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rajeev karunakar      [ 2010-10-26 ]
considering that the maximum population reside in the suburbs there has to be a train connected from borivli-bhayander-bhiwandi-thane-vashi.this will reduce lot of travelling time.hope the bade babus look into the matter and do something positive about it instead of offering excuses.
Hitesh D. Shah      [ 2010-10-25 ]
Please Start issuing extention ticket on ATVM
vinit bhayani      [ 2010-10-25 ]
increse train from dadar to virar as 60 % commuter catch train frm dadar as its a centre point between 6 to 9
pramilla      [ 2010-10-23 ]
Please add some more train between 9.34 till 9-53 there are only 2 trains between this time. and leaves before time...
Manzack      [ 2010-10-22 ]
In the morning going towards the CST there is a huge rush in the loacal the people are not able stand properly . Railway department should look into and also need to take action..................
Ram      [ 2010-10-22 ]
Please also provide diva to vasai time table. In future we will happy if train run between Kalyan to Andheri
MANGESH SAHASRABUDHE      [ 2010-10-21 ]
Excellent site BL9 is given a halt at Mulund Time is 9:39AM Halt was not there previously Pl reconfirm before doing changes
Mehul Rathod      [ 2010-10-21 ]
Pls start more Morning and Evening Services from Vasai to Diva. Also Let the Train from Vsai start early by 6: 40 so that it can reach Kopar by 7:35. PLs start Evening Train from Diva @ 6:30... that will be much convenient for all
C.Bhimsena Rao      [ 2010-10-20 ]
It is difficult to get New Local Time Table. No response from Railway Stall Vendors. Will C.Rly please response.
Rajan      [ 2010-10-19 ]
I want to get a monthly pass for best bus service.Kindly give me the details from where can I get it between Malad and Marol and what are the charges.What documents do u need for the same and do u need photos.Also let me know if the pass is valid for all types of buses.
s vicky      [ 2010-10-16 ]
rly is a public mode of transport therefore loud noise of mobile songs, bhajans should not be allowed in the trains. Is it not an offence ? if yes then let rly put an instructions in every compartment for not to do this and disturb the pax.
Anil      [ 2010-10-16 ]
if you can add information about mega blocks carried out on weekends on CR/WR would be best ..... any way great work!!!!!!!!!!
Mritunjay      [ 2010-10-15 ]
It is very good site. It will better if you provide Pass Fare also. Please . Thank You
Vasudevan Nair VT      [ 2010-10-15 ]
HARYY      [ 2010-10-14 ]
Shubham mohite      [ 2010-10-13 ]
The mumbai central railway should be make an special compartment for STUDENT'S only. Because boarding in train sometimes the instrument that (polytechnic)students carry it was broken by crowd.as i think there are 60% students who travelled by train.this is my humble reqest to the mumbai railway
Ranjini Menon      [ 2010-10-11 ]
There are no trains from borivili to Panvel. Why dont you extend the andheri train till borivli as it can also be useful for people travelling from Dahisar, Mira Road, Bhyander etc.
chivadunga      [ 2010-10-11 ]
please avail the the facility of online top up for go mumbai smart card.
sandeep      [ 2010-10-10 ]
keep stations clean & donot delay the harbour line trains
dipti      [ 2010-10-06 ]
it has to be refill after 6 month otherwise your card deposit lost and you cant refill afer 6 month
Amit      [ 2010-09-26 ]
Is it possible to get the complete softcopy of the timetable for central line in the format found in the Timetable books available at Stations.
Mayur koppal      [ 2010-09-22 ]
Instead of spending money on printing passes we can have the same technology as smartcard where in we save paper,printing cost ,printing errors.Just we have to recharge as we pay for smart card but it will all details os coustomer for TC thay should have checking machines connected to internet.
Jayesh Patil      [ 2010-09-21 ]
There is no Service Desk Avialable for Refiling of "GO MUMBAI CARD " ....Please Suggest
Anand Karalkar      [ 2010-09-20 ]
Very pleased to find this useful website
Pritesh      [ 2010-09-17 ]
Can u suggest me how to go Lonavala from CST, TRAIN fare.
