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Gajanand Chandwani      [ 2010-02-20 ]
Thank u so much it helps me alot for my daily travaling planing from my home to office (Ulhasnagar to Goregaon)
Rohit Jain      [ 2010-02-18 ]
all your services are good..but please increase the frequency in harbour line in the morning hours..fast train are also wellcome..
J.Balaji Parthasarathy      [ 2010-02-17 ]
The details available in this site was really so helpful. I recently visited Mumbai from Bangalore and i checked all the local train time table in this site and doing an excellent job. KEEP ROCKING
Surendra Varma      [ 2010-02-13 ]
Please increase one more Train from Andheri to Panvel between 08:30 to 09:30 am
Renu Hardasani      [ 2010-02-10 ]
For Government Railway Please Increase frequency of Trains From CST To Kasara, Titwala & Asangaon.
Vanita      [ 2010-02-10 ]
i really appreciate the AC bus that have started. just one thing, if you could also start AC services from Cidco road (thane W) to Andheri (E), that would be great...
GUNIL      [ 2010-02-10 ]
hay mumbai is the better to developed but its is really good for all students because of the engineering college better good than pune
Sagar Muchhal      [ 2010-02-10 ]
Do appreciate this work..
Raju Patil      [ 2010-02-10 ]
sir/madam, i wanted to know that Is there any train to Karjat from mumbai between 8.00 to 9.00 am? please let me know, and how much time it eill takes to reach karjat..??? thanks
Harvinder Singh      [ 2010-02-09 ]
Fantastic Idea Keep it up
Bhushan      [ 2010-02-07 ]
i wnt rss feed or data for the train and bus time table to display on my kalyan's social site. Can i get the same
M.P.R.MANI      [ 2010-02-04 ]
How the extension journey ticket of monthly season ticket can be taken using smartcard?
Tushar Mithbawkar      [ 2010-02-02 ]
I like this, So helpful...
Sachin      [ 2010-02-02 ]
This website is just Wow!!! I mean Superb Job!!!
Avinash Gharal      [ 2010-02-01 ]
Hi, Ca we have direct bus from Vashi to Kalina Amar bras, University road? This is the mail office area and no direct connectivity to navi mumbai. The 507 bus is from Gatkhopar, PL provide something from Soin Road. Also AC buses too.
ashok nakum      [ 2010-02-01 ]
can we have such facilities online on mobile or as a mobile application
amrita      [ 2010-02-01 ]
very good n helpful site thank you
vishvanath b. chendwankar      [ 2010-02-01 ]
every staton should anoucer tell about train scheduel
Praweer Kumar      [ 2010-01-31 ]
Hi Thanks to EveryBody who worked on this module. Highly Apprecited. ................
Manoj Suryakant Varade      [ 2010-01-30 ]
Too good
Harshad      [ 2010-01-29 ]
Brilliant! I wasn't expecting to find such a set up on the net. Thanks a lot :)
Pratik      [ 2010-01-28 ]
pls improve frequencies of fast trains in the afternoon
shailendra      [ 2010-01-27 ]
very nice information. in a click we can get the info about local tranis
anil s m      [ 2010-01-26 ]
need to travel daily Kopar Khairane to jogeshwari station,plz give me 3 months offer train pass.
Dhananjay`      [ 2010-01-26 ]
hey.....superb .. job ...u people are doing....... highlu appreciable.........
Abhishek      [ 2010-01-25 ]
Great great great web site keep up the good work !!
Amit Bhoite      [ 2010-01-22 ]
Hi, This is really a good site for all Mumbaikar's .....Best wishes for maker's of this site. Thank you.
VILASRAO PAWAR-9969314593      [ 2010-01-21 ]
kindly increase the number of Traine from Diva to Bhiwandi.
Nilesh Badrike      [ 2010-01-20 ]
really superb
fakhruddin      [ 2010-01-20 ]
pleas insreas the frequency of panvel dhanu road train becaus lot of peopel travel with this train for bhiwandi mira road wasi.
Manoj      [ 2010-01-19 ]
Nice yar, it's helpful to everyone...
vijay      [ 2010-01-19 ]
this is excellant and easily available
Sajid Attar      [ 2010-01-18 ]
Please its my humble request that management should start the local from panvel to kurla it will help to those people who need to go to kurla and also those people who are going to cst
all_rounder      [ 2010-01-18 ]
truely amazing work keep it up
satish      [ 2010-01-18 ]
give me a down local train time table From CST to last station except vikhroli station.
mandar rane      [ 2010-01-18 ]
Hemant      [ 2010-01-16 ]
Ramu Kalavendi      [ 2010-01-15 ]
I should really appreciate for this site providers..and it is very usefull for me to know the local train timings accross the mumbai...Once Again thank you for all the people who are providing this site.
Balu      [ 2010-01-12 ]
It is very useful for a person, who come to Mumbai at first time like me
Dipesh K Mehta      [ 2010-01-12 ]
Hi sir/madam, please start more fast locals from dadar to thane, kalyan, karjat, kasara fast locals between 6.30pm and 9.30pm.
m k prakasan      [ 2010-01-12 ]
Now a days local trains at Thane station leaves before the indicated time, i.e. 3-5 minutes early. Due to this many passagers miss the train though they come on time. Hence this practice is to be stopped and trains should leave the station at the stipulated time only.
prashant arun yewalekar      [ 2010-01-12 ]
so nice site u have developed i like the site
Arvind Kumar      [ 2010-01-12 ]
Informative, can we also have the Local train map of mumbai urban and sub urban in printable format.
Arvind Kumar      [ 2010-01-12 ]
can we get the information of lady special up/down for all the routes of local trains in mumbai urban and sub urban.
Satya      [ 2010-01-11 ]
Please let me know the train timings between Diva and Vasai
Harish Tarikar      [ 2010-01-11 ]
Could you please add Local train timetable from Lonavala to Pune
Pranay      [ 2010-01-10 ]
Please send me he details of the Karjat, Badlapur and Khopoli fast trains stop at Mulund station with time.
Kevin      [ 2010-01-09 ]
Excellent site... No comments Keep going..
Jayaprakash Balan      [ 2010-01-07 ]
Ah, it takes such a long time for the Railways to understand the need of people staying. The Panvel - Virar should have been long started and I feel there should service every half an hour because there is no east - west connectivity and there are lakhs and lakhs of people either travelling from New Mumbai to Western or people from Western suburbs requiring to travel to Navi Mumbai for work. Ideally there should be a connectivity from Panvel touching Vashi - touching Thane to Borivali because majority of the train commuters are in and around these areas.
Ruzaan      [ 2010-01-06 ]
It made my trip!!!!!!! Thanks a million!!

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