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Sunil      [ 2010-12-21 ]
is the local train time table available on Mobile, for quick / instant reference when we are at near to station and in hurry.
senthilkumar      [ 2010-12-20 ]
pls increase frequency of traine between kasara to Mumbai CST. Otherwise Asangaon train to be extended to kasara. pls needful
Nehate C E      [ 2010-12-18 ]
plz increase the train between Dadar to karjat/ Kasara/ Kalyan.at 08.00am to9.30am and 5.00pm to 8.00pm
Amit      [ 2010-12-18 ]
Can you provide me the soft copy of the full timetable of the mumbai local central line, like the timetable book with the complete details. Thanks
Satheesh Chandroth      [ 2010-12-16 ]
Your website is very helpul to Mumbai commuters. In the Train Time Table selection, you may make the time slots dynamic instead of hourly slots to enable us to search the trains within a particular time period instead of hourly pattern.
Ajay Kotwal      [ 2010-12-16 ]
We need to increase the frequency bet Dahanu and Panvel. It is going to be a big advantage to all commuters.
Mrs. Jadhav      [ 2010-12-15 ]
Why are train time tables not available at railway stations. I have been checking with the railway station vendors everyday and get the same reply, abhi tak aaya nahi hain. Can the railways pls look into this.
Mihir shah      [ 2010-12-15 ]
Please increase the frequency of trains Between Vashi - thane , Panvel - Thane in the evening rush hours
Shankar sanap      [ 2010-12-15 ]
Kindly start sms ticket for local train.
vinod      [ 2010-12-15 ]
pls start the double dekar train
Abhi      [ 2010-12-14 ]
Please add one train from Badlapur between 6.23 Karjat local & 6.58 Badlapur local.
Rohit      [ 2010-12-12 ]
I would like to suggest to Mumbai local train dept,please either announce or sticks the MAP in Which side Plateform will come alon with Station name.It would be very much conveniyant for all passenger.
Sunil K      [ 2010-12-03 ]
Excellent time table. Hats of to Go 4 Mumbai.
PRAVIN JAIN      [ 2010-12-01 ]
excellent website. all information at one place. for train time table information, there is no world to explain superb qualitiy. thanks for making available this website for people those who leave in mumbai and those who comes from outside of mumbai.
Vasai      [ 2010-11-29 ]
Increase the Vasai Road Western Railway Mumbai Surban Local Trains from Vasai Road to Andheri, Bandra, Dadar & Churchgate. Also Vasai Road Local Trains from Churchgate, Dadar, Bandra & Andheri to Vasai Road.
Chirag      [ 2010-11-27 ]
I like ur service. I want mail express train detail.
sweekar patil      [ 2010-11-26 ]
want the smart card on line
shantaram kadam      [ 2010-11-25 ]
This is very good site, It really helped me to plan my travel....... Thank you for such a good facility... One suggestion from my side .....May be it is to optimistic If possibel can anybody book local ticket online Thank you shantaram
asmat pawle      [ 2010-11-25 ]
there is very huge rush on this rout and I request to increase the frequency of the trains as this shall make more profit to rly and a good service to public
Mahalakshmi      [ 2010-11-23 ]
Hi, I really appreciate the services of this website. Many times I have found it very helpful. Simple and accurate information. Keep up the good work. Please start such a facility on mobile also i.e. looking up trains between stations and time. Thanks
GANESH SHANBHAG      [ 2010-11-21 ]
Kindly update the Rules for Cupons and Smart Card Is that they can be used for extention .Kindly suggest
pintoo      [ 2010-11-21 ]
Sticker nuisance in local trains can be reduced/avoided by getting their tel/mob nos blocked trough competent authority. The railways can save the money spent on removing the nuisance stickers'
Amit      [ 2010-11-19 ]
Can I get the softcopy of the latest timetable(full like the Timetable Book) from any website?
