10 ]
This is very useful for all travellers. Thanks.
sandip dias      [ 2010-03-08 ]
Great work. You can also provide a special link for the indian railway line so that people wont have to go check other site for that.
Saeed      [ 2010-03-07 ]
Please increase the number of trains from mumbra to cst between 8a.m to 10a.m
Ajesh DAlvi      [ 2010-03-07 ]
pls increse trainn karjat to khopoli for timing between for 8.45 pm to 10.38pm
good_randygirls12@yahoo.co.in      [ 2010-03-06 ]
Ganesh Salian      [ 2010-03-05 ]
Its one of the best time table I ever seen. thanks a lot...keep it up.
ramuivaturi      [ 2010-03-05 ]
good job guys it will be very useful for non-local people. keep it up thank u
Riyaz      [ 2010-03-04 ]
Best time saver
damodar parkar      [ 2010-03-04 ]
Hi, its a so nice site for see timtable of trains. And thanx for that. . . .
praseed.k.nair      [ 2010-03-02 ]
sir, The main purpose of introducing go mumbai card was to bypass standing in queues, but the whole effort is defeated when we have to stand in queue for recharging go mumbai card. This is a very common scene at borivili bus depot. Why cant we recharge go mumbai card online? Please revert.
swapnil pansare      [ 2010-02-23 ]
please start fast train in kalyan on morning 7.30 to 8.30 and this train halt in bhandup
pradnya      [ 2010-02-23 ]
12 coaches from borivali to churchgate, more ladies during peak hours mornning and evening 12 coaches, no beggars and street children in ladies compartments, proper announcements of the trains, grp and rpf should help people rather than just looking when the accident happens, in case of delays of trains railways should inform commuters , women security guard in the ladies compartment at night, proer sanitation facilities at the railway station
Girinath G Pillai      [ 2010-02-22 ]
Please check the fares in Harbor Line Trains, its wrong. If possible try to create a comprehensive table of to and fro trains between main stations. Good Luck and Congrats for this wonderful job.
Dipesh K Mehta      [ 2010-02-22 ]
please start more down fast locals from dadar towards thane, kalyan, karjat, kasara. after 8pm. atleast each fast local train to each destination mentioned above. jai hind
Dipesh K Mehta      [ 2010-02-22 ]
please all khopoli slow and fast locals from 9 carts to 12 carts. jai hind
vikas Jagdale      [ 2010-02-22 ]
the anouncemet of next station & display of destination in new local trais has sovelved many problems of new comuters. let the comuters know about platform position i.e. left or right. for example " next stn is dadar, right.
yogesh santwani      [ 2010-02-22 ]
can any one tell me the fastest wa possible to reach bandra terminus from pune. no matter if i hav to go in bus for some distance
IMRAN      [ 2010-02-21 ]
Gajanand Chandwani      [ 2010-02-20 ]
Thank u so much it helps me alot for my daily travaling planing from my home to office (Ulhasnagar to Goregaon)
Rohit Jain      [ 2010-02-18 ]
all your services are good..but please increase the frequency in harbour line in the morning hours..fast train are also wellcome..
J.Balaji Parthasarathy      [ 2010-02-17 ]
The details available in this site was really so helpful. I recently visited Mumbai from Bangalore and i checked all the local train time table in this site and doing an excellent job. KEEP ROCKING
Amrut tank      [ 2010-02-14 ]
Try introducing more 12 car train of german tech. from thane to CST. Try to get all new train on Kalyan CST route.
Surendra Varma      [ 2010-02-13 ]
Please increase one more Train from Andheri to Panvel between 08:30 to 09:30 am
Girish Dedhia      [ 2010-02-13 ]
please add new local train from virar to panvel between 20.00 pm to 21.00pm
Renu Hardasani      [ 2010-02-10 ]
For Government Railway Please Increase frequency of Trains From CST To Kasara, Titwala & Asangaon.
Vanita      [ 2010-02-10 ]
i really appreciate the AC bus that have started. just one thing, if you could also start AC services from Cidco road (thane W) to Andheri (E), that would be great...
GUNIL      [ 2010-02-10 ]
hay mumbai is the better to developed but its is really good for all students because of the engineering college better good than pune
Sagar Muchhal      [ 2010-02-10 ]
Do appreciate this work..
Raju Patil      [ 2010-02-10 ]
sir/madam, i wanted to know that Is there any train to Karjat from mumbai between 8.00 to 9.00 am? please let me know, and how much time it eill takes to reach karjat..??? thanks
Harvinder Singh      [ 2010-02-09 ]
Fantastic Idea Keep it up
Bhushan      [ 2010-02-07 ]
i wnt rss feed or data for the train and bus time table to display on my kalyan's social site. Can i get the same
M.P.R.MANI      [ 2010-02-04 ]
How the extension journey ticket of monthly season ticket can be taken using smartcard?
Tushar Mithbawkar      [ 2010-02-02 ]
I like this, So helpful...
Sachin      [ 2010-02-02 ]
This website is just Wow!!! I mean Superb Job!!!
Avinash Gharal      [ 2010-02-01 ]
Hi, Ca we have direct bus from Vashi to Kalina Amar bras, University road? This is the mail office area and no direct connectivity to navi mumbai. The 507 bus is from Gatkhopar, PL provide something from Soin Road. Also AC buses too.
ashok nakum      [ 2010-02-01 ]
can we have such facilities online on mobile or as a mobile application
amrita      [ 2010-02-01 ]
very good n helpful site thank you
vishvanath b. chendwankar      [ 2010-02-01 ]
every staton should anoucer tell about train scheduel
Praweer Kumar      [ 2010-01-31 ]
Hi Thanks to EveryBody who worked on this module. Highly Apprecited. ................
Manoj Suryakant Varade      [ 2010-01-30 ]
Too good
Harshad      [ 2010-01-29 ]
Brilliant! I wasn't expecting to find such a set up on the net. Thanks a lot :)
Pratik      [ 2010-01-28 ]
pls improve frequencies of fast trains in the afternoon
shailendra      [ 2010-01-27 ]
very nice information. in a click we can get the info about local tranis
anil s m      [ 2010-01-26 ]
need to travel daily Kopar Khairane to jogeshwari station,plz give me 3 months offer train pass.
Dhananjay`      [ 2010-01-26 ]
hey.....superb .. job ...u people are doing....... highlu appreciable.........
Abhishek      [ 2010-01-25 ]
Great great great web site keep up the good work !!
Amit Bhoite      [ 2010-01-22 ]
Hi, This is really a good site for all Mumbaikar's .....Best wishes for maker's of this site. Thank you.
VILASRAO PAWAR-9969314593      [ 2010-01-21 ]
kindly increase the number of Traine from Diva to Bhiwandi.
Nilesh Badrike      [ 2010-01-20 ]
really superb
fakhruddin      [ 2010-01-20 ]
pleas insreas the frequency of panvel dhanu road train becaus lot of peopel travel with this train for bhiwandi mira road wasi.
Manoj      [ 2010-01-19 ]
Nice yar, it's helpful to everyone...
vijay      [ 2010-01-19 ]
this is excellant and easily available
Sajid Attar      [ 2010-01-18 ]
Please its my humble request that management should start the local from panvel to kurla it will help to those people who need to go to kurla and also those people who are going to cst
all_rounder      [ 2010-01-18 ]
truely amazing work keep it up
satish      [ 2010-01-18 ]
give me a down local train time table From CST to last station except vikhroli station.
mandar rane      [ 2010-01-18 ]
Hemant      [ 2010-01-16 ]
Ramu Kalavendi      [ 2010-01-15 ]
I should really appreciate for this site providers..and it is very usefull for me to know the local train timings accross the mumbai...Once Again thank you for all the people who are providing this site.
Visha      [ 2010-01-15 ]
Kalyan-CST Ladies Special in the morning should also run with 12 car.
Visha      [ 2010-01-15 ]
From 8 am to 9am - Peak Hour- at Mulund all slow trains are 9 car except 8.09 DI Local. Why can't some of these trains become 12 car?
navi      [ 2010-01-14 ]
panvel to thane 10 a, m to 11.00 am which root best for me
Dipesh K Mehta      [ 2010-01-13 ]
please make the ghatkopar - cst local a 12 car which starts at 9.22am from ghatkopar. jai hind. jai central railway
Balu      [ 2010-01-12 ]
It is very useful for a person, who come to Mumbai at first time like me
Dipesh K Mehta      [ 2010-01-12 ]
hi sir/madam, request to start more cst - ghatkopar between 6.30pm and 9.30pm ghatkopar - cst locals between 9am and 11am. allow all the fast up and down way trains to stop at ghatkopar station.
Dipesh K Mehta      [ 2010-01-12 ]
Hi sir/madam, please start more fast locals from dadar to thane, kalyan, karjat, kasara fast locals between 6.30pm and 9.30pm.
m k prakasan      [ 2010-01-12 ]
Now a days local trains at Thane station leaves before the indicated time, i.e. 3-5 minutes early. Due to this many passagers miss the train though they come on time. Hence this practice is to be stopped and trains should leave the station at the stipulated time only.
prashant arun yewalekar      [ 2010-01-12 ]
so nice site u have developed i like the site
Arvind Kumar      [ 2010-01-12 ]
Informative, can we also have the Local train map of mumbai urban and sub urban in printable format.
Arvind Kumar      [ 2010-01-12 ]
can we get the information of lady special up/down for all the routes of local trains in mumbai urban and sub urban.
Satya      [ 2010-01-11 ]
Please let me know the train timings between Diva and Vasai
C.Prabahar      [ 2010-01-11 ]
Pl provide good frequency to Ambarnath / Badlapur trains ie atleast every 10 to 15 min in non-peak hours. Around 5 to 10 min peak hours
Harish Tarikar      [ 2010-01-11 ]
Could you please add Local train timetable from Lonavala to Pune
Pranay      [ 2010-01-10 ]
Please send me he details of the Karjat, Badlapur and Khopoli fast trains stop at Mulund station with time.
Kevin      [ 2010-01-09 ]
Excellent site... No comments Keep going..
Jayaprakash Balan      [ 2010-01-07 ]
Ah, it takes such a long time for the Railways to understand the need of people staying. The Panvel - Virar should have been long started and I feel there should service every half an hour because there is no east - west connectivity and there are lakhs and lakhs of people either travelling from New Mumbai to Western or people from Western suburbs requiring to travel to Navi Mumbai for work. Ideally there should be a connectivity from Panvel touching Vashi - touching Thane to Borivali because majority of the train commuters are in and around these areas.
Vasanti      [ 2010-01-07 ]
Hi, I want to go to Chembur from Thane by local train or local bus. My 1st preference would be train only. Kindly guide me with regards to this.
Ruzaan      [ 2010-01-06 ]
It made my trip!!!!!!! Thanks a million!!
ashish      [ 2010-01-05 ]
Great job man!!!! great help...
Anita Mashilkar      [ 2010-01-05 ]
I am going to Shirdi. Please suggesstion train schedule is below
Dipesh Mehta      [ 2010-01-05 ]
Respected Sir/Madam, Request to start more ghatkopar - cst local trains leaving from gharkopar at 9.30am and 9:40am. and from cst to ghatkopar local trains leaving from cst at 7.00pm, 7.30pm, 8.15pm, 9.30pm. I hope above suggestions would be taken care off and we expect positive results from central railway high command. Thank You
rahy      [ 2010-01-02 ]
Please increase the frequency between kopar road vasai road because this route is much more accessible to central and western rail and that why if there is frequency of train this is much helpful to travel from central to wester
Rakesh      [ 2010-01-01 ]
This is good and crisp information.. Thank you... Had gone through a number of sites.. and found this the best for train timetable
yogita      [ 2009-12-31 ]
its to much use ful thanks for helping us
Deepak Agrawal      [ 2009-12-30 ]
Excellent site...very useful
sameer      [ 2009-12-29 ]
i want something extra. something more. something different. i want one train from vashi to kalyan via thane.
Sachin Pawar      [ 2009-12-29 ]
When central railway starts its 6th line?
govindarajan      [ 2009-12-28 ]
10.08 train from kopar is very crowd. pls. introduce new train between 8 - 9 am. will convenience & 10.08 trian crowd will reduce
Atul pawar      [ 2009-12-28 ]
Please Start Train beetween CBD Belapur to Karjat Via Panvel If early as possible.
j.n.desai      [ 2009-12-28 ]
there is no morning tarain from Panvel to Dhanu,can it be started.
Sandy      [ 2009-12-28 ]
Der should b more trains for badlapur, considering d development took place in recent times, the frquncy of the Trains shud b increased. Also at night there is gap of one hour between 2 trains beyond ambarnath(From CST). Really bad condition for commuters. Really need to look up for this. Thanks.
Kishor      [ 2009-12-27 ]
Gre8 done.
pradeep      [ 2009-12-26 ]
Please let us know taxi fare from thane to Neral. Are taxis available from Thane station arround 5:30AM in the morning?
sanjay      [ 2009-12-26 ]
It's a great work done. Not an easy job to do! Please guide how to search Bus Route from station to station when I do not know the correct Bus number...
Vishvas      [ 2009-12-26 ]
can advance ticket for Local trains ( Kalyan to thane ) other than weekends is possible ?
sarswati      [ 2009-12-25 ]
really its useful site.
nitin      [ 2009-12-24 ]
very beautiful time table
RAJKUMAR D DURGE      [ 2009-12-24 ]
sir,why not arrange the kalyan bogie for nagpur route trains, this route is very heavey traffic and very much hard to catch the train from kalyan in general bogie
satyawan      [ 2009-12-24 ]
Its good at least railway is try to wake up to the peoples service. but this is not enough they need to do much more. They must understand the practical realities. Thousands of commuters travel without any security for their life. Any way these eye washes will not eradicate the problems. Pls come up with constructive as well as workable solution to the thousands of commuters. Value human beings!!
Deepak M. Vaity (Saphale-Kore)      [ 2009-12-23 ]
kindly increase frequancy of trains between virar & Dahanu Rd.and if possible extend rout up to vasai.
Prashant      [ 2009-12-23 ]
Hi all Please increase the frequency og AS-505 Santacruz Depot to CBD Belapur
apsaxena      [ 2009-12-23 ]
Please start a train from Belapur for CST around 8.30AM in morning. There is no train starting Belapur for CST after 8-08 am train till 9-00am. Request implement fast as there is lots of problem for Belapur passengers after 8-08 am train.. APSAXENA
shatrughna      [ 2009-12-23 ]
Really excellent job done .Keep it up.
Arabinda      [ 2009-12-22 ]
Can introduce fast local on harbour line.
Sadhana Poyekar      [ 2009-12-22 ]
Very Important information we get from very simple procedure. Congrats
Pradip Bochia      [ 2009-12-22 ]
Can i have detail abt direct line from Vasai to Ghansoli . I am working with Reliance.
Parag Dedhia      [ 2009-12-21 ]
Very good site. Keep the good work up.
shyam panchal      [ 2009-12-21 ]
very happy. appreciable work
Mohan      [ 2009-12-21 ]
IS there any service that gives alerts related to trains.. Like when trains are late or any problem hapens on tracks or during rains...
DR. Manoj      [ 2009-12-20 ]
will you please suggest me how to reach BARC from panvel/thane.Which route will be shorter?
Suresh nair      [ 2009-12-20 ]
Please start train between kalyan and kasara and vise versa frequently. Also check first class lot of ticketless travellers are there in the morning time.compartment.
seema      [ 2009-12-19 ]
can i use this pass for western train also.
Vasant Dambal      [ 2009-12-19 ]
A very useful site for commuters. Keep it up. Good work.
Ramesh Patel      [ 2009-12-17 ]
Very helpful and precise.
Abdul hannan      [ 2009-12-17 ]
Good work. Is the card valid for western railway.
tuhina      [ 2009-12-16 ]
what a commendale job. This is the reson for Mumbai being called "Oh! Thats only B'cause it is MUMBAI"
SUDEEP KRISHNAN      [ 2009-12-16 ]
manoj      [ 2009-12-13 ]
please increase the frequency of thane vashi, there is huge gap between one train to another train, is this possible?
sanjay rane      [ 2009-12-11 ]
nilesh      [ 2009-12-10 ]
Superb Job Buddy...just what I was looking for...Simply Amazing job
Maya Katariya      [ 2009-12-09 ]
Hi...can you Possible Bitween Shahd to dadar ledies Specal???
Deepesh      [ 2009-12-09 ]
I stay at Malad and have no idea about the trains running in the Central Railway...Must say truly commendable work...really
yash      [ 2009-12-07 ]
Kindly confirm whether 1st class compartments are made only for Railway employee and hawaldars
umesh      [ 2009-12-07 ]
we want thane vashi last local up to 00.30 please
Venkatesh D. Naidu      [ 2009-12-07 ]
Good but please let me know whether there is any train from Vasai Road after 8.00 p.m. for going to Kopar
aakash      [ 2009-12-05 ]
Atleast 15 min. minimum frequency required between Badlapur and CST mumbai.Many kalyan local to be extend to Badlapur.
Mr V M Ranade      [ 2009-12-05 ]
Following trains should halt at Thane on both up and dn direction. Hussain sagarr/Coimbatore exp/MyskreBangalore exp Madras Mail as it is very difficult to board the local train at Thane for kalyan
sudhir kulkarni      [ 2009-12-04 ]
Does it mean that the pass cannot be used at stations where the validating machine is not installed ?
Prabhakar      [ 2009-12-04 ]
In Ambarnath, There is no train in the morning between 9.07am to 9.37am for passing Deccan Queen. Pl introduce a local by 9.25am just behind Deccan so that we can get a down local in between 7.55am to 8.24am (CST time). Also only 2 extra rakes required to solve Ambarnath/ Badlapur train frequency problem. pl. look after
mahendra bhanushali      [ 2009-12-04 ]
we want frequency between Badlapur to CST Mumbai Route.Many times we have to wait for 30 min. to 1 hour for local train
Pravin Kulkarni      [ 2009-12-04 ]
Its awesome. If you could add one column at last indicating the location of particular local at the time of query, based on time elapsed from the moment train left the emerging station. I hope you understand what i am looking for. Its not about gps stuff. Thanks.
anubhav      [ 2009-12-03 ]
thanks so much...got the time table round the clock...when no1 has another option... thanks...!! keep it up..!
Raj Kumar Yadav.      [ 2009-12-03 ]
I need help? would someone tell me is there any local or any other train between 1230hres to 1330 hrs from lonavala to karjat and karjat to kalyan
Firoz N.Surani      [ 2009-12-03 ]
Very useful website giving lot of valuable information
Paresh Lodaya      [ 2009-12-03 ]
Request to Railway Authorities to increase a service between Andheri to Panvel between 8:00 to 9:00 and from Panvel to Andheri between 18:30 to 19:30
Shradha      [ 2009-12-02 ]
Good Work! User friendly! 1. Request to do 6.13 a.m. local from Khopoli to 12 car rake. 2. Gents passengers listen to the music so loudly that it is very disturbing. Kindly do the needful. Thanking in anticipation
prashant r      [ 2009-12-02 ]
nice work god bless who design this website thank u
Dilip Okate      [ 2009-12-01 ]
Pls some train start from ghatkopar to CST, Between 8.30 Am To 10.00 Am And 18.00 Pm To 19.30 Pm On Daily Basis
Mahesh      [ 2009-11-30 ]
Great. Can fare table for all classes also be put online.
R. Hariharan      [ 2009-11-29 ]
How do we find out the taxi fare from Mumbai to Nasik? Is there a page in your site? Or any contact numbers. Thank you.
Manish Katira      [ 2009-11-28 ]
Good Site ... Helpful ...
