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Anish Paulose      [ 2009-02-04 ]
this is a very useful website..grateful to those whose efforts are behind this thanx a lot..
Shital Shivale      [ 2009-02-03 ]
Please make same timetable for Pune to Dadar & Dadar to Pune
Hina Khan      [ 2009-02-03 ]
nice website please increase diva vasai trains
Rajas Raut      [ 2009-02-03 ]
Need dahanu panvel train in reverse direction also i.e. starting from Panvel in the morning and starting from dahanu in the late evening .
Satish R. Khatri      [ 2009-02-02 ]
Pls. increase more trains from CST To Borivali.
Anand      [ 2009-02-01 ]
Panvel-Roha local train,what is the status of the project.It is badly required.
vishnu dhirde      [ 2009-02-01 ]
pls. increase the no. of trains on asangaon & kasara rout
Mangesh M Sawant      [ 2009-02-01 ]
Please increase Dahunu panvel train & also diva to vasai road train. Thanks 4 the panvel dahune train
preeti      [ 2009-01-31 ]
pls start local in evening peak hours from Kurla to Panvel. in between 7.00p.m to 8.00p.m. in morning Panvel to kurla at 8.45 a.m to 9.00a.m
manish chaturvedi      [ 2009-01-31 ]
plz, start the train from khopoli to panvel
umesh patekar      [ 2009-01-28 ]
This is a excellent work from you people. Thanks a Lot and what more to say.............
Hasmukh Panchal      [ 2009-01-28 ]
Good Work. Would like to request to upload more security tips for passengers. Also fraud practises should be highlighted.
Pravin Mhatre      [ 2009-01-25 ]
Gr8 Website Central Railway Rocks
jagdish      [ 2009-01-23 ]
Nice website/ keep updating. Its very much useful.
mahendra jage      [ 2009-01-23 ]
plz upload the time table of mumbai &suburn local trains
Naim Naik      [ 2009-01-23 ]
plz increase frequency of trian from Vashi to CST during peak hours. Also appreciate the efoorts put in making this website
sujit jayswal      [ 2009-01-23 ]
Excellent website Thanks a lot :)
praful bhombe      [ 2009-01-21 ]
train no. 502 i.e. boisar to vasai road train extended upto diva
AMEY      [ 2009-01-19 ]
Very use ful site ... Please include western railway also... & publicise the website for knowledge of people...
KK      [ 2009-01-19 ]
Hi Friends, Thanks a lot for your wonderful effort. It's really very appreciable and helpful to all of us. Could you please include the Western railway timetable which would make your site the complete railway guide! This would be helpful to all of us and also to all the tourists! Thanks a ton!
SREERAM SUNDARESAN      [ 2009-01-17 ]
Please increase the number of trains for halting at mulund station
Tarun Brijwani      [ 2009-01-16 ]
Dadho Sutho Kam Kayo Athava.
anubhav      [ 2009-01-15 ]
wonderfull site thanks to the creator
Swati      [ 2009-01-14 ]
I want a similar website for BEST Bus route
Priya      [ 2009-01-14 ]
Please increase the train services in bhiwandi route
Dheeraj      [ 2009-01-08 ]
Excellent, thanks to the team of Sindhunagar.com web.
Devesh R Dak wale      [ 2009-01-08 ]
It is a great site. Really helpful in all manner. Thanks a lot ! Keep it up.
kalpana      [ 2009-01-07 ]
Is there any direct train from Belapur-Vash-andheri? if it then plz tell me the time schedule of that trains.
Prashant Gupta      [ 2009-01-07 ]
Very nice effort, please upload western railway time table
Meghal Bheda      [ 2009-01-06 ]
For bus travel do we get any concession in the rates or are the rates same that is paid in cash for the ticket
om      [ 2009-01-05 ]
The train is an excellent step and is a great thing done by railways. But many commuters like me travel from Dhanu to Rabale. If Railway introduces some trains from dhanu to thane then this would solve our problems a lot. This would reducethe travelling timealso. A kind request to railways.
Vinayak Prabhu      [ 2009-01-04 ]
Very good effort to set up online time-table.
Ravi Shirke      [ 2009-01-04 ]
It is just a superb web site. whoever has design this, must have spent lot's of efforts on this. Great job. Keep it up!!!. Regards, Ravi
Priya      [ 2009-01-03 ]
Hi,,,,can we please also have the same for western line???
jaideep      [ 2009-01-03 ]
Highly Commendable work
Santanu      [ 2009-01-02 ]
Please check andheri to panvel route. There are direct trains avalable from Panvel to Andheri and vice versa.
bipin patel      [ 2009-01-02 ]
very good. higly apprecited. if possible keep printable time table
rajendra      [ 2008-12-31 ]
is not showing time table for andheri to panvel harbour route. plz update.
atul      [ 2008-12-31 ]
kudos to you. keep it up.
Sudhir JOshi      [ 2008-12-30 ]
Its a very very usefull site Thank you very much.
Bharat      [ 2008-12-29 ]
Pls give all train for long route
Tushar      [ 2008-12-29 ]
Please start the similiar facility for Western Railway also.
J C Roy      [ 2008-12-28 ]
Please provide the Local Train Timetable in Western Rail side, to and from Church Gate. This is very URGENT.
Shyam Gupta      [ 2008-12-24 ]
Best website for mumbai local time table
vaishali rangankar      [ 2008-12-24 ]
i want time table panvel to dhanu & dhanu to panvel train time table
Sachin Jog      [ 2008-12-24 ]
now there are only few trains running between panvel-Vasai-Dahanu please increase the number of trains so it will avoid long travel vai dadar and most people will prefer the same.Now kopar stattion has started operational and dombivli_kalyan_Badlapur_Titwala_Karjat_Kasara people will save their time also.I am use to frequent travel because of my work to vasai.Plus In gujrath it will be most profitable people like us.who stay in dombivli and work in gujrath or vasai area.Use to daily down up
ASHWINI      [ 2008-12-24 ]
excellent website, pls increase tje no of train from dombivali to cst (mulund halt)
Gaurav Joshi      [ 2008-12-24 ]
Very Informative and User friendly site..Keep It Up !!
bhanudaas shinde      [ 2008-12-24 ]
plz provide me timetable badlapur, ambernath,karjat ,khopoli.
Mahindra S      [ 2008-12-23 ]
To Improve Services of Harbour line Kurla-Belapur train should be started, Plat form no 9 of Kurla should be used for this service.

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