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ANIL PATIL      [ 2014-09-30 ]
Mai Ambivalise First Class se travel karta hoo,per coach me mostally 2nd class or without wale rehate hai,same rtn.pls.first class me TC bheje,ya platform par coach ke samne TC kade kare.
V SRINIVASAN      [ 2014-09-23 ]
suburban trains are the lifeline of Mumbai.This time table is a good guide to organise oneself mentally with ease and assurance. My best wishes.
Johnd190      [ 2014-09-16 ]
Definitely, what a fantastic website and informative posts, I definitely will bookmark your blog.All the Best! edeaddeaebbd
Sachin patil      [ 2014-09-14 ]
Pls suggest me how do travel from ghatkoper to Andheri by train.? Also tell me train time table..
Meenakhi      [ 2014-09-12 ]
T48 S 12 Thane(T) Mumbai(CST) 09:18 09:29 09:35 09:46 09:56 10:05 T50 (x) S 12 Thane(T) Mumbai(CST) 09:26 09:37 09:43 09:54 10:04 10:13 Sir, Pl. have one train between 9.18 a.m. and 9.26 a.m. (as it is too huge a gap, (as you are aware in mumbai every minute counts) 8 minutes of time is a criminal waste of time to wait for the train of 9.26, if a passenger misses the 9.18 slow. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee have one more train at 9.22 a.m. after 9.18 a.m. (resolve this issue at the earliest). And also let me bring to your notice invariably the 9.26 train is late and comes only at 9.30 a.m. (adding to our woes and worries and making us more late to office place. pl. look into these matter and try to resolve at the earliest,(I am writing this for the 10th time).
     [ 2014-09-11 ]
Show time table from byculla to ghatkopar
Jeelani      [ 2014-09-10 ]
Please start trains between Diva and Panvel. Or Panvel to Thane via Diva. Becuase of minimum train frequency to Taloja and Nilaje people. i saw so many people facing issues. There is no option morning and evening time for office or field working people.
Jeelani      [ 2014-09-10 ]
Please start trains between Diva and Panvel.
Johnd460      [ 2014-09-08 ]
Please add more movies related to cooking if you have, because I wish for to learn more and more about all recipes of cooking. ddfeefdbaebk
faiyaz ahmed      [ 2014-09-06 ]
please start semi fast train between cst to dombevali at the time of evening.there is big requirment.
abhay wani      [ 2014-09-05 ]
live local train tracking systems possible.
javed shaikh      [ 2014-09-04 ]
Pls start Thane to Titwal trains between 05:30 pm to 06:00 pm as there is no trains
Noshir Lavangia      [ 2014-09-04 ]
All the Central Railway timetables need to be amended as they are many anomalies which need to be removed to ensure faster and trouble free passage.
Debojyoti      [ 2014-09-04 ]
The time given on this site esp for thane panvel and thane vashi route is quite incorrect and requires immediate corrections..
joseph      [ 2014-09-04 ]
how to reach Rabale,MIDC, Anuptech, from andheri east
Aquil Sardar      [ 2014-09-02 ]
DL26 time at Mumbra is given 17.41 in place of 16.41
SUBHASH G. DIVEKAR      [ 2014-09-01 ]
SUBHASH G. DIVEKAR      [ 2014-09-01 ]
Bhaskar      [ 2014-08-29 ]
Please start Fast train from Dombivali to CST in between 08:15 to 09:00 am
paresh      [ 2014-08-29 ]
i want to go thane from dadar. help me how i can go.
dinesh      [ 2014-08-23 ]
start more Thane-Panvel trains in morning 7.30 to 9.30 time
AJay giri      [ 2014-08-21 ]
No any Ticket checker ( T.C.) found in central line please increase the manpower or utilize to any main station
Anjum Shaikh      [ 2014-08-19 ]
Please start Fast trains from Navi Mumbai to Mumbai (CST and Borivali) as population in Navi mumbai is increasing at very high rate.
kothavade DL      [ 2014-08-19 ]
I would like to requiest that pl.start downside local train to get express TRAINS FROM kalyan jn. at early morning
Tejas      [ 2014-08-14 ]
suppose I have to go from dadar to Mumbai central how should I go ?
Jidnya Shah      [ 2014-08-13 ]
hw can I view the platform infomation about the express train from dadar which platform does it arrive
Mohideen      [ 2014-08-12 ]
More trains has to be start from Vasai to Diva station would help commuters to move virar to thane.
gudguli      [ 2014-08-12 ]
Hwakers all over railway premises kalyan,every exit covered by hawkers makes pedestrians cry. not even emergency vehicles can pass like atm cashvan and Ambulance and TrafficPolice vans. take regular pictures and send to cp mail id cp.railways.mumbai@mahapolice.gov.in
Hitesh Khapare      [ 2014-08-06 ]
Please start best bus service from Rawalpada to Dahisar stn (e); since there is no share auto service available in this area.
Ranjan      [ 2014-08-04 ]
Please start trains between Badlapur to Vashi
shyam      [ 2014-07-31 ]
Please mention platform numbers also the best
shyam      [ 2014-07-31 ]
Please mention platform numbers also the best
Ramchandra Hegde      [ 2014-07-27 ]
Monthly pass should be started for Metro services from Ghatkopar to Versova so that we can save money.
sonu      [ 2014-07-26 ]
every thing is good train k toilet m pani ka tap (nal) ooper hona chahiye
Ashraful Haque      [ 2014-07-25 ]
What a awesome site!
aditi n      [ 2014-07-24 ]
Increase frequrncy of trains from Thane , morning 6 to 7 , no thane trains r there, all karjat, badlapur , ambernath and kalyan r seen !!
Calas      [ 2014-07-23 ]
Hi, would like to know what station is closest to minara masjid and wht is the first train from the station closest to minara masjid to kurla.
sunil solkar      [ 2014-07-22 ]
pls start panvel to virar local train
PRAMOD DESHPANDE      [ 2014-07-22 ]
Hi Unfortunately trains leaving from Thane to Karjat are not shown. Can u update your website.
Deepak      [ 2014-07-22 ]
Please increase the frequency of trains for Badlapur, there are huge crowd being relocated to Badlapur. State government is also earning crores every month from stamp duty/ registration charges. where the money going? there are no infrastructure facilities, no internal bus system. why not mini buses like virar/ vasai. atleast increase local trains frequency.
Anilkumar      [ 2014-07-22 ]
I would like to suggest to allow new train to reach Panvel at 7.45 to 8.00 a.m. as it will be convenient for lot of students who are studying in Panvel and nearby colleges.
roxy      [ 2014-07-21 ]
please start local service from kalyan to panvel
Chakradhar      [ 2014-07-21 ]
How do i travel kandvali to mumbai central
Gurudatta R Tople      [ 2014-07-17 ]
Please local trains should run in time atleast during the working hours
Shirish B. Dhalwalkar      [ 2014-07-16 ]
How do i get trains starting from dadar - titwala or dadar - kalyan between 7.45 PM - 9 PM.
jitendra pandit      [ 2014-07-16 ]
patna to darbhanga aane wali kitan baje hai
Siddodhan Lokhande      [ 2014-07-16 ]
Hi Can you tell me where i get more detail of time tables
PARITOSH SONAWAT      [ 2014-07-16 ]
Is it possible from your end to keep the DMU or MEMU alternate train from Diva or Panvel to Dahanu and if possible time between the two train should not exceed more than 1hr to 1.30hr
PARESH SHAH      [ 2014-07-12 ]
amit mishra      [ 2014-07-12 ]
request to start some fast train on harbour line. panvel to thane

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