Western Railway to install CCTV Camera for Safety of Ladies

Mumbai Local Train View

Mumbai Local Train View  (Photo Credit:  http://stockpicturesforeveryone.com)

Western Railway (WR) has decided to invest on surveillance and decided to install CCTV Cameras in Local Train Compartments. This step is taken due to growing concern over the Ladies travelling in Local Train and safety. CCTV Camera installation will begin in Jul-2014.

“Two CCTVs each will be installed in all women’s compartments in the selected services” said Sharat Chandrayan, Chief Public Relations Officer, WR.
Mumbai witnessed a spurt in crimes against women on local trains this year. As a pilot project, WR had installed CCTV cameras in a coach six months ago. During the trials, various aspects from technical integration of the CCTV system to quality of images were tested.”
According to Mumbai Police, CCTV surveillance has worked very well for the BEST. “The BEST has a fleet of more than 6,000 buses, of which around 3,500 have CCTV cameras. Besides helping in identifying the suspects, the cameras act as deterrent. They have been a great help in solving cases of thefts and sexual harassment on buses,” a senior police officer had said.
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