PRAVIN RAUT      [ 2009-11-28 ]
mahendra bhanushali      [ 2009-11-28 ]
I am very disappointed because of low frequency between Badlapur and CST mumbai.Central Railway need to increase frequency between this.
poonam      [ 2009-11-28 ]
Please increase frequency between Badlapur to CST route and viceversa.Or extend ambernath local to badlapur.
t n shah      [ 2009-11-28 ]
very good appreciated .very helpful
Rohan      [ 2009-11-27 ]
can u increase the round of 12 car train in cenyral line at time of evening or rush timing
Siddharth Sohani      [ 2009-11-27 ]
Good job...Central Railway. Please increase the up & down local train frequency in Khopoli, Karjat and Badlapur route. So it will help to split the crowd and also everybody is satisfy with the travelling in local train. Or else start Thane to Badlapur, Thane to Karjat, Thane to Khopoli and Kalyan to Khopoli....short distance more trains to reduce the crowd.
Pranay Kakde      [ 2009-11-27 ]
Liked the job. That's really a nice work!
prem      [ 2009-11-27 ]
very good,please a/c bus from vasant vihar Thane to mumbai[mantralaya] when start
sachin potdar      [ 2009-11-26 ]
Can we do something about the width of fly over bridge at every. it is really mess when two trains at a time.
Raj Umrani      [ 2009-11-23 ]
Gr8 efforts!! Thnx
RIkita      [ 2009-11-23 ]
Superb work.....Nothing like this...gives all possible info on train timings. I love this site. Also highly recomended for all train travelles, Amazing work...Keep it upto date.
rohit pisal      [ 2009-11-22 ]
Please also provide the online delay time of trains notification so that there is awareness.
om ambulker      [ 2009-11-22 ]
nice work done by go4mumbai team. i would like to suggest one more facility that u can implement for all mobile user. it is not possible for everyone to get connected to internet or gprs, try to upgrade this helpful site on ngpay utility or some command interpreator(i.e. *111# with mobile subscriber) through which user can take help to search their trains.
chetan      [ 2009-11-21 ]
this is the nice way to track train timing . thanks for doin the goodwork .. hope that indian railways could have such kind of serivce
Saurabh Gokhale      [ 2009-11-20 ]
Thanks for the great effort. Itz highly appreciable; but can we get the same for western route also?
Yajneshwar Kanthappa Koti      [ 2009-11-19 ]
please start a train from dombivli to andheri via kopar line
samip sharad karpe      [ 2009-11-19 ]
Nice, Impressed. Very Useful site, Go Ahed
Vikram      [ 2009-11-19 ]
Hi..I think we should also have a route planner. Inputs : From station - To station. And it should give the connecting trains running on various lines.
Shamita sawant      [ 2009-11-17 ]
Excellent work
Nilesh Lovanshi      [ 2009-11-16 ]
It is really helpful. Travellers who wants to visit any unexpected station due to some work can take help from this side.
Bhushan Shirode      [ 2009-11-14 ]
this is really helpful for us
Trushant Bhavsar      [ 2009-11-14 ]
Excellent website Thankssssss
Narendra H. Gaikwad      [ 2009-11-13 ]
pls. increase the Fast trains in morning time from vikhroli station
Amitabh karmkar      [ 2009-11-13 ]
Please get rid off the old local trains. & increase more fast trains. Increase 1st class options please. Outstanding timing, great service, awesome performance. Thank you. But please look into those things please.
mamata      [ 2009-11-13 ]
Nice to see such user friendly site
Pushpendra      [ 2009-11-12 ]
ther is no train form Koper to westran side between 7 to 8 given time or so early or so late to travel
Parvez Shaikh      [ 2009-11-12 ]
Excellent, Fantastic, Superb, 5 Star Rated
vikas jindal      [ 2009-11-10 ]
excellent effort ........... for new people who r 1 time visting mumbai is very helpful web site
ajay      [ 2009-11-10 ]
thanks to providing the map of cst - kerjat
     [ 2009-11-07 ]
Please introduce more local train from CST-Ambarnath/Badalapur
Mandar Ovalekar      [ 2009-11-07 ]
Please also let us know the season tkt (monthly & quarterly) fares on the web site. Thanks
SHAHU      [ 2009-11-06 ]
Ajit Daule      [ 2009-11-06 ]
Nice website, but very few people konw about thise website so Publicity increse thise website
Sumathi      [ 2009-11-05 ]
there should be more frequence of trains between cst to belapur , panvel . Also direct trains that can halt at Turbhe station.
kuldeep singh rothan      [ 2009-11-04 ]
please harbour line Thane to Vashi time table should be changed in the morning time, first train goes 6.10. It is not right.many passanger get problem morning time,so I would like to say that first train should go 5.15 around from Thane to Vashi. Thanks
gaurav rikh      [ 2009-11-04 ]
great job done
Nitesh Baranwal      [ 2009-11-04 ]
Absolutely Nice Effort
Tejas      [ 2009-11-03 ]
what is the timing of first train from thane to vashi
MUKHTAR AHMED ANSARI      [ 2009-11-02 ]
Please increase ticket window at Byculla Station, platform No.1
Sushila      [ 2009-11-02 ]
Dahanu panvel - Re schedule the train timing at 8.30 am at kopar
Hemant D, Chaynakhawa      [ 2009-11-02 ]
Excellent work done......
Zeeshan Tungekar      [ 2009-11-01 ]
I would like to know the Railway route of Mumbai when British Rules in India. I mean the list of Railway Stations of Mumbai Local train at the time of British Raj. Thanks & Warm Regards Zeeshan Tungekar
vrushali      [ 2009-10-31 ]
Please extend the Diva vasai train upto vapi
sanjeev      [ 2009-10-31 ]
We all are progressing together. yes we must imphesis on a common man's requirement to be taken care on internet, like this site....highly appereciable and impressive.
anisha bhatia      [ 2009-10-31 ]
gr8 job.. Keep it up..
Vinay Sharma      [ 2009-10-30 ]
Excellent Job...
Ashwin shetty      [ 2009-10-30 ]
please increase frequency of trains to badlapur.
Laxmikant Patnayak      [ 2009-10-30 ]
Thank you for put this time table in web increase trian between cst to badlapur it is very diffcult
Rohan Khambekar      [ 2009-10-30 ]
plz increase d number of trains from CST-KARJAT/KHOPOLI...!!!!
Yogita Rane      [ 2009-10-30 ]
Plz, increase no of train CST-AMBERNATH,BADLAOUR rute
Prashant      [ 2009-10-30 ]
Madhukar Mahore      [ 2009-10-30 ]
Presentt FOB at Thane Station towards Kalyan ends which is starts from S.T. Depot ends at Kopri side if above FOB access to Platform No.3,4 & 5,6 then passenger will not cross railway track who is coming from Cidco Bus stop side.
Bhagyashree mohite      [ 2009-10-29 ]
Please increase the trains (slow + fast) in the morning and evening (during peak hours) to Badlapur
Bhagyashree Mohite      [ 2009-10-29 ]
The ladies special train should be started from Badlapur
Harshada PAtil      [ 2009-10-29 ]
Ambernath trains should be run to and from Badlapur. This will really save lot of time taken by BAdlapur commuters
sunil ghoderao      [ 2009-10-29 ]
plz increes lokal fast train from dadar to dombivli in between 10 pm to 11 pm
Sanjay Joshi      [ 2009-10-29 ]
Very good guide for outsiders to plan their travel.
Mufti Asadullah      [ 2009-10-28 ]
It is excellent step to make the journey easy in both BEST & Railway. But the problem is that swiped machines are found OUT OF SERICE in very much station. The railway management should take care of it.
Prasad shetty      [ 2009-10-28 ]
very good information keep it updating too thanks buddy
RAMESH KULKARNI      [ 2009-10-28 ]
pl resotre cancelled trains on sunday from ambernath at 10.45 & 11/34
chawla gul      [ 2009-10-27 ]
Please note that only two train running from vashi to that between 18.00 to19.00 hrs. Thanks
Surabhi Joshi      [ 2009-10-27 ]
Please delay the timings of thane to panvel train by 10 minutes,that reaches Koperkhairane at 6:07pm. There are many reliance employees who cant catch that train.
TK Ramani      [ 2009-10-26 ]
please increase frequency of Thane/CST during 9am and 11 am otherwise it is well maintained service.
Bharat Rane      [ 2009-10-26 ]
Very good Service. Thank you. Pls Incerese fast Trians
ajinkya pawar      [ 2009-10-25 ]
what is the monthly best full pass of whole mumbai? that is it should work in mumbai thane and navi mumbai where best buses works
Jayesh K.Chaudhari      [ 2009-10-25 ]
Pls note down that Railway T.C not allowed this card they suggested that use Railway pass only so we are in trouble to use this Go Pass or not
Babulal Shahu      [ 2009-10-24 ]
Very Good website.
ATUL      [ 2009-10-24 ]
Hight apprreciable.efforts to create such portals....keep on posting new TIPs & suggestion.
kerman      [ 2009-10-23 ]
i travel from vashi to andheri everyday in the morning is there any direct train from panvel to andheri from 8am in the morning
Shailesh Jha      [ 2009-10-23 ]
Please ask govt. to start train from Kalyan to churchgat via Vasai.
Prabhat Kiran      [ 2009-10-23 ]
I don't live in Mumbai, but this site has helped me a lot during my occasional visits to the city. Even my relatives in Mumbai sometimes refer to the timings. Please keep up the good work, and keep providing accurate data.
Gnyanendra      [ 2009-10-23 ]
Best website that I have seen, till date, for this purpose. Good keep it up !
Krishna      [ 2009-10-22 ]
Kindly increase the frequency of andheri to panvel train and also fast trains till vashi
satish singh      [ 2009-10-21 ]
please suggest time table of local trains on sunday from ghatkoper to koparkhairane
krishnan      [ 2009-10-20 ]
Please add more train between 8 am to 10 am from vashi to kurla
ManThan      [ 2009-10-20 ]
Really Good!!! Piece of information Just as i wanted
Gurunath Chaudhary      [ 2009-10-20 ]
Try to increase Panvel to CST train frequency and also start Panvel to Kurla train in peak hours to minimise hug rush......
Joel      [ 2009-10-19 ]
Really helpful site. Thanks A ton!! :D
Amir khan      [ 2009-10-17 ]
Plz tel me time for train from byculla to panvel in morning
Elyas      [ 2009-10-16 ]
Thanks team. The shedule is very helpful to me.
Sunil Sawant      [ 2009-10-16 ]
plz halt at least one fast local at Bhandup station between 6.30 PM to 7.20 PM
Lalit Patel      [ 2009-10-14 ]
Well developed site. It helps me a lot. Thanks to team.
Gourav Sahu      [ 2009-10-14 ]
Very nice and valuble effort:)
Celestine rozario      [ 2009-10-14 ]
Great site.Increase no. of central trains like western.
nikul thakkar      [ 2009-10-13 ]
very helpfull website thanks for good effort
SATISH CHOUDHARY      [ 2009-10-13 ]
ADITYA RAMAMURTHY      [ 2009-10-13 ]
Mahesh Dhake      [ 2009-10-13 ]
Very good site i like it
Dharmesh Raja      [ 2009-10-12 ]
very good effort...highly appreciated
subhashshelar      [ 2009-10-11 ]
Plz encrease the no of train on thane to vashi & extend to thane train to kalyan juntion.
Meetesh Singh      [ 2009-10-09 ]
1st Local from Mumbai leaves at 4:05am and last is at around 12:30am so there is no train for more than 4 hours, I think there should be atleast few trains during that time say 1 in each hour
Amit Savant      [ 2009-10-07 ]
Please increase the frequency of Thane -Vashi train
narendra.choudhari      [ 2009-10-07 ]
plz make onlinne facility to renew pass & e purse for card users
ketan shinde      [ 2009-10-06 ]
it's very easy to find timining of railways!!! really appreciate!!!!
Debashish Roy      [ 2009-10-06 ]
please increase frequency of tains to/from kasara/asangaon/titwala - mumbai cst
Rishi      [ 2009-10-06 ]
please start trains from Hiranandani(powai) to Wadala Direct...fast train...asap
PRASHANT G      [ 2009-10-05 ]
Santosh Manjrekar      [ 2009-10-04 ]
Really good website!!!
vipul      [ 2009-10-03 ]
This website is just great and very helpful !!
Naresh Mhaskar      [ 2009-10-02 ]
Please Increase the train between Badlapur to Mumbai
Adwait Dhondye      [ 2009-10-02 ]
Please increase the Number of trains in peak hours on Dombivli - CST route.
AJAY KATE      [ 2009-10-01 ]
Jeevan      [ 2009-09-30 ]
i liked this site.It gives good information.keep it updating up to date
KOCHUNARAYAN KAVIL      [ 2009-09-29 ]
RAHIM PATHAN      [ 2009-09-28 ]
Pleas increase ticket windows at kurla station each and every time rush there.
Pruthviraj Rahane      [ 2009-09-28 ]
ATVM at Sanpada East is Not yet functional.
karan sadawana      [ 2009-09-27 ]
gr8 site very helpful........................... thanx a keep up the good work
HARISH S SHETTY      [ 2009-09-26 ]
JOY YOHANNAN      [ 2009-09-26 ]
Sanket Korgaonkar      [ 2009-09-25 ]
Thanks for providing the easy way of getting information about trains
sachin paratwar      [ 2009-09-24 ]
thanks good site Regards Sachin
Arvind Kadam      [ 2009-09-23 ]
kindly provide the time table of train from Vasai to Diva
Chaitanya      [ 2009-09-23 ]
thanks a lot.This has helped me a lot
Kapil Apte      [ 2009-09-22 ]
pls increase the train in morning time vis CST to BELAPUR
Gaurav Mehta      [ 2009-09-21 ]
Pls start Dombivli fast locals during peak hours
sweety      [ 2009-09-19 ]
Please increase some trains in badlapur, UP & DOWN
amu george      [ 2009-09-11 ]
i want to the timetable of fast trains to CST (Central railway) halting in mulund station.i want to travel from mulund to byculla in the morning and vise-versa in the evening. there is a lot of crowd in trains, so that i can come earlier in the morning to catch the train, currently i come in 8am train which is really crowded in the morning. pls help out for the same.
nilesh hiwale      [ 2009-09-01 ]
good god bless u all
Arindam Banerjee      [ 2009-08-29 ]
I really appreciate the owner of the site for making such a wonderful effort. The page design of the website can be hugely improved.
Jeetu Chachra      [ 2009-08-25 ]
Impressed ...... good work .... keep updating info .....
Ritesh vaswani      [ 2009-08-24 ]
Excellent work
halim shaikh      [ 2009-08-24 ]
please arange the smart card machine at govandi (east) near station booking office
sandeep Kazgiwale      [ 2009-08-18 ]
Please increse harbour line trains
Vijay Dofe      [ 2009-08-17 ]
its a very helpfull site for the mumbaikars., pls forward central rail (local) latest time table to the above e-mail...
chintan      [ 2009-08-17 ]
please refill the ink of coupon validating machine at mulund station.
K K Nair      [ 2009-08-16 ]
There are number of professional colleges(Engg,Pharmacy & Management) in Navi Mumbai from Airoli to Panvel and thousands of students travels from Thane to reach colleges in the early mornings. Increase of direct Panvel trains will benefit these students a lot. Authorities may please look into this suggestion
Swati      [ 2009-08-14 ]
Plz increase some trains between nerul and cst during morning between 7.5-8.05 and during even ....between 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm
amol      [ 2009-08-14 ]
can u pls provide me diva-vasai train time table...urgent
Yogesh      [ 2009-08-14 ]
Excellent site -- gives perfect information of local trains
Simon Fernandes      [ 2009-08-14 ]
There should be more fast trains from Dadar between 8 pm and 9 pm for long distance like upto Kasara and Khopoli. There are only 2 fast trains in that hour one of which is upto Kalyan only
anant      [ 2009-08-13 ]
could u pls increase andheri - panvel train frequency ?
Pooja      [ 2009-08-12 ]
Really good one!!
Jashan      [ 2009-08-12 ]
Hi all, I came to mumbai very frequently and its really a great fun to travel by local train. I know it's very easy to say but for daily commuters it's very hard to travel for such a long duration and in a very crowded local's.
Piyush Katariya      [ 2009-08-11 ]
Too good work done... Really helps a lot
shankyjain      [ 2009-08-10 ]
plz increase no of trains between bhiwandi to cst direct.
Nilesh Lahurikar      [ 2009-08-09 ]
Yes, its a very good site, we can get lot of information abt railway. Good luck for future developement of the site and hopefully we will get regular updates.
sachin p      [ 2009-08-09 ]
very good! Excellent website Thanks
Vijay Raut      [ 2009-08-09 ]
Please increase the frequency of panvel-Dahanu train.Thanks.
azher khan      [ 2009-08-09 ]
pls increase the service in harbour line n cst to khapoli
amey patil      [ 2009-08-09 ]
Excellent work done by the website creator.... keep the good thing's up...
dipali Kharkar      [ 2009-08-08 ]
Excellent & useful website Thanks a lot
ShRiKaNT      [ 2009-08-07 ]
This is very helpfull for us. Corect time table of railway shown on than time nd thats very usfull for me nd that help to save my time table...,
Bhushan Sharad Patil      [ 2009-08-07 ]
RESPECTED SIR/MADAM, please bring more trains in between panwel and andheri.changing 1-2 locals in journey is quite troublesome! thank you
Darshan Salvi      [ 2009-08-06 ]
Please start fast train on harbour route
Rakesh Nagwekar      [ 2009-08-05 ]
Where do i do the refill for railways as i have it for best buses
dhananjay Jhawar      [ 2009-08-05 ]
Excellent website Thanks a lot :)
Manish      [ 2009-08-05 ]
Has it was job of central railway govt. but your team have done Excellent and wonderful job than our gov.
Shreenivas      [ 2009-08-04 ]
i am physically handicapped person ... what r bwnifits avilabel to mer & how to access those benifits
amol jadhav      [ 2009-08-04 ]
please increase the number of train from kalyan to karjat
abdulkader      [ 2009-08-04 ]
please increase the train between thane to vashi
Kanchan Shinde      [ 2009-08-04 ]
Central Railway should increase one more additional ladies coach for 9 car train. It is very dificult to catch train in peak period between 08am to 11am and 0530 pm to 0830pm
Sushil Tayal      [ 2009-08-03 ]
Most useful site on mumbai local trains.... If possible can add an option to show break journey as well, like a journey from say Vashi to Borivali showing route from Vashi --> Wadala --> Vadala --> Bandra --Change line --> Borivali... anyways a very good effort...
Jaikishan Dayma      [ 2009-08-03 ]
It Is Very Nise
DINKAR HEGDE      [ 2009-08-01 ]
Excellent and very much usfull. Thanks
sagun sawant      [ 2009-07-31 ]
There should be trains starting from DIVA Junction to C.S.T in the Pick time
Sunil Somnath Gawde      [ 2009-07-31 ]
Penalise all spitters in and around trains who spoil railways & society health
Sunil Somnath Gawde      [ 2009-07-31 ]
In new German trains, the shelves width is too small to accommodate commuters bags. Please increase by at least 6 inches.
abhimanyu patil      [ 2009-07-30 ]
pl. increase Panvel- CST nos of the train also increase panvel-thane train
amit agarwal      [ 2009-07-29 ]
Excellent website:
Rajiv Dhawan      [ 2009-07-29 ]
Excellent website. Format is also very good. Very user friendly.
manoj kumar v billa      [ 2009-07-29 ]
i wish to take railway pass starting from currey road to kurla via wadala but my college at wadala whats the procedure to take pass please help me and comment your answer on my e-mail
Hitesh Jain      [ 2009-07-26 ]
Please exess these site on mobile also, or provide some other better site for mobile net
Chetan Gangadhar Shinde      [ 2009-07-26 ]
Very efficient site,tthe effort is highly appreciated.Keep it up.
