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Diago Simoes      [ 2012-09-24 ]
Sir, I beg you to start trains frequently running between Dahanu to Diva/Panvel and return for the convenience of the large crowd traveling to central side.Your timely help will be a blessing to all those who spend their time more than double everyday. For your perusal kindly witness the plight of commuters at Vasai Road daily at all times on platform no. 6 or 7. I sincerely pray that the RAILWAY AUTHORITIES be enlightened by the almighty god to do the needful.
SWATI DESHMUKH      [ 2012-09-24 ]
Ravindra Adchule      [ 2012-09-17 ]
Now the parel stations is very crowded during pick hours as various business complex are coming in parel like india bulls an various people working in worli area also get down at parel station. when all the people are get down at parel and get out of stations there is heavy crowd and central railway deputed 4-5 RPF to control the crowd. If the fast trains get stop at parel these people will be diverted on two platforms and people also get reliff from crowd as well as Railway also not required to depute the RPF.
suparna      [ 2012-09-14 ]
please start train from belapur/panvel to mulund
Vaibhav Hatwar      [ 2012-09-13 ]
Please start more trains between Thane and Badlapur timing between 6 to 8 PM.
BRAJ GOPAL SABAT      [ 2012-09-12 ]
please start more two DEMU local from pen to panvel or diva to roha in between morning 7.00am to 9.30 am.
Narasimha      [ 2012-09-11 ]
it was very helpfull website.. thank you go4mumbai.com
aakash sonawane      [ 2012-09-08 ]
please start the train morning from ulhasnagar to khopoli 7.30 to 8.30
rajendra jadhav      [ 2012-09-05 ]
Start memo panvel to vir (goregaon)
Liladhar Baviskar      [ 2012-09-05 ]
There is no local for Kasar end...only locals are incresed for karjat end. Request for more local for Asangoan....Titwala
sunil joshi      [ 2012-09-04 ]
human beings are crowded in local trains badly, why railways are not adapting by expanding the intake capacity of commuters by way of introducing double decker and extending no. of coaches. or whether top brass is just carry on as it is going,someone should leave the indelible mark in this field like Mr Shridharan done for Metros.
suba      [ 2012-09-02 ]
pl bring the rake from kalva car shed for the fast local to cstm from thane to avoid mulund residents preoccupied the sets while dn direction
himanshu      [ 2012-08-31 ]
start panvel-karjat local trains and panvel-pen-roha line
Pravin Joshi      [ 2012-08-31 ]
We would like request you kindly arrange all ladies coach only either at first or last or only at first and last donot keep in between. Please take action immediately without futher delay. This is will help to all Gents people to get down easily. Pravin
ASHISH YADAV      [ 2012-08-26 ]
Lateshchaudhari      [ 2012-08-26 ]
please increasefrequency local train from panvel to thane,every one hour there is train so if possible please increase the frequency atlest every 30 min there should be local for thane
Avadhesh      [ 2012-08-26 ]
Some of the trains must be starts / end from/to CSTM/NERUL Vs NERUL/CSTM. To Much Pessangers are there in Nerul /Seawoods Thanks
mohammed sharif h. shaikh      [ 2012-08-24 ]
Plz. start more train from virar to dhanu.as a local train.
Diago Simoes      [ 2012-08-22 ]
Please start a train on route from Virar to Diva at 6.00 a.m.as there is a Government Polytechnic where students attend via Dadar spending almost 2 hours extra. Your timely support will be much appreciated
PRANAV      [ 2012-08-19 ]
Manish      [ 2012-08-18 ]
Plz have train from thane to kasara and also start new train on vasai diva line
somnath Revgade      [ 2012-08-18 ]
Please start train from Kalyan &dombivali to vashi
josephspencer      [ 2012-08-15 ]
pl start locals from Karjat to panvel stn ie new route
haresh hingorani      [ 2012-08-13 ]
pls start train from nasik to ahmedabad
haresh hingorani      [ 2012-08-13 ]
pls start Duranto exp train from kalyan to ahmedabad
azmisaif      [ 2012-08-12 ]
Kindly provide ticket window at the Dive end of the Mumbra station, because people from Mumbra board trains from this end, and incrase frequency of semi fast locals,passengers of new mumbai also board traisn from Mumbra Station.
