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Pritesh Mhatre      [ 2013-04-03 ]
i love mumbai
Savio Rodrigues      [ 2013-04-02 ]
This for the central railway iam reqseting to start a train from cstm to velankani station (tamilnadu ) atleast once in a week
vijaykumar jaiswar      [ 2013-04-02 ]
Dear Authority, Request you to please check the ticket in first class compartment between thane to kalyan morning bcuz second class passenger travelling due to this first class travelling uncomfortable.
ASHOK PARIKH      [ 2013-04-01 ]
For Senior Citizen, If First Class Ticket is Purchased from Borivali to Churchgate. Then Senior Citizen Concession is given or not? Pl. clarify
Priyesh Rao      [ 2013-03-29 ]
Start Kalyan Vashi trains and also direct kalyan panvel trains asap it would be of great help
Sunil Khade      [ 2013-03-29 ]
Dear Sir, You are requested to place a timing indicator and tv on new footover bridge facing south side of nallasopara station.
K.G.DINESH      [ 2013-03-29 ]
pls start more bhandup (stop) cst trains in morning 9.00 to 9.30 a.m.
Tabrez      [ 2013-03-29 ]
I request you to increse frequency of train from badlapur to cst
Pooja Hande      [ 2013-03-28 ]
I m requesting for atleast adding three more trains to khopoli one 8 a.m, 4 p.m and 7 p.m
Mohan      [ 2013-03-28 ]
Installation of platform ticket machines at Thane,Kurla,Dadar,CST,Borivili,Mumbai Central will benifit passengers.
Sreenivasan Iyer      [ 2013-03-28 ]
Kindly Install coupon vending machines on the newly constructed dombivli east bridge so that there would be less rush at the ticket house.I have seen at thane one vending machine which remains idle most of the time.
Mohamed      [ 2013-03-27 ]
i will request to mention in front of the train name that which fast local and which slow local because it is so confusion so please take care for it it will very easy to under stand
Rakesh das      [ 2013-03-27 ]
Please stop more fast trains in bhandup in peak as wellas non peak hours.
Tabrez      [ 2013-03-27 ]
I request to CR Authority to increase train from badlapur becz badlapur is become most populate city.
sarojmendes      [ 2013-03-26 ]
To pain full to travel from ulhasnaga allrush needs ext train
MAHESH HURGAT      [ 2013-03-26 ]
Kindly start taking strict actions against the passengers who block the gates. The action shall be taken on continuous basis. WR has already started this and the results are good.
Laxman Poojari      [ 2013-03-26 ]
As per HC order in all suburban stn. platforms height should be increased to normal height & wide gap be reduced but surprisingly W.Rly authorities have not done till to date especially at Vasai Rd. on PF.No.2&3 infront of middly ladies compartment And also at Bandra PF no.4 middle ladies compartment to till Northern side of PF. Hence I request kindly to the needful at the eariest to avoid fatal accidents.
dinkar      [ 2013-03-25 ]
Train required from kalyan to karjat/Badlapur between 3am to 5.30am. No train is available during this period.
Dharmesh      [ 2013-03-24 ]
Sir / madum Train may jo dadagiri hoti hai us ke liye kuch karo pls
Sunil shinde      [ 2013-03-23 ]
dear sir i am a blind person, i can not do jarnyi propare, beacos handicap cumpartment far way from stear kes,
Rajesh Rai      [ 2013-03-23 ]
please add new local train from thane to panvel between 5:00AM to 6:00AM
Rajesh Rai      [ 2013-03-23 ]
installation of coupan machines & atvm or repair it on the platfarms would help the passengers.
Rajesh Rai      [ 2013-03-22 ]
From last month ATVM is not working at ghansoli station & many other stations.please do the atvm machine to be operated
shailendra kumar dave      [ 2013-03-22 ]
india ki shaan hai mumbai local train.train me surksha badai jai.
