New Suburban Railway Timetable Booklet available for Rs.8

New central railway suburban timetable book has arrived. One can buy this book from any bookstall at station for Rs.8. This pocket timetable will be available only for month or so. This will not be available for entire year.

Suburban Local Train Pocket Timetable 15 Oct 2012


Dear commuters,

Our efforts have always been to ease passenger congestion in our Suburban Trains and therefore , we have substantially increased the total number of services to 1956. We have also increased our 12 car services to 919. To further fillip our endeavor we have introduced the first 15 car rake providing 16 fast services in the Mumbai CST – Kalyan section. We have been continuously trying to improve our punctuality and reliability and results you can see. You are requested to keep this pocket timetable updated by referring the sheet timetables displayed at all suburban stations.

Late Night & Sunday Travel

Improvement work for tracks, signaling equipment, overhead electrical equipment etc., is a continuous job which inevitably, cause some disruption. We will do all we can to keep this to a minimum, but, as most maintenance/updating/renewal work take place late at night and on Sundays, you are requested to double check your schedule before travelling at these times. Prior to commencement of your journey kindly refer to radio, print media, television & on for updates on the affected section. To keep up services upto your expectations, you are requested to co-operate with us.


Every effort will be made to ensure punctuality but the administration can not guarantee that the trains will start or arrive at the time specified in the timetable at all times. We can not undertake responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience  arising directly or indirectly from delay or detention to passengers or their property.  The right to stop any train at any station is reserved.


For more information and safe journey tips kindly refer to pages 3 & 8 of this timetable. Please feel free to pass on your comments which are vital to help us get your service right.

Chief Operations Manager
1st Floor, Annexe Building, Central Railway,
Mumbai CST – 400 001.

Divisional Railway Manager
Ground Floor, Annexe Building, Central Railway,
Mumbai CST – 400 001.

New Central Railway 15 car services timetable

CR introduced new Suburban Timetable from 15-Oct-2012

  • The total number of services on the main line has increased from 785 to 803.
  • The total peak hour services has increased from 165 to 170.
  • The total fast services has increased from 206 to 234.

The salient features of the suburban timetable:

Details of Eight services converted from 12-car to 15-car

  • Locals departing CST at 8:28 am, 1:00pm
  • Locals departing Dadar at 10:45 am, 5:29 pm
  • Locals departing Kalyan at 7:14 am, 2:09 pm, 4:28 pm, 6:24 pm

Details of Eight New 15-Car Services

  • Locals departing CST at 6:06 am, 3:17 pm, 7:33 pm, 9:54 pm
  • Locals departing Kalyan at 9:50 am for Dadar and departing Kalyan at 11:48 am, 8:46 pm, 11:05 pm for CST

Cancellation of Slow Services

  • Locals leaving Vidyavihar at 4:44 am (for Ambernath), 5:06 pm (for Dombivali) and 5:16 am (for Kalyan)
  • Locals leaving Kalyan at 9:00 pm (for Thane), 9:56 pm (for Kurla); leaving Dombivali at 10:54 pm (for Kurla) and Ambernath at 11:36 pm (for Thane)

Extension / Change in Terminal

  • DTL-1 local leaving Dadar at 8:26pm will run from CST (dep. 8:09 pm)
  • A-63 local leaving CST at 8:00pm will leave CST at 7:56 pm and run up to Badlapur
  • DBL-4 local leaving Badlapur at 9:25 am (Dadar arr: 10:37 am ) will run up to CST (arr: 10:51 am)

Central Railway to Introduce Sixteen 15 - car services

15 car trains from 16-Oct-2012

15 car train by Central Railway

Central Railway has confirmed that there will be 15 car services which will begin from 16-Oct-2012.

The new suburban time table will come into effect o­n 15.10.2012.  However, due to a technical reason, 15-car services will be introduced from 19.33 hrs of 16.10.2012 (i.e. K-103 CST-Kalyan local)

On 15.10.2012 and till 19.33 hrs of 16.10.2012, the scheduled 15-car services will be run with a 12-car rake.


