No Male passengers in Ladies compartments of suburban train

No Male Passengers please, In ladies’ compartments of suburban trains!

RPF Helpline: 1275

GRP Helpline: 98333311111

Central Railway: Your Safety is our Concern


12 thoughts on “No Male passengers in Ladies compartments of suburban train

  1. No Mail Passengers please, In ladies’ compartments of suburban trains!
    And even not allowed male hawkers in the ladies compartment, no male person sell anything in ladies compartment its request do the needful for this,

    • and please no ladies in general compartments too…they create unnecessary rukus and start yelling at men when they get pushed in crowded compartments..better they travel only in their coaches..

      • Yes! lets talk about equality then. If gents are not allowed in Ladies compartment, Ladies shouldnt be allowed in Gents compartment!

        • There is a ladies compartment but there is no "gents" compartment like you think. Other than ladies,there is handicap. All other compartments are general if you didn't know. So women are allowed to travel in there.

      • No ladies should be allowed in gents compartment because gents have also right to travel comfortably.

      • Men are not allowed in the Lady's compartment because it is specific to a gender.
        Women are howver allowed to travel in the GENERAL compartment because thats the GENERAL compartmemt, not specific to any GENDER!!!

        *and people still wonder why indian men are so self entitled :/

  2. It should be allowed when any lady passenger travelling with male passenger.

  3. YES.. Male Passengers Should be Strictly avoided from Ladies Compartment.
    Yesterday(July 07 2012) i traveled from Mambalam to Pazhavanthangal Station of Chennai after 9pm ,thinking that Train would be more SAFE than Auto.
    But Ladies Compartment was filled with Men. While getting inside a 50 year old looking men harassed me.i turned around and warned him and he shouted at me and yelled bad words and again he acted like going in and rubbed my shoulders.. i couldn’t believe this is happening in middle of the crowd and everybody watching . i felt “how dare..and how can i leave this guy free after harassing me.. By instinct i collected all my strength and hit that guy with both my hands on his back… and shouted at him..he hit me on my head..i went to my peak of anger and shouted “if you continue this i will hit you with Slippers and tried to move from that place”.. he still shouted bad words.. and i really felt i need help and wanted to call police.. i Shouted at him ” i will call police if you do not stop this.. ” People around FINALLY asked ” what happened(They are also MEN in Ladies compartment but they wanted to help, Thank God) .. i told them this guy is harassing and also Shouting at me..” they asked me to calm down and shouted at that guy.. After they came for support i felt safe and stopped to shout.i looked around if there is any police. NO ONE. thought of calling Women’s helpline 1091 but stopped as i am no longer in Danger..

    GIRLS PLEASE BE BRAVE, SHOUT WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO YOU..Then only others will help you… Else the bad guys will take this as advantage and continue torturing you..

    I felt Very bad about taking the train at night time instead of Auto. For ALL Guys .. Please take the General compartment…I am not blaming all the Guys.. there are some perverts who are taking this as advantage to get into Ladies Compartment..

    There is no police security in train after 9pm..its really a shame..

    i searched the internet to find a Helpline for trains and found this.. i have shared the incident here..hoping that it will create some awareness and Railways would provide police security in ladies compartment.. Thanks

  4. please edit/correct ur web-site, it shud b MALE & NOT MAIL.
    Dear Kalpanaji, Thank you for pointing out. This is corrected now.

  5. No women should also be allowed in Male compartment. Despite this there should be some special train in Mumbai,Delhi & Kolkatta Metros only for Male Passengers so that male passenger can also travel comfortably and safely. There are some incidents when male passengers fell down from running train and it caused death due to heavy rush in male compartment. Rly Minister should take attention towards this.

  6. dear sir,
    if you catch a person innocently climb in ladies coach and he wants to pay fine on the spot under what rule you will charge him? plz clear IRA rule what penalty will be imposed on him?

  7. Today am travelling in Mumbai mail train. I boarded at chennai central. I have travelled in ernakulam express and many other train but in this train many senseless gents have according more seats than ladies. What makes this train give a place for them.

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