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VIPIN SINGH      [ 2015-12-22 ]
Please change the time of ladies local time 09:50 it is rush hour and all train are going empty. In every coach ladies are only 15 to 16 before 09:50 Train is 09:39 and after this local on 10:00means we are waiting for 20 minutes. so please change it convert 09:50 ladies local to only first 3 coaches reserve for ladies
Shyam Gattani      [ 2015-12-03 ]
From Virar to Borivali in peak hours 3 trains timing 8.19, 8.34 % 8.49 almost 85% commuters ride in Borivali orignate train upto malad & Goregaon. This create problem for Borivali Commuters as well Virar comutters, it can extend upto Goregaon.
VILAS AMBEKAR      [ 2015-11-30 ]
dakshit      [ 2015-11-27 ]
Please start train from diva to cst for securance of passenger who travel from kalyan to diva or mumbra
ravindra neman      [ 2015-11-15 ]
Please start local train between virar ot panvel.
Dinesh Khopkar      [ 2015-11-14 ]
Pl increased diva to Vasai trains every half an hour.
rahul yadav      [ 2015-10-26 ]
please start trains from Panvel to virar every after 1 hour at least.
nitesh kenia      [ 2015-10-07 ]
please give extra trains between thane to kalyan evening 7.30 to 9.30.
vijay patil      [ 2015-10-06 ]
please start trains from Panvel to virar every after 1 hour at least.
ashok      [ 2015-10-02 ]
pls.join asangaon to palghar
VISHAL HARIYA      [ 2015-10-02 ]
Vishnu Patil      [ 2015-10-02 ]
Please use plat form No.1 for Panvel - Thane trains everyday. Please use Platform No.2 for Panvel - Andheri trains everyday. Please use Platform No.3 for Panvel - Wadala trains everyday. Please use Platform No.4 for Panvel - CST trains everyday.
Vishnu Patil      [ 2015-10-02 ]
Please provide digital Watch (Ghadyal) infrant of open space in Panvel station.
Vishnu Patil      [ 2015-10-02 ]
Please provide one more strircase (Sidi) to enter panvel station through Bridge.
Apurva Gaikwad      [ 2015-09-28 ]
plz start the train ffrom sanpada to kalyan and kalyan to sanpada
mahesh      [ 2015-09-26 ]
start 1st local at 3 am instead of 4am so that people waiting at middle station after 3 clock can get train early and reach badlapur kalyan before 5 clock
anees      [ 2015-09-05 ]
please start trains between Kalyan to asangaon running after every 25 minute .
mahendra chalvadi      [ 2015-09-02 ]
thanks for the people,
     [ 2015-08-22 ]
start new pink & white trains on harbour line
prathmesh      [ 2015-07-20 ]
please start trains between Kalyan to asangaon running after every half hour.
prathmesh      [ 2015-07-20 ]
please its kind request to central railway to start new German (pink and white) locals on harbor line.
Suresh      [ 2015-06-19 ]
Please start bullet train service from thane to cst as I live at thane and work at cst. The travel time should not exceed 10 min.
L. Ramanathan      [ 2015-06-18 ]
Kindly start local trains between Vasai and Panvel or otherwise stop all mail trains in Kopar Station for one minute. This benefit all passengers coming from outstation easy to enter in central railway. Thanks, Ramanathan
kiran vishnu gaikwad      [ 2015-06-11 ]
From panvel train 4 pm karita pahije jene karun palghar and dahanu lokana pune bhusaval train ne aalyawar tras honor nahi
sapna deepu      [ 2015-05-08 ]
I Travel by Bus and Train, can you please help me with the Samrt card online to apply or the website where i can apply for Samrt card
Anant Bavkar      [ 2015-05-08 ]
I kindly request please start shuttle train from cstm to bhopal with sleeper coach Thank You
sandep A      [ 2015-04-06 ]
kindly start THANE to BOISAR train and back . At least one in the morning and one in the evening..
SH SHAIKH      [ 2015-04-02 ]
Kindly change the time of Bandra Virar bound train departing from Bandra at 5.18 p.m. Make it at 5.35p.m., so that more and more commuters can benefit.
Rameshchandra      [ 2015-03-21 ]
I have one suggestion for Borivali To Churchgate Local trains to reduce crowd. During peak hours introduce Borivali to Dadar & back trains At the same time pl remove Dadar stop on all fast trains to Churchgate , Some trial trains can be introduce to see the effect how the crowd is getting distributed. In the morning many commuters get down at Dadar . If they get Dadar train then their rush on Churchgate fast train will get eliminated.
Ansari Abrar      [ 2015-03-01 ]
Please increase Vasai diva train minimum 4 trains for ups and downs
M.Arif Khan      [ 2015-02-24 ]
I kindly request please start train from CST to Nasik Road everyday 2 train morning & evening. Thank you.
Ashok      [ 2015-02-16 ]
There is only from Dahanu to Panvel in the morning and one train returning back in the evening from Panvel to Dahanu. These trains needs to be increased as rush day by day in increasing on this route. Kindly do the needful at the earliest as people from Dahanu to Vaitarna are in urgent need of this.
krishna      [ 2015-02-09 ]
please provide more trains from bhiwandi road to kopar and vise versa there are no trains in the evening from kopar to bhiwandi
avinash      [ 2015-02-06 ]
Please incrase train between vasai diva panvel
Jayaprakash Balan      [ 2015-02-06 ]
With more and more people settling and employment being generated in Navi Mumbai and extended places of Panvel, a frequent east-west connectivity connecting Panvel to Virar would be of great use for the entire stretch of people to travel. Atleast one train every half an hour is needed so that the entire stretch also can be used by people for staying.
Qais Shaikh      [ 2015-02-03 ]
I kindly request please start train from virar to panvel at 8:30 am, Thank you.
Vasata Marion      [ 2015-01-19 ]
Please provide train service betwee 6.15 to7.00 pm from Seawood Daraver station to Thane
Veena      [ 2015-01-09 ]
NO TRAINS BETWEEN 19:55 TO 20:48!!
suhas      [ 2015-01-03 ]
i like good &very useful actualy i am from gujarat
vishal      [ 2014-12-31 ]
please increase train from Titwala to cst between 8.28 to 9.00 am in the morning
Vijay Dobhal      [ 2014-12-31 ]
On new year night of 31 and 1st thare should at least be a train every half hour between all the destinations including on harbor line.
sameer merchant      [ 2014-12-30 ]
last several years andheri local for any reasons has been canclled to run the banfdra local, kindly donnot cancel the andheri local
Santosh Vijayan      [ 2014-12-24 ]
Harbour line (Local) compartment should be similar to western line compartment.
UNKNOWN      [ 2014-12-16 ]
Sushama K.      [ 2014-12-10 ]
Please start Locals for CST in morning between 9.35 to 9.50 and evening towards Kalyan between 7.15 to 7.30
Dinesh Oza      [ 2014-12-05 ]
Please provide informations about day pass on suburban railways and the routes on which it is valid.
laxmandadlani      [ 2014-11-30 ]
There should bus for western subarbs atleast upto bandra wset or santacruz fromghatkopar via kurla signa postal colony
om      [ 2014-11-28 ]
we mumbaiyan are very thankful of Mumbai local Top management to manage and run the trains within limited space and huge crowd. the only request to control late depart & arrival of locals. Thanks a lot to your great potential.
sheetal Panwalkar      [ 2014-11-24 ]
incrase the train frequency from Thane to Ambernath, Badlapur in morning from 8.30 am to 9.30 am
anil gsud      [ 2014-11-24 ]
Please more than 1 train started from kopar

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