मध्य रेल प्रेस विञप्ति

मध्य रेल की नई उपनगरीय समय सारणी (मनै लाइन) दिनाांक 15.10.2012 से प्रभावशील 15-डिब्बा की सेवा दिनाांक 16.10.2012 से शरुु होगी

मध्य रेल की नई उपनगरीय समय सारणी (मनै लाइन) दिनाांक 15.10.2012 से प्रभािशील
होगी. िकनीकी कारण से 15-डिब्बा की सेिा दिनाांक 16.10.2012 को रात्रि 7.33 बजे से (के -103 छिपति शशिाजी टशमनि स-कल्याण सेिा) प्रारांभ होगी.

दिनाांक 15.10.2012 िथा दिनाांक 16.10.2012 को रात्रि 7.33 बजे िक तनयशमि 15-डिब्बा की सेिाएां 12-डिब्बा सेिाएां के रूप में चलाई जाएगां ी.

दिनाांकः अक्िबू र 13, 2012

यह समाचार जनसपां कि विभाग, मध्य रेल, छिपति शशिाजी टशमनि स मबां ई से जारी


Mumbai 143 India’s Biggest Flash mob

Mumbai 143 Biggest Flash Mob

Mumbai 143 flash mob that is Mumbai I love you, India’s Biggest flash mob was created at Gateway of India by 1300 people gathering and dancing to celebrate the spirit of Mumbai. People say that they love Mumbai but they can’t come as one and celebrate this strong emotion/spirit. Raghani Studios identified the need and created an original foot tapping number (song) to celebrate Mumbai’s spirit.


Here is flash interview with  Mr. Kamal Raghani of Raghani Studios,  man behind the “Mumbai 143” flash mob.

Kamal Raghani

1. How did this concept came on your mind ?

Everything started with Mumbai I love you which later converted into Mumbai “143” 1 stands for ‘I’, 4 for ‘Love’ and 3 for ‘You’, that is how a common man of Mumbai is expressing his love for the city.

2. How long it took to implement your ideas ?

Once the title “Mumbai 143” developed and we wanted to portray it in very appealing style. so thought of doing Flash Mob. We wrote the lyrics keeping the Mumbaikar lifestyle in mind and recorded the song in foot tapping number with Feel of Anthem.

3. How did you find so many dancers and how long rehearsals were done ?

Everything was going and we reached to a level where we thought of doing it in grand format. we needed people for this flashmob for that we approached St. Xaviers and St. Marys school students gave them training for 8 days with a team of 18 choreographers.

4. It must be very difficult involving so many school children, getting permissions, security arrangements ?

As grand as the idea was, only a grand location could justify. Nothing could replace the picturesque Gateway of India, which identifies Mumbai, where Biggest negative event have taken place. We anyhow wanted to do it at Gateway of India itself and convert the negative energy to positive.

Being a Film Maker, I had the experience and skills to visualize the complete flash mob before hand. To capture the splendid moments in a very cinematic way, I arranged for team of 12 cameramen, gave them a accurate perspective and prepared them for what it is going to be. Finally on the day I actually felt how it is to take last breath and once the confidence was on, we did it in five min.  Creating, India’s biggest Flash Mob. The rest is history.

Raghani Studios is a feature film making technical service provider specializing in high end film camera equipment rental, post production works, sound dubbing/recording studio to 35mm output prints for theatre and digital cinema projection. They prefer providing a cost effective feature film packages to filmmakers/producers covering all technical aspects of film making with in-house equipments and technical team at all stages of film making which ultimately results in better image quality and huge cost saving to producers and production houses. They play an important role in nurturing the vision of creative artist/filmmakers through technical support, skilled manpower, correct workflow, and up to date high end equipments. Today, it is the technical hub for feature films, regional language films, and independent filmmakers, serving their creative dream with correct image.

New Tab Cabs in Mumbai

Tab Cab in Mumbai

SMS Infrastructure Limited, a company promoted by the Sancheti family, has launched Radio Cab service with suppose to have 4,000 taxis in Mumbai soon. It would be the largest fleet run by a private player in any city of the India. Cars used for fleet will be sedans, all priced above Rs 10 lakh.

