New Central Railway 15 car services timetable

CR introduced new Suburban Timetable from 15-Oct-2012

  • The total number of services on the main line has increased from 785 to 803.
  • The total peak hour services has increased from 165 to 170.
  • The total fast services has increased from 206 to 234.

TheĀ salientĀ features of the suburban timetable:

Details of Eight services converted from 12-car to 15-car

  • Locals departing CST at 8:28 am, 1:00pm
  • Locals departing Dadar at 10:45 am, 5:29 pm
  • Locals departing Kalyan at 7:14 am, 2:09 pm, 4:28 pm, 6:24 pm

Details of Eight New 15-Car Services

  • Locals departing CST at 6:06 am, 3:17 pm, 7:33 pm, 9:54 pm
  • Locals departing Kalyan at 9:50 am for Dadar and departing Kalyan at 11:48 am, 8:46 pm, 11:05 pm for CST

Cancellation of Slow Services

  • Locals leaving Vidyavihar at 4:44 am (for Ambernath), 5:06 pm (for Dombivali) and 5:16 am (for Kalyan)
  • Locals leaving Kalyan at 9:00 pm (for Thane), 9:56 pm (for Kurla); leaving Dombivali at 10:54 pm (for Kurla) and Ambernath at 11:36 pm (for Thane)

Extension / Change in Terminal

  • DTL-1 local leaving Dadar at 8:26pm will run from CST (dep. 8:09 pm)
  • A-63 local leaving CST at 8:00pm will leave CST at 7:56 pm and run up to Badlapur
  • DBL-4 local leaving Badlapur at 9:25 am (Dadar arr: 10:37 am ) will run up to CST (arr: 10:51 am)

Central Railway to Introduce Sixteen 15 - car services

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