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Imran khan      [ 2018-05-06 ]
By toady midnight 03:00am I want car pick up from kalamboli navi mumbai To cst railway station
abdullah      [ 2018-03-24 ]
I want 4 wheeler with driver on 25 march 2018 kalwa naka to mumbai international airport
swapnil      [ 2018-03-14 ]
I want 4 wheeler with driver on 4 april Bhandup to national park
swapnil      [ 2018-03-13 ]
I want 4 wheeler with driver on 4 april Bhandup to national park
Ilyas mogal      [ 2018-02-09 ]
I am driving ola in Mumbai my segetion is please put alarming timing app in ola prime play devise
Munir Shaikh      [ 2017-09-03 ]
Dear Team We would like to register on your site as cab service provider. We provide cab services in 97+ cities across India. Let us know the procedure to take this forward.
Ramakant Shinde      [ 2017-02-27 ]
Please start services from Ambernath to Mumbai, Alibaug, Pune, Nasik
Vasant Laghate      [ 2017-01-17 ]
Booked cab with Uber from churchgate to bovivali on 16 Jan 17 10 pm. Estimated fare shown 579 but actually charged Rs. 800.
Mahesh      [ 2016-11-11 ]
Can I OLA in Int. air port to go my home in dombivli or kalyan
TUSHAR JOSHI      [ 2016-08-20 ]
Thanks for quick service
Mandar      [ 2016-08-05 ]
ola is the best cab in mumbai this is the very best service in mumbai
Kamlesh Ahuja      [ 2016-07-13 ]
Hi I try to book ola cab from borivali to Vasai I was with my wife and 2 kids around 12.30 am the cab came at 12.35 am..n denied going to Vasai ..I was shocked and surprised..small suggestion is please start some services till virar side..thanx n obliged..
Satish waykar      [ 2016-03-04 ]
I need 6 seater can on 5th mar from jui nagar to vikroli
Premj BHANUSHALI      [ 2016-02-15 ]
I used taxi for sure Ola from Ghatkopar East to Bandra Rly. Terminus. Issue is destination particulars is not known to drivers as it is not asked in the software. So it is possible that when the driver calls at the last 15 min. and comes to know that the distance is short, he may not show-up and the traveller may be left in lurch especially when it is early morning or late night.
shailendra      [ 2015-11-06 ]
Easy cabs is the most insensitive cab service. I had booked a cab last morning for today, and 5 mins prior to scheduled time when I called the driver he said that he has cancelled the pick up. When I called easy cabs they said that they will check. Finally they sent me an sms that my booking has been cancelled at my request.
sagar      [ 2015-07-20 ]
i wanted to book taxi from dahisar to dadar and i booked it from meru app n i called the driver to come at my place but he was too rude and ignoring so i cancelled the booking. otherwise i have used many time meru cab service ..its owsm ..
Jay Vakilna      [ 2015-06-28 ]
pls start auto rickshaw booking via ola cabs like for kaali peeli taxi is doing fare for all type of like UBER TFS OLA TAB-CAB etc taxi should be 40rs/4km after that 9rs/1km
Chitranjan Sheety      [ 2015-04-17 ]
I have noticed and caught red handed to UBER car taxi driver while tampering the digital meter. Their Kilometers are less as compared to normal kilometer which in turn we end up paying more than actual. I will say you pay 20% less to Cab wallas.
djg      [ 2015-03-26 ]
Uber and meru both cab service in mumbai is best.
     [ 2014-11-24 ]
I called for a cab for 3.45 and the following cab companies said they do not have slots available till 7 Meru Easy cabs Tab cabs Horribly funny
Vivek Mathur      [ 2014-10-08 ]
I notice that no taxi service provider is willing to provide cars for short distances. Is this accepted policy, if so they should advise upfront what is the minimum distance they would need to booke the cab. In my case just required to travel approx. 5.4km distance for which Meru, Easy and Tab Cabs did not accept the booking. I am surprised that all of them would be booked at the same time. This is more a case of being choosy and not taking bookings for short distance. I know no one would respons, but just sharing my feedback
Alokkumar      [ 2013-07-16 ]
I booked a meru cab n they arrived on time and its was good experience wiith them . Driver is good and cooperative and had good journey with him ...
anurag      [ 2013-07-11 ]
Mega cabs is worst, i faced a situation twice, when cabs did not turn on time & they dont know what customer service is all about. I have written to them atleast 4 times, but there has been no response.
ashok      [ 2013-01-03 ]
Tab cab is good .But if you have lot of luggage pl check the dicky space. they have gas cylinder which occupy lot of space.
hmm      [ 2012-10-16 ]
i fully agree with all the comments above. NEVER USE MEGA CABS....I used only once fortunately and had a bad experience. I wonder they care for customers at all.
Somesh      [ 2012-10-16 ]
I tried service of Tab cab. It was very good. Driver was very cooperative. Also their fleet car is Toyota Etios. It is very good service.
Niraj      [ 2012-08-21 ]
My experience with Kartika Kool Cab was good. They are more professional than any other cab service Providers.
Shashikant      [ 2012-08-15 ]
none of the cab provider are providing service early in the morning, i have tried all the cab service, i.e. Easy/Tabcab/Maga/Meru. All giving the same answer cab is not available, how disgusting is this i dont know.
Roopesh      [ 2012-06-07 ]
Please dont use Easy Cabs if you have a early morning flight to board. You might miss your flight. Rest is your choice.
l.k.Chopra      [ 2012-05-25 ]
Whenever you ask for any fleet cab from Andheri to Airport. Standard answer is that all the cab are occupied. They only entertain long distance customers.
RD      [ 2012-05-20 ]
MY friend had booked easy cab 4 gng hme 4rm vashi but the cab dint turn up on tym n she was alone wid her mother for lyk 45 mins arnd 9.30 pm easy cab is not at all gud.. later her dad had to pick her up n he taught the easy cab persn a really gd lessn
ali      [ 2012-04-18 ]
good public service.....................
priya      [ 2012-03-31 ]
I have used meru cabs a couple of times and i found their service to be good and satisfactory
Parul Shrivastava      [ 2010-12-18 ]
My experience with Mega cabs was pathetic. I booked a cab at 4.30 am for the airport. at 4.35 am, there was no sign of the cab. I called up the office and they gave me the number of the driver. When I called up the driver, he was at least half an hour away from my place. I did not have that kind of buffer as I had to catch a flight. When I yelled at the driver, he asked me if he should come at all! Instead of being apologetic, he had the audacity to tell me to find my own arrangement as he would take half hour to reach. At 4.45 am, I had to go looking for a cab, with no margin left. Luckily I got a cab and reached just in time. The next day I filed a complaint on their website and there was no response on it whatsoever. They behave as if the customers are at their mercy. I would rate them the lowest in customer service. Strongly recommend NOT USING MEGA CABS.
Bubul soy      [ 2010-08-23 ]
Is Mobile version availiable,i could n't find it.if not hope 'will have it soon."thanx
     [ 2010-06-08 ]
I called for Easy Cabs since Meru and Mega Cabs were not available. It was 3 a.m. I was still in office. I called the cab at 330 am. The cab waited till 345 am and just left without informing me in the lurch midnight. This is purely unprofessional on their part to leave a female customer at that hour in the morning. It shows we cannot depend on them in dire straits. I would suggest not use their services specially females.

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