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Hemant      [ 2010-07-20 ]
Need many trains to Badlapur in morning and from Badlapur to Thane in evening since many Engineering colleges are located there.Students suffer lot of time loss.
nimesh gupta      [ 2010-07-19 ]
Very useful and informative...
nilesh d patil      [ 2010-07-18 ]
very informative....useful. exellent work guys.
SUNIL AVHAD      [ 2010-07-13 ]
thanks for details, very usefull site.
vijay namdar      [ 2010-07-13 ]
hi guys you doing fab job... you need to update one more thing to this site that from boriwali to cst one train is there
Kalpesh bhosale      [ 2010-07-12 ]
This is very nice site , i have ever seen. It gives me quick result about , my 2 destination. With its ticket , time & many imp things. Many good wishes from me for this site. NICE WORK
Pratik      [ 2010-07-07 ]
This is a very helpful site & should be promoted in a better way to help our society & create awareness for our fellow people.
mahendra      [ 2010-07-07 ]
Again railway increase maximum local for kalyan /thane/dombivli but not more increase for badlapur/karjat.So requested to increase local for Badlapur/Karjat.
rakesh      [ 2010-07-07 ]
It s an very good site Ihave tried for Local train Its good so comprehensive
Akshay Mahapadi      [ 2010-07-06 ]
I asked for the new railway time-table at all stalls at Thane station. But it was not avilable with them. Where will i get it?
Sunil      [ 2010-07-06 ]
Thanx,go4mumbai 4 this site.
vikram      [ 2010-07-03 ]
nice work very nice make mobile facility
Barhate Raju      [ 2010-07-02 ]
Recent comments should be shown on top
RASHMI      [ 2010-07-01 ]
Enoch      [ 2010-07-01 ]
i think they should run more trains btw kalyan and ambernath,,,,,at present u get train betwn these two place with a gap of half an hour
Swapnil      [ 2010-07-01 ]
thank you for giving perfect info of GO card ! it help me lot..
jai sahu      [ 2010-06-30 ]
fantastic website thanksss
R.K.Kurup      [ 2010-06-29 ]
If the local train starting from Vahi/Panvel or CBD belapur to Dadar via Thane will reduce the rush in Kurla or Thane
Murli Viswanathan(Bangalore)      [ 2010-06-29 ]
Very nice and useful &user friendly & I am impressed personally.
Amey Sawant      [ 2010-06-28 ]
Nice Site......very helpful for all the Mumbaikars
omprakash chaurasia      [ 2010-06-27 ]
sharad      [ 2010-06-25 ]
Plz, think about the Kalyan to Vashi Loacal Train. It will save time , Money, Energy of the people travelling from Karjat, Badlapur & Ambernath
S      [ 2010-06-25 ]
Karjat local is everyday fully crowded. I think DOMBIVALI and AMBERNATH halt should be removed for all karjat locals so that karjat people can travel with peace.
ajayshah      [ 2010-06-23 ]
mumbai's ready recknor when ever we need.Fantastic information ready made available
Rasik Nakum      [ 2010-06-23 ]
Please start a train from vashi to andheri.
Priyanka      [ 2010-06-23 ]
plz start more fast trains from Dader station and also every hour there should be ladies train.as ladies boogies are small
shiv      [ 2010-06-23 ]
for catching the train time should entry one side in the door.and for one side should exit.this rule is become very inpartent.in mumbai local train.
amruta lode      [ 2010-06-21 ]
please provide additional first class ladies compartment in central railway.
Siddharth      [ 2010-06-19 ]
Awsome website... excellant work done, i got appropriate information regarding train time table for locals - for which i surfed many sites but did not find results as good as here.
Rajiv Ash      [ 2010-06-19 ]
It's a very wonderful site
shashikant      [ 2010-06-15 ]
Is this go-pass valid for western railway also?
shashikant      [ 2010-06-15 ]
Is there an atvm at bandra east?
Amit Dabadghao      [ 2010-06-14 ]
Kindly let me know whether the Railway pass from Thane to Matunga via Sanpada Kurla can be obtained?
Jitendra Chogle      [ 2010-06-13 ]
Very very nice site. Information is very accurate, site is fast responsive I have bookmarked on my mobile. Thank you very much for great site.
YOGESH SURYAWANSHI      [ 2010-06-12 ]
Pleas increase ticket windows at KALYAN station each and every time rush there.
prasanna      [ 2010-06-10 ]
its ironical the dombivili - vasai local at 537 starts frm kalyan shed and from platform 7 but just passes kalyan staion which is a major junction and starts instead frm dombivili..can railways please explain the same?
Vishal      [ 2010-06-10 ]
Pratik      [ 2010-06-10 ]
Awesome website!!! Thanks a ton!!
Nilesh      [ 2010-06-10 ]
Please keep all CVMs at all stations in good working condition ; else remove cupon system from ticketing.
MAYUR soni      [ 2010-06-09 ]
thanks for this facility
Sandesh      [ 2010-06-09 ]
Finally we have a clean and very much user friendly website for local train time table and other utilities.....Gr8 work indeed..
TUSHAR SINGHAL      [ 2010-06-09 ]
please increase trains on Diva Vasai rout in morning, have good rush on that rout.
Arpita Phanse      [ 2010-06-08 ]
This site is very much helpful. As now-a-days we don't travel by train. So obviously we don't have the time table with us. When I searched in google, i found this site, which is uncomplicated and must appreciate the efforts put through. Thank you very much
praveen kumar mishra      [ 2010-06-08 ]
there should be a special compartment reservered for senior citizen man/woman above 60 years like handicapped
Mahesh C      [ 2010-06-08 ]
Excellent website so helpful for the people.
Viren      [ 2010-06-07 ]
Appreciate your efforts.in designing this site. It was much needed. Thanks a ton!!
Prashant Mane      [ 2010-06-06 ]
Pleas increase ticket windows at kurla station each and every time rush there.
Ranjit Kuwade      [ 2010-06-06 ]
trains ki fare list hoti to aur achha hota wo bhi station to station naki kilometer to kilometer
satpal      [ 2010-06-05 ]
gr8 site. I use it while travelling to know when i will reach work or home. Thanks a lot for making my life easier
Santosh shetty      [ 2010-06-05 ]
great . good for outside mumbai traveller

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