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Jayshree      [ 2018-06-27 ]
Request to pls start a bus from International airport , Sahar to Goregaon / Jogeshwari, As till now there is no direct bus. Pls do this on immediate basis . As passenger hv to walk down all the way.
Ashit Roy      [ 2018-01-11 ]
Mumbai must have huge Metro rail network larger than Delhi and Kolkata to overcome its traffic jam and public transport
Anil Rajaram Patil      [ 2017-11-05 ]
Mumbai Local train ticket online
rahul      [ 2017-02-24 ]
local train tourist pass
WAQAR      [ 2017-02-06 ]
Please Describe Wadala To Jacob Circle Monorail Information
Swarup      [ 2017-01-02 ]
The announcements made in local trains in three different languages. In Marathi announcement instead of english word STATION, marathi word STHANAK should be used. At least marathi announcement should be in marathi.
sanjay      [ 2016-03-10 ]
PBuday      [ 2016-01-21 ]
Construct road above the railway track from Mumbai CST to Karjat so the people will not fall from the train and start a train from Badlapur to Vashi the rush will be less in main line Badlapur to Mumbai CST
rajaraman      [ 2015-10-03 ]
make above railway track a bus route above as a parallel bridge consustriction for mumbai to karjat etc
sunil prabhu      [ 2014-10-25 ]
why not start bus like train,i mean charchgate to virar bus,
Mahesh Kumar Gautam      [ 2014-09-03 ]
Very good information. Latest was of oct 2012 - slightly older. if possible please update. Going Mumbai after 30 years. Info will help. Thanks a lot. Have great days.
mrs vaishali vaity      [ 2014-07-22 ]
am working in parel but 1,4,51. bus frequency is not good or not on time am very fedup please do the needful
ARUN KAMAT      [ 2014-03-18 ]
I am a 70 year old retired person who came across your website today only. I am sure it will be of great help for an old man like me. God bless you...
Sagar      [ 2014-02-19 ]
Guyzzz doing good work and keep helping the mumbaikars... :)
iftkhar ahmed      [ 2013-12-23 ]
sir 485 ki ditails na to mumbai indicatior me aati hai aur na hi yahhan par hai q jabki o ltd bus hai sir q
shrini      [ 2013-07-12 ]
thanks a lots for such use full service.dhanyawad
Sudhir Karmalkar      [ 2013-06-06 ]
u guys are doing fabulus job. hats off. god bless u guys.
Lalit      [ 2013-05-24 ]
Hello Team, Great site. I am originally from Mumbai, but settled in Chicago for last 20 years. I love rides on local train an best buses. Your site will same lots of my time. Keep up the great work. Lalit
Lucy      [ 2013-04-25 ]
The food from Northern India: Mainly breads with dshies which has a thick sauce and dairy products such as cream, paneer, ghee, and youghurt. These dshies are warmly flavoured rather than heat from chillies.
Jyrgal      [ 2013-04-25 ]
"Sea Link worshiping" - :)BTW while BEST has a fleet of Ceritas, NMMT has Volvos and has reenltcy started a few routes that cross into Mumbai.-MJ
Jayprakash Amritlal Vyas      [ 2013-01-18 ]
It is Great and Pleasent Experieance to Visit go4mumbai website.Got lot of usefull information about Mumbai.Thanks to go4mumbai team
Asim Shaikh      [ 2013-01-09 ]
gr8 work really u r true Mumbaikars
Rebecca      [ 2012-12-26 ]
the railway time table are cfnnusiog. it should show as it is shown in the booklet available at stations. if i am say ghatkopar station, at a particular time , it must show me all trains Both towards mumbai , and karjat / kasara side. i can check fast trains, slow trains etc.also the timetable of long distance trains should be as it is shown in the thick timetable book costing some Rs 70.00, which gives details of any train time, at any station , or when it will reach a partiqular station.also the info should include mindicator as available in mobile
latish bagdane      [ 2012-10-31 ]
8:50 local from kalyan to CST semi fast is now at 8:54.Please correct the time table. U ppl are doing great job.Hats off to you
Roshni      [ 2012-10-16 ]
I really appreciate you guys...becoz this the first time i came to mumbai...initially i was afraid,how would i survive here..but with the ur imense help of site..i survived...thanks alot.
pradeep      [ 2011-02-12 ]
god bless you all guys,simply you guys are true Mumbaikars
Dhaval      [ 2011-02-11 ]
Good work guys we r proud to called as Mumbaikar as we only comes to help our self in all the Circumstances.
