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DEEPIKA      [ 2013-10-03 ]
there is any trarin from vasai or virar to kopar or diva between 07.00 am to 08.00 am on sunday
Parmeshwar      [ 2013-09-29 ]
Please start new locals Thane-CST Mumbai via Vashi.
Rajendra Sahu      [ 2013-09-25 ]
Dear sir, In Govandi station ticket counter not open west side please check & in East side one tecket counter open Please check.
Akshay Ladha      [ 2013-09-20 ]
Kindly speed up the procedures to start local train from Khopoli/Karjat to Panvel considering the fact that express trains are running smoothly on the same track. Thanks
CDR RAKESH JAGGI, ESM      [ 2013-09-17 ]
Harbour line PLZ START KURLA - PANVEL - KURLA trains , at least during peak hours. Kurla is most congested and accident prone stn on Harbour line.
Anil Kumar      [ 2013-09-17 ]
need to increase frequency of local train for Titwal, kasara and Aasangaon.
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I want to join the army but I have to take testosterone replacement therapy. Can I join while on it?
SAMIR MANDAL      [ 2013-09-04 ]
pl. start local train from diva junction because we suffering much more crowded
R.R. Vishwakarma      [ 2013-09-04 ]
pl. start local train from diva to panvel, kalyan to vashi, kalyan to belapur and karjat to panvel
Patil Mahendra      [ 2013-09-02 ]
required more train between diwa to vasai
DHANENDRA      [ 2013-08-31 ]
i need of pass which use in travelling in train & bus in mumbai
Awadhesh Srivastava      [ 2013-08-25 ]
Sir, I would humbly request you to start local train between Kalyan to Vasai road because many passengers coming by Pushpak Express, LTT Express etc. are making a huge rush at Dadar Jn. for going to Vasai & suffering alot. Hoping a favorable decision & thanks.
pukhraj      [ 2013-08-24 ]
mumbai is naice city
T V rangarajan      [ 2013-08-20 ]
Any convenient train/busservice from Thane to Andheri
Sushhant      [ 2013-08-19 ]
When I Booked Railway Ticket If i need 5th saptember ticket than which month and which date i booked
AGNAL      [ 2013-08-16 ]
please try to run train from belapur to cst via thane..
garde      [ 2013-08-15 ]
Start train between Boisar to CST/Kalyan/Thane
s.k.sharma      [ 2013-08-14 ]
kindly writedown the time for general commuters traveling time in luggage compartment and luggage holder in that compartment.
P.S.Sundaram      [ 2013-08-14 ]
Railways when planning to construct foot over bridge at platform at least in one side they should construct ramps instead of steps. This will help long distance train passengers to take their suitcases easily by pulling.
sharona sassoon      [ 2013-08-14 ]
How can I get the update everyday about local trains on harbour lines are running late or cancelled
Sanket Shelar      [ 2013-08-13 ]
FANKHFAST service hai! but i we et a ticket fare along with it ?
Dattaram Ghag      [ 2013-08-13 ]
Dear Sir / Mam, Please Start The Evening time Andheri To Virar Local Train.
Lajja      [ 2013-07-30 ]
Please add fast local train from Ambernath to cst or dadar between 6.36 am to 7.00 am.
Snehal Phatarpekar      [ 2013-07-28 ]
Please start fast trains from kurla to Panvel, humble request :)
sham shinde      [ 2013-07-23 ]
Please put the live feed when the trains are delayed or suspended between stations. for passengers to know, and use the routes as per their convenience.
sham shinde      [ 2013-07-23 ]
Please put the live feed when the trains are delayed or suspended between stations. for passengers to know, and use the routes as per their convenience.
Rajkumarpatel      [ 2013-07-21 ]
Many peoples from bhiwandi & mostly students are facing problems in travelling from bhiwandi to thane there had done something.
Mohammed ishaque      [ 2013-07-18 ]
Installation of ATVM at evety platfoem will be vert helpful to passengers
pankaj      [ 2013-07-18 ]
keep all atvm machines on 24*7 nearly 60% of these machines are not working
Sanjeet Misra      [ 2013-07-17 ]
how to reach airport domestic mumbai from thane?
Trupti Thakur      [ 2013-07-17 ]
pl start BEST Bus from Matunga Road station to Stiladevi Temple Road Route
Ashok Yadav      [ 2013-07-14 ]
Thanks for uploading the time table
anurag      [ 2013-07-13 ]
when are you going to put the timings of churchgate dahanu locals ??
mahesh madiwal      [ 2013-07-12 ]
Dear Sir Madam Pl. give lokal train raning informantion or status of the train ( late/ cancield/ aney other problam
Alkesh Surve      [ 2013-07-11 ]
please add fare & distance calculator for local trains
akash      [ 2013-07-11 ]
plz make a fast train from vashi to bandra it will easy to go for longer distances.
B.N.YELGULWAR      [ 2013-07-07 ]
Sir/Madam, Ur portal is doing wonderful yeoman service to commuters on suburban section of Mumbai.However,information on frequent mega blocks being carried on Sundays n public holidays will be highly appreciated....Also,can u provide manned information Tel no?
Arvind Dattatray Patil      [ 2013-07-05 ]
frequency of diva to vasai road trains to be increased as it is shortcut to virar onwards lines...
Sunil Thakur      [ 2013-07-03 ]
Feel the gap between two compartments of the local train as many of the commuters are falling down from that gap and losing life in peak hours. Also on many stations gap between station and local train is very high due to that commuters are going down while catching and dropping local trains and losing life. It will help lot to reduce accidents happing on stations…… Life is precious......
Unnikrishnan Nair      [ 2013-07-02 ]
Sir, I am residing in Kalwa and it is impossible to catch CST trains in the peak hours from Kalwa. Requesting to increase either semifast trains or start trains from Kalwa, Mumbra and Diva stations in the peak hours
Vijay Parkar      [ 2013-07-02 ]
Sir /Madam, I am staying at Byculla. Pls check local train timetable. On slow track there is no train to kalyan between 5:00 to 5:23 in the evening (23 mints gap), and also on fast track .U can imagine the rush at peak hrs at Byculla Station, which is most populated and crowded station. Hope u will get survey and do the needful.
PRASAD      [ 2013-06-26 ]
jebas      [ 2013-06-26 ]
an non -stop fast train from kalyan to dadar would be better
jayesh desai      [ 2013-06-23 ]
please update new westernline timetable up to dahanu.
A Gupta      [ 2013-06-22 ]
It is requsted to start direct trains from Dahanu to Kalyan/Thane & vice verca so as to travel / facilitate senior citizens/children/patients etc.
Madhura Parchure      [ 2013-06-18 ]
I want to knw trn timings of daily panvel to palghar and palghar to panvel return train
Suresh Mogaveera      [ 2013-06-18 ]
please run the train between Vasai to Vashi, if not possible, at least till Thane. it will reduce the 20% rush in WR towards Churchgate Hope u will do the needful Thanks
Nitin Mote      [ 2013-06-18 ]
Please start Panvel to Vashi train for navi mumbai.
saddy      [ 2013-06-17 ]
i Requeste Pls Arrange local starte From jogeshwari To Borival its more Difficult to Travelling For that side If have noticed on comment pls ......
Hitesh D Shah      [ 2013-06-10 ]
Please put a slow Train for CST between 9.29Am To 9.37 am ghatkopar there is 8 mints gape in this time

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