Tab Cab will also be available in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Company also has plans to take service overseas. Tab Cab service will also be available abroad in Colombo, Bangkok and Kathmandu. Services in other cities will be launched in phased manner by 2015.

Click here to get more details about Cab website and booking number.

Winners List of BMC elections 2012



A ward (Ward nos 224 to 227)
Ganesh Sanap (Shiv Sena),
Sushama Salunke (Cong),
Anita Yadav (Cong),
Marakand Narvekar (Independent)
B ward (221 to 223)
Dnyanraj Nikam (Cong),
Aansari Wakrunnisa Husen (Cong),
Jawed Juneja (Cong)
C ward (217 to 220)
Yugandhara Sakekar (Shiv Sena),
Sampat Thakur (Shiv Sena),
Veena Jain (BJP),
Yakub Memon (SP)
D ward (210 to 216)
Noshir Mehta (Cong),
Arvind Dudhwadkar (Shiv Sena),
Ajay Patil (BJP),
Anil Singh (Shiv Sena),
Jyotsna Mehta (BJP),
Surendra Bagalkar (Shiv Sena),
Chogalal Doshi (Cong),
E ward (202 to 209)
Sameeta Naik (MNS),
Ramakant Rahate (Shiv Sena),
Vandana Gawli (ABS),
Geeta Gawli (ABS),
Fayyaj Ahmed Khan (Cong),
Yamini Jadhav (Shiv Sena),
Manoj Jamsutkar (Cong),
Shahana Khan (Cong)
F-South (Ward nos. 195-201)
Sunil More (INC),
Pallavi M Mungekar (INC),
Nandkishor S Wichare (SS),
Sanjay G Aambole (SS),
Hemangi H Chemburkar (SS),
Vaibhavi V Chavan (SS),
Shweta Shamsundar Rane (SS)
F-North (Ward Nos. 165-174)
Pranita Prakash Wagdhare (SS),
Lalita Kacharu Yadav (INC),
Rajashri Rajesh Shirwadkar (BJP),
Selvan R Tamil (BJP),
Shraddha Sridhar Jadhav (SS),
Krishna Chandrakant Vishwasrao (SS),
Mahant Ramnaresh Chaube (BJP),
Manoj Sansare (IND),
Alka Hemant Doke (SS),
Naina Manahar Sheth (INC)
G-South (Ward nos. 186-194)
Seema Mahesh Shivalkar (MNS),
Santosh Balkrishna Dhuri(MNS),
Hemangi Waralikar (SS), Manasi
Dalvi(SS), Hemlata Wange
(MNS), Kishori Pedanekar (SS),
Ratna R Mahale (INC), Sunil
Mohan Ahir (NCP), Snehal
Suryakant Amekar (SS)
G North (Ward nos. 175 to 185)
Sabreddy Mallesh Bora (RPI-A),
Anusha Kodam (SS),
Rajendra N Suryawanshi (SS),
Wakeel Ahmed Shaikh (INC),
Jyotsna Harjeevan Parmar (SP),
Vishnu Ramchandra Gayakwad (Independent),
Shraddha Rajesh Patil (MNS),
Virendra Vishnu Tandel (MNS),
Manish Dattaram Chavan (MNS),
Sudhir Jadhav (MNS),
Sandeep Sudhakar Deshpande (MNS)
H-East (Ward nos. 81-91)
Shinde Snehal Suhas (MNS),
Pawar Sukhada Rahul(MNS),
Potnis Sunayana Sanjay (SS),
Miranda Brayan Fransis (INC),
Shaikh Elias Bashir (IND),
Mhadeshwar Pooja Vishwanath (SS),
Parkar Krishna (BJP),
Bhutkar Deepak Ramchandra (SS),
Trimbakkar Anil Pandurang (SS),
Sawant Priyatama Sharadkumar (INC),
Dr Gulista Shaikh (INC),
H-West (Ward nos. 92-97)
Chavan Geeta Bala (MNS),
Kerkar Alka (BJP),
Wavwkar Sunita Suresh (INC),
Aasif Ahmed Zakeria (INC),
Karen Cecelia D’melo (INC),
Patel Tanveer Mohamadali(MNS)
K-East (Ward nos. 66-80)
Modak Ujjwala (BJP),
Parabmanjiri Gurunath (SS),
Nar Anant Bhiku (SS),
Parab Shivani Shailesh (SS),
Ambure Bhalchandra Gangaram (MNS),
Yadav Sandya Sunil (SS),
Elawadekar Sunita Janardan (SS),
Patel Keshaben Muraji (INC),
Sawant Pramod Pandurang (SS),
Sushma Kamlesh Rai (INC),
Smita Subhash Sawant (SS),
Disouza Winnifreid Baptist (INC),
Manisha Manohar Panchal (SS),