Abhijit Vyas      [ 2009-07-26 ]
Excellent site for local time table i like it. Plz Add timing of trains from mumbai to pune / nasik
chetan      [ 2009-07-24 ]
try to change the fans of all the compartment the people who travell inside they had big problem
Vishal Ghodke      [ 2009-07-24 ]
very good effort...highly appreciated Would add more value if updatation about rains also added
Satish      [ 2009-07-24 ]
Very Informative site.Bookmarked it right on first visit.Hats off to the site makers.
SANDIP S. PARADKAR      [ 2009-07-24 ]
Out of the Total Trains travelling from CST to Khopoli during a day, around 47 trains travels to Ambernath while around 49 trains travels to Badlapur, Karjat & Khopoli. The average margin for ambernath people are 15 minutes while for Badlapur people it is 35 minutes in a day, whereas Kalyan to Titwala & Badlapur train takes same time. Why so much discrepancy? Pls. increase the trains from Badlapur at 3 am to 5 am & from CST to Badlapur at 3 to 5 p,m.
Sita      [ 2009-07-23 ]
User friendly site...really appreciate the efforts put in...
ANANTH      [ 2009-07-22 ]
chetan      [ 2009-07-21 ]
sheetal patil      [ 2009-07-20 ]
Pls arrange some routh from borivali to belapur....
Paurnima Pingle      [ 2009-07-20 ]
Please increase the size of ladies first class compartment. and please increase the new trains on badlapur route.
v.o.jose      [ 2009-07-20 ]
thanks .its wonderful.I got my job done
Prashant Surve      [ 2009-07-20 ]
I was looking for western railway time table, but couldn't find on your site. Overall good efforts you have put in to make this website. Thanks
Mustafa Taher Sunelwala      [ 2009-07-19 ]
website is very good. Pls.try to increase the trains to asangaon and kasara
Hiren Patel      [ 2009-07-19 ]
Plz. increase the nos. of fast train from Dombivali to CST in pick hours.
sagar haldankar      [ 2009-07-19 ]
Good job Dude
Ashish Jain      [ 2009-07-18 ]
Excellent information provided. Quite useful to Mumbaikars.
Santosh Kamoli      [ 2009-07-18 ]
Simply Superb....Nice site to get help for trains timing..especially Central sie..Good Effort. Thanks
suruchi      [ 2009-07-18 ]
zank you!!! :D something civilized in this city!
pankaj mathuria      [ 2009-07-17 ]
start the local train every 15 minute from andheri to dhanu
urmila Tikam      [ 2009-07-17 ]
Pls increase the train from CSt to Badlapur as there the frequency is very less. during evenign hrs - many people have to leave the train because of this rush and as thane trains are there but then also many peopel travel through this train as this people travel and make unwanted rush so we people what we will do????
Perumal konar      [ 2009-07-16 ]
It is very very useful to me and others.because whenever and wherever we get timing of the train to go anywhere.thank you mumbai railway
rasika wadke      [ 2009-07-14 ]
Very useful site for Mumbaikars
vinay shukla      [ 2009-07-14 ]
atleast one train from mumbai_cst to virar in evening,so passenger can not change the train at andheri,dadar,
Mili Airen      [ 2009-07-14 ]
Good website. Getting quick information on trains
noel      [ 2009-07-14 ]
As the crowed is increasing day by day why double decker trains are not introduced like fyling rani
Manish      [ 2009-07-13 ]
Realy appreciate the effort taken.... Thanks for this site... kindly help the western travellers also.
SANDIP S. PARADKAR      [ 2009-07-13 ]
Pls. increase the no. of trains on Badlapur to CST route in morning 3 am to 5 am & CST to Badlapur in evening 3 pm to 5 pm.
Pramita Athikary      [ 2009-07-12 ]
Really good site with correct information.
सुशा&#      [ 2009-07-11 ]
काय सुंदर कल्पना आहे, खुप आनंद झाला तुमची साईट पाहून ... आणि मदत सुध्हा भविष्यात आणखी काहीतरी कराल आमच्यासाठी अशी अपेक्षा ठेवतो (अशीच कार्य करा आशीर्वाद मिळोत )
Nikhil Jain      [ 2009-07-10 ]
Seamless effort & a sincere step to bring the suburban timetable online. Helped me a lot. Keep it up & Thanks a lot.
Dilavar      [ 2009-07-10 ]
Required time table of Diva to Roha passanger train.
narendra      [ 2009-07-10 ]
plz make this go card online recharge
Parag Shah      [ 2009-07-10 ]
Can u check feasibility for uploading Mumbai -Pune railway timetable
Sunil Patil      [ 2009-07-09 ]
please make halt for fast train on Diva Junction
r. s chawla      [ 2009-07-09 ]
superb...... regards.
Ameya Gadre      [ 2009-07-09 ]
Nice Website...It will help the commuters a lot.
Ajay Dalvi      [ 2009-07-07 ]
Excellent,very good effort... Pls Add Nerul Thane time table
namrata      [ 2009-07-06 ]
good website it really helps
Mahendra Misale      [ 2009-07-04 ]
Pls start train from kalyan to Belapure
Abhinay      [ 2009-07-04 ]
Please update enquiry number for local trains....who can answer whether trains are running or not during monsoon
H K SHETTY      [ 2009-07-04 ]
please increase no. of train on vasai-panvel belt and also make morning train 7.25 to start at 6.45 am which will help office and college going people.
VIJAYKUMAR BHOITE      [ 2009-07-01 ]
I loVe This
Akshay Patil      [ 2009-06-28 ]
Excellent website..
Bharat Bedmutha      [ 2009-06-27 ]
S.G. MANIKANDAN      [ 2009-06-27 ]
please increase panvel andheri local train service between 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Mandar Mallap      [ 2009-06-21 ]
the train services betwwen panvel and dahanu can run lot faster with much better frequencies. The signals are manual as of now. The train halts for really long once at vasai and virar. I was quite bored travelling on one such from dombivli to boisar
Sachin Kadam      [ 2009-06-21 ]
Really good and informative site. It will be really good if you could also give the BEST buses route and the first and the last bus time with the frequency of buses. Best Wishes.
S.K.Puri      [ 2009-06-20 ]
Great,somebody had thought of it. It is so simple to get all the desired information about central local railways on this site. SALUTE to those who conceived the idea. This is perhaps the only site
Amit Gupta      [ 2009-06-19 ]
Request the RPF and Railway authority to please monitor the Culprits of First class Seats Cover cutters. Make all the Kalyan Locals of 12 car Rakes.
Nikhil Shirgaonkar      [ 2009-06-19 ]
Superb site no word 4 it excellent work for humanity. Moreover i wud like to suggest please try to add ticket fare to the site it ll b more informative
Bhushan      [ 2009-06-18 ]
Its very useful to know instant with complete details.
Dilip S. Baing      [ 2009-06-17 ]
Thanks for providing this facility. it is very useful to every person.
Govind Tripathi      [ 2009-06-17 ]
Very good and handy website. keep going!!!
Nakul Bipin Gandhi      [ 2009-06-16 ]
Well done buddy! Keep up the good work!
Sheela R.      [ 2009-06-16 ]
Please ensure that the time gap between two trains on the harbour line should not exceed more than 5-7 minutes during peak hours i.e. 7.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. For e.g.now panvel to CST is scheduled at 9.28 a.m. and the next train from Panvel/Belapur is at 9.43 which accounts approx. 15 minutes which is really inconveniencing.
Tanveer Momin      [ 2009-06-14 ]
Hi,kindly increase frequency from Bhiwandi to Kopar Station,appreciated for cuurent frequency .
Paritosh      [ 2009-06-11 ]
The way you have made all 12 cars to titwala, same way you make all 12 cars to Karjat also. It my request Thanks PARITOSH
Priti      [ 2009-06-11 ]
Dear Sir, It was nice to see the full information on the site. Thanks a lot ...I am regular traveller of WR / CR many a time there are soo many Gens / boy vendor in the ladies ....why these people are allow to travel in ladies compartment ...could you manage to stop to travell even this vendor and bagger in ladies compartment.. Many a time we have notice during down track in the morning vendor like fisher women (With empty basket), vegetable / flower etc travell in the ladies compartment ..on question why you travel in ladies compartment when govt have given a spl ladies compartment as laugges......just kept quiet and informed next stop i will get down but the when here stop come then only get down.....please see that this type of vendor should be stop ASAP Thanking you
santosh dubal      [ 2009-06-11 ]
thanks for ur very useful service.
Manohar Cherala      [ 2009-06-10 ]
Please keep proper maintainance of INDICATORS in almost all stations.
Rajendra Bhurke      [ 2009-06-10 ]
Please start more locals on karjat to CST & CST to karjat khopoli at morning 7.00am to 8.00am and evening 4.30pm to 6.30pm
sumita shinde      [ 2009-06-10 ]
please increase no of train to long distance - badlapur, asangaon, ambernath and titwala
Manoj Inamdar      [ 2009-06-10 ]
Dear Sir, Pls Start trains from Ambernath to Churchgate as its very complected to travel by changing trains... Thanks & Regards Manoj. Inamdar
Sumanta      [ 2009-06-09 ]
Kudos!! Wonderful work.
Sanjay Kosale      [ 2009-06-08 ]
Good job.......
shivaji choudhar      [ 2009-06-07 ]
mumbai local is very good service but need and care fully work in relway police.
VIVEK RAGUNATH PARAB      [ 2009-06-07 ]
Rajendra Khandekar      [ 2009-06-05 ]
It's a really helpful...Thanks for help
Chettiappan      [ 2009-06-05 ]
Good Work..
kritika      [ 2009-06-05 ]
plz,increase slow train between khopoli and CST.
Vivek Patil      [ 2009-06-05 ]
Now, No tension In Mumbai local by using these site
Pravin      [ 2009-06-01 ]
Very good effort. Really very helpful information.
vishal chaskar      [ 2009-05-31 ]
plz, increase the no. of train on boisar- dombivali routh.
anil D      [ 2009-05-29 ]
Pls.very good time table Pls. increase Cst To Kasara & Kasara To Cst. Train (Minimum onces In 1 Hour
Farid      [ 2009-05-29 ]
Good,helpful,highly appreciable
sandesh      [ 2009-05-29 ]
pls stop all kokan trains on bhandup station
Dayanand Redekar      [ 2009-05-27 ]
Pls increase the fast Train frequency & send the train on right time
sanjay Markale      [ 2009-05-26 ]
Rly timetable is very very useful. I would like to suggest that make this time table available on mobile so that this can be used at travelling or from reaching to station. give the facility to update the timetable time to time.
NILESH VINOD DEVARE      [ 2009-05-25 ]
Very much helpful specially at 4 am before u leave the office.
Nilesh Bhosale      [ 2009-05-24 ]
For all the line each train must have to have at list 12 cotch. Its to hard to travel by over crowded 9 cotch trains.
dr.kunal shah      [ 2009-05-23 ]
gr8 and systematic website.thanx
Deepak Gala      [ 2009-05-22 ]
very very useful site,Thanxxxx
Gauri N. Samant.      [ 2009-05-22 ]
very much useful
ANUR RANDER      [ 2009-05-22 ]
gopish prasad      [ 2009-05-18 ]
Lovely site.good for commuters and specially for people who dont know how to travel properly by trains.Perfect timings are given
ashwini      [ 2009-05-18 ]
Its very useful.complimentary work.nice.
Debopriyo      [ 2009-05-18 ]
Hi I have an interview in Andheri East on 23rd May 09. I shall be arriving at Lokmanya tilak stn by Gyaneswari. I have to catch a train to Delhi from CST . How to reach CST from Andheri East ?? Pl. help Regards
ganesh mhatre      [ 2009-05-18 ]
introduce new trains between thane-kalyan/titwala/ambarnath during peak hours:8.00am to 10.00am and 6.00pm to 8.00pm As due to thane vashi locals there is too much rush at thane at these hours.
Dinesh Jadhav      [ 2009-05-18 ]
My name is Dinesh Jadhav. I stay at Badlapur. I'm working in BMC at CST and i always have to reach there at 6.30 am. in the morning. So have to catch the Karjat train which comes at 4.17 am. at Badlapur. After that there is no other train available in between 4.17 AM to 5.07 AM. If we coudn't catch the karjat train which comes at 4.17 am at Badlapur, then we cannot reach to our jobs. Many people are facing the same problem like me. So i request you to please make an arrangement for one train in between 4.17 am to 4.45 am from Badlapur. We would appreciate if you make available a FAST TRAIN at 4.30 am from BADLAPUR. We expect a fast action from you.Thank you very much. Waiting for your reply.
farooq shaikh      [ 2009-05-16 ]
please start more locals from C.S.T to Borivili
rishav      [ 2009-05-15 ]
There is a direct train b/w belapur and andheri... which runs a few times in a day.. anyway a good website.. helpful
Santosh M. Bharekar      [ 2009-05-15 ]
please increase the no of train between panvel to thane and vashi to thane incease the frequency 10 min.
Trupti      [ 2009-05-14 ]
Great!!! very help full especially when we have to leave in odd time other than routin time .... Thnaks...
SUNIL N PATIL      [ 2009-05-14 ]
Plz increase no. of CST - Kasara local train.as wel as Bhusawal - Mumbai,Mumbai-Bhusawal passanger.
KUNAL SANSARE      [ 2009-05-14 ]
Very Useful Site
S.G.SHINDE      [ 2009-05-14 ]
Plz, increase the no of train on CST-BADLAPUR routh
RAJESH      [ 2009-05-12 ]
Ansari Nasim      [ 2009-05-12 ]
Excellent Work done by go4mumbai website but still lot to be done in all sectors like western,central and especially harbour
Pratik Dalmia      [ 2009-05-11 ]
Please increase the no of direct trains to Panvel from Andheri. Now we have a train in every 1 hour please make it a train in every half hour.
Reshma Fernandes      [ 2009-05-11 ]
Great JOb!!!! If you could update with the fare details from one station to other it would be of great help. Thanks
Start      [ 2009-05-10 ]
pls start ac trains as it is very hot this summer
Sagar Redkar      [ 2009-05-08 ]
Please give shedule of best buses i.e. 1st bus & last bus on the website
Zaran Dhulla      [ 2009-05-08 ]
Gr8 work. We can take this thing to 1 step ahead by starting / Making Application for Mobile users, so that we can get real time status of Trains on our mobile direct. This will be very helpful. I know that you people have to face challenges regarding the different OS for mobile. But you can all ways make this App in JAVA 'Cause all the handset (almost) are JAVA - Enabled. Waiting for the App to launch. Thanks & Regards, Zaran Dhulla
Mrs. Parab      [ 2009-05-07 ]
i newly shifted to Kalwa. i found this website... i am so happy now i hv exact timing of trains. Thanks a lot:)
Ramesh Dabhade      [ 2009-05-06 ]
Plz increase the no of train between wadala to andheri/bandra. There is 15-17 minutes gap between two trains.
Ramesh Dabhade      [ 2009-05-06 ]
Plz increase the no of train between Panvel to CST. There is more gap between 2 trains in the morning. Plz increase the train between 8:33 to 9:oo am clock. Because it time is rush time.
Sumit nimbalkar      [ 2009-05-05 ]
Its really nice but if u can add still other routes such as kokan railway site, then it will be mindblowing
Saptarshi      [ 2009-05-04 ]
Excellent effort has gone into creating this website. However, while the domain says go4mumbai, many of the descriptors (like in the disclaimer) continue to refer to sindhunagar. Would also like to see the Western line data made available. All the best!
Parag Date      [ 2009-05-03 ]
Please increase the number of trains on CST-Khopoli, Dadar Khopoli route.
Swapnil Kharade      [ 2009-05-03 ]
Please increase the no. of trains CST-Asangaon route
Kirti      [ 2009-05-03 ]
please start the fast trains from Dombivli - CST on Platform No. 4, there is a facility of crossing the track.
Gokul Tiwade      [ 2009-05-02 ]
Very thankful for the website. Its really very needful for us. Thnx again.
vinay nangrani      [ 2009-05-02 ]
please upload new timetable of thane-nerul route and increase the no. of kasara,asangaon trains
sanjeev bidi      [ 2009-05-01 ]
A Very well made site ,Congrats for Great effort
meenakshi Jain      [ 2009-04-28 ]
Please provide information regarding western railway too. Thanks in advance.
Purva      [ 2009-04-28 ]
Very informative site. thanks a lot.
Sandesh      [ 2009-04-28 ]
Excellent website. Should also have Western railway timetable.
Jimit Vora      [ 2009-04-27 ]
Plz upload western railway time-table also
Payal      [ 2009-04-27 ]
Kindly increase the train from Andheri to vashi, and is there any train from andheri to vashi at 6.00am???????
Shailendra      [ 2009-04-27 ]
Gr8 effort. In abscence of hard copy of local time table one can easily get the local times. It helped me a lot Thanks Shailendra Kalyan.
Parag Date      [ 2009-04-26 ]
Please starts the all khopoli trains of 12 coach. It is confirtable for people.
vijay      [ 2009-04-26 ]
There are not trains going to Kasara between 7 to 8.00 AM. The frequency of Kasara trains should be minimum 45 minutes.
imtiyaz      [ 2009-04-26 ]
Plz repair u r smart card vending machine at all station all u r machine are not workiing
shweta mhatre      [ 2009-04-25 ]
Excellent efforts. But will be more pleased if the trains from kopar to panvel will be increased during peak hours.
PRADYUT SUNIL ROY      [ 2009-04-25 ]
I requested to kindly increase local trains between Kalwe & CST during peak hours i.e. between 8.00 am to 10.30 am & at evening. additional to slow locals get semi fast locals also. Its very tough to get in locals during peak hours. Their is a quite a gap between two locals during peak hours from 8.45 to 10.30 am. Pl. do the needful at the earliest. Regards, P.S. Roy (M) 9221146064
Sanket      [ 2009-04-24 ]
It is very good site.It gives all information about all local trains.
Sagar      [ 2009-04-23 ]
Superb .. n damn amazing website to knw the trains time thnx a lot...
seema      [ 2009-04-23 ]
Please upload western railway time table also
Puneet Gupta      [ 2009-04-22 ]
Awesome Site.. keep it up guys..
senthilnathan      [ 2009-04-22 ]
guide me to go andheri from thane (at 1 pm)
PRIYA KURUP      [ 2009-04-21 ]
If possible pls keep ladies special upto Ambernath due peak hours
Sayali      [ 2009-04-18 ]
Very Helpful web site for Train Journy@!.....
Manoj Chhablani      [ 2009-04-17 ]
Please convey this message to Cental railyway authority to please increase the trains in Shahad-CST route i.e kasara-CST belt.
sachin wakchaure      [ 2009-04-16 ]
I am regualr user of Go-Mumbai Card. There are number of Pay and parking in all over mumbai specially in Navi Mumbai which is on hourly basis. Can gomumbai provide such facilities where customer wil swip his card before and after leaving station with this vehicle and correct amount will charge to his
kumar      [ 2009-04-16 ]
please include the timetable for WR as well.
Dayanand Niddodi      [ 2009-04-15 ]
Please increase the freequecy of vasai panvel trains. This could be the spine route for the all western, central and harbour railways.
Rahul Srivastava      [ 2009-04-12 ]
very very good site.very useful information provided.
Shirish Tamhane      [ 2009-04-12 ]
please reschedule KHOPOLI-KARJAT-KHOPOLI shuttle departing from KJT at 08.00 Hrs instead 08.15 Hrs presently departing from KJT.
Shailesh Ingole      [ 2009-04-11 ]
When We can expect to get increased fast local train frequency on central line. thanks
neelesh      [ 2009-04-10 ]
plz arrange for some more trains in central railway as their is too much of rush
Shyam Chandragiri      [ 2009-04-09 ]
Good work. Thanks lot for your efforts.God bless you.
