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AKHTAR      [ 2013-01-22 ]
how will get kopar station to bhiwandi local train time table rout kindly advice thanks
K Sreekumaran      [ 2013-01-19 ]
Pl start loal trains from Kalyan to Panvel
K Sreekumaran      [ 2013-01-19 ]
Pl start loal trains from Kalyan to Panvel
dhanram      [ 2013-01-17 ]
plz send me the details how to go from mombai CST to vakola santacruz
ganesh      [ 2013-01-15 ]
kopar to virar time tebale
A.A.DAS      [ 2013-01-15 ]
Hawkers and beggers should not be entertained by the passengers..Railway Police are doing nothing.All Hawkers selling on FOB are managing railway police and railway staff..Corruption must be stoped by railway authorities.Station Manager must be held reposible for all these illegal activities. Police must protect railway staff on the station. .Passengers are also responsible for all these things as they are buying items from hawkers and entertaing beggers.Police are silent specters WHY? reson is wllknown.
ASHOK      [ 2013-01-14 ]
Pl stop hawkars in and around stn area with iron hand & punish RPF with suspension if do not follow it.
Sudhir Mistry      [ 2013-01-14 ]
It is most essential and urgently required to provide COUPON VALIDATING MACHINES in the both subways of DAHISAR RLY STN, Commuters have to punch the coupons at tkt windows and run for the train thru either subway which is away from the Tkt windows.
     [ 2013-01-13 ]
do we get local railway pass on Sunday at ghatkoper
karan      [ 2013-01-11 ]
Sir, believe me, If you guys will not help us for EXTENSION of trains and if there will be so crowd in the trains, One day parents will lose their kids and the entire Railways and our Government (Unlucky people to have this kind of Govt.) will be reposible for that. There is no space in trains even to hang outside when the train starts and the frequency is worst. After that every now and then there is a problems in Navi Mumbai trains. SO WHY THERE IS A MEGA BLOCK ON SUNDAYS. I will request all the people to take strict action against this and co-operate and gather together to get the JUSTICE.
Jayesh      [ 2013-01-11 ]
Please updated fare list sabhi railway station ke coupon counter ke pas chipkaye
sandeep b parmar      [ 2013-01-08 ]
plz start more trains between panvel-bhiwandi-vasai.
PRAKASH V GUPTE      [ 2013-01-04 ]
कुर्ला वरून पनवेल करिता लोकल गाड्या सोडल्या गेल्या पाहिजेत. हार्बर लाईन मार्गावर प्रचंड लोकसंख्या वाढल्यामुळे मुख्त मानखुर्द, गोवंडी परिसरात म्हाडाच्या नवीन वसाहती झालेय आहेत. तसेच लल्लुभाई परिसरातील वसाहती ह्या लोकसंख्या वाढीची कारणे आहे. मात्र त्या तुलनेत लोकल गाड्या ची संख्या वाढली नाही. सकाळच्या वेळेत मानखुर्द कडून छत्रपती शिवाजी टर्मिनस कडे जाणाऱ्या काही लोकल मानखुर्द वरून सोडल्या जातात त्या पुरेश्या नाहीत, त्या लोकल वाढवण्याची गरज आहे. मात्र छत्रपती शिवाजी टर्मिनसवरून पनवेल कढे जाणाऱ्या लोकल भरमसाट भरून येतात. त्यामुळे कुर्ला स्टेशनवर कोणत्यावेळी प्रचंड गर्दी असते.पुढील प्रश्नावर माझ्या मते खालील उपयोजना करता येतील. १. कुर्ला स्टेशन वरील प्लाटफॉर्म क्रमांक ८ तर्चेच ९ वरून वाशी, पनवेल करिता लोकल सोडता येतील. प्लाटफॉर्म क्रमांक ८ व ९ चा सध्या कोणताही वापर होत नाही. त्यामुळे तेथे गर्दुले, भिकारी यांनी अतिक्रमण केले आहे. त्यामुळे त्या प्लाटफॉर्मवरून संध्याकाळी अर्ध्या - अर्ध्या तासाने लोकल सोडून बरीच गर्दी कमी होवू शकते. (कारण CST वरून काही लोकल अंधेरी व बांद्रा कडे सोडल्या जातात. व काही लोकल वाशी व पनवेल करता त्यामुळे ज्या वेळेत अंधेरी कडे लोकल सोडल्या जातात. तो वेळ कुर्ल्या वरून लोकल सोडण्याकरता वापरू शकतो) २. हार्बर लाईन मार्गावर १२ डब्याच्या गाड्या सुरु करणे.
