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b. dsouza      [ 2019-06-12 ]
Do you pay toll for 12 hours which can include return trip in that time OR do you have to pay for each trip?
Priyanka      [ 2019-05-28 ]
How many rupees of monthly pass charges to Mumbai puna expressway
Jinesh Shah      [ 2019-05-12 ]
R return toll available on talagaon toll naka
Soheb Shaikh      [ 2019-01-29 ]
How much is a toll charge for vehicle Mahindra Di3200 at Padgha toll
Avinash      [ 2019-01-22 ]
I travelled from Mumbai (Bandra) to Pune on 10 January 2019 by Ola car. I paid toll at Washi Toll Plaza. The attendant gave me receipt accordingly however there is date stamp put exactly on the place where amount was printed. Please let me know the correct toll amount at Vashi Toll plaza charged for Ola
Uma Ramakrishnan      [ 2019-01-17 ]
Our group of family members travelling Pune by mini bus on 19-1-2019. I need to know toll charges from Dadar to Pune through Airoli/Vashi route.
Trupti Harishchandra Pawaskar      [ 2018-11-19 ]
Hi, I have want details of toll charges for bus between Nallasopara west to Dombivali east
Pradip patil      [ 2018-11-15 ]
Hi, I have want details between distsnce from Kalyan to Dhule road coming toll plaz tarrife details how many toll coming between disctnce ND car ND bus tariff
Sarfaraz      [ 2018-09-25 ]
Toll pe traffic bahut hoti hai kuch kro plzz
bhavin chheda      [ 2018-09-20 ]
i stay in thane then why i give the toll on thane toll naka u do the free toll naka for thane people
Arun      [ 2018-08-28 ]
I want go Mumbai
Manish      [ 2018-07-23 ]
dhanji maru      [ 2018-07-19 ]
why toll authority is not allowing 12hours validity nor local pass @300/-?as we common have no time to oppose this you people will loot us?please stop it for god sake
Mansukh gala      [ 2018-07-09 ]
Remove all toll naka and make all car ETC tag
Dr Gopichand Waghmare      [ 2018-07-02 ]
There has to be some provision for localities for toll. For example I have house in Borivali Mumbai, and now staying in Mira road. Around 10 km of distance I have to cover every day. So should get some concession for such situations.
Dr Mangirish Rangnekar      [ 2018-06-16 ]
At virar toll tourist vehicle was allowed to go free when asked toll employee arrogantly replied it is staff vehicle .Are rules different for citizens n staff ?
Suresh N nayak      [ 2018-06-15 ]
I was forced to pay 35/= at Vashi toll naka on Sunday 3rd June while travelling to Vashi in my own car.Pls clarify since I feel Vashi toll naka officials are not to recover toll from public
pramod date      [ 2018-03-12 ]
how much toll charges between sangli to virar journy.
Chetan Khatadia      [ 2018-03-04 ]
Monthly pass of Rs.300 for residence within 5kms of residence is not valid at mulund l b S toll nak??
Devendra Pawar      [ 2018-02-13 ]
Monthly pass of RS.300 for residence within 5kms of radius is not valid at Dahisar toll naka. Why so??
Mahesh Bhosle      [ 2018-01-20 ]
Hello, Toll charges was not applicable for Kopri resident. But how they had started collecting from Kopri Resident too
Avinash Paranjpe      [ 2018-01-16 ]
Can we request for a 12 hour validity charge in Mumbai city toll plazas
Subhash Kodolkar      [ 2017-12-03 ]
Information on Vashi toll naka may please be included.
SAMEER TULSYAN      [ 2017-09-18 ]
Pl provide me Mumbai Pune toll plaza office address n contact no for monthly pass.
Yogesh Panchal      [ 2017-09-09 ]
All Mumbai entry point should be toways slip facilities start please it help to madhyam vargiya and Mumbai local people get some cost cutting in day to day life.