Santosh Malve      [ 2009-04-08 ]
Highly useful site for a railway commuter on a go. Nice effort! Thanx
aashish.jain      [ 2009-04-08 ]
Please include western local time table.
Nagorao      [ 2009-04-08 ]
Need to start trains Between Dombivili & Badlapur to reduce load on other trains
Amit Parmar      [ 2009-04-08 ]
Effort highly appreciated. Very useful site. Also if you can create pocket sixe shedule for all lines will be very useful off line.
sunil      [ 2009-04-07 ]
Plz increse the trian from khopoli to kalyan 00.30
Girish Oak      [ 2009-04-06 ]
Excellent job...much needed. keep it up
Nilesh barge      [ 2009-04-05 ]
Please do something to start the train from thane to vashi in early morning atleast from 05 am onwards.
DINESH JADHAV      [ 2009-04-04 ]
ravindra joglekar      [ 2009-04-03 ]
Very effective website developed. its an amazing place where any one can get idea about his travel very systmaticaly
MAHENDRA BHANUSHALI      [ 2009-04-01 ]
This is my request to Central Rail for increase of frequency between Badlapur to Mumbai CST, CST Mumbai to Badlapur. Or Extend Ambernath Local to Badlapur.Because we suffer huge problem of frequency.
ateet      [ 2009-04-01 ]
Please upload western railway timings
saiprasad      [ 2009-03-31 ]
Very good
Rajshree      [ 2009-03-31 ]
Please start a direct train from Goregaon to Mankhurd.
Farhan Ansari      [ 2009-03-31 ]
Hi, i want to know more about go card. i cant enquire at railway counter bcoz the employees are not at all co-operative. so let me know via email.
kiran powale      [ 2009-03-30 ]
Plz, increase the no of train on CST-BADLAPUR routh
RAJU PATIL      [ 2009-03-30 ]
maroof      [ 2009-03-30 ]
Plz, increase the no of train on CST-BADLAPUR routh
rekha      [ 2009-03-30 ]
if the Go mumbai card can be recharged through internet through securied site like prepaid mobile it will be more helpful for the public.
Ritesh      [ 2009-03-28 ]
very good and useful information time table. please update western line also. thanks,
tushar p ladhe      [ 2009-03-26 ]
increase the no of train on CST- BADLAPUR
Ritesh Arya      [ 2009-03-26 ]
Please introduce more Badlapur to CST Trains infact I have a suggestion for railways even if you can extend atlist 60% of the Kalyan trains to Badlapur...travelling worries for the Badlapur residents will stop.
Rossario      [ 2009-03-26 ]
A very help full site.
satish patil      [ 2009-03-25 ]
very excellant web help to find out connacting train easy good.......
Vinod SAO      [ 2009-03-25 ]
There should be one additional train starting fron CBD Belapur between 08.08 to 09.00 hrs as it was earlier at 08:28. A AC coach in local train is of ardent need to combat the rush in road traffic which takes almost 2 hrs in heavey traffic and more congestion on the road amidst all around ongoing constructions of flyovers. We need to group together to raise the voice in appropriate forum. Pl do not hesitate to group together and file a representation before the Central Railway authorities. Thanks,
G.A.Jahagirdar      [ 2009-03-24 ]
very good there are no words to express as well as to explain
bharti      [ 2009-03-24 ]
Very useful website..thanks:)
sameer maru      [ 2009-03-22 ]
good work & helpful also Increase the no. of trains b/w Ghatkopar & Khadvali. Ae,Ae,Ae Badhale na yaar...
Yogesh Shinde      [ 2009-03-20 ]
Gr8...Thanks for making this site.
prasad gavankar      [ 2009-03-20 ]
very nice site......
vishwanath      [ 2009-03-20 ]
please change seats of 1 st class compartment since most of the corner seats are inclined and difficult to sit, people are getting back problem.
Shaheer Ahmed Shaikh      [ 2009-03-19 ]
very useful site. please add western line time table also.
Farhat khan      [ 2009-03-19 ]
Strictly take action against all beggar and all hijada at morning onwards they all are shouting sings a song and irritates the people please mumbai police and gov of maharastra
Binni      [ 2009-03-18 ]
Plz, increase the no of train on CST-BADLAPUR route
Sagar      [ 2009-03-17 ]
Pls add the timetable from Virar To Churchgate also
Nitin      [ 2009-03-17 ]
Amazing site. Maybe you can add the list of Asiad & MSRTC buses plying between Mumbai & other cities from Thane, Dadar, Borivili, etc.
Navin Poojari      [ 2009-03-16 ]
Thanks...........This will really help us a lot
Dhananjay      [ 2009-03-15 ]
hi, would like to appreciate this effort.... gr8 work! keep it up!
Debashis Mukherjee      [ 2009-03-15 ]
Kaash apna kolkata mein bhi aisa kuch hota. However a Wonderful effort
Raj      [ 2009-03-15 ]
Plz run a train from ULHASNAGAR atleast in morning rush hour.Also fob work at ULHASNAGAR is pending since last 3 years.Plz do it fast.
MINESH SHAH      [ 2009-03-13 ]
hemant      [ 2009-03-13 ]
this is sumthing really cool..
sandesh      [ 2009-03-13 ]
Highly appreciable Good job done but pls increase the no of trains at peak hours especially central route from kalyan to cst with 12 car trains
Abhay Naik      [ 2009-03-13 ]
Train from Andheri to Panvel coming to Khar at 09:53 hrs in the maorning stops on the Khar overbridge,before Mahim stn and wastes 5-7 minutes and we loose the connecting trains at Wadala.Please either change train timing or make it avoid these inbetween stops.This happens daily without fail. WHY ?
sonu      [ 2009-03-12 ]
im a user of go card it is gud but there is one disadvantage of it n tht is to find thr machine for swaping the card , thr shud b mre numbers of machines n 2 nd things is tht at ulhas station this counter is always close
Paul Fernandes      [ 2009-03-11 ]
Excellent job done. Can we have the same with regards to Western Railways?
Darshana Jadhav      [ 2009-03-10 ]
Very nice website. Please upload Western Railway Time Table also in same form
Parag Date      [ 2009-03-10 ]
Please do the survey of Karkat-Kasara line. It is easy way for transportation and other trains to run between Pune to Nashik.
Honey      [ 2009-03-10 ]
This website is very amazing because its given the whole trains time table which we can never get from other websites.thanks
JANAK DALAL      [ 2009-03-09 ]
very useful site. compliments.
arun sundar      [ 2009-03-09 ]
more trains from THANE to DADAR during rush hours.
Deven      [ 2009-03-09 ]
can we get rail bus pass from internet using go card ?
Hasumati Shah      [ 2009-03-07 ]
Titwala local train which comes at Shahad Station at 8.37am is complete slow local. We request you to make Fast local.
Lavanya Choudhary      [ 2009-03-06 ]
Very helpfull.Thank you,you are doing the great service to man kind,keep up the good work going
ashish jaiswal      [ 2009-03-06 ]
Very useful and authentic site. :)
harshada      [ 2009-03-06 ]
would love to see western railway timetable like this!
Ajay Shah      [ 2009-03-05 ]
Excellent work congratulation. Suggest also add buses time tables .Very good informative guide thankyou.
Suresh Warrier      [ 2009-03-05 ]
Informative and beautifully designed site.
Deepa      [ 2009-03-02 ]
Excellent...Thanks!!!! Also include Western Trains time....
Rohini      [ 2009-03-02 ]
Really helpful !!!!Excellent website !!!
Navin Kelra      [ 2009-03-01 ]
Excellent website.......go4mumbai really rocks
Ravi Raj      [ 2009-02-28 ]
Commendable Site Kudos yaar
Meenu      [ 2009-02-26 ]
sonal      [ 2009-02-26 ]
Increase size of ladies first class compartment
shahid      [ 2009-02-26 ]
Bus pass should be reduce. Govt should take action on candactor behaviour or stopping time on bus stand. bus driver always hurry to drive, he dont want to stay 1mints, people who in queue on bus stop they catch bus on runing way because bus driver & candactor not ready to stop bus & not ready to wait for passenger to climb on bus properly. in case this cases i saw people get stuck & fall down. be take care i am talking about running bus, i am talking about on bus stop, please make clear other they give us excuse which is not acceptable for local public, negativly it come to crises between passenger & bus authority , i hope my suggession will be acceptable. thanks
Govind      [ 2009-02-25 ]
please include the Western railway suburban timetable too
annu      [ 2009-02-25 ]
kindly increase the number of ladies First Class compartments as there are many lady passengers travelling everyday. Thanks.
Evlyn Francis      [ 2009-02-24 ]
Good work. thanks.
dinesh shetty      [ 2009-02-24 ]
Re charge booth at the MULUND(W) Rly Stn is closed since 1mnth.Request to reopen the booth .
sandhya kumar      [ 2009-02-24 ]
excellant effort, highly appreciated. very good effort. thanks for the whole team who put it together.
sukanya shettigar      [ 2009-02-23 ]
increas the slow train at after evening 6.00p.m.to ambernath station
Rohan      [ 2009-02-20 ]
please put western line time table....
Salim Khan      [ 2009-02-20 ]
Increase trains between Panvel to Andheri
Ashish      [ 2009-02-20 ]
Very nice site. I think railway also not capable to made such website. I think railway should appreciate this website.
Kiran      [ 2009-02-20 ]
very good information thanx to go4mumbai.com
kashyap      [ 2009-02-19 ]
where can we get list of central railway timetable for all the trains .. ??
R S Paranjape      [ 2009-02-19 ]
Central Railway should start some trains like shuttle service from Kalyan or Dombivali to Borivali.
Chetan      [ 2009-02-18 ]
Please provide railway time table in wap virsions for mobile viewers
Prabhu      [ 2009-02-18 ]
Very good efforts. Should have great applause . Help me to find the trains for many unknown timing.
vishesh      [ 2009-02-17 ]
thanks for creating a good website just advt. this webiste and it would be a popular website and also update WR timetable
     [ 2009-02-17 ]
Explain in Details of GO card(amount)
ANIRBAN A MITRA      [ 2009-02-17 ]
Udaykumar      [ 2009-02-16 ]
Please add something similar to this for Western Railway as well.
Mayank      [ 2009-02-13 ]
Gr8 work!! Please include the western line also .......
deepak      [ 2009-02-13 ]
gr8 effort........cool website
Milind Sawant      [ 2009-02-13 ]
one more panvel vasi reqd. for all workers who is working in bhiwandi one train reqd which is arrived at kopar near aroung 9.30 & one down train reqd. which is come around 6.30 p.m.
Sonali      [ 2009-02-12 ]
Your website rocks......:D
shah ketan      [ 2009-02-12 ]
Can you also introduce western railway timetable speically for virar people as many new train introduced
Rajeshwari Marikkannu      [ 2009-02-12 ]
Very useful and friendly website for newcomers of Mumbai
vishal k      [ 2009-02-10 ]
Thank you very much for the information you are giving. Only one suggestion I have is that, please mention whether a train is FAST OR SEMI-FAST. Thanx.
Wajahulkamar      [ 2009-02-08 ]
Please increas train for thane.
keanu      [ 2009-02-06 ]
Its superb but where is the western line time table?
Ritesh Kumar Jain      [ 2009-02-06 ]
Pls insert the timings of Panvel-Nerul-Thane TRains
pankaj      [ 2009-02-05 ]
This is something which can be stated as a worthy contribution for the betterment and ease of all the MUMBAIKARS....great job
santosh chaudhari      [ 2009-02-04 ]
I like your time table genaration system,,.. I have one suggestion for you,,.. please provide option for fast and slow trains.. so user can only see the time table of fast or slow train... it is very suitable for user to understand the difference between fast and slow trains times of trains.. Thanking You, santosh chaudhari
Anish Paulose      [ 2009-02-04 ]
this is a very useful website..grateful to those whose efforts are behind this thanx a lot..
Shital Shivale      [ 2009-02-03 ]
Please make same timetable for Pune to Dadar & Dadar to Pune
Hina Khan      [ 2009-02-03 ]
nice website please increase diva vasai trains
Rajas Raut      [ 2009-02-03 ]
Need dahanu panvel train in reverse direction also i.e. starting from Panvel in the morning and starting from dahanu in the late evening .
Satish R. Khatri      [ 2009-02-02 ]
Pls. increase more trains from CST To Borivali.
Anand      [ 2009-02-01 ]
Panvel-Roha local train,what is the status of the project.It is badly required.
vishnu dhirde      [ 2009-02-01 ]
pls. increase the no. of trains on asangaon & kasara rout
Bhanudas Shinde      [ 2009-02-01 ]
increase the no of 12 car train on CST-BADLAPUR routh and viceversa .Plz do the needful asap. thank u
Mangesh M Sawant      [ 2009-02-01 ]
Please increase Dahunu panvel train & also diva to vasai road train. Thanks 4 the panvel dahune train
preeti      [ 2009-01-31 ]
pls start local in evening peak hours from Kurla to Panvel. in between 7.00p.m to 8.00p.m. in morning Panvel to kurla at 8.45 a.m to 9.00a.m
preeti jain      [ 2009-01-31 ]
Pls increase number of seats in ladies first class. it is very pack in peak hours and most of the private offices are starting at 10.00 a,m not 9.30 a.m
manish chaturvedi      [ 2009-01-31 ]
plz, start the train from khopoli to panvel
umesh patekar      [ 2009-01-28 ]
This is a excellent work from you people. Thanks a Lot and what more to say.............
Hasmukh Panchal      [ 2009-01-28 ]
Good Work. Would like to request to upload more security tips for passengers. Also fraud practises should be highlighted.
PARESH      [ 2009-01-28 ]
Pls, add one train from dadar to badlapur at night 12.30 pm.
RAMESH KULKARNI      [ 2009-01-27 ]
MRS. PAULINE PINTO      [ 2009-01-27 ]
Thanks for increasing the local trains, particularly the 8.55 am local leaving from Kalyan, which has been converted into 12 car and for allotting the three coaches specially for ladies. which is a great relief. I am a regular commuter of this train from Kalwa. This local used to be very crowded and from yestrerday, I could notice the happiness (Khushi) in the faces of the regular commuters of this train, particularly from Kalwa, Mulund and Vikhroli. Thanks once again.
Pravin Mhatre      [ 2009-01-25 ]
Gr8 Website Central Railway Rocks
jagdish      [ 2009-01-23 ]
Nice website/ keep updating. Its very much useful.
mahendra jage      [ 2009-01-23 ]
plz upload the time table of mumbai &suburn local trains
Naim Naik      [ 2009-01-23 ]
plz increase frequency of trian from Vashi to CST during peak hours. Also appreciate the efoorts put in making this website
sujit jayswal      [ 2009-01-23 ]
Excellent website Thanks a lot :)
praful bhombe      [ 2009-01-21 ]
train no. 502 i.e. boisar to vasai road train extended upto diva
AMEY      [ 2009-01-19 ]
Very use ful site ... Please include western railway also... & publicise the website for knowledge of people...
KK      [ 2009-01-19 ]
Hi Friends, Thanks a lot for your wonderful effort. It's really very appreciable and helpful to all of us. Could you please include the Western railway timetable which would make your site the complete railway guide! This would be helpful to all of us and also to all the tourists! Thanks a ton!
SREERAM SUNDARESAN      [ 2009-01-17 ]
Please increase the number of trains for halting at mulund station
Tarun Brijwani      [ 2009-01-16 ]
Dadho Sutho Kam Kayo Athava.
anubhav      [ 2009-01-15 ]
wonderfull site thanks to the creator
Swati      [ 2009-01-14 ]
I want a similar website for BEST Bus route
Priya      [ 2009-01-14 ]
Please increase the train services in bhiwandi route
Ashish Shenoy      [ 2009-01-10 ]
Please add 12 car fast trains from Dombivli to CST to and fro during morning and in the evenings peak hours....
Dheeraj      [ 2009-01-08 ]
Excellent, thanks to the team of Sindhunagar.com web.
Devesh R Dak wale      [ 2009-01-08 ]
It is a great site. Really helpful in all manner. Thanks a lot ! Keep it up.
kalpana      [ 2009-01-07 ]
Is there any direct train from Belapur-Vash-andheri? if it then plz tell me the time schedule of that trains.
Prashant Gupta      [ 2009-01-07 ]
Very nice effort, please upload western railway time table
Belinda      [ 2009-01-07 ]
The 1st class ladies compartment in central is just one small compartment. It too congested to travel in it. Please increase it. As the one in western trains is much bigger compared to central.
Meghal Bheda      [ 2009-01-06 ]
For bus travel do we get any concession in the rates or are the rates same that is paid in cash for the ticket
om      [ 2009-01-05 ]
The train is an excellent step and is a great thing done by railways. But many commuters like me travel from Dhanu to Rabale. If Railway introduces some trains from dhanu to thane then this would solve our problems a lot. This would reducethe travelling timealso. A kind request to railways.
Vinayak Prabhu      [ 2009-01-04 ]
Very good effort to set up online time-table.
Ravi Shirke      [ 2009-01-04 ]
It is just a superb web site. whoever has design this, must have spent lot's of efforts on this. Great job. Keep it up!!!. Regards, Ravi
Priya      [ 2009-01-03 ]
Hi,,,,can we please also have the same for western line???
jaideep      [ 2009-01-03 ]
Highly Commendable work
Santanu      [ 2009-01-02 ]
Please check andheri to panvel route. There are direct trains avalable from Panvel to Andheri and vice versa.
bipin patel      [ 2009-01-02 ]
very good. higly apprecited. if possible keep printable time table
rajendra      [ 2008-12-31 ]
is not showing time table for andheri to panvel harbour route. plz update.
atul      [ 2008-12-31 ]
kudos to you. keep it up.
Sudhir JOshi      [ 2008-12-30 ]
Its a very very usefull site Thank you very much.
Bharat      [ 2008-12-29 ]
Pls give all train for long route
Tushar      [ 2008-12-29 ]
Please start the similiar facility for Western Railway also.
J C Roy      [ 2008-12-28 ]
Please provide the Local Train Timetable in Western Rail side, to and from Church Gate. This is very URGENT.
Shyam Gupta      [ 2008-12-24 ]
Best website for mumbai local time table
vaishali rangankar      [ 2008-12-24 ]
i want time table panvel to dhanu & dhanu to panvel train time table
Sachin Jog      [ 2008-12-24 ]
now there are only few trains running between panvel-Vasai-Dahanu please increase the number of trains so it will avoid long travel vai dadar and most people will prefer the same.Now kopar stattion has started operational and dombivli_kalyan_Badlapur_Titwala_Karjat_Kasara people will save their time also.I am use to frequent travel because of my work to vasai.Plus In gujrath it will be most profitable people like us.who stay in dombivli and work in gujrath or vasai area.Use to daily down up
ASHWINI      [ 2008-12-24 ]
excellent website, pls increase tje no of train from dombivali to cst (mulund halt)
Gaurav Joshi      [ 2008-12-24 ]
Very Informative and User friendly site..Keep It Up !!
bhanudaas shinde      [ 2008-12-24 ]
plz provide me timetable badlapur, ambernath,karjat ,khopoli.
Mahindra S      [ 2008-12-23 ]
To Improve Services of Harbour line Kurla-Belapur train should be started, Plat form no 9 of Kurla should be used for this service.
Nitin Sharma      [ 2008-12-23 ]
Very Useful. Excellent Effort
Gaurav Patil      [ 2008-12-23 ]
Very Good website, which is very helpful.Also it helps the people who searching the details online.Thanks a lot......
