WR to start 15 car trains from Virar to Churchgate

Western Railway to soon start 15 car train from Virar to Churchgate.

  • This will increase the passenger carrying capacity by 20 to 25%
  • Each 15 car train can carry about 6500 passengers in peak times.
  • 47 more 9-car services convert into 12-car ones.  soon WR will  be left with just 14 nine-car trains.
  • Concerns are raised for sudden traffic on Foot Over Bridges because of rise in 12 car trains and introduction 15 car trains.
  • Will Start 8 to 10 fifteen car services in a day to start with.
  • WR’s promise to convert all 420 Churchgate-Virar services to 15 cars within three years.

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4 thoughts on “WR to start 15 car trains from Virar to Churchgate

  1. More trains need to be start from Bhayandar towards Dadar…

    Morning interval between two train is 0ne hour…

    Frequency needed more as Population towards these areas are increasing at alarming rate…….

    • Four Tracks came between Borivali to Virar, it has been 5year now but train run slow in this belt there should 1 train among 3 trains which run from virar to churgate should stop directly at Borvali same thing should happen from Nallasopara, Vasai, Naigaon Station. and vise versa ie from Borivali train should directly stop to respective station.

      This will reduce the commute time by 20mins and this more important just than increasing comparment.

      This will happen only and only if people in this belt ban voting in election until their this and other such damand must be complete.

      Otherwise this belt will process but it take 10 more year whereas in past 5 year bhayandar has develop so much.

  2. Firstly we want to thank you for introducing new 15 coach trains.Day by Day crowd in our Mumbai Local trains is ever-increasing and during the peak hours the crowd, especially in First-Class Ladies coach, is so horrible that it literally becomes challenging for every passengers to board the train. There is no ticket inspection during the peak hours and many Second class ticket/pass holders travel in First Class.Railway Pass fair for Class-I is 3.5 times more than that of Class-II & the space is insufficient. We really need one more ladies first class in all 15 coach trains.

  3. Rush (unable to board a train that much rush is there) From virar to Andheri Only Between 7.30 to 10 am & in evening from Andheri to Virar between 6.30 to 9.30 pm. pls kindly Do Some Good Planinng to Decrease this Rush.

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