Mumbai local train tickets from mobile app now

Now you can book Mumbai Suburban Local Train tickets from UTS Mobile app. This app was launched on 27-Dec-2014 from Dadar at 4:00pm.

Mobile ticketing system for mumbai suburban

  1. You can login with your mobile number and password as sent by the service.
  2. There is R-Wallet in the app where you need to maintain some balance to purchase the tickets.
  3. You can add the money to R-Wallet by recharging from UTS counters available in the suburban railway stations or through
  4. Once you have sufficient balance, you need to choose the source and destination station as per your travel plan.
  5. App offers you the fare for first and second class. Choose the class in which you wish to travel.
  6. Once you paid that through R-Wallet. it sends you the instructions for printing the ticket from ATVM machine.
  7. Initially some of the stations will have these ATVMs where you can enter your mobile number and booking id to print the ticket.
  8. Once you’ve printed the ticket you can start your journey.

UTS mobile app

Currently UTS Mobile app is available for Android and Windows Phone platforms

46 thoughts on “Mumbai local train tickets from mobile app now

  1. I want to download uts mobile app in which I can book local train tickets on mobile.Can you send me that app?

  2. narendra B panchal says:

    Sir , after all we have to get the printed ticket from ATM machine by our mobile booking no, that should be avoided and after mobile booking ticket ticket should be generated on the mobile only . As in long distant train tickets message is valid as ticket.

    • As per the Law it is mandatory to own a print copy of ticket for a proof. The rule is same even for BookMyShow movie tickets.
      In case of unprinted tickets, there are many points like what if your phone hangs, battery is drained. Ticket checkers don't have time to look into such issues.
      For long distance tickets your name is also registered along with the ticket and there is way to verify.
      There is no way to verify local ticket in case if you phone stops working.

      • Who stops IRCTC to ask for name while booking? for me, Rs.10/- ticket does not make sense to take a print? even Airport security allowing to enter airport using softcopy on mobile/laptop/ipad etc.? why can't irctc generate eTicket which a traveler can show?

        • Question is you wish to travel anonymous or identified ?
          People travel in local trains as anonymous people. Railway doesn't know the name and address of the person by tickets. When you switch to e-ticket, you need to be identified and there will be record of who travelled from where to where and what date.

        • Omprakash Jha says:

          Yes, printing the booked ticket should be mandatory to avoid cheating too. Think of a scenario where person starts travelling without ticket and as soon as he sees that there is a TC around in the train, then he books the ticket from last went station. By allowing tickets in the SMS or Apps, such incidents will happen. And local railways can not put security like Airports due to the huge number of travellers.

      • Can monthly, quarterly, yearly passes be made paperless ? Little scope of cheating there. And we make right laws as we evolve, so no stopping there when we want to make old laws obsolete.

    • Anita Poojari says:


      • Nothing is correct if we have to get printed then why we wont use smart card or window as well…. N we don't. Want unanimous journey…. U better keep record bt provide e ticket and for stoping cheating u may provide this facility only over station wifi or station location as like best bus….



    • As per the Law it is mandatory to own a print copy of ticket for a proof. The rule is same even for BookMyShow movie tickets.
      In case of unprinted tickets, there are many points like what if your phone hangs, battery is drained. Ticket checkers don't have time to look into such issues.

      • I am not aware about such a law. but whenever i travel from mumbai to gujarat Ticket checker ask me for Message which come from IRCTC site and ID Proof.

        I do not think it's difficult to implement.

        • There is difference between Local Ticket and Long distance mail ticket.
          In case of local ticket your name is not associated with ticket.
          In case of long distance tickets are associated with name, so apart from message you need ID proof to associate.
          In case of local train, ticket is anonymously held by anyone, thats why print copy is required instead of ID proof.

      • Even i book my tickets through book my show and i never carry hard copy of ticket's just show them id on mobile they give tickets so if you dont know anything dont post it

      • Mobile Ticket needs to be paperless. I dont understand why it cannot be implemented. You have to register when you book tickets from mobile or website. That registered user and the ID proof that he carries like (aadhar card, voter card, pancard) can be used as proof at the time of checking.

      • Book my show does not require printed tickets. most theaters accept m-tickets which are 2 D bar codes. So don't talk crap pls. Our government refuses to come out of the paper era.

    • Deepak, you are right. there is no meaning of taking print. It should go paperless. If we have to take print then what's the difference ?

  4. how to recharge my r wallet online. i cant able to login

  5. Ketan Mokariya says:

    Nice app i tried it. But its expensive to recharge r-wallet than atvm card recharge. R-wallet they charge service tax.

  6. A Govindarajan says:

    If I go for 1 recharge extra 14% service tax i.e. recharge for rs.500 my extra rs.70/- extra service tax. better i go purchase ticket at ATVM machine.

  7. I want to download uts mobile app in which I can book local train tickets on mobile.Can you send me that app?

  8. We shud avoid d print out of tickets…. there another option is that while booking ticket we shud be given any code or number and we will just note t down and govt. Shoud create a system in vich they can know the status of the journy of person by inserting that no. Into their system and it wil take muvh less time. And people also no need to show any ticket or mobile message… that system after enteriN booked no. Shoud show full details of journey ….. plz ty to invent such system…. and i dont know whether show is bigger than govt. Or not…. why shud we wait for pvt firms to invent such thing… if given opportunity our indian college going engineers will invent such system.