Mangesh      [ 2008-12-23 ]
A great service to busy Mumbaikars
Umesh      [ 2008-12-22 ]
Its a excellent website.Thanks for the updated time table.It really helps
Rahul      [ 2008-12-22 ]
Hi, there is an information, while searching a train from Andheri to Belapur/Panvel, that there is no such direct train but in fact there are such few trains. There trains are running for more than a year or two. Please check & correct the information otherwise it'll mislead the people.
Santanu das      [ 2008-12-20 ]
Thanks for this awesome informative site. Its really wonderful.
MD NAIM AHMMED      [ 2008-12-20 ]
please provide the online time table for andheri-panvel harbour line train.also increase the frequency of train in panvel-cst line in the morning(7:09am-7:19am-7:30am).and inthe evening
Hardik      [ 2008-12-20 ]
Please update your records... we have dire ct trains from andheri to panvel. & need to to break at wadala rd.
Anil Murpani      [ 2008-12-20 ]
HIghly appreciate the efforts... Amazingly useful link for daily local train travellers.
Jai      [ 2008-12-19 ]
May be the look of the pages can be worked to add further appeal ...
poonam      [ 2008-12-18 ]
Since the crowd towards CBD Belapur / Panvel has considerably inceased, there needs to be more train to CBD/Panvel from CST rather than Mankhurd/Vashi - Since Thane/Panvel will start, the frequency from Chembur to CBD/Panvel ie CST /Panvel should also be more Thanks
Om      [ 2008-12-18 ]
Excellent work highy appretiate for the work done.
udaykumar      [ 2008-12-18 ]
Can we something similar for Western Railway as well.
paras      [ 2008-12-18 ]
please have western railyway time table just as others
milind phaddtare      [ 2008-12-17 ]
Please increase the trains from dahanu to panvel as a lot of peoples are working in vapi,valsad. Please do the needful. Keep the trains between 10 am to 8 pm both ends
NILESH ZABAK      [ 2008-12-17 ]
kunal      [ 2008-12-17 ]
Jast one word....superbbbb...work
Vincent Thomas      [ 2008-12-16 ]
really great job done.... giving us up-to-date information about trains....
Rajesh      [ 2008-12-15 ]
Good and update requlary
Nalini      [ 2008-12-15 ]
If there is any reservation for Neral to Matheran? Pls let us know.
alpana      [ 2008-12-15 ]
plases upload harbour railway time table
hardik adiyal      [ 2008-12-14 ]
good web by go4mumbai team member.
dinesh mehta      [ 2008-12-14 ]
pl star thane panvel train
ajay      [ 2008-12-14 ]
Nice & clean & efficient .Any chance of western railway timetable,
Trevor L C      [ 2008-12-14 ]
this train commute has certainly made it a comfort ride as the exsiting route was complicated and also it will make it easier for the elderly to travel...thanks to all who made this happen.
Gregory Rodrigues      [ 2008-12-13 ]
More trains in the morning time around 5:00 AM from Ambernath to CST
namrata      [ 2008-12-12 ]
please uplod westen trains
Vishakha. Shah      [ 2008-12-12 ]
please , frequency of Amdheri-MumbaiCST locals , at least a train at a 15min.
Dr. Parab      [ 2008-12-12 ]
Really helpfull and a great initiative,
Roshan      [ 2008-12-11 ]
Good Help........ Thanks.
Amol      [ 2008-12-11 ]
Good Work thanks a lot for the info
Sabir Laskar      [ 2008-12-11 ]
Very helpful..gud work..thanks
Kamal Nayan Dixit      [ 2008-12-11 ]
Absolutely Great Website for Mumbaikars. Hey could be include anything related for Local Train Fare.
ravindra bhat      [ 2008-12-10 ]
also include the link for ticket rates for 2nd class and 1st class.
Suwarankumar S. Adhav      [ 2008-12-10 ]
Please send this suggestion i.e. halting 9 car Suburban trains at earlier 9 rakeEMU halts - for SAFETY of all passengers boarding at Sandhurst Road (Low Level),Parel and Vidyavihar stations as they have exit on the SOUTH side only. This will prevent accidents and it is also previously suggested last year (2007)after introduction of NEW 12 rake EMU halts towards NORTH end of these platforms but no proper action implemented in this special cases practically.
Trupti Gandhre      [ 2008-12-10 ]
kindly increase the number of students from CST to Karjat
Anoop B Nair      [ 2008-12-09 ]
A very good knowledge base...kudos for an excellent force who are behind this effort :)
shashank shah      [ 2008-12-09 ]
Can I get the new time tabel with fare chart,so i can take that in one printout and use it.
Chandrashekhar      [ 2008-12-09 ]
The Time Table viewing option should also have 2 separate fields for START TIME & END TIME which we can change to expand the time window as required. Since at present if we want the timings for a 4 - 5 hour window, we have to click so many times and keep viewing.
Vijay Apte      [ 2008-12-08 ]
dombivali to boisar train needs to extend up to dahanu
Venkatesh      [ 2008-12-07 ]
Every thing is good can we get the time table for 24 hr from start to end eg: for centeral / western / harbour
Vikash Agarwal      [ 2008-12-07 ]
please provide the time table fr dadar to andheri for fast and slow train between 8.00 am to 10:00am if possible
Vishnu Pawar      [ 2008-12-07 ]
No comments, good efforts. Thanks a lot.
Pranavsinh Vaghela      [ 2008-12-06 ]
pls. start online renew Go Mumbai pass like we can book railway pass
vijay kadam      [ 2008-12-06 ]
the are no chances to increase the frequency on harbour line from CST to panvel, more over the trains become crowdy after kurla till panvel, to reduce this you can start the train from kurla in the gap time.
durga      [ 2008-12-04 ]
please give the detials of western railway time table and Panvel to Dhanu & return also
durga      [ 2008-12-04 ]
please give the detials of western railway time table and Panvel to Dhanu & return also
datta shinde      [ 2008-12-04 ]
please give vashi to andhri time table ,which have no changing option of local at wadala & increase the frequency for it. good website .
Jugal      [ 2008-12-04 ]
Hello, Please increase no. of fast train in the morning from 8am to 9 am from ghatkopar to thane . As there is no fast train from 8:15 till 8:51 i.e around 35 mins ..as it is office hours time.. so we need more train during that time.
Vikil      [ 2008-12-04 ]
Hi, Where is the Western Railway timetable...Do upload that also
MAHENDRA MISALE      [ 2008-12-03 ]
vishal latnekar      [ 2008-12-03 ]
in evening there r very few trains with long legnth in time towards badlapur do sumthng effective for same
Ravindra Sonawane      [ 2008-12-03 ]
can u provide detail time table of western rly upto virar-slow & fast that will hlp meas i am staying in goa and have frequent visits to Mumbai upto virar
Sunil Khawale      [ 2008-12-03 ]
Please! show Western Railway Time-table, (what is a meaning of go4mumbai.com)
Madhura      [ 2008-12-03 ]
Really Good website. Need to increase no of trains of thane to vashi & also frequency of thane to panvel
priya      [ 2008-12-03 ]
Nice site.Season pass and suburban map raw should display at right side and central line raw should display in left side (i.e. all 3 line display first)
bhaskar dussa      [ 2008-12-03 ]
pass not available from pavel to bhiwandi
nitin      [ 2008-12-03 ]
where i can get western rail local train time table?
Usman      [ 2008-12-02 ]
plz increase frequency from Thane to Vashi
Rajesh K Yadav      [ 2008-12-01 ]
Excellent website Thanks a lot
Harish Thappa      [ 2008-11-28 ]
Great Work.. Saves lot of time.
Deepak      [ 2008-11-28 ]
Good Work !!
vijay.anuwadia      [ 2008-11-27 ]
we r request u plz give us pass 4 train of dahanu road-panvel beacause we r very tired stand in Q
Vijay Kumar Thakur      [ 2008-11-26 ]
Pls. add two more trains in Diwa - Panel . One in the morning from 8.30 AM , Easier to reach Panvel by 9.00/9.15 AM and other Train from Panvel by 7.30/7.45 AM so that it is easier to reach Diwa by 8.00/8.15 PM . This is very important for office goers from Dombivli to Badlapur / Titwala.
Kavita Dalvi      [ 2008-11-25 ]
It will be appreciated if bus route & time table will be displayed.
SABHAJIT VISHWAKARMA      [ 2008-11-25 ]
good effort,carryon ,indian railway
Ketan Deodhar      [ 2008-11-25 ]
Awesome website :-) Is there any chance of Western Railway timetable coming on this page?
John      [ 2008-07-26 ]
Great , Exellent plz increase the trains for thane vashi
sarita      [ 2008-07-25 ]
Plz.increase the no. of train on hapbour line in morning
SACHIN DALVI      [ 2008-07-25 ]
good one
Jitendra      [ 2008-07-25 ]
This is nice to have local timetable online, It helps too much whenever needs. Thanks to all team.
Vinayak Ghag      [ 2008-07-25 ]
Plzzz send Dombivli to Kharghar all first class and second class Ticket Rates
Vijay      [ 2008-07-23 ]
Excellent and Valuable site, Thanks a lot.
Robin Sinha      [ 2008-07-23 ]
I am traveling in train for the last three months Seawoods to Sanpada, and some times to Wadala. There is too heavy rush from Panvel up to Kurla. Therefore, if in between Panvel to CST (10 to 15 min gaps) separate train for Panvel to Kurla is introduced than it will be real relif to many passangers. Regards
shivaji Harer      [ 2008-07-23 ]
Plz, increase the no of train on CST-Dombivali routh
ABC      [ 2008-07-23 ]
kalyan(w) ticket counter is mess. please do keep seprate counter for ticket and extension ticket.
Thomas      [ 2008-07-23 ]
Its really helpful site... thanks
Kunal MAyekar      [ 2008-07-22 ]
Excellent Work.. Very nicely designed and developed site
vinayak Patil      [ 2008-07-21 ]
Plz, increase the no of train on CST-BADLAPUR routh
vikas      [ 2008-07-19 ]
Excellent website Thanks a lot :)
kalpesh shirodkar      [ 2008-07-19 ]
please upload harbour railway time table
sandesh bellare      [ 2008-07-18 ]
very good effort...highly appreciated
Kadam      [ 2008-07-18 ]
We are still not getting the new Time Table. Whenever we go to the railway station stalls twice a day, in the morning they tell us that TimeTables will come in the evening and in the evening they say that they are over. So instead of supplying less number of TimeTables every day, please supply more and more TimeTables.
prasad joshi      [ 2008-07-17 ]
please increase the frequency of dombivli local& thane vashi trains
shashank      [ 2008-07-17 ]
Please add more train between 9 am to 10 am from vashi to kurla. i think any senior of railway should visit a local of 9:12 from vashi to CST
VINAY      [ 2008-07-17 ]
vinod j.jacob      [ 2008-07-17 ]
local trian time table is very helpful to me i watch time table daily on this site it is really very nice and good
Pravin Gaikwad      [ 2008-07-16 ]
Thanks to you !! This is realy a usefull site
Rohit      [ 2008-07-15 ]
Hey Guys it a very good website that help a common man every sense.good job.
Sudhakar      [ 2008-07-14 ]
CR should introduce FAST trains from Dombivali or at least another four fast trains increase form Kalyan between 8.30 to 9.30 am. 2 to 3 Slow trains must be started from Kalwa at same time, because lotz of people board train from that Place.
ANANTHAKRISHNAN      [ 2008-07-14 ]
Please introduce shuttle service between Panvel and Kurla especially during peak hours. It is very difficult to board the train at Chembur.
francis      [ 2008-07-14 ]
pls increas the badlapur local . pls keep thetrain on time
iram      [ 2008-07-14 ]
Please increased short dstance train from Dadat & kurla to thane kurla to Mumbra. Thanks
Jitendra      [ 2008-07-12 ]
Please, increase the frequency of Ambernath trains
leeladhar      [ 2008-07-11 ]
increase trains for harbour line
sucheta rao      [ 2008-07-11 ]
please increase the frequency of trains from panvel to andheri every 1 hour as that will benifit most of the commuters residing in harbour line.Also if u could extend the line till borivili it would be more convinient for all of us.i would appreciate if u could impliment this at the earliest
poonam      [ 2008-07-11 ]
thanks alot 4 the info....
Akash      [ 2008-07-11 ]
Can Anybody upload western railway timetable too.
Rashmi      [ 2008-07-09 ]
A very good job done....
VIJAYAN NAIR      [ 2008-07-09 ]
Dilip      [ 2008-07-09 ]
Please get the latest updates of the timetable which is been affected from 1 july 2008 from Andheri to Vashi and Vashi to Andheri
N.G.SASHI      [ 2008-07-09 ]
Please start 7.26 morning Thane train which now bring from kalwa car shed instead of Thane sliding we thane people cannot board the train because it is fully occupied from kalwa.
nikhil      [ 2008-07-09 ]
Rajan P S      [ 2008-07-08 ]
Why the timing of 5:35PM train from Belapur changed? It was very useful for passengers travelling to thane & beyond since it connects train 5:53PM train from Sanpada. Most of offices closes at 5:30PM and so this timing was very useful. So please consider to restore this timing.
shrikrishna      [ 2008-07-06 ]
What is the shortest route for travel from parle to Titwala
Chander      [ 2008-07-05 ]
New Time Table has been made effective from 1 July 08 on the Harbour Line. Can somebody share the new time table please...Regards
manisha      [ 2008-07-04 ]
Please change the timing of morning 5.29 at badlapur cst local to its earlier time i.e. 5.38 at badlapur. It is very inconvinient to us.
vijaya      [ 2008-07-04 ]
Please tell me if the train timings are changed from July 1, 2008? If yes, what is the new time of Thane - Vashi
Santosh Band      [ 2008-07-03 ]
Thane - Belapur Train should start as soon as possible.
shabu      [ 2008-07-03 ]
railway can start Thane to panvel service by as follows Like regular service let train go to vashi on Platform No-2 and from there let it go tp panvel, it is a possible way . so Please Railway authorites take immediate action . Because it will take time to complete thane to nerul at first stage.
brijesh      [ 2008-07-03 ]
please get the latest updates of the timetable which is been affected from 1 july 2008 .
Nasim Khan      [ 2008-07-03 ]
Should have trains starting from Kurla to Kalyan - Ambernath Titwala. As it is very difficult to get into a train at Kurla in the evening. Pls Help
tom      [ 2008-07-03 ]
hello friends i just want to know the monthly fare for thane to bhandup pls revert as soon as possible... awaiting for the reply...............
jayant      [ 2008-07-03 ]
please let me know the new timings of thane vashi trains from 01-07-2008 between 9,30 am to 2.30 pm
ANIL POYAREKAR      [ 2008-07-03 ]
please let me know the latest time table of Cetrak/Western local trains effective from 01/07/2008.
MIlind Khopkar      [ 2008-07-02 ]
Plz update new timetable for thane-vashi railway efecive from 1st july 2008 asap.
swati      [ 2008-07-01 ]
please display new railway time table (from july 2008)for harbour line. i heard 10 more trains r included on this route.
vasant      [ 2008-07-01 ]
pl introduce Harbor line time table also. very good site.
Anand Motwani      [ 2008-07-01 ]
Kindly Upload the Effective Time-Table of Thane-Vashi Track and Central Railway Track with effect from 01.07.2008
Ashok Mahajan      [ 2008-06-30 ]
There should be train on 07.00, 3.00 from Vashi and 14.20 from Thane. Also Thane to Panvel service should start immidiately.
Shradha      [ 2008-06-30 ]
Please tell me if the train timings are changed from July 1, 2008? If yes, what is the new time of Karjat local at 07:36 at Kalyan?
Atif Rumani      [ 2008-06-30 ]
Plz post new timetable for thane-vashi railway efecive from 1st july 2008 as soon as possible.
BAHAR      [ 2008-06-30 ]
I am daily traveller from parel to airoli via thane i want to suggest that there should train from vashi to thane around 13.15 and from thane to vashi 13.45 thanks
Meena N.Shahaney      [ 2008-06-30 ]
Plz cancell all the csr-vashi trains and make that cst-vashi upto cst-panvel as day by day frequency of people residing upto panvel in increasing rapidly.
manish      [ 2008-06-30 ]
There is only 3 fast train for ambernath between 8:15 to 11:00.
Ashu      [ 2008-06-30 ]
kindly post the new timetable for central railway local trains efecive from 1st july 2008 as soon as possible.
pournima      [ 2008-06-28 ]
there is no fast train at kalyan from 6:45 am to 7:14 so plz arrange the train
mahendra      [ 2008-06-28 ]
Please update u r timetable from 1st july 08 as early as possible so i have seen it early.
shrikrishna digambar mahajan      [ 2008-06-27 ]
Avinash Ghawali      [ 2008-06-27 ]
Thanks for the Timetable for the Railway. Please make the same time table for the WESTERN RAILWAY local Train as well as for all Long Journey Train or Express Train.
Jayant      [ 2008-06-26 ]
Its good to see that there are internet services which tells the Mumbai Local time table. Keep the good work.
Raghunath More      [ 2008-06-26 ]
more train between 23.00pm to 24.00pm for ambernath instead of two trains.
Maheswar Misra      [ 2008-06-23 ]
Please increase the frequency of the local trains in Horbor line. There should be more locals between Kurla & Panvel, because it is more crowded at kurla station to catch a train and alight from the train, Plz do the needful. I hope it should be done.
avadhut      [ 2008-06-22 ]
This is the best website for local timetables I have ever seen...!!! Keep it updated. Thanks.
Valentina      [ 2008-06-20 ]
Kindly increase the train frequancy of Thane Vashi because there is 20 minutes distance in train timimgs
Meenakshi S Desai      [ 2008-06-19 ]
Please introduce fast trains from Dombivili to CST and back during peak hours Morning peak hours - 8.00 am to 10.00 am Evening peak hours - 6 to 7.30 pm
Mahendra Gangan      [ 2008-06-18 ]
Between 6.06 pm to 6.20 pm no fast train after thane,so please arrange.
Subhash Patil      [ 2008-06-18 ]
just cool good information good indeed
satish      [ 2008-06-18 ]
pl let me know local train time table between andheri and belapur only.
D.M.marathe      [ 2008-06-15 ]
what about western railway timetable?can you give website/
rasika      [ 2008-06-14 ]
plz update new timetable for andheri to panvel and panvel to andheri
Mayur Patil      [ 2008-06-14 ]
This is a best time table for central Railway
P.V.Dhananjay      [ 2008-06-13 ]
useful.keep updating.how about western rly locals time table ?
sarik khan      [ 2008-06-12 ]
Please Increase Fast Local In Night Duration Between 23.18 - 24.00,,,, thanxxxxx
Prasad      [ 2008-06-11 ]
Thank u so much for this useful information . Can u provide the western railway time tabel , pls inform me.
GAVIN MATHOS      [ 2008-06-10 ]
Ashish      [ 2008-06-09 ]
any update in time from july 2008 ?
Mahesh      [ 2008-06-07 ]
Good website.
lulu      [ 2008-06-07 ]
when does the 2008 timetable come into effect?
Mak      [ 2008-06-07 ]
Please let us know whether western railway local train time table is availble on net.
Satish Bhagwat      [ 2008-06-04 ]
Please incris. frequency of panvel to cst train
Ruchi      [ 2008-06-04 ]
please increase no. of first class compartments for ladies.
Ashwini      [ 2008-06-02 ]
what is the monthly train fare from Thane to Dombivli in Second Class & in First Class
Ashwini      [ 2008-06-02 ]
Please Increase No. Of Frequencies for train to Ambernath
Ashwini      [ 2008-06-02 ]
There is not any single slow train to ambernath After 6.00 p.m. upto 8.30 pm.I am going To kalwa station and i return at 6.15 pm, so everyday i have to catch ambernath fast train from dombivli or kalyan.
jenny      [ 2008-05-31 ]
what is the monthly train fare from virar to vasai
v p desai      [ 2008-05-28 ]
in pick time churchgate to andheri in evening & andheri to churchgate fast train needed. all the mail train should be stop at andheri stn.
