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Yogesh      [ 2020-01-17 ]
I have charge 24 rupees but meter show 1.5 km i am asking about this but driver told me auto is hold for 5 min. Pls suggest
Gaurav      [ 2020-01-13 ]
It is not implemented by many drivers
NARENDRA V KOPARKAR      [ 2019-12-20 ]
Sagar Tale      [ 2019-11-15 ]
Minimum fare of INR 250/- is what implement for any location? Is this true
Akshata      [ 2019-11-14 ]
Rickshaw no MH04KA1367 charged me 29 Rs for 20 Rs road. Please check the meter. This is not correct
Dharmik      [ 2019-10-26 ]
The rickshaw guy charged me more than the fare
Pallavi Bhatt      [ 2019-10-20 ]
The regular fare for 6.1 km is misprinted as 93 RS. Please correct it
Yogesh Kadam      [ 2019-10-19 ]
Mh47 D 7587, Meter no. 16E137187, K factor- 1980 charged rs 49/- for 3.3 km I have an image for the same
Chandrashekhar Singh      [ 2019-10-10 ]
Rickshaw no. MH.47.AJ-1822 FOR 2 .2 I paid 50 rs
Sneha      [ 2019-09-30 ]
The driver charged rs 50 for3.7kms Auto no MH47AD4761
Ashwini      [ 2019-09-10 ]
Metrr reading faulty. Its too high. Auto numbrr MH47C3295
Nasim Akhtar Khan      [ 2019-08-31 ]
Meter sr no A49497 Type com-45 Meter reading showing 165 for 11.2
Ramesh kumar yadav      [ 2019-08-12 ]
sir mai ek rickshwa driver hu. 11 august 20190 ko parla (west) se do buddha ek buddi ko lekar amitabh bachcha ke bangla pratiksha ke samne mandir me 8:40pm ko chhoda .vo direct mandir me chale gaye .paisa nahi diya vo gujrati me baat kar rahe the
Tapasi Palo      [ 2019-08-01 ]
The meter is showing 4.5 KMS instead of 1 km and driver says waiting time 5mins added up as 3.5km!
Shabana      [ 2019-07-22 ]
Meter was very fast. He charged rs 71 for 5 km. Rickshaw number: MH.02.EW 9325
Bryan Mascarenhas      [ 2019-07-18 ]
It’s 8.7km and the fare is 124 rickshaw no MH02EF3924
Margaret Almeida      [ 2019-07-05 ]
The Rickshaw meter is fast a difference of 20 rs than the tarriff fare please get the meter checked mh47x 5009
     [ 2019-06-29 ]
What is the waiting charge In auto per minute?
Harshala      [ 2019-06-04 ]
Meter runs to fast according to chart. It cost 111 for 8.5. Auto no. MH 04 HZ 6682
Ajit Jain      [ 2019-04-27 ]
Riskha wala meter was fast. He changed more than rate chart. Rickshaw Number is MH07C-2050. Meter unit was 7.1, waiting period 10.08. Charged Rs. 102/-
Manish Pathak      [ 2019-03-12 ]
What do we do for the most common problem of Rickshaw driver refusing to ply to a certain place which may be short in distance. Whatever the distance we are paying them not taking a free ride. Then why refuse to take us to any place???
Priyanka      [ 2019-02-14 ]
This auto driver meter works to fast Mh03bt9510
Sanjay Nimbalkar      [ 2019-02-12 ]
महोदय मला गाडी वेटिंग ल असेल तर काय चार्ज आहे. स्टेशजवळच्या अंतराचे फलक आरटीओ ने लावावेत म्हणजे मीटर बाबतीत या तक्रारी कमी होतील. वेळोवेळी रिक्षाच्या मीटरचे कॅलिब्रेशन तपासून घ्यावे व ते प्रवाशांना मागताक्षणी उपलब्ध झाले पाहिजे.
Chankit jain      [ 2019-02-06 ]
This auto drivers meter works too fast as per accordng to the given chart
Vivek Draj      [ 2019-02-02 ]
Plz check the meter reading of all Malad’s auto fare tariff cards the meter showing all different fare ....I have taken photos of meterfare with vehicles no.... It’s very serious matter...
Ashish Dwivedi      [ 2018-11-03 ]
Faulty meter Showing 29 for 1.8 km MH47 D 8489
Sameer Panchal      [ 2018-10-25 ]
in Malad(East) auto driver queue in morning(8 to 11 am) not proper,public have no proper path to walk wrong side park auto.shop keeper keeping is maal on foothpath,inconvenit to public in walk.