  9. avisek dasgupta says:

    Book online and then go to atvm to take printout? Why? Why can not the booking confirmation screenshot or sms work as ticket like irctc? This is stupidity to go to atvm and take printout.

  10. Deepak Singh says:

    If ATVM machine not working or if it is not available on some station then what to do?

  11. Prakash Dalvi says:

    If we have to go on ATVM to print the ticket then what is the benefit if this online facility. Please confirm if it is compulsory

  12. There is no option for Platform tickets

  13. worst planning by railway ,y not ticket generate vai sms ( lock Ticket ) ,y should go to ATVM to print , better to stay in line for ticket .railway must provide timeless idea which help us not time wast idea .worst is better then E-wallet & R-wallet….follish idea wast of time …..

  14. Sandeep Sharma says:

    It is really a stupid thing that we have to take print …then what's the benefit of this service…if we will go to take print then it will take the same time like normal. ..then what's the use of this service…and its also charging more..give the facility like we are valid with message or snapshot of booked ticket. .

    • Hello All,

      It is but natural to think that the idea of printing the ticket is stupidity. Prima Facie it is correct. But as someone else in this chain mentioned, unreserved ticketing is NOT associated or strongly linked to any person. There is a possibility of a solution that the TTE checks the mobile phone on which the code is sent and once the code is validated, it can no more be "SMSed" to some one else. Technically there is a challenge that while train is on the move, network connectivity should be 100% available to check if the code has already been validated earlier and hence cannot be re-used again. Second option is to just show the mobile to the ATVM scanner and it should print immediately. I am sure that Indian Railways will quickly move on to the sophisticated solution of doing away with the printing. But perhaps this phase is required for IT to learn all possible use-cases and misuse-cases.

      • There should be a bar code for any ticket purchased. It can be a monthly pass or simple one time ticket or return journey ticket. If it is anonymous, let it be. actual paper is just good to show that you are holding a ticket for journey today and between these sectors.

        why can not TT be provided a machine that would simply scan bar code from mobile and check if person holding the bar code in his app is correct. he also doesnt need to do that. his machine would do it.

        using a paper to validate anything is pure stupid even for anonymous journeys.

        • Railways must have done good study to come up with printed ticket Model. Please consider this scenario how anybody can fool railways with mobile barcode ticket. Here is Mr. X who travels the railway without ticket everyday. Today he found that Ticket Checker is in the train. He goes in app to get a Barcode ticket from nearest station and presents that to TC when asked. TC do not have any data from which station he got in and if he is doing any kind of cheating. Printed ticket from source station confirms where the person boarded the train.

      • I appreciate your logical thinking SMS is enough for reservation then why the govt. made rule for printing is the subject of thinking

        • Entire issue boils down to anonymous traveling offered in Local Trains. This makes tickets negotiable instruments in the sense they are transferable from one person to another person.
          Chances of transferring printed ticket in running train is very less, but on platform it is possible. SMS ticket makes the system more weak and these tickets could be transferred across running trains and platforms.
          If we remove the anonymous travelling and bind the phone tickets with Photo ID proof, printing of ticket can be avoided. As it is done in mail train.

  15. I think they should introduce smart card used in Mumbai Metro.give the ticket cheking machin to ticket checker like used in Best busses.Just make it simple book ticket online while entering the station just Put on ATVM and travel if TC asks then he can check by machine provided to them by this the cost of paper will reduced also time saves.

    i know this takes time to implement but it will save time ,paper,& more reliable these are already used in Best Busses & Metro rails they just have to omplement this in Locals.

  16. Kumar Gaurav says:

    There no meaning of this app. Better to go with ATVM card. Railway is wasting our time and doing only show off politics. On ground reality they create problem for general citizens.

    • @Kumar Gourav, very true… i booked ticket and went through whole process… its utterly stupid thing… in fact my ticket was blocked somewhere in the machine and didnt came out… i had to call the guy… later they retrived it from inside. But the ATVM was saying that ticket already printed and you cannot print it again. this app require to top up R-wallet through PayTM wallet… how stupid… that too only debit card and net banking allowed… this is most stupid service from Railways till date… otherwise IRCTC does things very well thought off…

  17. No use….
    ATVM is better then this….
    what if I booked on mobile but station machine unable to print….
    my money at risk

    ATVM is better then this App.

  18. It was totally sad when I receive SMS saying collect ticket from ATVM from particular snt I wasted my money & my time….
    There should be some kind of good ideas behind this plz Indian railway over come this printing n all just snd the img of ticket..

  19. I regd and recharged my account via the UTS website as there is no app out yet for iOS phones. Cant I book a train ticket via the UTS website itself?

  20. Useless it is I have an iPhone tried to do it online as ofcourse they haven't launched any app yet for iPhone but still it accepted my money and din gave me any option to book their customer care number as well email Id is all fake this is what gov app is … boo fuck all

  21. Biswaranjan Nayak says:

    When can we get app for apple IOS

  22. onkar namjoshi says:

    when iphone application start , i ready to use iphone application.

  23. frustrated Indian says:

    1no. ka phaltu app.. otp hi nhi ata.. government app se umid hi kya kr skte h

  24. Harshit Satra says:

    I have got printout of my pass trough the machine the print is not clear what to do now tc says it not propor pass

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