Shubhda Shashikant (SS),
Jyoti Parag Aalawani (IND)
K-West (Ward nos. 53-65)
Changej Multani (IND),
Raju S Pednekar (SS),
Jyotsna Abhay Dighe (INC),
Yashodhar Phanase (SS),
Devendra Shridhar Aamberkar (INC),
Jyoti Jitendra Sutar (SS),
Marucha Vanita Kailash (INC),
Sanjay Pawar (SS),
Mohasin Haider Haji (INC),
Ameet Bhaskar Satam (BJP),
Dilip Patel (BJP),
Bhawana A Mangela (IND),
Vinita Mehul Vora (INC)
L (Ward nos. 150-164)
Sawita Sharad Pawar (NCP),
Ishwar D Tayade (MNS),
Komal Jamsadekar (SS),
Leena Harish Shukla (INC),
Dilip B Lande (MNS),
Lalita Annamalai (IND),
Mohd Isaq Kaseem Ali Sheikh (SP),
Manali Tulaskar (SS),
Dilshad Aazami (SP),
Aashraf Aazami (SP),
Sanjana Mungekar (SS),
Dr Saida Khan (NCP),
Anuradha Pednekar (SS),
Darshana Shinde (SS),
Vijay Tandel (IND)
M-West (Ward nos. 142-149)
Seema Mahulkar (INC),
Mahadeo Shiwgan (BJP),
Rajashree Palande (BJP),
Vandana Sabale (INC),
Suprada Phatarpekar (SS),
Anil Patankar (INC),
Sangeeta Handore (INC),
Deepa Parab (SS)
M-East (Ward nos. 129-141)
Reshma Newarekar (SP),
Siraj Mohd Iqbal Sheikh (IND),
Nurjahan Rafiq (SP),
Shaikh Rais Kasam (SP),
Shantaram Patil (SP),
Rahul Shewal (SS),
Hanifabi (IND),
Manju Kumre (SS),
Sunanda Lokare (INC),
Arun Kambale (BRP),
Bablu Panchal (SS),
Usha Kambale (INC),
Vitthal Kharatmol (BJP)
N (Ward nos. 117 to 128)
Bharati Bavdhane (Shiv Sena),
Ritu Tawade (BJP),
Ashwini Mate (Shiv Sena),
Falguni Dave (BJP)
P-North (Ward nos. 29-44)
Bhandari Ajit (SS),
Siraj Elias Shaikh (Cong),
Bhamara Parminder R (Cong),
Ramnarayan Barot (BJP)
Sunil Daulat Gujar (SS),
Bhomsingh H. Rathod (Cong),
Prashant D. Kadam (SS),
Manisha S. Patil (SS),
Rawrane Rupali Ajeet (NCP),
Warise Sayali Sunil (SS),
Dnyanmurti Sharma (BJP),
Vinod B. Shelar (BJP),
Pawar Deepak Pandurang (MNS),
Siddiqi Kamarjahan (Cong),
Desouza Siril (Ind)
P South (Ward nos. 45-52)
Sneha Vinayak Zagade (Cong),
Varsha Tembawalkar (SS),
Jitendra Hiralal Walvi (SS),
Sunil Prabhu (SS),
Lochana Chandrakant Chavan (SS),
Rajan Padhyae (SS),
Pramila Dilip Shinde (SS),
Kiran Vinay Patel (Cong)
R Central (Ward nos. 8-17)
Shivanand Shetty (Cong),
Manisha Chudhari (BJP),
Riddhi B. Khursange (NCP),
Shilpa S. Chogale (MNS),
Asawari Patil (BJP),
Chetan Kadam (MNS),
Beena Doshi (BJP),
Mohan Mithbawkar (BJP),
Pravin Rikhabchand Shah (BJP),
Sandhya Doshi (NCP)
R South (Ward nos. 18-27)
Shrikant Krishna Kawathanakar (SS),
Neha v. Patil (Cong),
Shailaja V. Girkar (BJP),
Ramaashish Gupta (Cong),
Sunita R. Yadav (BJP),
Prajakta Sawant (SS),
Yogesh J. Bhoir(Cong),
Ajanta R. Yadav (Cong),
Sagarsingh Thakur (Cong),
Mukesh Mistri (BJP)
R-North (Ward Nos. 1-7)
Abhishek Ghosalkar (SS),
Sheetal M Mhatre (SS),
Udesh Patekar (SS),
Prakash Darekar (MNS),
Hansaben Desai (SS),
Dr Shubha U Raul (SS)
S (Ward nos. 104-116)
Mangesh Pawar (IND),
Ramesh Korgaonkar (SS),
Anisha Majgaonkar (MNS),
Rupesh Waigankar (MNS),
Vaishnavi Sarfare-Tarkar (MNS),
Dhananjay Pisal (NCP),
Ashok Patil (SS),
Priyanka Shrungare (MNS),
Tawaji Gorule (SS),
Vishwas Shinde (Shiv Sena),
Avinash Sawant (MNS)
T (Ward nos. 98 to 103)
Samita Kambale (BJP),
Bhavana Jobanputra (BJP),
Nandkumar Vaity (NCP),
Sujata Pathak (MNS),
Prakash Gangadhare (BJP),
Manoj Kotak (BJP)