dinesh n kotian      [ 2013-01-03 ]
pl, kind to three month rly, cst to kalyan local train pass charge
sanjay choche      [ 2013-01-02 ]
Increase frequency between Panvel - Virar. If possible, Virar Panvel via Thane-Turbhe
Ekta Daryanani      [ 2012-12-31 ]
Please increase train frequency in peak hours those who have schedules and increased frequencies in non peak hours just fire them they are not worth holding that position
dr.vishwajit.roy      [ 2012-12-31 ]
first class is the third class service of our mumbai local.no proper checking where in second class people travelling in first class compartments.why do u charge the when there is no follow up done with the fans which is there for on one side and not on other.deficiecy of service and looting first class passengers..its a shame and cheating policy
Dhanesh Padmanabhan      [ 2012-12-30 ]
Sir, Why is it always that during signals and Track changing of trains in morning - The trains going towards CST are stopped and train going towards down side are let first. Similarly in evening time, trains goin towards down side are halted and trains going towards CSt are let first. This should be vice versa since in morning time trains going towards cst are packed and in evening time trains going down side are packed. Please consider my suggestion
chinku      [ 2012-12-29 ]
hi..i have travel in bombay local trains..its my best expirience..i love bombay..
Douglas      [ 2012-12-26 ]
Please increase the fqecuenry of trains.Atleast on Sundays as they r very crowded on weekends.I hope railway will make fqecuenry of atlease a train in an hour.People dont travel by this route much as there r very less trains. As the fqecuenry increases crowd will automatically increase
ABC      [ 2012-12-26 ]
Please take action against those passengers who board the Thane train (again goit to CST) at Mulund and occupy all windos seats. Though its a Thane local to CST. passengers from Thane cant take the seat near winow bcoz its already occupied by these fools...
Arun Krishnan      [ 2012-12-26 ]
Dear Jayesh, It seems u have not traveled by train to pune. When the train pass palasdari tunnel section begins local cannot be run in this route even mail train is pulled by two engines from karjat to lonawala.
Brijnath Jaiswar      [ 2012-12-25 ]
Dear Sir, I Suggest use aadhar card as a iddentty card for monthly pass. Thanking you.
harikant goswami      [ 2012-12-24 ]
train should be increased, in harbour line from vashi to thane or vadala to andheri...
Brijnath Jaiswar      [ 2012-12-23 ]
Dear Sir, please try to start Local dadar-vashi or cst-vashi via dadar or kurla-vashi. you have camra in each platform, most of crowd dadar & kurla . Thanking you.
Yogesh zodge      [ 2012-12-23 ]
Dear sir,please increase the trains and frequency 5 minutes of trains harbour line and trans harbour line, bez due to heavy rush whole day (morning to late night).
Prashant      [ 2012-12-23 ]
Please make provisions on ATVM machines to buy the tickets of DMU...Vasai - Diva, to avoid long queue as very few trains run on this route and if a train misses due to long queue to buy a ticket, have to wait for long for other train. Thanks.
ajay chavan      [ 2012-12-21 ]
Dear, Railway minister. plz karjat to khopoli already sint track, so plz, impro the Dabble track .on karjat to khopoli. thanks .....
