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Ramchandani S C      [ 2008-01-27 ]
I am delighted to see site which is useful and still needs some more information. Ramchandani S C
Kadam      [ 2008-01-26 ]
Recently, Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (Smart Card Machines) are introduced. But new system does not always mean that it will not have problems. Even these Smart Card Machines have problems. Some machines show "PAPER LOW". Some machines do not respond on pressing our fingers on the screen. So please maintain these machines, as they really save our time.
Shanu      [ 2008-01-25 ]
Ur good work with the intention to help commuters is commendable. Keep up your good work and continue to update and enhance the portal. Regards
rukmini jammi      [ 2008-01-25 ]
From Seawoods station, there is almost 20 mts gap between 8.45 to 9.07 in the morning during the peak hours which causes heavy rush. Attleast introduce more trains between panvel-kurla/wadala which will absorb lot of load who get down at chembur & kurla. Also ladies first class compartment is so small that it can not take the ever increasing load of traffic especially from Panvel / Nerul. Please do rectify the situation, people reach offices late in a dazed condition everyday.
Shweta S      [ 2008-01-23 ]
Please introduce more trains between Thane and Vashi in the office hours as the difference of time between 2 trains is almost 30mins. And the Trains leave on time...many times i miss those trains for minute difference and then I have to wait for 30 mins
Brenda      [ 2008-01-23 ]
I want to travel from Bandra to Govandi by the harbor line without changing trains to reach college at 8.45 a.m. Please let me know suitable timing and from where do i catch the train Thank you
jaya      [ 2008-01-16 ]
Kindly use colours for local trains that will make them look bright , clean , smart and worth sitting,
priya      [ 2008-01-04 ]
it is the best system to know me about time table.but i do not need to tel you our problems because you already know that.please give the solution.
Piyush      [ 2008-01-03 ]
Please start FAST locals between CST to Bandra. Currently all the ones to Bandra/mahim from CST are slow
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2008-01-01 ]
please connect all the 3 lines i.e. CRly, WRly & Harbour Lines near Mahim Junction so that commuters can easily travel from one place to another
Pravin Karivdekar      [ 2007-12-29 ]
Please provide Westen Railways time table also on site
SATISH TALIYAKAR      [ 2007-12-27 ]
Please provide me a harbourline railway timetable
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-12-27 ]
sanket      [ 2007-12-26 ]
Please provide me a harbourline suburban railway timetable
suhas      [ 2007-12-24 ]
Please provide me a harbourline suburban railway timetable
j      [ 2007-12-22 ]
can we purchase ticket for matheran (toy train) from dadar or any other station?
san      [ 2007-12-20 ]
Most of people unaware listening Music in high volume (mobile speakers) is not allowed. Please put the board/stickers in the Ladies compartments.
F Shah      [ 2007-12-20 ]
Too Good man... Excellent tool... Really appreciated the efforts... & very very usefull too...Thanks.
Vijay Tayde      [ 2007-12-14 ]
Please increase some trains in Asangaon, UP & DOWN Do needful
bipinvora      [ 2007-12-13 ]
please extend all kurla local to thanaas there is maximum people travelling from thana and on ward the distance between two train not more than 3 minute .also start first train from c.s.t. to thana or long distance from 3-20 morningas you see that at dadar out side train trains reach at 3-00 in western railway and central railway it would be great if this can be possible.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-12-13 ]
Archana Gangarde      [ 2007-12-10 ]
Could you please provide a bigger compartment for the ladies first class as we are paying more but not getting the space also to get into the train. I would be thankful to you if this would have been worked out.
Jasminder Gujral      [ 2007-12-01 ]
Please could you also include timetable information for the Western and Harbour lines also. Thank you. Jasminder
K.K.JADHAV      [ 2007-11-29 ]
How can i get fast train from CST to PANVEL easily.When started the Manassarovar station.
POONAM PACHARNE      [ 2007-11-28 ]
you should add the tickit pass tariff card on this site.
RAJ      [ 2007-11-25 ]
how can i get from thane to panvel in local train easily.when will local trains be introduced between these stations
k d jadhav      [ 2007-11-24 ]
there is no time table available for harbour line from CST to Panvel on internet. Please guide me
Manoj Arvind Sarnaik      [ 2007-11-23 ]
Also insert a link "Suggest / Refer link to an friend" in ur site so, we can refer this site to our friends & turn u can generate revenue by taking advertisements
Naresh      [ 2007-11-22 ]
Please incorporate western rail timetable also for our benefit and if possible, include the timings also
Prakash      [ 2007-11-21 ]
great work guys....keep it up.
Chandrakant      [ 2007-11-21 ]
Very Informative, Very Good site especially for we mumbaikars. Thanks a lot to who ever who has conceived the idea of this site.
l.s.viswa@GMaqil.com      [ 2007-11-21 ]
Muzammil fakih      [ 2007-11-19 ]
Khooool and v. help website -- keep up the good work
RAVINDRA WARIK      [ 2007-11-16 ]
Please put online time table of Western Railway locals and Diva Vasai & Diva Panvel trains in your list as well as new updates for outstation trains of central as well as western railway.
dolli s g      [ 2007-11-16 ]
It is a good site for information to public, kindly incorporate karjat pune local, thks
M Selvaraj      [ 2007-11-13 ]
Please incorporate the time table of Western Railway locals and Diva Vasai & Diva Panvel trains in your list
Amar      [ 2007-11-12 ]
Thanks so much for putting up the Central Railway timetable online.
Manjeet      [ 2007-11-12 ]
The Only Solution for Harbour Line is to Start atleast 2 trains between these stations Panvel-Kurla & Kurla-CST trains. A Panvel-Kurla Train can Double the Frequency than the Panvel-CST trains
Tejashree      [ 2007-11-07 ]
Please increase the compartment for ladies first class, or make as many possible trains to have first 3 compartments for ladies first class
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-11-05 ]
please stop mega block during sundays
narendra      [ 2007-11-03 ]
If you can add western railways as well, it will be a complete listing. Please do it to facilitate the mumbai junta.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-10-31 ]
Daily I never finds any TC entering Panvel or Belapur trains in the evening. Only when passengers are less TC are found that too in empty Vashi Local. Moreover many children are either travelling with 2nd class pass or without tickets. They are not caught. Even if they are caught they are left free. This creates lot of loss to the railways. TCs are therefore requested to kindly do the checking without partiality.
nikish      [ 2007-10-30 ]
start a train from panvel to thame as a route exists from turbhe
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-10-29 ]
Please book those persons who are travelling on the roof top of trains and see that they are prosecuted
Shaikh Mohd.Yasin      [ 2007-10-27 ]
It is very good to introuduce more train between Thane & Vashi but because of that between Thane & Kalyan rush is very much increase in the train people of DOMBIVALI,DIVA,MUMBAR & KALWA will not catch the train in rush hour for that my suggestion is please intoruduce new slow train between Badlapur /Thane & Titwala/Thane atleast at rush hour. Thank you.
ajeesh      [ 2007-10-27 ]
including DIVA-VASAI-DIVA would be complete the list
AMAN      [ 2007-10-27 ]
plssssss give me new harbour line time table
RAMESH THAKUR      [ 2007-10-25 ]
we are travelling in the harbour line of mumbai and we face trouble to get in and out of the train. my request to you is to make arrangements of local trains from panvel every after five minutes that will help we people alot
Narendra      [ 2007-10-23 ]
give us western , harbour line and diva vasai rd time please
k. srinivasan      [ 2007-10-20 ]
Fantastic website for immediate search. good !!!!! srinivasan

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