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Sandesh      [ 2009-04-28 ]
Excellent website. Should also have Western railway timetable.
Jimit Vora      [ 2009-04-27 ]
Plz upload western railway time-table also
Payal      [ 2009-04-27 ]
Kindly increase the train from Andheri to vashi, and is there any train from andheri to vashi at 6.00am???????
Shailendra      [ 2009-04-27 ]
Gr8 effort. In abscence of hard copy of local time table one can easily get the local times. It helped me a lot Thanks Shailendra Kalyan.
vijay      [ 2009-04-26 ]
There are not trains going to Kasara between 7 to 8.00 AM. The frequency of Kasara trains should be minimum 45 minutes.
imtiyaz      [ 2009-04-26 ]
Plz repair u r smart card vending machine at all station all u r machine are not workiing
shweta mhatre      [ 2009-04-25 ]
Excellent efforts. But will be more pleased if the trains from kopar to panvel will be increased during peak hours.
Sanket      [ 2009-04-24 ]
It is very good site.It gives all information about all local trains.
Sagar      [ 2009-04-23 ]
Superb .. n damn amazing website to knw the trains time thnx a lot...
seema      [ 2009-04-23 ]
Please upload western railway time table also
Puneet Gupta      [ 2009-04-22 ]
Awesome Site.. keep it up guys..
PRIYA KURUP      [ 2009-04-21 ]
If possible pls keep ladies special upto Ambernath due peak hours
Sayali      [ 2009-04-18 ]
Very Helpful web site for Train Journy@!.....
Manoj Chhablani      [ 2009-04-17 ]
Please convey this message to Cental railyway authority to please increase the trains in Shahad-CST route i.e kasara-CST belt.
sachin wakchaure      [ 2009-04-16 ]
I am regualr user of Go-Mumbai Card. There are number of Pay and parking in all over mumbai specially in Navi Mumbai which is on hourly basis. Can gomumbai provide such facilities where customer wil swip his card before and after leaving station with this vehicle and correct amount will charge to his
kumar      [ 2009-04-16 ]
please include the timetable for WR as well.
Dayanand Niddodi      [ 2009-04-15 ]
Please increase the freequecy of vasai panvel trains. This could be the spine route for the all western, central and harbour railways.
Rahul Srivastava      [ 2009-04-12 ]
very very good site.very useful information provided.
Shailesh Ingole      [ 2009-04-11 ]
When We can expect to get increased fast local train frequency on central line. thanks
neelesh      [ 2009-04-10 ]
plz arrange for some more trains in central railway as their is too much of rush
Shyam Chandragiri      [ 2009-04-09 ]
Good work. Thanks lot for your efforts.God bless you.
Santosh Malve      [ 2009-04-08 ]
Highly useful site for a railway commuter on a go. Nice effort! Thanx
aashish.jain      [ 2009-04-08 ]
Please include western local time table.
Nagorao      [ 2009-04-08 ]
Need to start trains Between Dombivili & Badlapur to reduce load on other trains
Amit Parmar      [ 2009-04-08 ]
Effort highly appreciated. Very useful site. Also if you can create pocket sixe shedule for all lines will be very useful off line.
sunil      [ 2009-04-07 ]
Plz increse the trian from khopoli to kalyan 00.30
Girish Oak      [ 2009-04-06 ]
Excellent job...much needed. keep it up
Nilesh barge      [ 2009-04-05 ]
Please do something to start the train from thane to vashi in early morning atleast from 05 am onwards.
DINESH JADHAV      [ 2009-04-04 ]
ravindra joglekar      [ 2009-04-03 ]
Very effective website developed. its an amazing place where any one can get idea about his travel very systmaticaly
MAHENDRA BHANUSHALI      [ 2009-04-01 ]
This is my request to Central Rail for increase of frequency between Badlapur to Mumbai CST, CST Mumbai to Badlapur. Or Extend Ambernath Local to Badlapur.Because we suffer huge problem of frequency.
ateet      [ 2009-04-01 ]
Please upload western railway timings
saiprasad      [ 2009-03-31 ]
Very good
Rajshree      [ 2009-03-31 ]
Please start a direct train from Goregaon to Mankhurd.
Farhan Ansari      [ 2009-03-31 ]
Hi, i want to know more about go card. i cant enquire at railway counter bcoz the employees are not at all co-operative. so let me know via email.
kiran powale      [ 2009-03-30 ]
Plz, increase the no of train on CST-BADLAPUR routh
RAJU PATIL      [ 2009-03-30 ]
maroof      [ 2009-03-30 ]
Plz, increase the no of train on CST-BADLAPUR routh
rekha      [ 2009-03-30 ]
if the Go mumbai card can be recharged through internet through securied site like prepaid mobile it will be more helpful for the public.
Ritesh      [ 2009-03-28 ]
very good and useful information time table. please update western line also. thanks,
tushar p ladhe      [ 2009-03-26 ]
increase the no of train on CST- BADLAPUR
Ritesh Arya      [ 2009-03-26 ]
Please introduce more Badlapur to CST Trains infact I have a suggestion for railways even if you can extend atlist 60% of the Kalyan trains to Badlapur...travelling worries for the Badlapur residents will stop.
Rossario      [ 2009-03-26 ]
A very help full site.
satish patil      [ 2009-03-25 ]
very excellant web help to find out connacting train easy good.......
Vinod SAO      [ 2009-03-25 ]
There should be one additional train starting fron CBD Belapur between 08.08 to 09.00 hrs as it was earlier at 08:28. A AC coach in local train is of ardent need to combat the rush in road traffic which takes almost 2 hrs in heavey traffic and more congestion on the road amidst all around ongoing constructions of flyovers. We need to group together to raise the voice in appropriate forum. Pl do not hesitate to group together and file a representation before the Central Railway authorities. Thanks,
G.A.Jahagirdar      [ 2009-03-24 ]
very good there are no words to express as well as to explain
bharti      [ 2009-03-24 ]
Very useful website..thanks:)
sameer maru      [ 2009-03-22 ]
good work & helpful also Increase the no. of trains b/w Ghatkopar & Khadvali. Ae,Ae,Ae Badhale na yaar...
Yogesh Shinde      [ 2009-03-20 ]
Gr8...Thanks for making this site.
prasad gavankar      [ 2009-03-20 ]
very nice site......

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