Biplab      [ 2011-02-01 ]
u have done a simply gr8 job. it has become very useful to evry mumbaikar. thanks alot for ur tremendous effort.
nikhil.      [ 2011-01-27 ]
ur job is simply great. ur work is verry good.
samip karpe      [ 2011-01-25 ]
First thanks to u guys, u made really very good site. that help every man who travel by local train & Best Buses. again thanks you,....................
sagar      [ 2011-01-21 ]
You r doing great job for mubaikar. appreciate.its really helpful to society.
Ekta      [ 2011-01-20 ]
Well Done Guys!!!! the information on your website is really useful and saves a lot of time through "Smart Travelling". Pls keep the good work on!! ;-)
dilip      [ 2011-01-11 ]
your are doing great job. thanks,
Kailash Vaswani      [ 2011-01-08 ]
I truely appreciate & very thankful for this effort. Its very helpful for everybody from students to senior citizens keep it up. I would like to see even outstation train information on this site.
tanvi talwalkar      [ 2011-01-03 ]
u guys r duin a gr8 job..!! thnx a lot 4 ur hlp.. i wud lyk 2 tell u dt d SHOPPERS STOP (CHEMBUR) is missin 4m ur list.. i hope u add it .. -regards
Subrata Biswas      [ 2011-01-03 ]
Very good site and nice initiative. Thanks.
Rohit      [ 2010-11-29 ]
This is really very good site for mumbaikar. Thanks to ur team to do wonderful work.
Rahul      [ 2010-11-26 ]
Good Job Guys. Keep up the good work.
Akhil Jha      [ 2010-11-24 ]
I like your efforts. This site is very helpful for travlling in Mumbai. Great job!
babita      [ 2010-10-28 ]
it would have been of immence help if u would have given tentative time table for buses also.thank u
Sumit Verma      [ 2010-10-20 ]
Hi.. I really find this website useful and really helpful when we urgently require some info abt trains or bus route. i always refer it to my frnds when they are confused about the timetable. The only thing is that crosses my mind is that the timetable specifically for trains is updated or not. I sincerely respect your work and efforts in making this database for ppl like us. but as a request if only you could add "last updated date" to each page that shows result to a query would be great and ppl would be sure that the information provided is correct and up to the mark. Grat work Guys! keep it up! Thanks.
Kaustubh      [ 2010-10-18 ]
Hey Guys, this is a wonderful work that you have done here. Would appreciate if it was compatible for mobile viewing so that it can be checked on the go. Kudos to you people....
sukesh shukla      [ 2010-09-22 ]
We thank your team for such wonderful ideas. We appreciate your thought and this particular site is always there on my homepage to track timnings . WEll done keep it
Aniket Yevalkar      [ 2010-09-03 ]
Really fantastic wrk frm u ppl...thanks for providing such outstanding website
geeta      [ 2010-08-30 ]
i would like to know about the distance in km and time taken to travel all over mumbai like major spots, dadar, andheri buyculla vt, fort etc
mrunal      [ 2010-08-30 ]
Really wonderful work....!!!!!!!!! I dont have anymore words to say about your website... all the best for your efforts....
Sandeep      [ 2010-08-24 ]
A very good initiative taken up by u guys..Keep up the good work or rather fantastic work..God bless...This site will be helpful for each n every mumbaikar...Will certainly recommend this to all my friends...
Mahesh Patil      [ 2010-08-17 ]
Dear Mumbaikar, Most of I trevel 5 days a week from Kalyan to CST. I have 2 season tickets for better & comfortable journey, one is for LOCAL TRAIN between KALYAN & CST and another is for SUPERFAST EXPRESS between IGATPURI & CST. I use any both the passes as per trains availability. But as far as the applicability of the season ticket for super-fast trains, I am not sure which trains this season ticket is applicable. I approached to railway booking/inquiry counters but they unable to clarify my doubts due to lack of their knowledge. What should I do? Where should I get the details about rules & applicability of the season tickets? Ideally i should travel through each train including super-fast, on the route of Kalyan - Dadar - CST in the General coach. Am I right?
NARENDRA C PATEL      [ 2010-08-04 ]
It s very good idea , like very much, Thanks the team Regards Patel
V.R.Malthane      [ 2010-06-18 ]
Thank's to the tech.team who made the site as user friendly.Also i highly appreciate for what you say "we are very small team working not for money, but to improve travelling experience of Mumbaikar."

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