A Singh      [ 2013-03-21 ]
It is very high time railway autho, must construct additional 2 lines between Kalyan and karjat due to too much increase in population
sanjeev shukla      [ 2013-03-19 ]
sir plz extend train between kasara and cst station
anwar alam      [ 2013-03-10 ]
i want to inform u about the manmani of the autorikshwawalas at kanjurmarg station. they are not ready to go the places we want. and even they are asking for money on per head basis. so plz do something.
rohit correia      [ 2013-03-08 ]
lot of people are coming down by virar local trains from nalasopara to virar without ticket during morning hours.i request ticket checkers to please check their tickets in virar trains.
neeta Joglekar      [ 2013-03-07 ]
Rajesh Rai      [ 2013-03-06 ]
pls install 4 ATVM at per station because sometimes some machines is not operating then we can operate another machine it is request.
Ravi valunj      [ 2013-03-05 ]
Thane to vikhroli & cst to vikhroli limited train stop fast train?why
Manjit Singh Bimbh      [ 2013-03-02 ]
Please increase the train during peak hour in habour line upto Belapu
Irfan      [ 2013-03-02 ]
Please start local train services from diva to vasai road
acheterkamagragel100mg      [ 2013-02-26 ]
Comment: It agree, the helpful information
bhavesh palan      [ 2013-02-25 ]
Sir/Madam I am staying in Badlapur n would like to inform you that there is need to start local rail from Thane to Badlapur inbetween from 8pm to 9pm as there is huge rush in Thane station as commuter travelled from both harbour and central. why cannot you extend ambernath local rail 8:38pm to badapur
maitreya      [ 2013-02-23 ]
Plz show only one train that is available instead of showing all the table as '00.00'. This is confusing as one gets no direct idea whether train is going to stop here or not or You people dont know the time !!
Sunil Yadav      [ 2013-02-22 ]
Abhijit Bais      [ 2013-02-22 ]
Please develope Thane station as CST station because it is the most populated n serving station
Rohan Bhavsar      [ 2013-02-21 ]
I would like to suggest that, there should be an option to swap the values of the " Start From " and " Ent At " textboxes. It would help me to plan my return journey very quickly only by swapping the values and by just entering the journey time. Thank you.
SAKSHEE KARALKAR      [ 2013-02-20 ]
I would like to request that please add one compartment fr first class fr ladies
dattaram      [ 2013-02-17 ]
i requst u to avaliable round pass from airoli to cst via thane, via juinage or via sanpada.
Rajesh Rai      [ 2013-02-11 ]
almost every stations atvm machines not working in proper condition.
YASH JAIN      [ 2013-02-11 ]
I stay at Kopar, but cannot bear the plight of people staying at Kalwa or Mumbra. These poor fellows have to risk their lives everyday in order to reach their place of work in Mumbai during morning peak hours. It would be a fantastic idea to start a couple of services from Diwa towards Mumbai in the morning between 8am and 9am. Alternatively, a couple of Kalyan - Thane services could be started, since I have observed that there is a huge number of commuters getting down at Thane. Thank You!!!
Rajesh Rai      [ 2013-02-07 ]
Sir/Madam,There should be local train from thane towards panvel side in morning from 5.00AM daily so that commuters can use this benefits.Hope u will do the survey and do the needful.
V.K. Pendse      [ 2013-02-06 ]
Pl.extend the facility of extension tickets on Smart Card.
Ashok Raja      [ 2013-02-05 ]
Hello,i m reglar commuter in both central n western railways n in a single day many times i hve been traveling up n down as my job requires bt i dont understand why you are talking atleast 3 to 4 mts time to change the indicator after train left from the platform , becoz of this sensing a fast train ill come as the indicatoe shows so i run to fast track n waitng 3 to 4 mts time the indicator ill become blank if we ask anyone they say already left already then we come to slow train platform by the time ill miss atleast one or two train so my request is ple change indicator in all the station as soon as train left platform
vicky      [ 2013-02-05 ]
please start trains from kalyan to vashi
APARNA KEDAR      [ 2013-02-04 ]
Sir/ Madam, I am Staying in Shahad. Pls extra local between 6.30 to 8.00 pm at fast track.
gia      [ 2013-02-04 ]
cvm coupon machine in mulund is not working from long time. can authority do something about it?
SNRao      [ 2013-02-03 ]
installation of coupan machines on the platfarms would help the passengers.

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