CST flash mob dance of 200 people


Mumbai Flash Mob

It happened a year ago at a grocery store in London, probably in the juice aisle but she can’t be sure. Six shoppers, with determined looks and to-do lists, broke into song and dance. Just like that. It was only later when she went to her dorm room (at School of Oriental and African Studies) did she find out that what she just witnessed was a flash mob.


Shonan Kothari returned to Mumbai and forgot about the grocery store experience until she saw an old bucket list. “Be part of a flash mob” it said, but there weren’t any in Mumbai. That’s when the 23 year old decided to organise her own, a 200-people strong flash mob that took place at CST last Sunday (November 27), a feat she pulled off in a month (see video here).

Illegal Advertisements and Stickers Attract Law


Illegal Advertisements and Stickers attract nothing but the Law.

Under Section 166 of Railways Act, it is punishable offence to display illegal advertisements and stickers in train. It not only makes railway coaches look unclean but also defiles your image in the minds of the public.

Western Railway.


local train tickets may chug into groceries, paan shops

Paan Shop

If things go according to the plans of the Western Railway (WR), standing in a long queue outside a railway counter to buy tickets will be a thing of the past.

The WR is planning to appoint special agents—Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewaks (JSTBS)—to sell local train tickets and renew passes by paying only a rupee more at market places. If this plan works out, one can buy tickets from a cyber cafe, a grocery shop and even a paan shop.

“It is part of our attempts to reduce the queues during peak hours. The JSTBS will work in two shifts. We expect the services to start in August,” said Sharat Chandrayan, chief spokesperson of the WR.

He said, “We have invited applications for authorising 243 Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewaks in areas nearby 37 stations of the Mumbai Division. Of these 37 stations, 31 stations are between Churchgate and Dahanu Road. Other stations are Vapi, Billimoria, Valsad, Navsari, Udhna and Surat.

Areas near Andheri station-which witnesses at least 2.66 lakh commuters everyday-will get the maximum number of 22 JTBS. It will be followed by 20 at Borivli, while 12 each will be authorised in areas close to Dadar, Bandra, Goregaon and Kandivli stations and 10 each near Santa Cruz and Bhyander.

JSTBS will issue computerised tickets. The premises, which will be used for issuing the tickets, should have easy accessibility. The applicant should be a local resident of the area and the cost of JSTBS terminals, ticket printers will be as per WR specifications.