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Mumbai Autorikshaw Tariff/Fare Card



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Mumbai Autorikshaw New Fare Card with Electronic Meter, with effect from 12-Aug-2014

Digital Meter
Regular Fare Midnight Fare   Digital Meter
Regular Fare Midnight Fare   Digital Meter
Regular Fare Midnight Fare
1.5 Rs.17 Rs.21 4.6 Rs.52 Rs.65 7.7 Rs.87 Rs.109
1.6 Rs.18 Rs.23 4.7 Rs.53 Rs.67 7.8 Rs.88 Rs.110
1.7 Rs.19 Rs.24 4.8 Rs.54 Rs.68 7.9 Rs.90 Rs.112
1.8 Rs.20 Rs.25 4.9 Rs.56 Rs.69 8.0 Rs.91 Rs.113
1.9 Rs.22 Rs.27 5.0 Rs.57 Rs.71 8.1 Rs.92 Rs.115
2.0 Rs.23 Rs.28 5.1 Rs.58 Rs.72 8.2 Rs.93 Rs.116
2.1 Rs.24 Rs.30 5.2 Rs.59 Rs.74 8.3 Rs.94 Rs.118
2.2 Rs.25 Rs.31 5.3 Rs.60 Rs.75 8.4 Rs.95 Rs.119
2.3 Rs.26 Rs.33 5.4 Rs.61 Rs.76 8.5 Rs.96 Rs.120
2.4 Rs.27 Rs.34 5.5 Rs.62 Rs.78 8.6 Rs.97 Rs.122
2.5 Rs.28 Rs.35 5.6 Rs.63 Rs.79 8.7 Rs.99 Rs.123
2.6 Rs.29 Rs.37 5.7 Rs.65 Rs.81 8.8 Rs.100 Rs.125
2.7 Rs.31 Rs.38 5.8 Rs.66 Rs.82 8.9 Rs.101 Rs.126
2.8 Rs.32 Rs.40 5.9 Rs.67 Rs.84 9.0 Rs.102 Rs.127
2.9 Rs.33 Rs.41 6.0 Rs.68 Rs.85 9.1 Rs.103 Rs.129
3.0 Rs.34 Rs.42 6.1 Rs.69 Rs.86 9.2 Rs.104 Rs.130
3.1 Rs.35 Rs.44   6.2 Rs.70 Rs.88 9.3 Rs.105 Rs.132
3.2 Rs.36 Rs.45   6.3 Rs.71 Rs.89 9.4 Rs.107 Rs.133
3.3 Rs.37 Rs.47   6.4 Rs.73 Rs.91 9.5 Rs.108 Rs.135
3.4 Rs.39 Rs.48   6.5 Rs.74 Rs.92 9.6 Rs.109 Rs.136
3.5 Rs.40 Rs.50   6.6 Rs.75 Rs.93 9.7 Rs.110 Rs.137
3.6 Rs.41 Rs.51   6.7 Rs.76 Rs.95 9.8 Rs.111 Rs.139
3.7 Rs.42 Rs.52   6.8 Rs.77 Rs.96 9.9 Rs.112 Rs.140
3.8 Rs.43 Rs.54   6.9 Rs.78 Rs.98 10.0 Rs.113 Rs.142
3.9 Rs.44 Rs.55   7.0 Rs.79 Rs.99

* For Mumbai Region with effect from 12-Aug-2014
* Minimum Fare for 1.5 km Rs. 17
* Subsequent KM Rs. 11.33 per KM
* 25% additional fare for journey from 12:00 midnight to 5:00am
* Complaints: 1800-220-110

4.0 Rs.45 Rs.57   7.1 Rs.80 Rs.101
4.1 Rs.46 Rs.58   7.2 Rs.82 Rs.102  
4.2 Rs.48 Rs.59   7.3 Rs.83 Rs.103  
4.3 Rs.49 Rs.61   7.4 Rs.84 Rs.105  
4.4 Rs.50 Rs.62   7.5 Rs.85 Rs.106  
4.5 Rs.51 Rs.64   7.6 Rs.86 Rs.108  
Mumbai Autorikshaw Timetable by http://go4mumbai.com

Note: Luggage charges 50 paise for every package other than a briefcase, hand bag,
attachee case or a bag not less than 60 x 40cms. in dimensions carried by the passenger

Complaints: For Any Complaints abou t refusal, excess fare, rude behaviour against the driver,
contact Toll Free No. 1800 22 00110 or write to Regional Transport Office (East), Worli, Wadala,
or RTO Mumbai (West) at Andheri in writing giving date, time and place of offence, nature of the
complaint and vehicle number.


Suggestions/Comments/Views Submitted
anuj      [ 2016-11-24 ]
all the meter making companies r cheating on ublic by making meter too fast..meter dont even take full 60 tiks to change the rates..this all meter reading maker companies are corrupted and greedy.
Srinivasan      [ 2016-09-10 ]
Auto fare card is pretty old, have been revised. The minimum auto fare now is Rs.18/-
pratik      [ 2016-01-18 ]
autorickshaw meter is vary fast iam travel from chembur to ghatkopar after 23 merer gone to the 25 instad of 24
ganesh pathare      [ 2015-10-20 ]
i trave MH 03BT 7197 ghatkopar to Acers Club chembur miter show distance 4.6 mit. & i pay Rs.60 and as per ur card 52?
Suhas Bhagwat      [ 2015-09-04 ]
Latest fare card with Rs. 18 for first 1.5 km and waiting charges for autorickshaw with electronic meter is needed
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