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Prince      [ 2012-03-17 ]
pls do regular ticket checks in Ist class; we pay high to go comfortable but since the checking happens seldom, many do tresspass here
Yusuf shaikh      [ 2012-03-14 ]
Its my request to the railway authority to make available T.C. in the first class compartment on harbor line from wadala road-cst-wadala road,especially during peak-hours, most of the people travel in first class while I think they do not posess valid first class ticket or pass,making travelling difficult to valid passenger and also during after-noon scool chidrens make a lot of mis-chief which may lead to any accident they are even using bad-words its my request to please stop this.
Bighnaraj Parida      [ 2012-03-12 ]
Please increase the trains between Thane to Panvel in Harbour line or extend the Thane Nerul/Belapur locals to Panvel.
namrata shukla dombivali      [ 2012-03-12 ]
there is urgent requirement of trains at kopar to vasai road and palghar between 8.00 a.m. To 8.30a.m. Daily. There no train from dombivali to vasai rd after 5.30 a.m. To more than 5 hour.
santosh      [ 2012-03-07 ]
Pls start more local trains between vasai and Kopar stations.
H N Mali      [ 2012-03-07 ]
My monthly pass is Igatpuri to kalyan but whenever i want to travel to mumbai i needs ex ticket that time whenever i demands ex ticket the booking clarck decliened and said that we cant give this facility from kasara becouse your pass is starting from igatpuri. Plz start this service from kasara
shabina shaikh      [ 2012-03-06 ]
i want online railway pass renewal to kurla to churchgate
vishwas Gangurde      [ 2012-03-05 ]
start local train from kalyan to CBD Belapur it help to both side people and also slow down tiffic of pltoform no 5 & 6 of thane station
Deepak S      [ 2012-03-05 ]
Now time has come to think for 24 coachs train with double fast. i.e. Virar to Dadar via Borivali & Andheri stoppage. Direct train from Borivali to dadar & churchgate.
Ranjit more      [ 2012-03-03 ]
Pls start a memo /shuttle from diva to vasai after 7.30 p.m to vasi ,so as most of the office crowd can travel from Thane to vasai /virar
SUNDER MANSUKHANI      [ 2012-03-02 ]
the frequency betn Andheri-CST-Andheri during peak hours is too far apart. introduce more rakes on this sector to enable senior citizens, ladies and children to travel in peace without bothering to cross railway tracks and cumbersome bridges. do away with Bandra locals and extend the route to Andheri/Goregaon.
Mumbaikar      [ 2012-02-10 ]
IS thr any railway plan from Badlapur to Belapur & Belapur to Badalpur.. Kindly tell us....
ankit parekh      [ 2011-08-14 ]
kindly requesting to c.r. authority to increase fast local in pick hours
Mayank      [ 2011-02-14 ]
When we are viewing train details from station A to B for timing between 4PM and 5PM. Please include links in that very page for viewing details between the same same two stations for timing "3PM to 4PM" as well as "5PM to 6PM"
Lalitkumar      [ 2011-02-14 ]
Please start train from Vasai Rd to Nasik Rd
B,P. Patil,Gundle      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Kind request to increase frequency between Kopar & boisar/ Dahanu
B,P. Patil,Gundle      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Kind request to increase frequency between Kopar & boisar/ Dahanu
Aziz m.shaikh      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Kindly start some fast locals on harbour line
Vinod Singh      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Venu      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Extend Thane-Nerul bound locals till Panvel so that passengers travelling till Panvel can travel in same train
Dinesh Ramchandra Khandvi      [ 2011-02-12 ]
please increase train
Sanjay Kumar Saxena      [ 2011-02-12 ]
Pls introduce more trains between Vashi and Thane. Even during peak time, trains are havings gaps of 27 minutes.
shaggy      [ 2011-02-12 ]
please do not make the locals to run out side virar because all its been for mumbai only let the other cities spend for their peoples.......
Mragendra Kumar Verma      [ 2011-02-11 ]
Kindly increase frequecny of trains between Andheri and Panvel.In the evening there is hardly any trains between 5pm -7pm towards Panvel
SARAVANAN      [ 2011-02-11 ]
thanks for the tips and map,its very usefull for those who coming new to mumbai for roaming.thnk you for all tips containing in this site. Rgds Saravanan
Harshu      [ 2011-02-11 ]
Really, this site is very helpful to all those who, travel by train Daily. Thanks to Railway service provider.
sunny khairnar      [ 2011-02-10 ]
ur site is very good i am daily use ur site thanks www.go4 mumbai.com
Avi      [ 2011-02-10 ]
train should be increased, in harbour line from vashi to thane or els from nerul of anywer. should incress the train.
Kaustubh Tikam      [ 2011-02-09 ]
Please increase frequency of DN & UP locals on Panvel/Diva/Vasai/Boisar sector during morning & evening.
VISHWANATH DAKWE      [ 2011-02-09 ]
Their being no bus from Lower Parel to Siddhivinayak Tample. Pl look into the matter.
shekhar      [ 2011-02-09 ]
why wont u add season ticket informtion on it
Ravindra Sawant      [ 2011-02-08 ]
Install indicators at Bhandup's all FOBs and Ticket Office. Perhaps this is the only station in Mumbai suburb where no indicators are installed causing grear inconvenience to the lakhs of commuters.
HUSAIN N POONAWALA      [ 2011-02-08 ]
best site for railway information
Nikhil      [ 2011-02-08 ]
please run fast trains from dombivli at rush hours to Mumbai CST
Harshad Kadia      [ 2011-02-08 ]
thank you
puja singh      [ 2011-02-07 ]
Please increase trains from panvel to Andheri more.
kishore chache      [ 2011-02-06 ]
Pls increas UP & DN train from Diva/Vasai/Boisar mornig & evening peak hours.
Shashi Jaju      [ 2011-02-05 ]
tHE Best Site ever...............
BINU BABU      [ 2011-02-05 ]
something do against spit in the local trains..
shriniwas s.parkar      [ 2011-02-05 ]
separate window for pass,cvv cupans ,
Baljeet      [ 2011-02-05 ]
Need one more search box for all Train . e.g. if any one wish to go from Kalyan to Juinagar and don't know the interchange station . So This is the problem.
ARUN TIWARI      [ 2011-02-05 ]
Is there any train available from CST to Borivali
Lakshman patil      [ 2011-02-04 ]
Please give the timetable of diwa to virar, on your site.
Milind Kale      [ 2011-02-03 ]
will u pl. update latest timetable for local trains which will run between Churchgate to Dahanu ?
GANESH TAKALE      [ 2011-02-03 ]
please provide local train from bandra to borivali dosent need fast or slom but time between 5.45 to 7.45 ,most useful tht train for santarcruz to goregao people (hmble request)
Pratima Shenoy      [ 2011-02-03 ]
There should be increase in number of fast trains from Thane and all of them should halt at Mulund.
parvez.s.khan      [ 2011-02-03 ]
very very gud site..........thankx go4mumbai
prasad      [ 2011-02-03 ]
very usefui
Nitin      [ 2011-02-03 ]
Suburban trains should depart from junction stations at the right time, i.e not before the departure time since many commuters try to catch up the concurrent trains at junctions
prashant joshi      [ 2011-02-02 ]
plz.... increase frequency of down and up locals on diva - vasai - boisar.

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