Crossing Railway Tracks is Punishable offence

Trespassing across railway tracks is punishable offence.

under section of 147 of Indian Railways Act, trespassing across railway tracks is punishable offence with a penalty of imprisonment upto 6 months and or fine upto Rs. 1000.

Cross only by using Foot Over Bridges/Subways.

22 thoughts on “Crossing Railway Tracks is Punishable offence

  1. The Railway Department is right. The laws are for the Public, and not against the Public. The above law can be applied to areas where public are not supposed to move around a private line which is exclusive to Railways. But in Railway Junctions, Heavy Crowded Railway Stations public tend move around to board their train. They must be provided with good infrastructure facilities to board the train. But even in Heavily Crowded, so called busy Junctions in India don’t have any such facility except FOBs, and those FOBs are also more than 50 years old.

    In this scenario, arresting or Penalising the general public for roaming around the platforms which are surrounded by tracks is not for public safety but to help RPF register cases to achieve their targets.

    For Example, the advertisements given by Central Railways (Advt-1 here) where people use Tracks to roam around the platform cannot be considered as an offence because they are compelled to do so due to lack of facilities to move between platforms (absence of Escalators, etc) and getting up and down the FOBs lead to Rheumatoid Arthritis in a longer run.

    The Advt posted by Western Railway where trains are speeding on a private Track exclusive to trains alone where Crossing is an Offence and shall be punished under the 147 Section as Railways say.

    • some stations have no east west connected overbridge.Over bridge connects only platfoms. the general publ8ic leave in east or west direction of the railway lines, want to cross the opposite direction, have to cross the lines through the platform crossing overbridge.T.C catch them and either collect bribe or punish them.Is it not duty of Rly authority to provide such facility to avoid accident ?

  2. Amit Kumar Chatterjee says:

    This rules made only to make people fool. RPF don’t provide sufficient poster or banner inside any stn/outside any stn to cautious the people regarding the law and the punisment but hapajardly catching peole to earn not only money but als to harass people carefully. My friend was detained in similer incident for twelve hours including 3 hours in jail with notorious criminal. Is it for betterment of people or just give more trouble to people???

  3. KUSHESWAR DAS says:

    As a responsible citizen we should obey this rule but I have some enquary ,if somebody clear my daubt,I will be greatfull.
    I am a resident of dharsha,G.I.P colony,Howrah,near SANTREGACHI rail station .Every early morning(5am) I watch some resposible policeman (W.B.P)are standing near exit gate of station,(5 no platform)waiting & catching the foolish(un lawful) people who are crossing the railways track to take shortcut busroot for kolkata.All the people are the passangers of express trains.After fulfil their bus(waiting in down platform)they(wbp)handover the extra passangers to RPF.This operation coplite at 7am.after that I can not know about those people.
    Now here is some doubt to clere,
    1)passangers ,who are crossing the track are mostly illiterate about the law.
    2)The warning writen by railways is “please donot cross track,use fob,”the height of the poster is near about 15 ft,that should be in visible height,(6 to 8 ft).it should be written also in local language and it should be clear there that it is a punishable offence.rail will not request anybody to not do the offence.
    3)The Rpf who are waiting in the platfrom are in civil dress and never warn people not to cross the trak ,they only watching carefuly the holeless trap,and catching those people who are returning from the halfway of the trap.
    4)The wbpolice are maintaining every day record of the people whom they handover to civildressed RPF.The relation between two force is

  4. Nagendra Kumar Verma says:

    If the train stoppages is 5 minutes and we are at plateform no. 1 with our faimly (may be ladies and senior citizen)as announced by Railway and suddenly announced that same train is coming on plateform no. 5. What shall be correct decision for us:
    1 Left the train because its not possible to go to plateform no. 5 within 5 minuts.
    2 Arrange railway assistance which may taken more then 5 minuts.
    3 Cross the plateform which may be dangerous for us.

    All thought railway administration know the plateform at the time of trains diversion of route and they came announce the correction palateform at least before 5 to 10 minutes.

    Same you can see always at KANPUR CENTRE STATION.

  5. In India these rules are really Regulus.the Indian govt. Should really look into this matter.the today police are really Harrison the people.instead of catching the people they should know how to control this thong by a better way.they should think for it….

