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Gurudatta R Tople      [ 2014-07-17 ]
Please local trains should run in time atleast during the working hours
Shirish B. Dhalwalkar      [ 2014-07-16 ]
How do i get trains starting from dadar - titwala or dadar - kalyan between 7.45 PM - 9 PM.
jitendra pandit      [ 2014-07-16 ]
patna to darbhanga aane wali kitan baje hai
Siddodhan Lokhande      [ 2014-07-16 ]
Hi Can you tell me where i get more detail of time tables
PARITOSH SONAWAT      [ 2014-07-16 ]
Is it possible from your end to keep the DMU or MEMU alternate train from Diva or Panvel to Dahanu and if possible time between the two train should not exceed more than 1hr to 1.30hr
PARESH SHAH      [ 2014-07-12 ]
amit mishra      [ 2014-07-12 ]
request to start some fast train on harbour line. panvel to thane
GORE      [ 2014-07-09 ]
I would like to request that please start panvel to bhiwandi passenger between 7.00 to 8.00am
Meenakhi      [ 2014-07-07 ]
I would like to request to pl. start a train between 9.18 and 9.26 or atleat a 9.15 bhandup local. As if we miss 9.18 local, we are extremely late to reach our office place as the 9.26 local comes only at 9.31 and nearly 21 mins late. pl. do something reduce the time to 4 mins pl...............
meenu      [ 2014-07-07 ]
Please let me know easy express bus route from Nerul L.P to Ambika nagar Thane waghle estate Ashar IT park
M.S.Zachariah      [ 2014-07-05 ]
some of the fans in the compartment are useless as such i request you to please provide better facility for commuters in train as well as in platform
rakesh      [ 2014-07-03 ]
list of trains available from kanjur marg to cst mumbai after 6 pm.
Sunny      [ 2014-07-02 ]
Please start fast train for badlapur from CST at 4.45AM
Brijesh Shrivastava      [ 2014-06-27 ]
Local trains from Kalyan to Panvel can be started via Thane and also on Kalyan Panvel main line directly.
Archana Makarand Kharge      [ 2014-06-26 ]
Pls upload full train time table of central
senthil kumar      [ 2014-06-24 ]
Thane-Badlapur/karjat frequency need to be increased in peak office timings morning/evening
ram shinde      [ 2014-06-24 ]
Mumbai to solapur tren taim tebal
Mrs. Akshada Umesh Lad      [ 2014-06-19 ]
Please start some Dombivali fast train from Dombivali Between 8.30 To 9.30am, Because this morning time between 8-9am so many load on platform no. 5 which is now very dangerous for ladies. Please sir think on my Suggetion.. Thank You.
Tasneem      [ 2014-06-19 ]
Is there any possibility to increase trains from vasai to andheri in morning
vinod savalkar      [ 2014-06-13 ]
I would like to request that please start Borivali semi fast local between 8.00 to 9:00am
Anirudhya Krihsna Ghosh Moulik      [ 2014-06-10 ]
how do i travel from panvel to bandra terminus by local train
CR DEB      [ 2014-06-08 ]
Kindly guide me how to go to Badlapur from Panvel by train and vice versa.
sunil kasture      [ 2014-06-04 ]
panvel dhanu train is really fine why railway is not going for the local railway service to this line only 2 to 3 train timing r not enough
gs kamila      [ 2014-06-02 ]
plse take look into the cleanliness,safetyn securities of diva station. Mainly for FOB conition.
bhavesh      [ 2014-05-29 ]
Pl. start Panvel Karjat trains & Khopoli to Thane via Panvel trains.
Padmanaban      [ 2014-05-26 ]
Hi want to travel from dadar to Sanpada Rly Station, please suggest how to go by local trains.
