Illegal Advertisements and Stickers Attract Law


Illegal Advertisements and Stickers attract nothing but the Law.

Under Section 166 of Railways Act, it is punishable offence to display illegal advertisements and stickers in train. It not only makes railway coaches look unclean but also defiles your image in the minds of the public.

Western Railway.


5 thoughts on “Illegal Advertisements and Stickers Attract Law

  1. …And who is there to punish these guys who put these stickers.

    Each and every local train in Mumbai is filled with these stickers and the authorities are doing nothing about it. Infact there are times in the afternoons, when youngsters are sticking these and no one tells them anything.

    Well, crazy – but stil our very own Mumbai 🙂

  2. Although there are laws but we still find illegal ads and sticks inside local trains.

    Thats what we indians follow. Nobody damn care about the law. We only pass a law for sake of it. Take strict actions against those who put these stickers in train. They put their numbers and address also. Catch them and punish. Why our law is blind and helpless?

  4. ravishankar says:

    true that the sticker’s are illegal and destroy the look of train for which we spent lot money to make them look good but the question is why it happen’s answer is so simple we let it happen

  5. i have taken the pic of a person sticking the add in the train but its not that clear. when he saw me taking his pic, he ran in to the other coach train was at thakurli station …but i have the question what will be done for these guys…who will be punishing them and what???

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