kiran parmar      [ 2012-08-11 ]
Please start local train from karjat to panvel
kiran parmar      [ 2012-08-11 ]
Please start local train from karjat to panvel
ajay dias      [ 2012-08-10 ]
pls start service from vasai to thane or vashi and also dadar to thane fast train serive..................thks in advance
dilip sachdev      [ 2012-08-10 ]
I have noticed that many people who are not eligible or not having proper ticket of first class travel in first class therefore those who possess proper ticket & pass does not get to sit or proper place to stand please arrange to check tickets in first class
Rishikesh W      [ 2012-08-10 ]
One suggession to control the crowd is start double decker local trains. there will be two layers of platforms so that travellers travelling in the upper side of train will alight on the upper platforma and reamining will alight on the lower platform. Instead of increasing the coaches, somebody should think of increasing capacity of current coaches vertically.
Ashish Shenoy      [ 2012-08-08 ]
Impunctuality in trains specially slow trains in between dombivli & thane during morning 8-8.30am. delay is caused due to late arrival of ladies special train. please do change this
vijay      [ 2012-08-06 ]
pls increase the frequency of trains from borivali to virar and andheri to virar,,,,,,specially borivali to virar...pls
Anand yadav      [ 2012-08-02 ]
CENTRAL LINE Trains are not running on time .They do not reach CST on time.
satej abekar      [ 2012-08-01 ]
almost all coupon validating machines are not working in Sanpada, Belapur stations in harbour lines ......pls do something.............is anybody listening
SUNIL B. KHANDARE      [ 2012-07-26 ]
thane station is very crowdy especially in the evening time, more train should be available for down . eg. badlapur, ambernath to reduce the rush.
Manish      [ 2012-07-25 ]
Some Trains are available between stations which or on different lines. Like Trainf from CST to Bandra.One is on CR & other is on WR.Provide an option to view trains for such combinations also. Thanks
vidya      [ 2012-07-21 ]
plz start train from bhandup to kasara between 6am to 6.30am also
SHIVLANI NIRMAL KANYALAL      [ 2012-07-19 ]
Please stsrt train from ULHASNAGAR to MUMBAI CST in the morning time.I mean start from ULHASNAGAR.
Ravindra Shrivastava      [ 2012-07-12 ]
Start recharge smartcard through online
Abhilash      [ 2012-06-17 ]
Please include more trains from karjat to cst or atleast till kalyan or thane.
priyanka joshi      [ 2012-06-17 ]
Please start a fast train on central line between 4.30 AM to 4.50 AM
Sayyed Rizwan      [ 2012-06-16 ]
Please increase the maintenance and frequency on Harbour Line.
varsha      [ 2012-06-16 ]
is the mega block every sunday. tomorow is there?
pinky      [ 2012-06-16 ]
There should be train between 05:22 AM to 06:03 for CST from Shahad station.I thinkit is huge gap and people are facing to much problem.Please resolved it.Thanks
Padmakar      [ 2012-06-15 ]
We need to also facilitate online refilling of GO-Mumbai smart card through Credit/ Debit payment to avoid hassel@Station
Zahabiya      [ 2012-06-13 ]
Please increase no. of trains between Mumbai CST and Karjat
L v nayak      [ 2012-06-09 ]
The digital clocks on each platform at Churchgate station show different timings,hence it would help the commuters if all the clocks are synchronised.
deepak jain      [ 2012-06-08 ]
Hii sir/madam i intrested in railway job pls sent my id
Sunil      [ 2012-06-08 ]
Please start train from Nilje to Diva

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