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Santosh shetty      [ 2010-06-05 ]
great . good for outside mumbai traveller
nandini      [ 2010-06-04 ]
Dis is an excellent site that gives d information about a working of indian railway.
Jayant A. Joglekar      [ 2010-06-04 ]
If Thane Vashi trains are extended upto Kurla, then commuters will have a choice for going to Kurla. Also it will reduce the pressure at Kurla Station. It will be convenient for the commuters as well as collage students between Vashi to Kurla,
Arshad      [ 2010-06-03 ]
Please depute more Ticket checker from Thane towards Kalyan or vise versa. So many 2nd class ticket holder travels in Ist class. Please make a team for create awareness of clean city Mumbai and also those who spit in Railways Station, that team have right to take legal action against him. Team should collect fine from those not obey the rule of Railways and use this money for develop the Clean City Team.
PARAG NAIK      [ 2010-06-02 ]
Greatest RAILWAY LINE in the world is the MUMBAI railway line Very thankful to all for providing this efficient and convenient website
Ajay Mishra      [ 2010-06-02 ]
Dear Sir, I hve bus gomumbai pass for subaran, i also travel in train also, i do not know to top up my gomumbai card which i can use for train also. Please help
Jayanti Shetty      [ 2010-06-02 ]
Thakurli Railway Platform does not have any roof overhead. It is very difficult standing in sun and rain round the year and it is very sympathic to know that this station is neglected for the last 30 years without any improvement.
PANKAJ SONAWANE      [ 2010-06-02 ]
thanks a lot very helpful site once again thank u
Hemang Mehta      [ 2010-06-02 ]
Mumbai Locals are usually very heavily crowded. I feel the rush will move to roadways more which will ultimately jam the traffic system in the Mumbai City. So, some great ideas should be implemented by the governing bodies to make this easy.
Gaurav Mang      [ 2010-05-29 ]
Hi, Please have working and new fans in First Class Compartment.What is the Use of First Class and why we are paying such high fare
Pankaj      [ 2010-05-29 ]
Dear All, We cant buy the extension ticket from Smart Card , so plz look into it .
P.D.KULKARNI      [ 2010-05-28 ]
very good and user freindly.thanks to the one who made this.
Madhura Sawant      [ 2010-05-27 ]
It is really useful 4 every one who travels every day. thanks to Mumbai Railway. pl add column for Panvel to Thane trains that is only missing here. else is really nice.
Abbas      [ 2010-05-27 ]
A fast train from Virar to Thane....very much required!!!
SAGAR DUBLE      [ 2010-05-27 ]
This is very useful site for me as it gives all info about train timings of all the suburbun lines. its very useful for me when i was late from my office.
Rajeev Pradhan      [ 2010-05-21 ]
Really awsome. Mumbai has become still small and fast.
nazneen sayyed      [ 2010-05-21 ]
i am staying in nashik ,but because of this web site i find my self more comfort to go to bombay,and pick any local train,by reaching at right time to station.thank you so much.
rohit patel      [ 2010-05-20 ]
I think you should wash the local train regularly. As in the train there is lot of scraps thrown by some useless person. The train should also be washed from out side , so as to maintain it good looking.
Tushar S. Mithbawkar      [ 2010-05-20 ]
Can i get the fare list of local trains from all stations to all possible destinations and routes.
namita s. mhadnka      [ 2010-05-20 ]
This is excellent site for mumbai railway time table. i got each and every details from this site. i m so much satisfied because i get all information about the local train. Thank you
Suman Pal      [ 2010-05-17 ]
Great website! A mobile app to access this info would be even better!
SOURAV ROY      [ 2010-05-15 ]
swapnil lahu mahajan      [ 2010-05-13 ]
i am swapnil,i am so happy with this site bcoz i get exact local train shedule in this site.