Vijay Khopkar      [ 2012-12-21 ]
Dear Sir, Please install PNR status machine at dombivali station as too much crowd booking a tickets from dombivali station. All need this machin for seat availability in trains. Thanks.
AMARNATH      [ 2012-12-19 ]
Hi please extend the kanjurmarg railway station because now kanjurmarg is fully commercial and business stop railway need to provide stop for fast trains here and foot over bridge is very conjested need to extend.
AMARNATH      [ 2012-12-19 ]
Hi please extend the kanjurmarg railway station because now kanjurmarg is fully commercial and business stop railway need to provide stop for fast trains here and foot over bridge is very conjested need to extend.
mustafa      [ 2012-12-18 ]
kindly start fast trains 4 harbour line
harish      [ 2012-12-18 ]
More fast train for BHANDUP should be there .....:)
Rohit      [ 2012-12-18 ]
At vidyavihar station ticket window on east side not working regularly. Kindly do needful..
Sumedh      [ 2012-12-17 ]
Amchi mumbai sundar mumbai
mahendra      [ 2012-12-15 ]
Please provide extension-journey option on ATVM machines.
mukesh solamki      [ 2012-12-15 ]
sir, plz start cst dahanu local as fast as possible & also increase services from kopar to dahanu or start local train from thane to dahanu
swati      [ 2012-12-10 ]
please extend vashi thane train upto kalyan, it will help to decentrakize crowd in thane station.
IQ      [ 2012-12-08 ]
Dear sir, None of the coupon machines or stamp pad working in Kurla (E), There are ONLY 2 smart card machines in Kurla (E) which are in non-working conditions.Sir request you to make improvement for the same
asha nair      [ 2012-12-08 ]
please start ladies special train from ambarnath during the peak hours in the morning
s u. abhyankar      [ 2012-12-08 ]
Platform no 4 at mulund station and dadar station are low in height, so disable persons cannot get in the train easily pl. Do the needful.
J S Ansari      [ 2012-12-07 ]
My suggestion is that strict ticket checking should be carried out intensively in first class compartments so as to prevent unauthorized passengers
Razi Rizvi      [ 2012-12-06 ]
Dear Sir, Purchasing tickets from the windows is time consuming during peak hours. I suggest that If you assign a separate window for tickets for passenger with "Exact Change" and "Coupon Booklets" it will be beneficial for passengers and booking clerks as they will collect the change to which they are always short of.
Abhijit Bais      [ 2012-12-05 ]
As Thane station is centrally located for all lines and for expresses, kindly make it of international standard as far space, facilities are concerned. It is too much crowded. Make every expresses to hault at thane so load of Dadad n Kalyan can be distributed.
Mustak Attarwala      [ 2012-12-01 ]
Why should there be only be only one window for validation of smart card ? Coupons booklets should be available without que at every counter.
Jinendra Kumar Jain      [ 2012-11-28 ]
Smart card recharge should be possible through internet as we do for prepaid mobiles. It would ease long queues at bus depos.
AK      [ 2012-11-27 ]
i agree with MAQ simple platform no. 8 should be utilised properly, i do remember some year back local use to start and end at platform no.8 at KURLA, authorities are requested to please start service again
Biju      [ 2012-11-27 ]
Please note that I see that most of the Coupun punching machine are out of order and or out of INK. I feel that railway need to look into this issue which will ease out the conjution at the ticket window. A slow movement may benefit some people. Please look into it
Pratap      [ 2012-11-23 ]
Local Train tickets shud also be available ONLINE with sms facility like that of mailexpress trains
ravindra kharche      [ 2012-11-23 ]
apne jo atvm smart card nikala hai o acchi suvidha hai magar har jagah dekhate hai to o machine band hoti hai. .. mai bhandup me rahata hu .. bhandup pe aksar o machine band rahati bahot taklif hoti hai .. to smart nilkalke kuch fayda kay ........? es per aap jald hi action le aur 4 to bhi machine bhandup station per lagyaye

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