Gaurang Joshi      [ 2014-05-17 ]
Central Railways shall introduce more train between CST to Panvel. In moring, only 2 trains between 7:20 to 7:42 duration.
sultan Khan      [ 2014-05-15 ]
Dear, There is no train from manosarovar to airoli (Panvel to Thane slow train).That is the very pick time as maximum office buisness hour is 9am-6 Pm.At that time there is a fast train running between panvel to Thane, which is no use for the office people.I observed that panvel to thane rout no use of fast train. This fast train is not halt in appopriate station like Airoli (Major IT offices are there), ghansoli (mahape crowd are there). Rquesting to railway, please start a slow train or convert that fast to slow, which is very useful to general public. Thanks in advance
Prashant      [ 2014-05-09 ]
Please start trains from Panvel to Vashi and Return.
suresh sahni      [ 2014-05-08 ]
I having ghansoli stn so becas atvm person illbe tickt charges for kanjurmarge very bad atvm servics muje tict actul thane ka chaiye tha thats person charges kanjurmarg stn very very bad servics
RAJESH VISHWAKARMA      [ 2014-05-08 ]
Sir,Pls make arrangement for 3 three route pass from Dombivli-BORIVALI-CST (via kurla dadar,mahim and wadala)
suresh sahni      [ 2014-05-08 ]
I having ghansoli stn so becas atvm person illbe tickt charges for kanjurmarge very bad atvm servics
vaibhav kulkarni      [ 2014-05-06 ]
very helpful site
Mr N P Rajwani      [ 2014-05-04 ]
There is one single FOB at Shahad at Station. Besides being old and weak, it is occupied by beggars. At least two more FOBs are required due to heavy rush and steps be taken to remove the beggars from the FOB and platforms.
Guru Prasad      [ 2014-05-01 ]
There should be option to buy local ticket or pass through online. This will drastically reduce the croud at the counter
ashok      [ 2014-04-30 ]
jya station var train yeil to PLATFORM NO. disp lay vhava.
Amarsingh      [ 2014-04-29 ]
Not able to book train tickets from Neral to Matheran. Pl guide how to book. Tried several times on www.irctc.com
sunil mohan      [ 2014-04-25 ]
The search engine for local trains from Andheri to Panvel route and vice versa should also be included on the site
Anita Panicker      [ 2014-04-12 ]
Request you to increase the to and fro Panvel-Andheri train frequency in the peak hours as the trains areovercrowded.Maximum offices are now located in Andheri.
     [ 2014-04-12 ]
train between thane to boisar
P Mondal      [ 2014-04-06 ]
Request to extend Virar local train up to Boisar
Suresh      [ 2014-03-31 ]
Plz start the bus ...shivaji nagar to bhayandar
sugunan gopalan      [ 2014-03-31 ]
please add new DIRECT trains from AMBERNATH to PANVEL VICEVERSA IN THE MORNING HRS. AND EVENING HRS. VIA Diva jn dativali kalamboli for the benefit of all panvelkars with immediate effect
V P Gopinathan      [ 2014-03-30 ]
Presently no local trains are available from Kalyan to Panvel. It is very difficult to change the train from Thane. If local trains run between Kalyan and Panvel it will help thousands of people who daily travel in this route and also can save valuable time.
Suriender Singh Makked      [ 2014-03-29 ]
Request you to please take some serious action against the people who travel standing on the footboard, avoiding other people to enter the Compartment and also please STOP these Bhajan Mandlis and people who play cards while travelling.
Shyam Gole      [ 2014-03-26 ]
Pls let me know what is train monthly fare from Turbhe to Nahur Rly. Station. I would also like to know trains between thane & turbhe are running in timing schedule. Thanks.
pratik      [ 2014-03-21 ]
It is advisable looking at the croud that direct trains from kalyan -panvel via thane and diva to be started as there are existing tracks and no.of accidents will reduce in the morning fast rout till thane
mahajan ashok      [ 2014-03-21 ]
please start train between kalyan and vashi, so that crowed of thane will get reduced.
p.v.ananthanarayanan      [ 2014-03-12 ]
pls. provide time table for shuttle service starting from Vasai to Panvel and Diva and return also
Barendra Patra      [ 2014-03-11 ]
Please give me Diva Vasai time table

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