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Mumbai Kali Peeli Taxi

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Mumbai CNG Taxi Fare Card with Electronic Meter, with effect from July-2015

Digital Meter
Regular Fare Midnight Fare   Digital Meter
Regular Fare Midnight Fare   Digital Meter
Regular Fare Midnight Fare
1.5 Rs.22 Rs.33 4.6 Rs.68 Rs.102 7.7 Rs.114 Rs.171
1.6 Rs.23 Rs.35 4.7 Rs.69 Rs.104 7.8 Rs.115 Rs.173
1.7 Rs.25 Rs.37 4.8 Rs.71 Rs.106 7.9 Rs.117 Rs.179
1.8 Rs.26 Rs.40 4.9 Rs.72 Rs.109 8.0 Rs.118 Rs.178
1.9 Rs.28 Rs.42 5.0 Rs.74 Rs.111 8.1 Rs.120 Rs.180
2.0 Rs.29 Rs.44 5.1 Rs.75 Rs.113 8.2 Rs.121 Rs.182
2.1 Rs.31 Rs.46 5.2 Rs.77 Rs.115 8.3 Rs.123 Rs.184
2.2 Rs.32 Rs.49 5.3 Rs.78 Rs.118 8.4 Rs.124 Rs.187
2.3 Rs.34 Rs.51 5.4 Rs.80 Rs.120 8.5 Rs.126 Rs.189
2.4 Rs.35 Rs.53 5.5 Rs.81 Rs.122 8.6 Rs.127 Rs.191
2.5 Rs.37 Rs.55 5.6 Rs.83 Rs.124 8.7 Rs.129 Rs.193
2.6 Rs.38 Rs.57 5.7 Rs.84 Rs.126 8.8 Rs.130 Rs.195
2.7 Rs.40 Rs.60 5.8 Rs.86 Rs.129 8.9 Rs.132 Rs.198
2.8 Rs.41 Rs.62 5.9 Rs.87 Rs.131 9.0 Rs.133 Rs.200
2.9 Rs.43 Rs.64 6.0 Rs.89 Rs.133 9.1 Rs.135 Rs.202
3.0 Rs.44 Rs.66 6.1 Rs.90 Rs.135 9.2 Rs.136 Rs.204
3.1 Rs.46 Rs.69   6.2 Rs.92 Rs.138 9.3 Rs.130 Rs.162
3.2 Rs.47 Rs.71   6.3 Rs.93 Rs.140 9.4 Rs.139 Rs.209
3.3 Rs.49 Rs.73   6.4 Rs.95 Rs.142 9.5 Rs.141 Rs.211
3.4 Rs.50 Rs.75   6.5 Rs.96 Rs.144 9.6 Rs.142 Rs.213
3.5 Rs.52 Rs.78   6.6 Rs.98 Rs.147 9.7 Rs.144 Rs.216
3.6 Rs.53 Rs.80   6.7 Rs.90 Rs.149 9.8 Rs.145 Rs.218
3.7 Rs.55 Rs.82   6.8 Rs.101 Rs.151 9.9 Rs.147 Rs.220
3.8 Rs.56 Rs.84   6.9 Rs.102 Rs.153 10.0 Rs.148 Rs.222
3.9 Rs.58 Rs.86   7.0 Rs.104 Rs.155

* For Mumbai Region with effect from July-2015
* Minimum Fare for 1.5 km Rs. 22
* Subsequent KM Rs. 14.84 per KM
* 50% additional fare for journey from 12:00 midnight to 5:00am
* Complaints: 1800-22-0110

4.0 Rs.59 Rs.89   7.1 Rs.105 Rs.158
4.1 Rs.61 Rs.91   7.2 Rs.107 Rs.160  
4.2 Rs.62 Rs.93   7.3 Rs.108 Rs.162  
4.3 Rs.64 Rs.95   7.4 Rs.110 Rs.164  
4.4 Rs.65 Rs.98   7.5 Rs.111 Rs.167  
4.5 Rs.67 Rs.100   7.6 Rs.113 Rs.169  
Mumbai CNG Taxi Timetable with digital Meter by http://go4mumbai.com


Note: Luggage charges Rs. 6 for every package other than a briefcase, hand bag,
attachee case or a bag not less than 60 x 40cms. in dimensions carried by the passenger.
Height of personal luggage should not be more than 45 cms.

Complaints: For any complaints about refusal, excess fare, rude behaviour, against driver, contact/write to
the Regional Transport Officer (Central), Tardeo/ Mumbai (East) Wadala, Mumbai(W), Andheri or Traffic Polic HQ,
Worli, Mumbai in writing giving date, time and place of offence, nature of complaint and vehicle number.


Suggestions/Comments/Views Submitted
Raviraj      [ 2018-10-30 ]
Took a Kali pili from Borivali Stn East to Bhayander west hardly 10km @3:30am Meter 480 Where as Uber Asking only 380.... Had a Big argument with Driver Why are most Kali Pili Driver Rude
Sarthak chakraborty      [ 2018-10-05 ]
I was charged 1.5 times the value which was shown in meter during daytime.. I travelled from borivali to thane. Meter showed 876.. I was charged 1300.. This is heights of insanity.
Jayesh shah      [ 2018-08-13 ]
I was charged rs. 30.00 per luggage for 2 cabin bags and one hand bag and he did not have rule book in his car too and was ride. I think ola-uber are better than arguing with this people.
Ranjeet singh      [ 2018-04-30 ]
Mai Borivali station se kolshet thane west tal kali pili taxi (maruti EECO) MH47C 128 se aaya ye arround 23 km hai usne mujhse Rs 900 liye maine kaha bhai Rate chart dikhao usne bola koi rate chart nahi hota
Rahul      [ 2018-03-30 ]
Travelled from high street pheonix mill to Lokhandwala Kandivali was charged INR 515 when the bill usually is INR 450 cab no MH01CR1636 . I really appreciate ola uber for their fair charges.
Jayant agarwal      [ 2017-09-25 ]
BORIVALI to waghbil.. Travelleled between 4.40 am to 5.30 am. Fare charged 830. Distance 19 km. 100% meter is rigged. Feeling helpless.. Thanks to OLA/Uber. Wil never take a cool cab again
Piyush      [ 2017-03-20 ]
A blue cool cab Santro taxi guy outside LTT station asked me whether he can drop me I said yes I want to got Bandra Kurla Complex which was around 5 kms from there and I told him that I will go by meter so we started as soon as we reached he asked me for Rs.450 and started fighting with me and even threatened to take my luggage so I had to anyhow give him Rs.450 is this the way u operate?
Lalit      [ 2017-01-01 ]
On 1 Jan 2016,i took a kaali pili cab from Bandra east to Airforce qrtrs Sion near sion circle....He charged me Rs 95 ,which was according to the metre...however on many occassions i have gone to santacruz which is farther than this on same route back i was charged lesser than this ...moreover the driver charged an additional 20 rupees for the luggage which was a total of one suitcase and rwo small hand bags...i want to know was it all right and according to the rules.
jitendra      [ 2016-12-10 ]
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