CST flash mob dance of 200 people


Mumbai Flash Mob

It happened a year ago at a grocery store in London, probably in the juice aisle but she can’t be sure. Six shoppers, with determined looks and to-do lists, broke into song and dance. Just like that. It was only later when she went to her dorm room (at School of Oriental and African Studies) did she find out that what she just witnessed was a flash mob.


Shonan Kothari returned to Mumbai and forgot about the grocery store experience until she saw an old bucket list. “Be part of a flash mob” it said, but there weren’t any in Mumbai. That’s when the 23 year old decided to organise her own, a 200-people strong flash mob that took place at CST last Sunday (November 27), a feat she pulled off in a month (see video here).

2 thoughts on “CST flash mob dance of 200 people

  1. see the all frnd plz like thise video

  2. nice , but had the permission taken from CST officials for such mob flash dance in a crowdy publik place like CST main.

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