N.Ramesh      [ 2008-05-27 ]
In the harbour line in CBD Belapur in the morning between 8 and 9.15 there is one train every 20 minutes only. This is causing innumerable hardship to the commuters who are office going middle class. The frequency needs to be increased during this time. Could u please take it up with the railway authorities please. Thanks and regards
mitesh gala      [ 2008-05-25 ]
i wanna know wat time is d andheri locals departing from panvel in d evening reach govandi station?
masooma      [ 2008-05-25 ]
Thanks so much for the information. I have used it for making trips to Ulhasnagar and Badlapur and it has saved me so much waiting time at stations. Keep up the good work!
Sanjiv      [ 2008-05-24 ]
Plz provide the info. for Harbour line also
shrenik      [ 2008-05-23 ]
is this for Central Railway? From where can i get same for Western Railway
SATISH GORE      [ 2008-05-22 ]
Sanjay Pashte      [ 2008-05-22 ]
Now A Days C Rly Have Started Ticket Booking On Comp But Its So Slow Try2Make It Fst
Rajesh      [ 2008-05-21 ]
Which local should i catch from mumbai CST to reach exactly at LTT? Thanks
atul jain      [ 2008-05-20 ]
Thanks for information. Very useful to users. please provide the harbor amd western railway info thanks
RAjiv      [ 2008-05-19 ]
Can u also plz upload details of western line too??? Thnx, Regards.
Sandeep Mutha      [ 2008-05-19 ]
Was very good and informative
bharat      [ 2008-05-19 ]
please increase the local so that people feel much secured while waiting on plateform
rashmi      [ 2008-05-14 ]
please let me known about first class fare from sanpada to cst & churchgate
nisha      [ 2008-05-13 ]
i am very impressed on quick details i found on local trains on juct a click away-good word!!!!!!!
haroon kazi      [ 2008-05-13 ]
The train timetable u have put is very good. Can u add one more thing to your site Just add a new feature if one needs to know what is the fare from one station to another station or monthly pass fare from one station to another station or central + western railway route fare or central + harbour fare between certain stations. Exhample: Between Dombivli and Belapur via thane and kurla what will be the first class fare ? etc. Thanks
UDAY      [ 2008-05-12 ]
Pushkar      [ 2008-05-11 ]
Excellent site.... Loads of Information available.... Keep up the good work.. :)
Sagar Bijwe      [ 2008-05-09 ]
This is really a very good website so that any unknown person who dont know any thing , can get details of each small thing in a second so it helps a lot thanks.
sagar      [ 2008-05-08 ]
this was one useful website to find the local railwat timetable....good work
Ashok      [ 2008-05-08 ]
Very useful site... works on my mbile too... however some more wap optimization would be good.
Deepak Vedpathak      [ 2008-05-07 ]
Can this site help me to know how can i travel from thane to roha by local train .
Laveena Ajwani      [ 2008-05-06 ]
Wish you good luck sindhunagar. Please update Mumbai CST via western line time table also in the Railway time table menu. Hope the same will be done at the earliest.
apoorv sarode      [ 2008-05-01 ]
This site contains a vast information about railway trains. Its fantastic.
darshan patil.      [ 2008-04-29 ]
we need more & more kasara locals
Manoj      [ 2008-04-25 ]
We need Harbour line details in the site.
Sunita      [ 2008-04-23 ]
Truly an informative site. Hats off to Sindunagar team for consolidating such vast information.
s.arunkumar      [ 2008-04-23 ]
this page is very useful to me. thanks
RAJESH      [ 2008-04-22 ]
we need western local train time table updated with every year...
Abhay Joshi      [ 2008-04-22 ]
local timetable page is excellant. But couldnot found link directly from home page of oyur site. Found through google. Please try to modify.
meenakshi      [ 2008-04-22 ]
Alongwith timetable also mention fares, One of the best useful sites
Rajnish Joshi      [ 2008-04-22 ]
Very nice detail about our life line. always update it if any change occur
rishi      [ 2008-04-20 ]
This is an amazing bit of info. Please keep it up. Could you make the search periods more flexible so that even the whole day can be searched and printed for reference. Also if a option to search for only fast, only slow, or all trains is given that will be great.
D.M. Joshi      [ 2008-04-19 ]
Very Good Site.
Jagrut      [ 2008-04-18 ]
can have a time table / schedule of newly started Pune - Nasik - Pune passanger train
Xavier      [ 2008-04-16 ]
One of the Best & Useful sites. Please forward this link to your friends.
Kang      [ 2008-04-16 ]
Fantastic work done is made available on your site. Simply fantastic.
Atul      [ 2008-04-16 ]
Very good information. in the simplest way and easy to access
SHEKHAR CHANDAN      [ 2008-04-16 ]
nice time table, very usefull.thanks .
Ankur      [ 2008-04-16 ]
Useful site. Specially, the Suburban railway timings page.
K K Nair      [ 2008-04-15 ]
It was noticed that indicators at Nahur station indicate any train timings in most of the days and it seems nobody bothered to make it functional
Amit      [ 2008-04-12 ]
Very very helpful. Great job. Keep it up.
Shivkumar Samant      [ 2008-04-11 ]
A very good information resource on the web! You deserve a "Padmashree"!
sabne      [ 2008-04-10 ]
Vary good, I use this site vary regularly.
Amit      [ 2008-04-09 ]
I appreciate ur continuous efforts.. I use it from my mobile. Request u to kindly reduce data size of page for faster download.
PARESHm      [ 2008-04-08 ]
Very helpful in tracking the train timing.
Trupti M      [ 2008-04-05 ]
More no. of trains should be made availabel in peak hours i.e. 8.00am to 9.30 am on Thane - Vashi route. (especaillay at 8.50 am or 9.10 am )
mohan hemnani      [ 2008-04-04 ]
very helpful,good luck,keep up the good work
sam      [ 2008-04-02 ]
Many thanks. Really very helpful. Appreciate your efforts. Wish u luck!
FRANCIS      [ 2008-03-31 ]
1) the indicator on the badlapur foot over bridge is not working .2) between 5pm to 530pm there not fast to balapur 3) Computerised Ticket system should be started on all ticket counters at balapur Station (for monthly or quarterly passes also). Please do the needful.
SHARAD      [ 2008-03-29 ]
very good
shalaka pawar      [ 2008-03-29 ]
I would like to bring to your notice that - (1) Coupon punching machines, which are fixed (around one month ago) at Kanjurmarg (East) are out-of-service. (2) There is need of one more indicator on platform 1 and 2 at Kanjurmarg station (towards CST side). (3) Computerised Ticket system should be started on all ticket counters at Kanjurmarg Station (for monthly or quarterly passes also). Please do the needful.
satish      [ 2008-03-26 ]
pl.give W/R time table
Jitendra      [ 2008-03-24 ]
Hi, kindly let me know when vasai to panvel train is going to start and what is its time table
Shrinivas Deshkar      [ 2008-03-24 ]
We are looking for increase in number of fast locals starting from Thane station in the morning hours
umesh kanitkar      [ 2008-03-24 ]
excellent site. pl. keep up the good work you guys are already doing.
Sandeep      [ 2008-03-19 ]
When does Thane Panvel Services expected to start ??
Saurav Maria      [ 2008-03-19 ]
Excellent work. Very convenient to find out the required train at a click. Good Work Keep It up
Bhavesh Dedhia      [ 2008-03-17 ]
We are looking for train from mumbai-cst to bhiwandi station on regular basis, pls coment
Upendra Sontakke      [ 2008-03-17 ]
Very good site I was looking for such site to ge quick information on railways... If a kalyan to CST fast train starts between morning hours 7.30-8.00 would be great..cheers mumbai
phadke      [ 2008-03-15 ]
when from kalyan to vashi direct train is starting?
Amit Singh      [ 2008-03-14 ]
Please decrease some train of Thane to Mumbai Near about 2-5 train & Increase these train Dombivali to Mumbai or Kalyan to Mumbai.
Anil G.Salgaonkar      [ 2008-03-12 ]
Karjat to Kalyan 30/30 minute train will be start please
Monica      [ 2008-03-12 ]
Excellant site ... keep it up
amol joshi      [ 2008-03-12 ]
plesae increased fast train in bhandup stop halted morning 9:59 After not stop fast train in bhandup stop you can increaed train in having indicator in upper side bhandup westcrowed is more not suffient to stop train increaed fast train stop.
FRANCIS DSOUZA      [ 2008-03-12 ]
there are no trains fast trains from krajat or badlapur betwen 06.30 & 06.45 bcouz
pradeep      [ 2008-03-09 ]
site is exellant & useful. i want panvel to kurla evry station tine table
Chaitanya      [ 2008-03-07 ]
Hi Buddy ! Site is informative..... But U missed up Western railway track.... It would be gr8 if U can add it too.... Actually i was on hunt for Western Railways Train Schedules.... Thanks
Abhijit Nerurkar      [ 2008-03-07 ]
Excellent Site.....Really helpful for the people like me who travels to central Mumbai once in a week....
sandeep jadhav      [ 2008-03-05 ]
Nahur station ke upar indicater nahi hai & station ke upar chat nahi hai please impliment as soon as possible
ketan talreja      [ 2008-03-04 ]
vey inforrmative,useful site.thanks.
RUPALI      [ 2008-03-03 ]
please Bhandup station not having indicator in ticket counter & upper side in berge. & Bhandup stop fast train is very few please add news local in hold Bhandup incresaed fast local stop at list as same in mulund stoping train hold bhandup.
mahesh      [ 2008-03-03 ]
Great site accessed it via blackberry cheers
GURMANPREET SINGH      [ 2008-02-29 ]
there should be an increase in the frequency of the trains running between PANVEL and ANDHERI
anon      [ 2008-02-28 ]
diva vasai time table???
PRASHANT SAWANT      [ 2008-02-28 ]
yorgi      [ 2008-02-28 ]
can u update this accordin to new time table(15 feb 2008). plsssss.
Twinkle      [ 2008-02-27 ]
Wonderful work done!
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
do any of the railway official who makes timetable travel beyond thana after 8pm i would tell the schedule of train beyond kalyan towards karjat between 8pm and 9pm only 3 trains go beyond thana 2 badlapur and 1 amb their is jampacke trains n to get in from thana becomes impossible as in between 5 trains to thana goes to yard cant it be possible that one or 2 train can be extended to kalyan or atleast to dombivli so that people living beyound that mainly of kalwa and mumbra can go in and other local beyond kal can be bit empty
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
i have a small suggestion please make all trains to ambarnath, badlapur, karjat and khapoli, kasara, 12 cooch but unfortunately the people manning who might be travelling by their own car doent seems to understand the problem as max trains on this route r of 9 racks which is very crowded pl do the need ful
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
sir, the speed of the trains need to improve spl the night slow local which runs very slow.. and the trains bound to amb and badlapur which are slow gets late at kalyan due to mail trains exist normally trains halt for 2 min but after 9 pm any slow trains halt at kalyan for not less then 20 min
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
sir, why not the frequency of the route Diva Vasai increase since many yrs their are only 2 trips one in the early morning and then in the evening with the racks remains ideal for the entire day.
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
Lallu ji had done very good job in last years in taking the loss making railways in profit by his innovative ideas but the main profit is being from mumbai locals and sorry to say he has not given much to the mumbai people their are few mail trains but what about the locals which are very less and crowded so i would suggest to lallu ji to make all the local train 12 cooch so that some ruse reduces and they can introduce 15 cooch trains on specific route such as ambarnath with the halts at Bycalla, dadar, kurla, thana, dom Kal as all this station are equip to take 15 couch train
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
i stay in ambarnath and my return time from office is beyond 9 pm. in this time many mails and express trains commute so the slow locals beyond kal is given less preference as they are halted for atleast 20 min at kal it is so as the slow trains comes on platform no 2 where as if it has to go 2 amb side it has to cross at least 10 tracks so y not bring those train on platform no 6 or 7 where in no question of crossing and no halting as now titwala local goes from platform no 1 at night it is very comfortable i hope some body would solve this problem which v r facing since many years
VIJAY KOLI      [ 2008-02-23 ]
Sandesh khot      [ 2008-02-22 ]
It is very useful site for knowing train time in each station, but it is very effective if there is western time table in same fashion. do the needful if possible.
sushil      [ 2008-02-22 ]
Very user friendly good site ..
Yuvesh Naik      [ 2008-02-22 ]
I would like to thanks you for creating such an informative website also I would like request you to start the same service for the Western railway this will be a of great help to the WR commuters
Gangadhar      [ 2008-02-21 ]
This site is good . This has been designed to make the job easier.
Suhas      [ 2008-02-21 ]
This is really a very superb site designed by you. Do you also have similar for Harbour & Western route? If yes please let me know. Regards, Suhas.
Amit Pednekar      [ 2008-02-20 ]
Hi ! This site is very good , but i think it can be made better by adding WR timings too. This will probably attract more visitors. Thanks !
Premal Sheth      [ 2008-02-20 ]
This is a good site in which i can see all the routes of local train and timing also.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2008-02-18 ]
why cant you convert 9.13 a.m. vashi local fully general conmpartment instead of first 3 ladies compartment which causes lot of inconvenience to male commuters since it becomes very suffocative during morning rush hours
Parag Tambe      [ 2008-02-18 ]
Thanks mate !!! I have used this site more often than actual railway time table. Please if possible also add the Harbour n the Western Railways too...
arjun narahari      [ 2008-02-17 ]
i dont think ,but it should be done more fast trains should be stopped at bhandup station like kalyan and thane but not all kalyan and thane stops at bhandup station and also the asias 2nd largest mall is going to come in bhandup so i request to look in this matter i hope that u will consider my plea thanking you please reply
pravin k.N.      [ 2008-02-17 ]
plz increase fast locals in niht duration splecially after 23.00Hrs.for more people can take advantge of that.
Balachandran      [ 2008-02-15 ]
Please introduce few semifast trains from Dombivli in the morning peak hours and the Dadar Local extent to CST as semifast.
Siddharth Naik      [ 2008-02-14 ]
man this is best thing you could have done. I keep loosing the time tables i needed some thing of this sort to plan when to leave from office...... great job :)
PANKAJ      [ 2008-02-14 ]
I am thankful to the site team.and i am requesting to Mr.lallu prasad yadav to put one computer in Enquiry counter for helping this site
GAURAV LOKE      [ 2008-02-13 ]
I think , We should have same indicators as western ralway have, because its shows exactly how much time is Left for trains arrival. CR should introduce FAST trains from Dombivali . slow trains must be started from Kalwa , because lotz of ppl board train from that place . BAKI ... TRAIN apni JAAN ...
Romonov      [ 2008-02-11 ]
please man please stop spitting in trains, please start using cellphone on low volume please make a sense that when u board the train get on left side left the ppl get out of train from right side of the door... be on the left side to get in ... it makes sense rather than all pushing in and out...
Rajesh Bhosale      [ 2008-02-10 ]
nice and very informative site.Kalyan is very important junction station then also few trains like deccan, Pragati is not halting here. we need to do something in this regards.
NEHA      [ 2008-02-09 ]
from dombivli all trains are slow and in central railway dombivli is crowdest station. so please introduce new services from dombivli fast/semi fast trains at pickup hrs. thanks
Irshad      [ 2008-02-07 ]
I am thankful to the site team for their effort. The website is very helpful, especially for first time commuter.
J V Mohan      [ 2008-02-06 ]
very good infomative site about mumbai local trains. I very much delighted and appreciate the efforts of the site team... keep it up
Mangesh      [ 2008-01-30 ]
Good Site... very much helpful.. for me.. i appreciate for the efforts taken by the team for developing this site.. hats off to u man..
Ronak      [ 2008-01-30 ]
ghatkopar is the most important and crowdest station in mumbai suburbs. but still many of the fast trains are not halting at ghat n instead stopping at some less imp sts as bhandup n vikroli. This creates a lot of chaos at the station for the next train in peak hrs. So pls make suggestions to the CR. your help will be highly regarded.
Santosh S.      [ 2008-01-28 ]
Good Work But, also kindly provide timings of trains start from Vashi Belapur & panvel to C.S.T.
Akshay mhatre      [ 2008-01-28 ]
hi, This is really a good service.However I was just thinking if v can have a option to retrieve the complete tme table of the specific route. Thank you Regards Akshay Mhatre
SONESH M.SHAH      [ 2008-01-28 ]
Pandit      [ 2008-01-27 ]
What is Timing of morning 1st train to panvelf rom Chembur I need to catch train for panvel between 5.00 am to 5.30 am. from Chembur. Can i get time table.
Ramchandani S C      [ 2008-01-27 ]
I am delighted to see site which is useful and still needs some more information. Ramchandani S C
Kadam      [ 2008-01-26 ]
Recently, Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (Smart Card Machines) are introduced. But new system does not always mean that it will not have problems. Even these Smart Card Machines have problems. Some machines show "PAPER LOW". Some machines do not respond on pressing our fingers on the screen. So please maintain these machines, as they really save our time.
Shanu      [ 2008-01-25 ]
Ur good work with the intention to help commuters is commendable. Keep up your good work and continue to update and enhance the portal. Regards
rukmini jammi      [ 2008-01-25 ]
From Seawoods station, there is almost 20 mts gap between 8.45 to 9.07 in the morning during the peak hours which causes heavy rush. Attleast introduce more trains between panvel-kurla/wadala which will absorb lot of load who get down at chembur & kurla. Also ladies first class compartment is so small that it can not take the ever increasing load of traffic especially from Panvel / Nerul. Please do rectify the situation, people reach offices late in a dazed condition everyday.
Shweta S      [ 2008-01-23 ]
Please introduce more trains between Thane and Vashi in the office hours as the difference of time between 2 trains is almost 30mins. And the Trains leave on time...many times i miss those trains for minute difference and then I have to wait for 30 mins
Brenda      [ 2008-01-23 ]
I want to travel from Bandra to Govandi by the harbor line without changing trains to reach college at 8.45 a.m. Please let me know suitable timing and from where do i catch the train Thank you
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2008-01-22 ]
please introduce yearly 1st class pass in CRly and WRly so that commuters can save time and money.
Ritu Surjani      [ 2008-01-21 ]
Dear CR, U published a news that new trains r the replacement of old train but let we ask u one thing that CR passangers are theif or what??? y each and every facility is give to only and only Western railway once u try to take the train from thane or mulund or any between stn u will know at that time. CR passangers are facing very big problem which is caused by ur staff like u run 9 car trains for long distance. there is no facility of TC in the train spl in 1st class ladies compartment. so that beggers use rubbish words when they board in the train spl at kalyan stn. we ladies try to tell them but they always abuse us . I think CR try to Completet their target only at the time on March and rest of the year we search them. If someone read this mail please do something as we ladies face many problem and CR is doing nothing for us. One more thing please try to change time of Kalyan 8:41 AM as this train always come at kalyan stn. after ambernath and leave before. so that daily Ambernath train is runing late atleast 10 to 15 Min. which is loss for each and every passanger. Hope 4 best result from CR. ALL Ladies of 1st & 2nd Class Compartment of the train 8:30Am From Ambernath.
jaya      [ 2008-01-16 ]
Kindly use colours for local trains that will make them look bright , clean , smart and worth sitting,
Ritu Surjani      [ 2008-01-10 ]
we are travelling from Ambernath to mumbai cst. In 8:30 train we have problem of late reaching to CST. When train start from Ambernath by Sharp 8:30 Am and as per time table reaching time is 9: 50 but this train is always stuck at kalyan for one of kalyan train and it reaches dadar by 9:50 so how it will reach by 9: 50 to CST. please do something as we are facing very much big problem it this matter. secondly, our 1st class ladies compartment is very little as compare to gents and it is problemetic for ladies in peak time. CR charging 8 times more fare from 2nd class but as compare to 2nd class the travelling of 1st class passanger is 3rd class. lastly, please provide TC in peak time in train specially in the evening time from Mumbai CST to Ambernath as there are many 2nd class passanger in 1st class. Hope u CR will look in to the matter as we ladies are facing big problem. Regards, Neha, Devyani, Nisha , Smita, Mini, Mrs. Nayar, Mrs. sawant, Mrs. Usha, Mrs. Fernandes and all the ladies from ladies compartemnt.
