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Mumbai Metro Rail-Very Useful info for Mumbaikars

Mumbai Metro Rail Started

Mumbai Metro Rail inaugurated by CM Shri Prithviraj Chowhan on 8-Jun-2014 at 1:0pm.

Mumbai Metro logo

What you must know about Mumbai Metro:

  • Mumbai Metro project started in year 2009
  • Estimated Project cost was Rs. 2356 Crore
  • Project was jointly funded in the name of MMOPL
    • 69% Reliance Infra: Rs. 354 crore
    • 5% Violia Transport: Rs. 25 crore
    • 26% MMRDA: Rs. 133 crore
  • VGF Rs. 650 crore given to MMOPL

Mumbai Metro Rail Map

  • Mumbai Metro will connect Ghatkopar station to Versova in west Mumbai.
  • Usually this route takes more than 1 hour to travel. In Metro you can travel this in around 20 minutes
  • There are 12 stations in route covering about 11.4 KM of distance.
    1. Ghatkopar
    2. Jagruti Nagar
    3. Asalpha
    4. Sakinaka
    5. Marol
    6. Airport Road
    7. Chakala
    8. Western Express Highway
    9. Andheri
    10. Azad Nagar
    11. DN Nagar
    12. Versova
  • As per Govt proposed fare is set between Rs. 9 to Rs. 13 but Reliance wants it to be around Rs. 10 to Rs. 40
  • For one month inaugural fare offer is set to Rs. 10 from any station to any station.
  • Metro will operate everyday between 5:30am to 12:00 midnight. There will be frequency of every 8 minutes and 4 minutes during the peak time.
  • Each Metro train will have 4 cars with total passenger carrying capacity of 1178 passengers.
  • There will be two ways to pay the Metro fare
    • Contactless Smart Card (CSC)
    • Contactless Smart Token (CST) – for a Single Journey.
  • Stand on left side while using escalators on Metro Stations.
  • Elevators are provided at all the metro stations especially for senior citizens, differently abled passengers.
  • All stations have separate washrooms for ladies, gents and differently abled passengers.
  • Drinking water is available at all the stations.
  • Separate Metro Act is created to punish for offences.

Check the tentative Timetable, Station & Fare details here:

Mumbai Metro MMRDA Know your Metro Better

Mumbai Metro test by CM on 1-May (Maharashtra Day)

Mumbai Metro with CM Prithviraj Chavan

Exactly 160 years back Mumbai city witnessed the first railway trip of India. In those days city was known as Bombay and CST (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) was known as VT (Victoria Terminus). On 16-April-1853 at 3:35pm Mumbai witnessed this mega milestone of 34 km travel by Railway track.

Unfortunately Mumbai is not the first city to witness the advanced Metro Train travel. It is ok that its late, but good news is here. On 1-May Maharashtra day (Labour day), Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Prithviraj Chavan took a ride in Metro to assure readiness of the project.

Metro Rail will officially be open to the public in September-2013 as per MMRDA. “Initially when the metro rail is opened for public use, the frequency will be three and a half minutes, which will be reduced to just three minutes during peak hours, later,” the official said.

In Phase 1, there are 3 lines planned

  • Line 1 – Versova to Ghatkopar (11.07 KM)
  • Line 2 – Charkop to Mankhurd (39 KM)
  • Line 3 – Colaba to SEEPZ (33 KM)

Line one is ready and going through safety tests & stations are being constructed. There will be 12 stations on line 1.

  1. Versova
  2. D. N. Nagar
  3. Azad Nagar
  4. Andheri
  5. Western Express Highway
  6. Chakala
  7. Airport Road
  8. Marol Naka
  9. Saki Naka
  10. Subhash Nagar
  11. Asalpha Road
  12. Ghatkopar

Mumbai Metro Line1 Map

Some facts you must know

  •  Most of the roads & railway in Mumbai facilitate North South Travel. Mumbai Metro Line 1 will reduce the road traffic jams and decongest East to West Travel, specially at places like Saki Naka Junction, JVLR, IIT Powai,
  • There will be ample facilities for the physically challenged like elevators, escalators and passenger announcement systems. Mumbai Metro coaches are Chinese-made and are fire retardant.
  • Commuters will be able to buy single or multiple-ride tickets as per their convenience. They can also choose the option to purchase a stored value ticket (also called smart card). For tourists a special tourist ticket will be made available.
  • Mumbai Metro can carry around 280 to 300 passengers per coach compared to the Monorail which has a capacity of 145 to 160 passengers per coach.
  • Initially Metro will run with 4 coaches but would later operate with 6 coaches.
  • Passengers can use plastic RFID based contact less smart cards as there are available for Delhi Metro.
  • Metro Line 1 from Versova(Andheri) to Ghatkopar  will have 12 stations and trail will operate at average speed of 60-80 kmph.
  • The Metro has strong air conditioning and there will be next train every  2-4 minutes during peak hours.

Mumbai Metro inauguration on May Day


Mumbai Metro Arriving at station


Mumbai Metro Aerial View


Mumbai Metro inaugration


Mumbai Metro Aerial View 2

Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan Inaugurating Mumbai Metro


Mumbai_Metro_on_Maharashtra_Day Mumbai_Metro_Arriving Mumbai_Metro_Station_Floor1