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Husain      [ 2010-04-14 ]
please increase the train between Mumbai CST and Andheri At present the difference between two train is about 30 minutes
romil mandhanya      [ 2010-04-13 ]
this is very good site for local train time table.
Husain      [ 2010-04-13 ]
Respected authority please increase the number of train between CST and Andheri, the gap of time between two train is about 30 minutes with thanks Husain Zakir
PANKAJ      [ 2010-04-12 ]
ABAN DHAYGUDE      [ 2010-04-11 ]
Plz increase the no of train between Kopar to Vasai road.
B Pravin      [ 2010-04-11 ]
Can it be possible to recharge the ATVM card from internet?
moncy      [ 2010-04-10 ]
pls increase trains from badlapur (ANEW RESIDENTIAL HUB FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS) BECAUSE RAILWAY IS Always for lower to middle category
PRAKASH KARNANI      [ 2010-04-09 ]
Patel k k      [ 2010-04-08 ]
Dear friend you are doing great job , one more milestone on u r name by adding western railway time table thank's yaar
SUSHIL TIWARI      [ 2010-04-07 ]
sir,koi Bandra se Virara ke liye bhj start kijiye na asrequst,sham ke time bole to 6pm se 7pm ke bich tak.
Kapil Chakre      [ 2010-04-07 ]
Samarendra      [ 2010-04-06 ]
Please add some more trainn from Belapur to CST in the moprning time
Parvez Khan      [ 2010-04-06 ]
Start platform No. 3 at Wadala once again. It causes lot of inconvenience to passengers coming from Bandra or Andheri
vlkrishnan      [ 2010-04-06 ]
Very very useful website for mumbaites. Keep it up.
Pratik Morey      [ 2010-04-05 ]
Hi Friends thanks for developing this site as it is benificial for every one. Thanks a lot for this. Bye and Dest of Luck
shankar gaikwad      [ 2010-04-03 ]
Request u to please help with central railway timetable. Looking journey from ATGOAN tokALYAN hr Thanx
shital Mody      [ 2010-04-03 ]
D website is very helpful
nitin      [ 2010-04-02 ]
gr8 work, this is very helpful to me to mange my daly schedule
DEEPAK chaurasia      [ 2010-04-01 ]
Give cleaning contracts to private contracters and take appropriate action if not done for railway station
ashit prabhakar      [ 2010-04-01 ]
Pls start a AC bus service from Tardeo Depot (Navjivan Society) to HCC Park - LBS Marg, Vikhroli West from 7am onwards & return bus from HCC Park to Tardeo Depot in the evenings
manish      [ 2010-04-01 ]
it would be better if the timings are mentioned as AM and PM so one can have better understanding
Santhosh      [ 2010-03-31 ]
Can we hope any direct local train from Kalyan to VAshi?????
Chetan Singh      [ 2010-03-26 ]
I leave in Nilje.please increase trains between panvel to kopar. at time night 8.30pm.
kiran      [ 2010-03-23 ]
wanted to know which ever fast trains stop in vikroli which starts from kalyan ya dombvli
ms murthy      [ 2010-03-22 ]
the time table is very valuable and very apt. kindly increase the trains from thane to panvel stopping at all stns. The recent timings for fast thane to panvel is not there.
ashish kamble      [ 2010-03-20 ]
i enjoyd the convenience of geting to knw my train timing best suited for me ,so i leave home accrdngly. Thanks! Wish same service for the most inconvenient best services as now the best dnt even have the bus stp chart shwng which bus goes where this has led me takng wrng buses many time and conductor taking 3rs for mistake! It sucks
prangya      [ 2010-03-18 ]
Kinldy provide me train communication details from Goregaon to Mazgaon
Amit      [ 2010-03-17 ]
its wonderful site but the drop down filter of time sholud eb added in advanced search. Please incorporate thi changes it makes more effective
Mahesh Marathe      [ 2010-03-17 ]
Its help us while in traveling so its too good service started by you keep it up like this.......
Salim      [ 2010-03-16 ]
Really valluable information is here on the website.
prashant chaudhary      [ 2010-03-13 ]
I am using this site very much on my mobile, Thanks to you. please add panwel thane root as well
mahen      [ 2010-03-12 ]
request to central railway that to increase frequency between badlapur local to CST and from CST to badlapur
Rohit Mann      [ 2010-03-12 ]
As per my consern Advance search option should be add in this site.Suppose if passenger doernot know about the Line Track,in this situation he/she select option source and destination and Result will be display in terms of Route and place to cach the Train.
Ravindra Adchule      [ 2010-03-12 ]
It's very good site to know the time table. Pls give train fair & monthly pass fair.
Mehjabeen Kazi      [ 2010-03-10 ]
Please release andheri train alternate to every Belapur / Vashi / Panvel train as the gap between two trains is 20 minutes or so.
vivek      [ 2010-03-10 ]
i can happy to know time table. thanks......
Santosh K.Tajane      [ 2010-03-10 ]
This is very useful for all travellers. Thanks.
sandip dias      [ 2010-03-08 ]
Great work. You can also provide a special link for the indian railway line so that people wont have to go check other site for that.
good_randygirls12@yahoo.co.in      [ 2010-03-06 ]
Ganesh Salian      [ 2010-03-05 ]
Its one of the best time table I ever seen. thanks a lot...keep it up.
ramuivaturi      [ 2010-03-05 ]
good job guys it will be very useful for non-local people. keep it up thank u
Riyaz      [ 2010-03-04 ]
Best time saver
damodar parkar      [ 2010-03-04 ]
Hi, its a so nice site for see timtable of trains. And thanx for that. . . .
praseed.k.nair      [ 2010-03-02 ]
sir, The main purpose of introducing go mumbai card was to bypass standing in queues, but the whole effort is defeated when we have to stand in queue for recharging go mumbai card. This is a very common scene at borivili bus depot. Why cant we recharge go mumbai card online? Please revert.
swapnil pansare      [ 2010-02-23 ]
please start fast train in kalyan on morning 7.30 to 8.30 and this train halt in bhandup
Girinath G Pillai      [ 2010-02-22 ]
Please check the fares in Harbor Line Trains, its wrong. If possible try to create a comprehensive table of to and fro trains between main stations. Good Luck and Congrats for this wonderful job.
Dipesh K Mehta      [ 2010-02-22 ]
please start more down fast locals from dadar towards thane, kalyan, karjat, kasara. after 8pm. atleast each fast local train to each destination mentioned above. jai hind
vikas Jagdale      [ 2010-02-22 ]
the anouncemet of next station & display of destination in new local trais has sovelved many problems of new comuters. let the comuters know about platform position i.e. left or right. for example " next stn is dadar, right.
yogesh santwani      [ 2010-02-22 ]
can any one tell me the fastest wa possible to reach bandra terminus from pune. no matter if i hav to go in bus for some distance
IMRAN      [ 2010-02-21 ]

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