New Tab Cabs in Mumbai

Tab Cab in Mumbai

SMS Infrastructure Limited, a company promoted by the Sancheti family, has launched Radio Cab service with suppose to have 4,000 taxis in Mumbai soon. It would be the largest fleet run by a private player in any city of the India. Cars used for fleet will be sedans, all priced above Rs 10 lakh.

Tab Cab will also be available in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Company also has plans to take service overseas. Tab Cab service will also be available abroad in Colombo, Bangkok and Kathmandu. Services in other cities will be launched in phased manner by 2015.

Click here to get more details about Cab website and booking number.

26 thoughts on “New Tab Cabs in Mumbai

  1. i have been trying to get hr of tab cab but there is no reply from the end . i am very eager to join the prestigious company. but no responce from the team. lets see the cab work out good in customer feed back i dont think so

  2. It is very good company and accepted all challenges of market. TABcab have launched each Cab more than 8.5 lakhs. I have observed that TABcab’s Sathis are so much trained instead of other drivers of taxis. Lowest fare, Best Cabs, Higher satisfaction of customer. Great.

  3. Sagar patel says:

    Outstanding cab. Speechless comment. Luxurious and comfort. I love it.

  4. Their service sucks. Last night I booked a cab from Thane to JNPT for 9 in the morning. At 8.30 in the morning they sent me a regret sms that they will not be able to serve the booking. Now i am late for my meeting.

  5. Mrs Vaidya. says:

    I am pleased to hire a tab today. This is the first time that I hired tab. It reached 10 minutes prior to the call time. The driver was well mannered to my surprise. And which I have never experienced with Meru taxi. He was driving well in a sense neither too fast nor unneseccery slow. Hope Tab will maintain it’s quality in future also and adhere to the common man’s satisfaction and comfort. thanx.

  6. Ghanshyam Singh says:

    I am Working as Senior Manager Recruitment & Training (Drivers for Clustor Bus services. Before it I was worked with MERU and MEGA Cab Radio Taxi services for the same job profile.

  7. Sushree S Sarangi says:

    Very pathetic service. Today I booked a cab from Andheri to Dadar for 6 p.m. Just before 20 mins, they sent me a regret sms that there is no cab available for the service. Now, I am late. Dunno whether i’ll b able to get the train or not. Atleast they should have informed well in advance. Need to improve their service.

  8. actually their cust service is poor but thier cabs are very goog surely they will good

  9. My name is umesh from 3 days my traveling bill is epmloyee was told.send bill u by mail still my reply is pending company is good but employee not co-prdinate good.

  10. Pathetic and unprofessional. They send SMS confirmation that cab has reached your location. On calling the driver says I have cancelled your service and going elsewhere. Call the company and see what can be done. When you call the company, the guy at the other end says Oh yes your cab has been cancelled. I asked so what about replacement. He says you have to wait for 30 minutes. It is a horrible service and no one should ever use it!!!

  11. Require cab from and hero to Kalyan west

  12. The coverage of Ambernath and Badlapur area must be increased by the Car services.

  13. I agree with you bro..,well there are many cab service in the india-Mega cabs, meru cabs, easy cabs, cool cabs, and many more… but meru cabs are not too good then tabcabs are now!, meru cars are old now 🙁 tabcab offers new cars with 3 catagories which are tabcab, tabcab gold, & tabcab platinum… toyota etios, maruti suzuki sx4, and platinum coming soon…
    They ask just 5000 as a deposit, lisence, and a taxi badge, and freshers are also welcome. I am atabcab driver and paying them just 1,100 per day for my brand new etios 😮 and you can get new sx4 paying them 1,200/day they provide a guaranteed of 12,000 per month to their every saathi. for ex., if a tabcab saathi makes 5000 in a month, after paying his daily rental and fuel expenses, Tabcab will pay him 7000 as a compensation 🙂 well i take around 800-1000 rupees at home after giving out rent and fuel expenses, i think this company rocks 😮

  14. mohammed shakir says:

    i am waiting for tab cabs in delhi. tab cab has more comfortable services

  15. I am waiting for TABcab
    when will come in delhi
    naw i am driving in MeGA CAB

  16. ABDUL WAHED says:

    when tabcab lounching in hyd

  17. We hired TabCab from to International airport to miraroad. The driver did not know the place well Meru can dirver was bang on target). The driver was chewing beetle nut.. The worst part was he was driving at a very high speed. He did not look at all like a trained driver. I told him thrice to slow down.Iwas with my family with 1 year old kid. I forgot my jacket in cab and the moment he left we call there call centre number in less than 5 minutes and I was waiting for there call back for 1 week but no one called back. when I call them,I spoke to supervisors name adaesh and he promised me call back in 2 hours but today is the 4th day and no call back received. when I call just know they said they did not found anything. it is next to impossible that driver did not found my stuff it was 1 am in the morning. they are bludy thief. by just taking merus staff you will never become meru .. you idiots…
    I would never pay what i paid for such a service. I would suggest anyone to go for Meru cabs. Its well worth the money.

  18. Anil Jadhav. Goregaon West says:

    i Like the service of Tabcab, the responce,feedback every thing in time quick verywell done Tabcab keep it up. the driver was Tejhbahadur singh was so decent nice one God bless u all.

  19. worst services in dombivali to kalyan refusing passengers for short distance

  20. Hai iam now working merucabs in Bangalore, iam ing tabcab when launching Bangalore.?

  21. shabbir ahmed says:

    When tab cab is being launched in Bangalore?


  23. HELLO

  24. RAGHAVENDRA.N says:

    i am waiting for tab cab in Bangalore international airport

  25. When u launched in bangalore somany meru drivers waiting for joining u r tab company. because meru is very arising and tarching the drivers no business but pay 1550 rs everyday and dont appointed meru staff and specific megh VILAS meru company locked the drivers that’s why launch as possible soon

  26. sanjay kumar maurya says:

    हायरे कंपनी कैसे जीए साथी कोई ऐसा दिन नही की जीस दिन सरवर नेटवर का तकलीफ ना हो कंपनी बिजनेस देने मे नाकाम है केवल एक ही बात कहती कि आज 1500 डाल देना आज 2000 डाल देना साथी अगर बिजनेस करेगा तब तो भरेगा कंपनी के बिजनेस के बारे मे बोलो तो कोई कुछ नही बोलता आर यम को बलो तो हम कुछ नही कर सकते बचत को बोलो तो हम कुछ नही कर सकते कोई साथी के बिजनेस के बारे मे नही पूछते दुसरी बात कोइ आर यम बचत फोन नही उठाते

    Theks tab cab my id no 6852
    Cab no 7437

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