Mumbai Western Railway to add 32 New services this month

Finally the people commuting on Western railway lines can get some respite from the maddening crowd while commuting during peak hours.

WR will now, not only start converting 9 car trains to 12 rakes, but will also introduce 32 new services.This will relieve some congestion on the western tracks.

Out of 32 new services that will be introduced, 22 trains will ferry commuters from Churchgate to Borivlli , while six to  Andheri, one to Malad, two to Bandra and one from Mahalaxmi to Borivili.
With this, the number of 12-coach trains will go up to 798, and there will be around 412 nine  car trains .

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2 thoughts on “Mumbai Western Railway to add 32 New services this month

  1. there is no frequency of titwala ,kasara or asangaon train on morning 8 to 9 so think about that and all trains towards down side is not on time that all go before time so that we miss over train

    thanks Pushkar

  2. we have very less frequency towards Badlapur/Karjat.we have local between 20-30 minutes where wester rail have already 5 minutes frequency for virar.This about us also.

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