Mahendra Kushwah      [ 2010-05-12 ]
There is Much amount deducted when you take ticket from ATVM machines. Last Time I renew my pass from CST to Kalyan(Ist calss) of fare Rs.770 but my card get deducted Rs. 809. So please beware of this,
Sagir Shaikh      [ 2010-05-11 ]
Its Great Website,I am very happy we know everthing from this website, it is good
Shrikant A Deshmukh      [ 2010-05-10 ]
Very good
Mohammed Ali      [ 2010-05-10 ]
Railway should not allow people to eat Gutkha in Train.
amirali ghadia      [ 2010-05-08 ]
kindly let me konw the detail of fist class pass for 4 days .. is there any scheme as such
dr.narkar      [ 2010-05-07 ]
i am at indore .but i am happy to see thesite.thanks
Rajesh Gupta      [ 2010-05-06 ]
I want to travel from Panvel to Thane & Panvel to Kurla in same pass. Is it possible.
nemish mehta      [ 2010-05-06 ]
thanks very much it helped me to find my train time.
jayant mendjoge      [ 2010-05-03 ]
Connecting Trains coming from CST, Wadala ,for vashi Thane sector , should come on platform no 2 so that people do not have to take subway and they can board thane train from the same platform.
Arvind      [ 2010-04-30 ]
Been searching for local suburban train fares and charts for such a long time, till I found this site. Nice format, makes it so easy to search and practically all info I need was within the search. Keep up the good work.
sachin bhosale      [ 2010-04-27 ]
please provide time table of thane - nerul
prabhakar soni      [ 2010-04-25 ]
i am very happy to found this valuable website.thanks a lot
mangesh mane      [ 2010-04-25 ]
please give me detail imformation of panvel-shirdi local.via karjat
NATARAJAN      [ 2010-04-24 ]
pls extend train services to PANVall the existing trainsEL from THANE NERUL.
Ravindra J Gavde      [ 2010-04-24 ]
I checked trains for Thana-Vashi. I am satisfied.
bipin negi      [ 2010-04-24 ]
please increase frequency of the buses from kharghar to vashi. and even the quality of buses and send here the new buses here . please make a note of it
nitin n patil      [ 2010-04-24 ]
german train not start in harbour line
Damodar      [ 2010-04-23 ]
its so so nice site.. thankxx 4 that. . .
Mrs.Nilam kamble      [ 2010-04-22 ]
i am just newly married & now come from kandivali to mankhurd. i think on this railway line is very rush but after looking i think it is better than western line. after gotting tis website i got exact time-table of central line & now i am going to job in ghatkopar exact on the time. THANKS
Amit      [ 2010-04-22 ]
I commute very rarely by local trains so initially I found this card to be very exciting as I hought that this would help me skip the queue. Latel to my horror, I found out that most of the machines installed in stations don't work. It works only in important stations lie vashi, CST and chembur. What it means that if you are travelling from Chembur to Kharghar, and you have punched the card at chembur, the system will deduct the maximum fare of Rs. 20 where as the actual fare is Rs. 8. This is because there is no mechanism at kharghar station to check that you have ended your journey there. Add to that, the system will deduct another Rs. 6 the next time you try to punch the card. This is for keeping the last transaction open for too long. The call centre (number given at the back of the card) never picks up the phone. No doubt, it was a great idea to launch this kind of service, but it didnot have the backing of IT and/or operations to take it to successful implementation.
Amin Khoja      [ 2010-04-21 ]
Thanks for giving so nice schedules and outlines. keep it up. it is a good service to civil society.
s fernandes      [ 2010-04-19 ]
i bought a go-mumbai smart card, and dont find the go-mumbai validating machines working at cst or vashi or andheri - i brought it to the notice of the go-mumbai sales girl at cst as well as the consumer aid operator - to no avail - i would expect a re-embursement of the e-purse if service is not functional!!!
faraz momin      [ 2010-04-18 ]
ilive in mumbra in thane iam very much pleased of this website because it give lot of information about train timing in mumbai.mumbai locals are the best in world
Jyotikumar Kantilal Jani      [ 2010-04-18 ]
During pick hours at borivali 9.25am,9.37am,9.49am Trains should go direct to Andheri. No Stop at kandivali.Malad,Goregam&Jogeswari. Is it possible!
anil      [ 2010-04-17 ]
pls. resheedul of Harbar Train every 5 mins. & pls strat daily 2 trains for mumbai to Sai Nagar shirdi
Ravindra Sawant      [ 2010-04-16 ]
Central Railway should extent all Kurla locals to Thane and beyond during evening and morning peak hours.
nirav patel      [ 2010-04-15 ]
nice mumbai re... m dalily user from warli

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