Ritu Surjani      [ 2008-01-10 ]
Dear CR Please arrange all long distance train 12car instead of 9 car. CR run thane and kurla train 12car and for ambernath, karjat, badlapur is 9car. please try to 12 car as we are facing problem of boarding in 9 car. Regards, Neha, Meeta, Supriay, Usha, mabell, priya, manat, devi, hema, mamta, puja, sushma, Anita, Rekha and 75 ladies from ambernath and ulhasnagar.
priya      [ 2008-01-04 ]
it is the best system to know me about time table.but i do not need to tel you our problems because you already know that.please give the solution.
Piyush      [ 2008-01-03 ]
Please start FAST locals between CST to Bandra. Currently all the ones to Bandra/mahim from CST are slow
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2008-01-01 ]
please dismantile platforms Nos.9&10 at Kurla and construct an underground rly line between Kurla and Panvel via Chembur-Trombay etc.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2008-01-01 ]
please connect all the 3 lines i.e. CRly, WRly & Harbour Lines near Mahim Junction so that commuters can easily travel from one place to another
jinal      [ 2007-12-31 ]
Please increase trains from Thane to Vashi in morning between 9 to 10.30 and evening 6 to 7.30
M Saleem Sarguroh      [ 2007-12-30 ]
the platform no. 9 and 10 at kurla station is unused for last so many years. it is encroached by slums. if we make use of those platforms to operate shuttle services from kurla to panvel it will reduce 50% of the rush on harbour line route of CST - Panvel as the trains to Panvel gets jammed at kurla station. it will reduce considerable rush and will allow us to travel safely. pl consider this request at your earliest.
Pravin Karivdekar      [ 2007-12-29 ]
Please provide Westen Railways time table also on site
SATISH TALIYAKAR      [ 2007-12-27 ]
Please provide me a harbourline railway timetable
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-12-27 ]
sanket      [ 2007-12-26 ]
Please provide me a harbourline suburban railway timetable
suhas      [ 2007-12-24 ]
Please provide me a harbourline suburban railway timetable
j      [ 2007-12-22 ]
can we purchase ticket for matheran (toy train) from dadar or any other station?
san      [ 2007-12-20 ]
Most of people unaware listening Music in high volume (mobile speakers) is not allowed. Please put the board/stickers in the Ladies compartments.
F Shah      [ 2007-12-20 ]
Too Good man... Excellent tool... Really appreciated the efforts... & very very usefull too...Thanks.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-12-19 ]
First class compartments of CRlys should be lighted with red bulbs so that 2nd class peoople can avoid entering the 1st class compartments either knowingly or unknowingly
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-12-18 ]
Whether there is shortage of TCs in harbour branch? Why cant you post TCs in 1st class compartments of Vashi Locals especially during morning peak hours so that 1st class people can travel comfortably without harrassment of 2nd class passengers who travel illegally in 1st class.
Vijay Tayde      [ 2007-12-14 ]
Please increase some trains in Asangaon, UP & DOWN Do needful
bipinvora      [ 2007-12-13 ]
please extend all kurla local to thanaas there is maximum people travelling from thana and on ward the distance between two train not more than 3 minute .also start first train from c.s.t. to thana or long distance from 3-20 morningas you see that at dadar out side train trains reach at 3-00 in western railway and central railway it would be great if this can be possible.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-12-13 ]
Mithali      [ 2007-12-13 ]
Kindly arrange TC in the Ist Class Compartment during the peak hours from Kalyan to Karjat and vice versa. And also provide a 12 Car Trains for Central Railway with a big compartment for the Ist Class Ladies Compartment. I hope you will do as per the requirement
Archana Gangarde      [ 2007-12-10 ]
Could you please provide a bigger compartment for the ladies first class as we are paying more but not getting the space also to get into the train. I would be thankful to you if this would have been worked out.
jaganath.R      [ 2007-12-05 ]
Please add a new platform at mankhurd,now no.1 platform use for down local to panvel,belapur,vashi& platform no.2 use for up locals to cst.platform no.3 use for mankhurd local(very diffcult to railway to starting the train mankhurd to cst so railway cancelled all the mankhurd local only 2 local trains are running at this time).please cancel the platform no.3 & add a new platform at the near of platfor no.2,after make a new platform platform no.1 for down local for vashi,belapur,panvel & platform no.2 reserved for MANKHURD LOCAL only (as like kurla,bandra,andher station platform no.2 is reservrd)& platform form.3 is use for down local for cst.start 3 to 4 mankhurd local train to cst with in one hour,at this time i hope very crowd station station is mankhurd in horbour line.also add panvel to vadala,kurla to panvel,andheri to belapur, andheri to panvel,
moly      [ 2007-12-03 ]
Please allow only 12 car trains between long distance i.e. Karjat, Khopoli, Ambernath, Kalyan and Kasara side to Mumbai CST especially for fast trains. Please use the 9 cars trains for short distance only like Kurla, Ghatkopar and Thane. Please consider the number of people travelling in a train and their struggles and do the needful at the earliest.
Saritha Nair      [ 2007-12-03 ]
I think that Central railway is not been able to increase the number of trains especially in the peak hours. Also I would really like to bring your attention towards giving a bigger compartment for the ladies first class. We pay more and travel uncomfortably. Its not the old dats where there used be only 1 or 2 people affording 1st class. The scene has changed a LOT.It would be great if this can be out forward in front of whoever concerned.
Jasminder Gujral      [ 2007-12-01 ]
Please could you also include timetable information for the Western and Harbour lines also. Thank you. Jasminder
K.K.JADHAV      [ 2007-11-29 ]
How can i get fast train from CST to PANVEL easily.When started the Manassarovar station.
POONAM PACHARNE      [ 2007-11-28 ]
you should add the tickit pass tariff card on this site.
Kadam      [ 2007-11-27 ]
On 26th November, 2007, I went to the coupon validating machine at Thane East, which is near the ticket windows of Platform No. 10. Some letters were printed on my coupon, but with a very faint ink, almost invisible. So my Rs. 3 coupon was wasted. Please ensure that all the CVMs are in proper working conition.
l.s.viswa@GMaqil.com      [ 2007-11-26 ]
please stop ladies from entering 1st class gents compartments immediately. Because gents are not allowed in ladies 1st class. Please note.
RAJ      [ 2007-11-25 ]
how can i get from thane to panvel in local train easily.when will local trains be introduced between these stations
k d jadhav      [ 2007-11-24 ]
there is no time table available for harbour line from CST to Panvel on internet. Please guide me
Manoj Arvind Sarnaik      [ 2007-11-23 ]
Also insert a link "Suggest / Refer link to an friend" in ur site so, we can refer this site to our friends & turn u can generate revenue by taking advertisements
Naresh      [ 2007-11-22 ]
Please incorporate western rail timetable also for our benefit and if possible, include the timings also
Sandeep      [ 2007-11-22 ]
can u please run some more trains during 1800 to 20.00 thanks
Fareed Shaikh      [ 2007-11-22 ]
This is very good site for locals , my suggestion is just add the monthly pass rate of 1st and 2nd class in the site. Thank you
Prakash      [ 2007-11-21 ]
great work guys....keep it up.
Chandrakant      [ 2007-11-21 ]
Very Informative, Very Good site especially for we mumbaikars. Thanks a lot to who ever who has conceived the idea of this site.
l.s.viswa@GMaqil.com      [ 2007-11-21 ]
Kadam      [ 2007-11-21 ]
We can never open the website printed on the timetable, i.e, http://www.crmumbaidivision.gov.in/ . Why is this so? Always we get "Cannot find server" or something like that. Secondly, whatever we are typing in suggestion box, is it really reaching you? Or it is visible to other common people only? Thirdly, increase the number of ticket windows at Thane.
Muzammil fakih      [ 2007-11-19 ]
Khooool and v. help website -- keep up the good work
RAVINDRA WARIK      [ 2007-11-16 ]
Please put online time table of Western Railway locals and Diva Vasai & Diva Panvel trains in your list as well as new updates for outstation trains of central as well as western railway.
dolli s g      [ 2007-11-16 ]
It is a good site for information to public, kindly incorporate karjat pune local, thks
Kadam      [ 2007-11-15 ]
According to time table, 13 minutes are alloted to a fast train going from Thane to Dombivli, whereas recently I counted 17 minutes. So even if the train is on time at Thane, it reaches Dombivli 4 minutes late. So instead of alloting 13 minutes, allot 17 or 18 minutes. Similarly do this for all Stations.
l.s.viswa@GMaqil.com      [ 2007-11-15 ]
The railways should post TCs in front of 1st class compartments between Vashi and Kurla during morning and evening peak hours. This will reduce unauthorised entry of persons in 1st class.
M Selvaraj      [ 2007-11-13 ]
Please incorporate the time table of Western Railway locals and Diva Vasai & Diva Panvel trains in your list
l.s.viswa@GMaqil.com      [ 2007-11-12 ]
I fully agree with Navin L. Nobody has right to compare 1st class passenger with 2nd class passenger. I find 2nd class people travelling in 1st class during morning and evening peak hours. It is not fair. Moreover TC also is not coming to check.
Amar      [ 2007-11-12 ]
Thanks so much for putting up the Central Railway timetable online.
Manjeet      [ 2007-11-12 ]
The Only Solution for Harbour Line is to Start atleast 2 trains between these stations Panvel-Kurla & Kurla-CST trains. A Panvel-Kurla Train can Double the Frequency than the Panvel-CST trains
Navin L      [ 2007-11-10 ]
Dear Michelle, Do you know what is the difference between first class pass and second class pass. If you are struggling in line for that economy pass, first class passengers struggle to earn money to afford first class pass. The difference is almost 5 to 7 times. Where 2nd class commuters pay Rs. 200, first class commuter pays more than Rs. 1000. So you burn your time once a month ticket for less, we burn our pocket almost for month or quarter to buy that costly ticket. Navin L
Michelle Pereira      [ 2007-11-09 ]
Please abolish the system of giving first preference in line to First Class commuters, at least for the pass. The 2nd class traveller waits in line for at least 20 mins before he can take a pass while the 1st class traveller just comes in and collects his pass. Why this unfair practice by Railways? The 1st class traveller can at least wait in line once a month.
Tejashree      [ 2007-11-07 ]
Please increase the compartment for ladies first class, or make as many possible trains to have first 3 compartments for ladies first class
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-11-05 ]
please stop mega block during sundays
narendra      [ 2007-11-03 ]
If you can add western railways as well, it will be a complete listing. Please do it to facilitate the mumbai junta.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-10-31 ]
Daily I never finds any TC entering Panvel or Belapur trains in the evening. Only when passengers are less TC are found that too in empty Vashi Local. Moreover many children are either travelling with 2nd class pass or without tickets. They are not caught. Even if they are caught they are left free. This creates lot of loss to the railways. TCs are therefore requested to kindly do the checking without partiality.
nikish      [ 2007-10-30 ]
start a train from panvel to thame as a route exists from turbhe
Gayatri Narayan      [ 2007-10-30 ]
I travel from Borivali to Kopherkhane when I come to Bandra harbour line train 8.17 morning always comes late because of that from wadala to vashi 8.30 a.m. everyday I am missing not only me many commuters coming vashi miss the train then we have to wait for 13 minutes and take Belapur train if you make the wadala vashi train 8.34
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-10-29 ]
Please book those persons who are travelling on the roof top of trains and see that they are prosecuted
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-10-29 ]
Please make 9.13 a.m. vashi local as general compartment instead of lady special. Please ask T.C. to mingle alongwith passengers from Vashi itself so that no 2nd class people enter the train especially from Mankhurd, Govandi, Chembur and Tilak Nagar stations.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-10-29 ]
Morning it is better to start train from vashi to Kurla as many people goes for work to Bandra Kurla Complex. It is also better that railway put up TC squad in front of the 1st class compartment so that many ticket less travellers travelling in 1st class compartment can be booked and fined.
Shaikh Mohd.Yasin      [ 2007-10-27 ]
It is very good to introuduce more train between Thane & Vashi but because of that between Thane & Kalyan rush is very much increase in the train people of DOMBIVALI,DIVA,MUMBAR & KALWA will not catch the train in rush hour for that my suggestion is please intoruduce new slow train between Badlapur /Thane & Titwala/Thane atleast at rush hour. Thank you.
ajeesh      [ 2007-10-27 ]
including DIVA-VASAI-DIVA would be complete the list
AMAN      [ 2007-10-27 ]
plssssss give me new harbour line time table
RAMESH THAKUR      [ 2007-10-25 ]
we are travelling in the harbour line of mumbai and we face trouble to get in and out of the train. my request to you is to make arrangements of local trains from panvel every after five minutes that will help we people alot
Narendra      [ 2007-10-23 ]
give us western , harbour line and diva vasai rd time please
k. srinivasan      [ 2007-10-20 ]
Fantastic website for immediate search. good !!!!! srinivasan
ncs      [ 2007-10-20 ]
The Central Rly authorities especially Stn Mgr Thane needs to ensure that Semi Fast Local to CST ex Thane leaving at 830 am the rake should be wheeled from Car Shed or Siding instead of returning an incoming train. Thane commuters ESPECIALLY LADIES AND ELDERLY are GREATLY INCONVENIANCED. THIS ARRANGEMENT TO BE SIMILAR TO TRAIN STARTING FROM TNA AT 808 am. R the authorities listening.
Suhas Mehta      [ 2007-10-19 ]
in central line, kindly increase 12 car coach for slow trains at evening time . kindly start the speaker systems, which already installed in trains. Please put the station name indicatior boards inside the coach. increase the dombivli - kalyan local at evening time i.e. peak hours .
Vandana Chavan      [ 2007-10-19 ]
In central line, we are facing the problem to catch the train at Kalwa station on 8.00am to 11.00am.
sunil patil      [ 2007-10-19 ]
the timings which are changed from Oct.2007 are affecting the office class people, earlier timings were better
S L Winston      [ 2007-10-18 ]
The website is really good.It is a boon to travellers to find the train times between various stations, so that they pick up the right train. But it does not contain the harbour line timings. If this is also introduced it will help all the central railway suburban travellers. Thanking you Winston
C. C. Yadav      [ 2007-10-16 ]
To avoid the rushes at bandra Rly. Stn. Pl start 2 or 3 train within peak hrs i.e morning & even. from Bandra Terminus to Churchgate & Borivli. It will be helpful to the passengers of Khar, Santacruz & the passengers of Bandra (W) i.e Govt. Colony, Teachers colony etc.
Hitendra Panchal      [ 2007-10-16 ]
Pls seperate the line for Mail / Express Train & Suburban line & install the Time Management System alongwith increase the frequency of train within 3 minutes just like as in Western Railway.
Sandeep Pawar      [ 2007-10-16 ]
Is there any posibility that railway will start local train service between Thane and Borivali. If not please think of it because it will ease the traveling between thane and borivali and also reduce the traveling time. Please help me to forward my request to higher authorities who will convert this idea in real. Thank You.
LALTU DUTTA      [ 2007-10-10 ]
Please let us know about the new time table w.e.f 01.10.07 from Andheri to Panvel and back.
Narendra      [ 2007-10-10 ]
pls provide harbour line and western line time table same like this as central and thane vashi line PLEASE. Thank you
sally      [ 2007-10-06 ]
There is Thane fast at 6.23 pm 12 car Train. Thereafter the next train is at 6.35 pm 9 car Train for Kasara. This is a huge gap taking into consideration the peak time after 6 pm. Between 6 to 6.30 pm there are 2 mail trains due to whcih there is huge crow in Dadar Station. Please try to do something since everyday 8 to 10 people have to fall while boarding from Dadar.
Manan Kapadia      [ 2007-10-05 ]
Very helpful and informative site.
Vishal B      [ 2007-10-05 ]
Ghansoli to Vashi no extra train has started between 1800 to 1830hrs, but Ghansoli to Thane 1820 train has started. Please start trainsin the duration of 15mins each as it will be easy for commuters to travel
Deepa Raikar      [ 2007-10-05 ]
I rquest you to kindly send the new harbour line timetable from andheri to Panvel to and Fro. Thank you
Mohammed Iliyas      [ 2007-10-05 ]
Dear, Pls. send me new harbour line time table that effective from 1st Oct. 07. Thanks
Sachin Patra      [ 2007-10-05 ]
Pls. forward the New Time Table w.e.f. 2nd Octo. 2007 for the Harbour Line 1. CST to Andheri 2. Andheri to CST 3. Panvel to Andheri 4. Andheri to Panvel
Treasa      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Pls. forward the New Time table w.e.f. from 02.10.07 for the Harbour Lines. - Panvel to CST & Belapur to CST
sudhanan p. k.      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Though new time table for harbour line is introduced from 1st October 07 same is not available. Please provide the same
Vipul      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Hi, Can the railway list the new timetable on the web. They have made major changes on harbour line trains but Info is not avialable. ..Thanks
apoorv pande      [ 2007-10-04 ]
please send the new harbour line time table which is effective from 2nd october
Chiranjeevi      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Please provide new time table from Andheri to CST which is effective from 02.10.2007. Thanks and regards.
krrish      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Please provide new time table from Andheri to CST Harbour line which is effective from 02.10.2007. Thanks and regards.
nkmenon      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Please provide new harbour line timetable effective from 3-10-2007 after introduction of more services in thane-Panvel and Thane-Vashi. Please make it available on this site.
P.C. CHANDY      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Please provide new time table of harbour line
BMPatnaik      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Please consider diverting at least 2 CST bound local trains originating from Panvel during peak hours between 8.00AM and 9.00 AM to Main line at Kurla so that daily commuters working at Dadar, Byculla will be benefitted and the trouble of changing train is avoided.
apoorva surve      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please provide new time table from Andheri to CST Harbour line which is effective from 02.10.2007. Thanks and regards.
Ashwini      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please publish the new time table with effect from 2.10.2007 & please increase the frequency of trains from Vashi to Andheri.
ABHIJIT SAHA      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Plz. incorporate the new time table for Vashi-Thane track w.e.f 02-oct-2007 immediately.
Rashmi      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please mail me tiem table on the harbour line starting from Panvel to CST effective from 01.10.2007
P.C. CHANDY      [ 2007-10-03 ]
nisha singh      [ 2007-10-03 ]
please provide new time tabel from Belapur to Andheri harbour line which effective from 02/10/2007
prasad      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Pls provide new time table on the harbour line. Also it looks like new trains are not added,but trains destination has been extended...There is a lot of diff in this.
sadashiv ombale      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Pl. increase frequency in between 8 am to 11 am & 5 pm to 10 pm atleast 15 min. time for thane to vashi local route
mita chakrbarti      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Pls publish the new timetable for Harbour line, post the introduction of 33 new services.
Jiya Jayan      [ 2007-10-03 ]
pls do provide me the latest Harbour line time table from Panvel to CST (up) and CST to Panvel (Down) Also let us know if there are any new trains to Wadala from Panvel
Mangesh Kurup      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Pls provide the latest time table for the harbour line effective 02-10-2007. pls mail to above email id
Lydia      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please provide new time table from panvel to cst harbor line which effect from 02-10-2007, thank you
NILESH SHAH      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please let me know timings of new trains from ANDHERI to BELAPUR which started from 02.10.2007
Nisha      [ 2007-10-03 ]
please provide new harbour line Train Time Table w.e.f. 2-10-2007 fast.