Maqboolali Merchant      [ 2010-09-16 ]
Hi, Very good website. Thanx for providing all details in a simple manner. If you can add outstation trains also it will be very helpful
Tushar      [ 2010-09-13 ]
Very useful site
Shrikant Tijare      [ 2010-09-12 ]
This is a very useful website.We get lot of information at one place.One suggestion, if you could add local train fares for all lines and all class.great work.keep it up !!!
MANOJ TRIVEDI      [ 2010-09-10 ]
You have mentioned that local time table is available on station stalls. I have been enquiring for the same since last one month at Kalyan Thane ,dombivli and dadar station. But could not get till date due to non availability. Can you tell on which station it is available so that I can ask somebody to get the same for me.
Rishabh Gupta      [ 2010-09-05 ]
It is an excellent site and also helpful for tourists
Chetan jain      [ 2010-09-03 ]
really good site!!
PARAG GR      [ 2010-09-01 ]
Hi.. your trains timetable is good. i m max. time travel in railway and ur web side is useful to me.
Bharat Bhavsar      [ 2010-08-27 ]
Please tell the location where local time table will be available. I tried to buy it from Kalyan Jn to Dadar Jn but it was unavailable,
jainendra dubey      [ 2010-08-24 ]
Hi, I want to go to jaslok hospital from Vashi,preference is by AC bus pls guide me in this regard
Kiran Y Bodas      [ 2010-08-24 ]
You have mentioned that local time table is available on station stalls. I have been enquiring for the same since last one month at Kalyan Thane & Kalwe station. But could not get till date due to non availability. Can you tell on which station it is available so that I can ask somebody to get the same for me.
PRADEEP S CHOUDHARI      [ 2010-08-23 ]
kindly let me know on which stall the local time table book is avialable at cst or make it on avialable on net so that one can print it
Anil D'Souza      [ 2010-08-23 ]
Sticker nuisance in local trains can be reduced/avoided by getting their tel/mob nos blocked trough competent authority. The railways can save the money spent on removing the nuisance stickers'
GURURAJ VAIDYA      [ 2010-08-22 ]
Excellent information on your website. One suggestion, also add the Railway fares season ticket passes monthly & quarterly for the benefit of all users.
mahesh mane      [ 2010-08-19 ]
plz tell me where can i get this timetable. i am staying at kalyan and tried hard to purchase it at railway stall but they told that time table is out of stock and were offering me some other timetable like 'rail duniya' which is not official.
Cassell      [ 2010-08-18 ]
we need more frequency of 263 in the mornings . bus comes after every 20 mins n tht too small bus . der r so many 442 vackent buses every 5 mins . plz do so immeaditly
sudesh Phalkde      [ 2010-08-18 ]
good work! just make awareness of this site in comman people. it is very useful to all.
dinesh lund      [ 2010-08-16 ]
site is very nice, easy to understable. I want the application for my nokia mobile
Dhanya Vikiamshi      [ 2010-08-15 ]
i am very thankful to this website that i have got the timetable from it. one more request is form us is if it is possible the pries of the pass is also should be hear
kailash choudhary      [ 2010-08-13 ]
Dear sir, Pls introduce some train from shahad to cst or dadar during 9.26 am to 9.59 am there is no train in that time period thanks
Prasad Keni      [ 2010-08-13 ]
Please develop a similar type of website for mobile users also... This site is simply great... I feel most of the users will be using this facility when they are on the go, so they can simply use their mobile gprs to get a quick view of the available trains for their destination... Thanks for the available info, and it will be highly appreciated if u develop a similar kind of service for mobile viewers also...
monika      [ 2010-08-09 ]
there is no option to search ladies special trains please give the more filter to make appropriate search thanks
anand kothare      [ 2010-08-03 ]
i think u can also add tourist places near mumbai which will be useful for all those who want to go on tour near mumbai.
Nitin Mittal      [ 2010-07-31 ]
This website is very usefull for all MUMBAI citizens. Its really very Impressive.
tanuja      [ 2010-07-27 ]
i am daily travelling by andheri -panvel train.just i want the ladies compartment should increase as we found that in middle & last only 2compartments available , even in initial i.e both the sides of train starting & ending + middle should have ladies compartmnet - As sometimes ladies are missing the train because they have to run till the middle compartment at the time of train leaving andheri station to panvel.even trin frequencey is very less.so pls. do the needful.
lalit singh      [ 2010-07-25 ]
this is very useful site , its help to me daily for going anywhere on right time by train , without wasting time for waiting train

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