12 Car Trains on Thane Vashi, Panvel Track


Central Railway has decided to introduce 14 additional services between Vadala Road and Panvel on Harbour Line & convert of 46 services of 9 car into 12 car on Trans Harbour Line with effect from 21.12.2010. Thus total No. of suburban services run daily will increase from 1559 to 1573  on Mumbai Division of Central Railway.
The details of 14 additional trains on Vadala Road – Panvel Section are as under –
Down Trains from Vadala Road
  • For Panvel leaving Vadala Road at 6.34 am, 4.36 pm and 9.01 pm.
  • For Belapur leaving Vadala Road at 9.03 am and 7.01 pm.
  • For Vashi leaving Vadala Road at 10.52 am and 11.17 pm.
Up Trains towards Vadala Road
  • For Vadala Road leaving Panvel at 7.58 am, 5.52 pm and 10.10 pm.
  • For Vadala Road leaving Belapur at 9.58 am and 7.57 pm.
  • For Vadala Road leaving Vashi at 5.52 am and 3.55 pm.
  • CR has already converted 82 existing 9-car services as 12 car. It will convert another 46 existing 9 car services 12 car from 21.12.2010 as such 128 services out
  • of 208 existing services will be run with 12 car rake.
  • 12 services out of 22 including both Ladies Special trains during the Morning peak services will be run with 12 car rake.
  • 14 services out of 22 including both Ladies Special trains during evening peak services will be run with 12 car rake.

Change in timings:-

  •  TV 25 Thane Dep. 09.40 hrs (9 car) Vashi arrival 10.08 hrs will run as Normal train instead of Ladies Special.
  •  TV 27 Thane Dep. 09.52 hrs will leave at 09.50 hrs (12 car) Vashi arrival 10.18 hrs instead of 10.20 hrs and will run as Ladies Special train instead of Normal.
  •  TNU 57 Thane Dep. 20.58 hrs will leave at 20.50 hrs and will arrive Nerul at 21.22 hrs instead of 21.30 hrs.
  •  TV91 Thane Dep. 20.50 hrs will leave at 20.58 hrs and will arrive Vashi at 21.26  hrs instead of 21.18 hrs.
  •  TV 93 Thane Dep. 21.06 hrs will leave at 21.10 hrs and will arrive Vashi at 21.39 hrs instead of 21.35 hrs.
  •  TPL37 Thane Dep.22.34 hrs will leave at 22.50 hrs and will arrive Panvel at 23.44 hrs instead of 23.28 hrs.
  •  TV99 Thane Dep. 22.50 hrs will leave at 22.25 hrs and will arrive Vashi at 22.54 hrs instead of 23.19 hrs
  •  TNU52 Nerul Dep. 20.22 hrs will leave at 20.19 hrs  and will arrive Thane at 20.51 hrs instead of 20.54 hrs.
  •  TV 94 Vashi Dep. 20.20 hrs will leave at 20.26 hrs and will arrive Thane at 20.55 hrs instead of 20.48 hrs.
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10 thoughts on “12 Car Trains on Thane Vashi, Panvel Track


    this is totally hopeless we want more service between 8 to 10 morning and 6 to 8 evening time. why reilway bord not understand this time is a peak time and travel people like animal.

    i request you please travel this time between panvel to vadala

    • Suraj L Mishra says:

      Ya He is Absolutely Right About this Topic Thane to Vashi same condition

    • I agree with bhupesh the morning 8-10 and ecening 7-9 is the peak time when there should be higher frequency also in this peak time the ladies special train comes in between which goes 75% empty and after that in the 9:24 and 9:34 vashi and nerul trains people travel like cattles the ladies special train should have some coaches reserve for gents sending this train 75% empty during peak time is like a joke and injustice towards regular gents passangers

    • plz start the platfrom no. 9&10

  2. Thanks greatest website

  3. On Thane Vashi line in morning peak time there should be more trains

    from Vashit to Thane 9.20 AM train and afterwards direct 9.47 AM. Peak time 27 miniutes gap

    There should be atleast one train at 9.30 AM for Thane

  4. ladies special train in transharbour routes are empty instead of making ladies special give them more cars (i.e. 7 cars out of 12) in ladies special. and rest for gents

  5. If thane panvel train timing at rabale can be changed from 6.01 pm to 6.11 pm as it would be most convinient

  6. i am staying at nerul
    please one more train between 9.38 to 10.18 nerul to thane train.
    9.30train should be cancelled
    or 9.38 cancelled the time it will be 9.45


  7. Sharad Bhat says:

    I have few suggestions to make for Transharbour (Thane- Vashi/ Panvel) Railway line.

    1)Panvel fast train should be made slow in opposite direction, i.e. morning from Panvel to Thane & vise versa at evening time. As other wise also it goes empty & at morning time next thane bound train with huge gap gets too croweded & makes people to wait unnecessary.

    2) Panvel Ladies special should run till upto Nerul only, as other wise also it goes empty beyond Nerul & male passenger has to wait for the next train in between Nerul to Panvel. That slot can be used for any other Panvel Local.

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