Anugrah Taksale      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please let me know nthe timings of Andheri -Panvel trains and also if u can upload the time table for entire harbour line train timings, it would be really appreciated..
charlton dsouza      [ 2007-10-03 ]
please provide me timetable for andheri to cst harbour line time table w.e.f 03.10.07 thanks
akash raje      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please provide new time table from Andheri to panvel Harbour line which is effective from 02.10.2007. Thanks and regards
Parag      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please provide new time table from Andheri to CST Harbour line (UP and DOWN) which is effective from 02.10.2007. Thanks and regards.
Swapnil      [ 2007-10-02 ]
Please provide new time table from panvel to cst harbor line which effect from 02-10-2007
BALAMUKUNDA PATNAIK      [ 2007-10-02 ]
Till such time local trains directly run between Thane and Panvel, there is a need to introduce trains between Vashi and Panvel in the evening peak hours i.e. between 6.00PM and 8.00 PM
Ricky Rebeiro      [ 2007-10-02 ]
Dear sir, Pls provide me a new time table from malad to vashi as i am working in vashi and i am find difficult to change from western to central and central to harbour, pls try tosend me mail assap thank you Ricky Rebeiro
Dattaraj Shirwadkar      [ 2007-10-02 ]
First of all thanks for giving attention on Harbour line. It is really required. What about time table. Pls. flash on site at the earliest. Thanks Datta S.
Gayatri Narayan      [ 2007-10-01 ]
make frequency from Borivali to Vashi so that those who are changing trains will be helpful
Sachida Nand Sinha      [ 2007-10-01 ]
Please provide new time table from panvel to cst harbor line which effect from 02-10-2007. Regards.
Kadam      [ 2007-10-01 ]
Lot of crowd at Thane bridges, especially over Platforms 5 and 6, people literally push each other, without thinking that by doing this they move to and fro at one place only. Bridges and maturity of people should be increased.
Charles      [ 2007-09-30 ]
Got the Newz of new trains in harbour line (33 in total) .. any new abt the timings?
Kadam      [ 2007-09-29 ]
Today (29th September), 18 : 06, 12 car fast local for CST came at 18 : 10, though it comes from Ambarnath. Mostly, long distance trains are about 10-11 minutes late. So 4 minutes late is really an improvement. Let us hope it 0 minutes late henceforth.
Trupti Gawde      [ 2007-09-29 ]
I Would Like To suggest that Please put Western railway time-table. Your Site is Very Much Useful To Us
Sumeetkalra      [ 2007-09-27 ]
Please put Western railway time-table
prem lakhwani      [ 2007-09-27 ]
please halt byculla Ambernath to CST Train 9.41 From Ambernath
Jagjit Singh      [ 2007-09-27 ]
Please increase the Harbour lines train from Kurla to Belapur in Every half hour at morning 8 AM to 12PM and in eveing 6PM to 10PM. It will help us in travelling. Your Friend, Jagjit Singh
sanjay      [ 2007-09-26 ]
Kasara train frequancy should be increase
Kagi      [ 2007-09-25 ]
Please put Western railway time-table. God bless you
Kadam      [ 2007-09-25 ]
Try to avoid train delays, by keeping spare time. For example, a fast local takes about 14 minutes from Dombivli to Thane. So in the timetable, keep a difference of 17 minutes between Dombivli time and Thane time, keeping 3 minutes spare. This will reduce the chances of delays.
Hirachand      [ 2007-09-24 ]
Please start fastlocal for harbourline.
Bhuvaneswari Ganesh      [ 2007-09-21 ]
Please arrange to increase the harbour lines train from Wadala to Andheri. The train running to Bandra local on harbour line may be changed to Andheri local.
arun      [ 2007-09-21 ]
such a nice work
VINOD      [ 2007-09-19 ]
Pashant Kadam      [ 2007-09-18 ]
I am very impressed withe this site.Please increase the train between thane to vashi & get the blessings from the passangers.
Ramachandran. D.      [ 2007-09-17 ]
Gr8 work. It would be still better if you can add the break up of slow & fast, 9 & 12 car trains between Thane & Mumbai CST. Also, several times during the day, there are consecutive Thane locals from or to Thane. Please list this also. Actually, these consecutive Thane trains are a waste bcos these trains go empty and the trains from or to beyond Thane are always jam-packed making life a hell for passengers beyond Thane. Thanx.
Kush      [ 2007-09-15 ]
I m not able to get the railway time table at railway stalls they say that it is not available can u plz tell at what time can i get
saurabh      [ 2007-09-14 ]
very informative site . keep up the good work
jayant patil      [ 2007-09-14 ]
where is perfect time table for cst to kasara -down & up.
Ghansham Bhandare      [ 2007-09-13 ]
Where is time table from CST TO PANVEL? Please tell me. Thanks.
ravi      [ 2007-09-13 ]
where is the time table for western railway.
s.d.mahajan      [ 2007-09-07 ]
In 8.07pm Badlapur local at kurla stn.so many rush in local before 3 thane locals are going.please provide before badlapur one kalyan or ambarnath local and 7.51pm titwal and 8.10pm karjat at kurla time is 20 minuts gap
sunil      [ 2007-09-07 ]
Request u to please help with harbour, western & central railway timetable. Looking journey from kurla to Andheri Thanx
s.d.mahajan      [ 2007-09-06 ]
In new time table 6.58am local from karjat to cst at kalyan time is 8.00am. so many time this local is always 10 to 15 mituts late because of kasara local not going. that kasara local time 7.56am at kalyan.so very rush in karjat local.please adjust time of karjat local 7.56am from kalyan stn.
Rajasekhar      [ 2007-09-06 ]
1. Pls. provide transportation from Thane to Kurla via Airoli & Vashi. 2. Pls arrange trains frequent for every 15 mins from Vashi to Thane & Vice Versa..
gaurav      [ 2007-09-03 ]
please start train panvel to mumbai cst on main line& also start fast train on harbour line
sandeep      [ 2007-09-03 ]
Good timetable. I suggest, like vashi-thane, you start local timetable for Lonavala-Pune also.
prashant suvarna      [ 2007-09-02 ]
the local trains are the lifeline of the mumbaikars. I would suggest you to please increase the trains from churchgate to virar as the population is increasing in these areas.
Pankaj      [ 2007-09-01 ]
Local Trains is the heart of Mumbai.As we request to hold fast train at Kanjur Marg because Kanjur Marg station is now imp to router to western side as a short cut for Hiranandani / Powai / L&T/ Saiknaka / Georagaon. Hence all the call center people all most getdowm at kanjur Marg for which they have to catch slow trains. Its a request sir from us.
Shrikant Sunchu      [ 2007-09-01 ]
The frequency of trains between Kalyan and CST should be increased. There are very less fast trains leaving from kalyan. We should make similar to western railway.
vijay      [ 2007-09-01 ]
like central line,provide us time table for panvel to cst and cst to panvel
hemant nair      [ 2007-08-31 ]
No doubt that Local Trains in Mumbai is very very helpful to everyone. Only thing is if the display board of stations (on which side the platform comes, station name also) in local trains locations that will help a lot...
Sweety      [ 2007-08-29 ]
we request to start the train from Vashi to Andheri and from andheri to Vashi in peak hours (not the limited freq which is running currently i.e. frm BR to AD in eve at 4.30, 5.30 & 6.30) Pls consider this req
sanman      [ 2007-08-28 ]
some stations from harbour are not listed pls arrange thses stations
s s bamrah      [ 2007-08-28 ]
v request to consider andheri to vashi so that 1 need not change train from dadar(w.r) 2 dadar(cr) then to kurla & then kurla to vashi. thanks for otherwse wonderful site
Manish P      [ 2007-08-27 ]
wadala station is not Listed. I want to know wadala to panvel train timings. Please list it. Thanking you.
J G nagwani      [ 2007-08-25 ]
Panvel station is not listed. Please arrange to add CSTM PNVL route
Sumeet      [ 2007-08-25 ]
Thanks for this cool tool
M.Venkatesan      [ 2007-08-24 ]
Excellent information. You should publish one for Western Railway also.Thank you very much for the hard work put in by your team members.
Vinayak      [ 2007-08-24 ]
Very commendable. Thanks a lot, dude
Sachin      [ 2007-08-23 ]
Thanks a Lot. Great work. I guess we should have one for Western railways also. But this efforts are really appreciated
Debashish Roy      [ 2007-08-23 ]
Kudos!!! A very handy information to newcomers and outsiders who move in to Mumbai.
Reema      [ 2007-08-22 ]
Its truly an amazing site. Very convenient n easy to use. Good efforts put in. Regards...
Mayur      [ 2007-08-22 ]
Is there something similar to this for western railways? ofcourse this is too good
shyam nair      [ 2007-08-21 ]
great!!!! excellent!!!! great job!!
amol pandit      [ 2007-08-21 ]
Thanks a lot...you have done great job keep it up..Great work...
s.p. sonawane      [ 2007-08-21 ]
very very useful site for all mumbai citizens
Neeraj Pattath      [ 2007-08-19 ]
I really appreciate your efforts in brining down such information to the local users....
shrinagesh Naik      [ 2007-08-19 ]
Excellent work, you guys n gals are doin a gr8 job. Pl keep it up.
xman      [ 2007-08-19 ]
this is an awesome site for all living in mumbai
S. Sriram      [ 2007-08-16 ]
Great work!! Please also include western railway time table.
harshal      [ 2007-08-14 ]
coool guys. doing a grt job. ur site has been very helpful to me. its very easy and convinent to get information abt sub urban trains
Ashok Agrawal      [ 2007-08-14 ]
MOHAN SHELAR      [ 2007-08-14 ]
Excellent........you think in a social way......great job
Girish      [ 2007-08-13 ]
Good & great job
partap singh      [ 2007-08-13 ]
Can you also provide the timings for WEST local buses in mumbai?that will be very helpful for all mumbaikars.i hope you will pay some attention on it.
Rohini      [ 2007-08-11 ]
It a great job no hassels of carrying timetables
Vinesh Nair      [ 2007-08-11 ]
Extremely helpful. Time saving. Good effort guys...Kudddooosss to ur team
Sunil      [ 2007-08-10 ]
Getting Suburban timetable online is very useful... Great job.. keep it up.. Thanks
partap singh      [ 2007-08-10 ]
Great job,shows the measures for the lifeline of mumbai.keep it up
lyneskevin      [ 2007-08-10 ]
sir i cannot get the whole time table list for suburb western line i.e virar to churhgate
Sunil Sawant      [ 2007-08-09 ]
Good job, please updated the time table CST - Panvel & Wester line also
siddhesh      [ 2007-08-09 ]
nice work man keep it up!!!! it will help to railway commuters in mumbai!!
s.k.sircar      [ 2007-08-07 ]
i need vashi to cst timetable urgently
ANURAG ATWAL      [ 2007-08-07 ]
The train service is perfect....true lifeline of mumbai.
siji      [ 2007-08-07 ]
its g8 job .i liked it.but i would like to know western railway timetable also
PRASANNA      [ 2007-08-06 ]
PrasadR      [ 2007-08-06 ]
Really helped us to plan journeys. Thanks. Great job.
Poonam      [ 2007-08-06 ]
You are doing excellent job. But i would like to make a request that please show the timetable of local trains of western railways. Thank you.
anilbb2      [ 2007-08-02 ]
very good informative sight
Manasi      [ 2007-08-02 ]
How can I get western railway updated time table, pl. help.
vids      [ 2007-07-31 ]
g8 job with all required info handy. all the best
Sabir      [ 2007-07-28 ]
You are doing excellent job. But i would like to make a request that please show the timetable of local trains of western railways. Thank you.
Mahesh Hegde      [ 2007-07-26 ]
I would like to request all my friends to update Station Plattform Detail . So let me start from Mulund, 1 - Slow Towards Thane 2. Slow Towards CST 3. Fast Towards Thane 4. Fast Towards CST Ticket Booking counters at Plattform 1 and above 4 Same in Vikhroli staton Also.Only ticket counter is in plattform No :4
ankush deshpande      [ 2007-07-25 ]
fantastic information ..most of the time table sites on the web are not updated.i found this one updated to the latest time tables of almost all trains.good qork boys keep it up .work appriciated
ANWAR K SHAIKIH      [ 2007-07-25 ]
this is amazing but what will we do if we want to see without internet. then make this time table for the without internet software. that we can take update every time when timetable will change.
N Chandrasekar      [ 2007-07-25 ]
U r doing a great social service in keeping the local time table on the net. Central rly site itself is not so customer friendly as yours. Pl keep it up. I AM SURE SOMEONE FROM RLYS READ THIS.
Ashok      [ 2007-07-25 ]
I found the site most helpful for all the rail commuters. It would be great if you incorporate Western Train Timings, as there were other no authentic source for the western local timings.
sandeep Deshmukh      [ 2007-07-25 ]
Excellent site, good information on local time table. i suggest you start pune-lonavala local time table also
Shivram Bhangare      [ 2007-07-25 ]
There no local from 8.00 pm to 8.47pm (47 minitus) towords kalyan on fast trak. so vary rush for Kasara local (8.47 pm at CST).
Zakir Sayed      [ 2007-07-24 ]
Great concept. But please update the timings as there are minutes difference in train schedule.
s.d.mahajan      [ 2007-07-23 ]
There no local from 7.51pm to 8.10pm (20 minitus) towords kalyan on fast and slow trak. so vary rush for next all locals.
Saurav      [ 2007-07-22 ]
Good web site i like such type of information site.
pramod      [ 2007-07-22 ]
Can CR give attention towards TLA &AN side Dont have fast local before 7.10am trains time gap Avg 30 minin mornig afternoon same sititutoin
mahesh Thorat      [ 2007-07-20 ]
Pleae Dispaly Flatform no also in time table !
anil n gohel      [ 2007-07-20 ]
i know CR is fully loaded with express trains, But still i expect CR should increse the frequency of fast train at night time........
anil      [ 2007-07-20 ]
If possible then increase the speed of EMU when its leaving from kalyan station in down side direction from platform no. 2 & 3 to Karjat.
anil      [ 2007-07-20 ]
Increse the speed of train at kalyan station when its leaving from Platform no. 6 & 7 to CST side. coz it takes so much time to cross the tracks. speed should be 30 KMPH When its crosses the tracks.
Sandra      [ 2007-07-19 ]
For the last 3/4 year not a single Up/down Karjat local - {New train} has been introduced. Inspite of other locals being introduced passengers of nearby stations make use of these Karjat trains thereby stopping the passenger who really has to go to Karjat from getting into the train. As it is there is a vast time gap beweens the Karjat trains. When will the authorities wake up from slumber and make the Karjat Train Double fast thereby stopping them halt at Kurla, Ghatkopar & Dombivli
v.d.joshi      [ 2007-07-17 ]
Time Table search of suburban Train Starting & End at shows undefined.Pl do the needfull
Shivram Bhangare      [ 2007-07-16 ]
I am a Physicaly handicaped (30%), can i travel in handicape coach. Please give me details (rules) of Handicaped coach of local tran
SHARAD      [ 2007-07-16 ]
please send me central railway new tine table
KISHORE GUPTA      [ 2007-07-16 ]
Dadar to Pune (IInd Class fair with exorerss train ?
Kishore Gupta      [ 2007-07-16 ]
1) Bhayander To Pune Ist & Class with Express Train Pass Fair ?
Prashant R Patil      [ 2007-07-13 ]
Humble request to Central Railway Authority for Local Trains, that there should be all 12 COACH LOCAL TRAINS its compulsary from Mumbai CST to Kasara & Mumbai CST to Karjat. Or else you people personally make a survey for 1 Day. As i know its not possible to increase frequency becoz of lack of INFRASTRUCTURE.
Gagan Verma      [ 2007-07-11 ]
a train should be run starting from kurla to CST from 8:00 to 9:00 am.
Anil Avhad      [ 2007-07-10 ]
Vashi-Thane train frequency shall be atleast 10 to15 minutes in peak hours which will encorage commuters to use railway instead of road and will avoid road traffic along this route.
Anil Avhad      [ 2007-07-10 ]
Vashi-Thane train frequency shall be atleast 10 to15 minutes in peak hours which will encorage commuters to use railway instead of road and will avoid road traffic along this route.
Samir S. Gupte      [ 2007-07-09 ]
Please increase some trains in Thane to Karjat & Thane to Kasara between 20.00 to 22.00
AMK PATHAN      [ 2007-07-09 ]
Prasad anil tanak      [ 2007-07-08 ]
Pls increase thane to vashi and vashi to thane railway frequency
santosh palav      [ 2007-07-07 ]
please add new local train from dadar to karjat between 6.00am to 7.00am
kuldeep choudhary      [ 2007-07-07 ]
Please increase some trains in Asangaon, UP & DOWN
santosh palav      [ 2007-07-07 ]
please add new local train from dadar to karjat between 6.00am to 7.00am
Sandra      [ 2007-07-06 ]
On Wednesday the 6.24 pm Karjat local which is a 12 coach was run only 9 coach thereby keeping the woman passengers standing right from VT TO Ulhasnagar. Passengers who can avail of other trains to reach their destination take access of the nine coach and crowd the compartment like logs of woods in a room. When will the rlys. look into the agony of passengers travelling to Karjat by this train.
DILIP MEGHJI GOGARI      [ 2007-07-05 ]
DILIP MEGHJI GOGARI      [ 2007-07-05 ]
kushal      [ 2007-07-05 ]
Please increase the frequency of badlapur trains.The trains can also be started from kalyan to badlapur especially in the morning and evening time.This will help to travel much better.I recommend that all trains coming upto ambernath in the evening and morning should be extended upto badlapur.Please look at the issue
Mahesh Hegde      [ 2007-07-05 ]
Dear .. You are doing excellent Job. First of all i appreciate your Job. This is great website which give us exact information in our need base format. People will not find out such information elsewhere in web.. Great !! Now Tell me about new time table which is effective from July 07 ..
Anis      [ 2007-07-05 ]
Hi Could you tell me what are the train schedule from Khopoli till dadar between 5 to 8pm in the evening?
Hemlata Chandnani      [ 2007-07-05 ]
we people living on Ambernath side face a great problem from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the morning as we have one 9.11 train at Ulhasnagar which comes from Karjat and is fully pack and the other train is only at 9.47 for CST so if we miss the train we have to wait for almost 40 minutes for other train and get late to office
Vishnuprasad      [ 2007-07-04 ]
Since I stay at Dombivli, I feel that the existing services are sufficient. But, i suggest that there can be an increase in the number of DI locals especially during the morning peak hours. Also, fast trains from DL can also be introduced since the number of commuters travelling to and from DL is very huge and trains are the best means of transport for people staying here. Thank you.
Abhay Gurav      [ 2007-07-04 ]
Please Run 6.20 pm Kasara Train & 6.39 pm Asangaon Train Boarding from CST for 12 Car Rake as this is a peak hour of commuters
Abhay Gurav      [ 2007-07-04 ]
Please Run 6.20 pm Kasara Train & 6.39 pm Asangaon Train Boarding from CST for 12 Car Rake as this is a peak hour of commuters
Sandra      [ 2007-07-04 ]
The time gap between the Karjat trains is more than any other trains. All badlapur trains should go up to Karjat
ANKITI DHANANJAY SATHE      [ 2007-07-03 ]
Amarjeet K. Chahal      [ 2007-07-02 ]
Please increase some trains in Asangaon, UP & DOWN
manisha c keer      [ 2007-07-02 ]
please add new local train from dadar to badlapur between 16.45pm to 17.37pm




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