Kushagra Sharma      [ 2018-10-23 ]
I was travelling from Mulund west Check naka to Sion and when I reached Sion the meter was showing 37kms with charge of 491 rupees when I confronted the driver that the meter is showing wrong fare and that the same morning I had travelled from Sion to same place and fare was around 300 then he realised that he was caught and then he said give how much you wish to. Even number on the rickshaw was not visible but still from other side of the rickshaw I managed to get it MH03G 9900. Please check because I have faced similar problem when I took rickshaw from Mulund west check naka.
Amita Amale      [ 2018-10-16 ]
Please tell me auto fare(sharing) from ose international school Vashi to koperkhirne zaika .because some auto driver charges me RS 15 and some 10Rs.so please tell.
Aaditya      [ 2018-10-16 ]
Mh 02-DU 9297 Fully fault meter please heck
Amit Kadu Deshmukh      [ 2018-09-27 ]
MH03 BA5882 HAS FULL FAULTY METER IT SHOWS 154 for 7.2 km please check requested
Sourabh Chowdhary      [ 2018-09-20 ]
I was travelling from Branhand Phase 7 to Thane Stations, the rickshaw number MH04HJ4590 was skipping values like from 20 to 22 and the meter read 150 instead it should be somewhere close to 94. He must have fooled lot of customers like me.
Pratham      [ 2018-08-31 ]
I dont know which rickshaw i was trvelling but i got a bill of 78 of 4.5kms
Nazmul shaikh      [ 2018-07-31 ]
MH02EF5999 is showing 23 rs and its not 12pm also in the night and his meter showing 23rs
Terence Iyer      [ 2018-06-23 ]
Thane Railway station east has a proper metered rickshaw stand, but a powerful Muslim Rickshaw union gang intercepts passengers and cheats them by convincing them to pay 3 times more for a special trip. Always go for the metered rickshaws.
Praveen      [ 2018-06-11 ]
Rikshaw no. MH02 VA 902 Has faulty meter it is showing 127 rs for 10.2 km 🙏
C k Narayanan      [ 2018-05-06 ]
The auto MH 02 DK 4328 have faulty meter showing wrong time. I hired the auto from Borivali West to Oshiwara about 5.30 in the morning. They charged the night Fare which was only upto 5 am. He has also charged RS. 20/ for luggage of hand bag.
Sonal      [ 2018-04-06 ]
MH.02 EQ 6335 has a fast digital meter in Mumbai region in 2.9distance fare RS 49 with 11min. waiting showing
Ishaan Agarwal      [ 2018-03-01 ]
Rickshaw no MH 02 DK 8896 is having issue he charged me 45 RS for 2.3 km journey & hardly 6-7 minute waiting
Sanjay Ghare      [ 2017-09-26 ]
Please ensure That All Auto Drivers Should Have A Printed Fare Table
UMESH SAMADHAN AMBHORE      [ 2017-05-23 ]
kindly inform me the latest update
anuj      [ 2016-11-24 ]
all the meter making companies r cheating on ublic by making meter too fast..meter dont even take full 60 tiks to change the rates..this all meter reading maker companies are corrupted and greedy.
Srinivasan      [ 2016-09-10 ]
Auto fare card is pretty old, have been revised. The minimum auto fare now is Rs.18/-
pratik      [ 2016-01-18 ]
autorickshaw meter is vary fast iam travel from chembur to ghatkopar after 23 merer gone to the 25 instad of 24
ganesh pathare      [ 2015-10-20 ]
i trave MH 03BT 7197 ghatkopar to Acers Club chembur miter show distance 4.6 mit. & i pay Rs.60 and as per ur card 52?
Suhas Bhagwat      [ 2015-09-04 ]
Latest fare card with Rs. 18 for first 1.5 km and waiting charges for autorickshaw with electronic meter is needed
Dave      [ 2015-09-02 ]
SIr, I have noticed the new meters jumping 1.9 KM to 22 Rs instead of 21 Rs and 2.2Km from 23 to 25 Rs why the jumps
KAVINPRABU R      [ 2015-08-23 ]
Please ensure that all auto driver should have a printed revised fare table all the time so that fare can be paid after checking the Kilo meter reading. There is no mean of verifying about the KM reading. sir please can guide me about mumbai centrall to chatrapti shivaji terminus how much auto fare?
K.Kailasanathan      [ 2015-05-02 ]
Please ensure that all auto driver should have a printed revised fare table all the time so that fare can be paid after checking the Kilo meter reading. There is no means of verifying about the KM reading.
Rajesh Mishra      [ 2015-04-14 ]
be careful about fake rickshaw drivers (specially at Thane check naka) Today I encountered with a rickshaw whose number printed out was MH03R5831 whereas inside it was printed MH03P5031 His meter was almost 80% more than normal fare and when I asked him to show card else we go to police !! He just ran away !

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