Pradhan      [ 2017-08-30 ]
Toll charges for round trip, Mumbai - Khandal - Mumbai
Umesh Wadekar      [ 2017-08-22 ]
There is no need to pay toll at Dahisar Check Naka.Process of collecting toll at Dahisar Naka is going on for a long hence this request.
Manasi Ambre      [ 2017-08-22 ]
Please tell me is there one way near shil phata while going to Baddi and which site the valley is there while travelling towards baddi
Dr prabhakar S Kedar      [ 2017-08-20 ]
Dear Sir, I am resident of Hari Om Nagar Mulund East Mumbai ad paying my all tax to BMC. am working at KEM Hospital Prel Mumbai and daily I used to pay Toll Tx for going to my Office and while return to Home. I would like to know is is a justice to residence of Mumbai need to pay Toll tx gfor going to office in Mumbai and returning to home. Please suggest to solution and give me a justice. I will provide my Tax receipt and office Id to you for your information. Looking forward to your Justice.
R P DSOUZA      [ 2017-08-01 ]
is there monthly pass system for heavy vehicles? If so, what is the charge
suresh achrekar      [ 2017-06-06 ]
If we go to thanks via airoli why we pay toll twice at mulund
Rashikant Thorve      [ 2017-06-02 ]
Why the GR/Notification of exemption of Toll to Mulund(e) residents and Hariomnagar residents , Yellow line is not available on site
lp      [ 2017-05-19 ]
There is no toll at Kongaon toll naka at Kalyan
Ravi Verma      [ 2017-05-10 ]
please put some light of yello line rule. now the toll naka is not following the rule of yellow line. is it in force if yes please circulate artile.
Raja jadhav      [ 2017-02-26 ]
Decrease the rate of Toll
Anup C      [ 2017-01-12 ]
The toll was not being collected for quite sometime at Vashi Toll naka and now after demonetisation they have started. On confronting them they say they have a work order but arent able to produce the same. Please put out information whether we need to pay it or not. And they are still collecting so is this legal or Not.
Sonam      [ 2016-12-16 ]
For people who had taken pass in Nov 2016, why is the toll plaza not allowing for December
Aditi Pawar      [ 2016-12-02 ]
Hello, There are so many people who have already taken pass for the November 2016, since then toll has stopped for one month so for those people who have already taken pass for November Month should get extension in the month of December also as unnecessaryly they have taken pass. plz revert asap.
Sanjay Varaiya      [ 2016-11-05 ]
So many car going with out toll and so many car pay toll what is real ?TOLL bharne ja ya nahi?pl guide.
Avinash Pathak      [ 2016-10-26 ]
Hi Want to pay online payment for the toll
Arun Fernandes      [ 2016-09-10 ]
Last year or so it was announced in newspapers that collection of toll at Dahisar naka had stopped, why has a u turn been taken
Shrinivas      [ 2016-08-24 ]
Can anyone clarifiy what are the documents required for monthly pass at vashi toll naka?
Kumar S Mudaliar      [ 2016-07-15 ]
there should be certain km distance inbetween two toll naka
Prakash Modak      [ 2016-07-11 ]
Mumbai customs offices are having jurisdiction in Mumbai thane and raigad . For investigations officers have to visit outside Mumbai . why no exemption from payment of toll is granted to central excise customs and service tax vehicles.
Satish Kumar      [ 2016-06-06 ]
Third class service at dahisar toll naka, Every day huge traffic & pollution,Pollution is also a part of swach bharat Please do something to solve this
RANJITH BOUDH      [ 2016-01-22 ]
Harsha      [ 2016-01-21 ]
Mumbai-Pune express way toll for cars is 195Rs one way.
Sagar Gadkari      [ 2016-01-08 ]
To avoid heavy trafic on toll naka. Start prepad card. like in USA. Why we are not doing? This is very simple , This is much cheaper than Bulet train project.
lad      [ 2015-09-10 ]
Is there any authorised toll naka at Nhava Sheva near Dhutum?
jayshreee      [ 2015-08-17 ]
Please provide the status of Dahisar toll Naka, still they are collecting the toll money. without maintaining the road

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