Manjit Singh Bimbh      [ 2010-11-17 ]
yes there is time table available at CST Stn on mail line stn I want to know that when it is going to happen in harbor line for fast trains
Keshav      [ 2010-11-16 ]
This is an excellent site with all the useful information. But pls check on the train fare which is not been updated. e.g. Koparkhairane to Thane fare is Rs.8 where as the details show the same as Rs.6
Shilpa      [ 2010-11-16 ]
Bus No. 703 whch strts frm samta nagar kandivli irritates passengers alot, firstly 4-5 bus will come and halt toghter on depo and make people keep guessing whch one would go. Logically they shd follow some frequency but because of thakur college students they dnt and crowd assembles there waiting for bus and wen it leave two to three 703 goes toghther. Yesterday person incharge on depo strated agruing wth driver and everyone had to wait for arnd 45mins
shuba ragulan      [ 2010-11-15 ]
please make an i phone application so that the youth who live on the fast lane find it easier. thanks
satyan      [ 2010-11-15 ]
unauthorised advertisements by individuals and small venders, builders, etc should be sternly dealt with. their identity should be established and punished severely so they do not do it second time. TCs should be empowered to off-load passengers seen keeping their feet on seats.
sachin jagtap      [ 2010-11-15 ]
online recharge smart card facility need to provided on this site so that no more ques will be there for local passengers
Arvind      [ 2010-11-12 ]
pls. do somthing for those passengers who stands on gate and does not allow other passenger to get down at ghatkopar st. they hv only word "one-side"
Abhijeet Jadhav      [ 2010-11-12 ]
I want to know the fare from Curry Road to Nerul (vai Kurla) and Nerul to Dombivali (vai Thane)
sangeeta      [ 2010-11-11 ]
Please tel me time of morning and evening kopar to bhiwandi and bhiwandi to kopar
rahul tiwari      [ 2010-11-11 ]
its well known now that everybody is moving to new bombay for residence. in such condition number of trains and bogies are not sufficient to accomodate such croud. request CR to increase trains and bogies on cst-panvel route.
Santosh M      [ 2010-11-10 ]
Request you to provide the time table of trains from Kopar to Vasai.
Rushikesh morye      [ 2010-11-05 ]
sir, vikhroli station is the only station which do not had footover brige so in vikhroli station have many problem of railway line crossing from east area to west side beacause of no foot over brige. Many peapole and school child from tagore nagare , station road, kannamwar nagar and godrej side are fear to cross this rail line beacause of acsident. I requset you to put an action and construct a foot over brige. Thank you!
Vijay R Shrawage      [ 2010-11-04 ]
Central Local time table is not available anywhere. Is it possible to download it from some sites? Vijay
ANURAG      [ 2010-11-04 ]
It will be an added jewel in this website if atleast mobile version shows the fare from one point to other atleast for local trains. yes it will be very good if it is for Best(indicate amount of passes applicable)
Abhishek Patil      [ 2010-11-04 ]
Request you to please add more double fast trains from CST after 8.00 PM
aakash      [ 2010-11-04 ]
The work of DC to AC conversion is completed between Karjat to Kalyan main line.We expect more local from Central Railway between Badlapur/Karjat to CST Mumbai/Dadar and vice versa as early.
Haresh bk      [ 2010-11-03 ]
There are the gangs of pickpockets between kalyan and ambernath.targeting mainly tourist family for neral matheran section in morning karjat khopoli locals.concerned authority wake up
Nisha Patil      [ 2010-11-01 ]
Hi, I Have lost my Pass in transit & want to get a new one issued pl. update with the process for the same,
Rushikesh morye      [ 2010-11-01 ]
Danger, mainy peaple are injured - Dear sir/madum, ghatkopar pool (to thane) is very dangerious for walking mainly East side. we are sliping on it.
Rushikesh sadanand morye      [ 2010-10-31 ]
Ban on gutkha - please, i request you sir
Birendra Gosain      [ 2010-10-31 ]
my suggestion is while searching for train. the search criteria should also contain train timing for the whole day instead of timings from\to particular period. i think if the timing are provided for the whole day it will become much easier for people to reach there destination
Vishnuprasad      [ 2010-10-29 ]
Please start double fast trains from dombivli to cst or dadar in the peak hours.
sarvesh      [ 2010-10-29 ]
Amazing work guys...useful would be an understatement..i have a request.....can we have the monthly and quarterly pass rates for both the classes. Thanx !
shubham lutade      [ 2010-10-29 ]
good facility
farooq khan      [ 2010-10-28 ]
it is a nice site for railway timing.
deepak      [ 2010-10-27 ]
nice site but make time table for mobile phones as application
Manoj Narvekar      [ 2010-10-27 ]
This is a very help full site for mumbaikars. Keep it up

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