New Local Trains starting from 26-Jan-2016

40 new Local Trains will be added by Central Railway Mumbai from 26-Jan-2016. 11 services will be added on CR line, 22 on Thane Vashi line and 7 on harbour line.

This may reduce little burden on Mumbai Local Trains which are over packed these days.


Trans Harbour Line

  • Thane TO panvel
  • Panvel to Thane
  • Thane to Nerul
  • Nerul to Thane
  • Vashi to Thane
  • Thane to Vashi

Harbour Line

  • Wadala to Panvel
  • CST to Belapur
  • Panvel to Wadala
  • Belapur to CST
  • Vashi to Wadala

Main Line

  • Badlapur to Thane
  • Thane to Badlapur
  • Titwala to Thane
  • Thane to Titwala
  • Kalyan to Kurla
  • Kurla to Kalyan
  • Kalyan to Thane
  • Thane to Kalyan
  • Titwala to Asangaon
  • Vidyavihar to Kalyan


Source: TOI

20 thoughts on “New Local Trains starting from 26-Jan-2016

  1. I want to know that what is changed a new time table from 26 jan 2016 . What about Fast trains halt ?

  2. Smita Khandare says:

    As communicator we feel this are the pathetic changes done.. No new trains have been added during peak hour, instead trains time was altered to adjust the new trains, which had created the mess instead of helping us.. No new trains had been added from Panvel nor the train frequency had been increased in peak hours.. No use of increased train..

  3. More to CST trains on Harbour Line and more from CST Trains on harbour line during peak hours is required or the need of the hour. The latest introduction of new trains from 26-1-2016 virtually will not help to reduce the congestion and rush of peak hours. I want the General Manager and DRM of Central Railway would have to be more sensitive to the passenger needs. Present change is of no use in the dirction of alleviation of suffering of general commuters one and all as it is planned for non peak hours.

  4. No use to added trains, we wants addition trains on peak hours ie 6.00pm to 8.0pm.

  5. Parveen Pathan says:

    In harbour line already trains were running 12-15 mins gap
    Now these gap has been increased
    This is not the correct way to change the timetable
    Train should be increased from 7am to 10am
    & 6pm to 10pm
    N i think this expectations are not more costly
    Still there are 9 compartment trains
    Basically we first class ladies are very uncomfortable
    Bcz of our hectic life frustration throws on copassengers
    Govt. Should try to understand need & act as per same
    Pls do not only read this msgs
    Help us & do the needful

  6. good job

  7. Since last year all Trains running towards vashi/belapur/panvel in the morning are late by 15 to 30 minutes EVERYDAY by adding additional service its appreciated when we will be the scheduled trains would on TIME.
    This is not helping us at all the overcrowding issue is just been INCREASED DAILY.

  8. why canceled fast train 08.06 am panvel to thane

  9. who is the decision maker ???????????????????????? wrong decision…….before taking any such type of decision plzzz travel in the train DURING PICK HOURS………HUMBLE REQUEST…………..

  10. harbour line already trains were running 12-15 mins gap
    Now these gap has been increased
    This is not the correct way to change the timetable
    Train should be increased from 7am to 10am
    & 6pm to 10pm. who the hell is the decision maker

  11. Lot of Panvel to CST trains timing changed and top of that the Trains were running late by 15 Minutes have affected our daily commute. Instead of reducing the time gap between TWO trains between Panvel to CST, the Railway teams have delayed the timings of the train.

    Requesting the Central Railway Management to reconsider the decision and please take the note of the issues that the commuters are facing in the Harbour route.

    Hope the Central Railway management will always be there in the support of Commuters in the way the commuters supports the Central Railway management.

  12. stupid improvements…how will this new additions help on harbour line??…none has been increased during peak hours that is between 6pm to 7pm..

    Thank you. For once i thought some good work by railways.

  13. changes are trouble shooting. morning panvel CST Lds Spl change from 8.50 to 8.24 directly half an hour changes. surprise as other schedule is change by 5-10 minute late/early. but lads SPL !!!!!!!!! Is this changes are as per SPL demand of anyone? c.rly shud add 1 more Lds Spl with existing one of 8.50 Any how no any single person is happy with these changes and L's SPL should remain as it is with ADSL service

  14. Rutuja Dalvi and all ldies spl group says:

    Lds spl time changes re with nearby half an hr changes. no any single person is happy with theseccchange it trouble shooting for us lnearby 40-50 age group.timing for Lds Spl shud be as it is with additional service of Lds spl

  15. why nerul to thane train 8:35 am cancel,
    really very destructive time table , change this time table as early as possible for people convenience

  16. Sunitha Mohan says:

    The Change and Addition of Train from Nerul i.e. 9.40 am & 10.00 am is of absolutely no use after peak hours. Traveling in the peak hrs has become a nightmare .

  17. Pradnya bagul says:

    No new service from badlapur to Thane and return is started yet. Railway has announce news that from 26 jan 2016 they will be starting new services from badlapur but it seems to be either fake or wrongly committed by the railways…. The crowd from badlapur is rapidly increasing day by day and this would have been helpful it railways would have strict to their commitment…. I admire suresh prabhu but railways keep non committed

  18. Andhei CST Local to be connected with wadala-Panvel/Belapur Started Local

  19. What is this new time table ? Making fool of passengers. Shall request the railway minister to travel in peak hours to and fro titwala cst. he will come to know. Its just an eye-wash or the facility for railway employees only.

  20. Good job central railway department.I want to ask just one question.What is the need of titwala to asangaon train on 5 am.

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