  6. Zahid Ansari says:

    Maiking Fool of the public at Bandra(Mumbai)….
    The RPF police officers caughting some innocent public without any reason, as they are saying that they didn't crosses the railway track (Including Me ) I have used FOB. But Some people have crossed the track but the RPF police officers just don't wanna listen anything….

    • shyam sundar saha says:

      this same thing happend for me in burdwan station . some people crossed rail , I did not but still they fined me .

  7. Anupam Mukhopadhyay says:

    I fully agree with the comments above which describes the unlawful apathy the innocent and helpless passengers are subject to by Govt. paid mafias. Railway can not play double standard. There are thousands of un-manned level crossings through which thousands of people are crossing over daily risking their lives. What Railway or the Police doing to save or protect them or maintain the Sec RA147. If Crossing over A Line is not punishable in those level crossings how come it should be a crime near station. After all It is Railway Line only. Secondly if such be the rule, it must be printed on the ticket alerting the passenger as otherwise how we know? Because everyday we see hundreds of people including Railway Staff Crossing the Lines in the Station or near the station but there is no mechanism to check or stop that. There is no visible Written Warning in the Platform so that a passenger can see it and take care. Someone has very rightly said near the Santragachi Station the Plain Clothsmen Polic are putting up Trap to catch people who are crossing over the line. My question to Mr. Suresh Prabhu & also to the Railway Board Chairman why such Policemen will not hold a Placard in their hand to alert indiscipline passengers first not to cross the line but instead they are waiting and inviting people to break the rule to make money. is pure double standard unlawful and arbitrary act against the people and should be contested in the court of law. Such unethical implication and abuse of the act and related harassments are qualifying to the Violation of Human Rights.

    • jayant patil says:

      I face this problem today. i didn`t cross the railway track . but objetcted for it. there is one wall of 1.5 feet , half constructed . people use this wall for cross the track. police people are waiting to people to trap them. they hided near by the wall. i Asked them abut the wall. if wall will be constructed then it can`t be happen. the people may not cross the track. but he trying to arrest me. he took me to police chowkey and threatend for court. i only asked him that if the wall constructed cost mat be Rs. 400/- but he said who are , go and complained to the station master. dialy more than 50 people were arrested by this cops. saqme cops daily arrested. if the 50 person pays 100 each as fine it arrounds Rs. 5000/-. the wall cost may be 400/- but this is the point to harrased the people. that police men asked me that you elected the people. to whom you voted. i fear a while because we are the people who daily wants to go ofice in timly. he asked regarding my job, he didn`t know my qualification. if we people gets the such lawperson back up i will show him , who i am. he used bad words to abussed me. one senior besided there to fined the people but he doesn`t interfare in this matter. what is the law. who know the law , they also fear for this. The police men said me that, if you wants to do social work than go to outside. don`t do this here. what is my fault/ crime? i only asked that if the wall may be constructed , the people may not be harm or Punished. but they think they are the law. we are cheap people.

      • What can be done so that govt. withdraw this rule? I faced the same sitution recently. Railway police in civil dress arreating common people and not telling them don’t cross the line. Even after taking them to rly police station and filling some form. They didn’t give people any chalan which means this is completely bribe. This happened at ghorpadi railway police station.

  8. chetan singh says:

    Sr to me it is good but rural area it is not good because which place came lot of person railwaw track line. If u want to stop this then u can take action it is good but a/c to me fristly u give warning if he will cross line thanku

  9. In pune at hadapsar location RPF doesnt tell to people donot cross platform this is a crime but they see people they crossing platform.and if there is a court that time they catch some poor background people and get in front of court.And then court make some fine to poor people then RPF showing action against public And its true thing happen at date 08 june 2018.
    Necessary to take action against railway police if there is any portal where we show the picture of rpf see only people cross the platform please suggest

  10. Koushik jana says:

    Law change this offence permanently…..R U sure GRPF,ohhhhhh our system

  11. Only harassment to general public. RPF making money from the daily Earning people. Why they are not obstructing person's who are crossing the track instead of taking money from them ?????

    Railways ingaged these goons in civil dress to extorate money from the ordinary people…

  12. While crossing the rail line at the station premises, station police caught me and note my name name, father's name and address in a book. And bailed (as lawyer is there) me with a fine of Rs.350/-. Would it be affect my Government Job or Police verification Report ?

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